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Miranda Kerr Gets Pampered, Orlando Bloom Goes for a Ride

Miranda Kerr Gets Pampered, Orlando Bloom Goes for a Ride

Miranda Kerr looks refreshed while leaving the Diamond Nails & Spa salon on Monday afternoon (January 21) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old supermodel’s hubby Orlando Bloom was spotted out and about that same day riding his motorcycle around town.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Over the weekend, Miranda landed at LAX Airport after spending a few days in the Big Apple, where she worked on a photo shoot for Mango fashion.

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom out and about separately…

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miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 01
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 02
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 03
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 04
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 05
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 06
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 07
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 08
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 09
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 10
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 11
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 12
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 13
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 14
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 15
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 16
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 17
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 18
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 19
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 20
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 21
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 22
miranda kerr gets pampered orlando bloom goes for a ride 23

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Marlies

    I love Orlando’s bike. How many motorbikes does orlando have? Miranda looks beautiful. Glad to see pics of Miranda and Orlando. They are a beautiful couple with a beautiful son. Glad to hear the rumours were debunked. They both looked gorgeous at the golden globes.

  • YAY!

    LOVE THEM!!!

  • tam

    Beautiful couple.
    Miranda will be due to go to Australia soon for David Jones.
    Wonder when they will be leaving?

  • Anon

    @tam they are a beautiful couple. Love seeing pics of them with Flynn.

  • Dayum…

    So, no “Nail Pick-Up Kisses!!!” this time? They’re slipping. C’mon, Kerr-Bloom! How are we supposed to know that you are still in LOVE LOVE LOVE if you don’t do more ridiculous set-ups together.

  • Setup

    She put on that ridiculous display at LAX acting as if she was the hottest ticket in LA, but they are so much in love, you still don’t see them together. She is getting her nails done again (is he coming to pick you up) and he is out with the love of his life – his bike.

    They are so over and anyone who can’t see that is really blind.

  • rikki

    how is this news? all their pictures look like this (her coming out of salon, him on his bike)…. LOL jared you are one funny lil Asian dude.

  • Chica

    I agree. I mean you don’t see much of Miranda and Orlando going about their daily lives together do you?

    Also, that Golden Globe thing screamed set-up…

    Orlando tries to hold her hand and his publicist has to remind Miranda to hold his hand. She’s too busy basking in the limelight to remember she’s there because of her husband!

  • @6

    Still trying with that garbage?
    Weren’t you laughed at enough on the last thread?
    I guess that a conveniently edited gif is all you idiot haters have left, right?
    You do realize that everyone can see that he is reaching for her hand before Aleen (his manager, not his publicist) opens her mouth. And if you look on the video, whatever word she is saying, does not start with an ‘h’ sound.
    But since you brought it here, I guess that you are looking for more people to laugh at you.
    So here goes…
    *points and LAUGHS at the idiot stalker/hater*

  • @3-4

    If they aren’t joined at the hip, they are “over”.
    If they do appear together, it’s a “set up”.
    And you idiots wonder why we laugh at you and call you hypocrites and liars?

  • steph

    Really? That video again?
    I thought that thing was exposed on one of the last threads.

  • @set up. #4

    So are you around them 24 hrs a day to know their “never together”???

    Typical hater, you like to make judgemental statements about them based on Orlando riding his bike & Miranda leaving a nail salon.

    Of course ignoring the fact we just saw them TOGETHER at the GG smiling & happy.

    You make yourself look more ridiculous with every comment you post.

    So full of jealousy and envy of the beautiful Miranda…

  • @Chica….#6

    We all know that video has been edited by you “HATERS”

    We all saw the “unedited” video with Orlando going to hold Miranda’s hand BEFORE the women with them speaks. Even then it’s not clear if she actually says anything at all.

    Also your claim that Miranda was only smiling at the cameras was FALSE. The video showed the crowd calling out to BOTH Miranda & Orlando & them turning around waving & smiling at the them, the same
    as every other celebrity on the video did to the crowd.

    You “haters” are proven to be LIARS once AGAIN!!!

  • @6

    I see that you have edited your comments since the last time you posted this drivel.
    Now you are admitting that Orlando was reaching for her hand, and you think that Aleen was only telling Miranda to hold his hand.
    Orlando reached for her, they both had to transfer stuff out of their hands. And Aleen never said “hands”. As is seen clearly on the video, the word she says starts with a ‘ch’, or ‘sh’ sound. Certainly not “hands”.
    But keep trying to come up with an explanation for that FACT before you post this same garbage on the next thread.
    Keeeep trying.
    And since when is waving to people screaming your names “basking in the limelight”? Would you rather that they ignored all of those people who waited all day to see all of the celebs arrive at the venue? Everyone else waved at them, too. Why is it different for Miranda and Orlando? Hater double standard, maybe? Yeah, I think so.

  • ok

    Hahaha priceless! In that video Miranda can’t hold his hand because she’s holding her bag, not because she needs to be reminded anything.
    Round 2 bigger fail than round 1. Can’t wait for round 3

  • @13

    When haters fail, they fail BIG!
    Next they will run the clip backwards, and claim ‘see, Miranda is jerking her hand away from him!!!!’
    Pathetic idiots.

  • Hmm

    Is she the most famous model? I don’t understand.

  • @15

    She’s one of the top ten highest earning models, and has been for a while.

  • Hmm

    No I’m talking about fame

  • sweets

    @Hmm: No she’s a pap lover

  • sweets

    @Hmm: LMAO Most famous????

  • rolleyes

    @sweets: wasn’t one reply enough

  • sweets

    @rolleyes: NO!!! I looked up the work and social reception of all the other famous models. Turns out there is no way she could be more photographed without calling the paps. There are models that are a hundred times more famous and relevant than she is

  • —–

    Just 3 pics of Orlando?!?!?!

  • Tom
  • Sally

    I guess no joint photo ops this week. Damage control must be complete.

  • @Sally

    Double standards, however, are endless XD

  • @sweets #21

    Oh please, Miranda IS the seventh highest paid model in the WORLD. Of course she’s famous.

    Why do you think she’s featured in all the magazines, on entertainment shows, celebrity sites or on Ellen & Craig Ferguson???

    You saw the response from not only the photographers at the Golden Globes but the crowd as well.
    Do you think she rang the people in the crowd to call out her name???

    Not one is disputing there are more famous & higer paid models like Giselle, Kate Moss & Heidi Klum. Or older models from the 90′s like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford etc who are household names.

    But of the current models she is one of the most well known.

    Miranda wouldn’t keep getting campaigns like Mango if she wasn’t relevant, women like Kate Moss & Scarlett Johhson were the face of Mango before her.

    So you can keep trying to convince yourself & others that she calls the paps or she’s not famous but it’s just another lie. The evidence clearly shows she IS famous & relevant!!!

  • @21

    Actually, there aren’t that many as famous to the average Joe. If people are familiar with fashion, then yes, they know of the Karlis and Arizonas of world. But the average Joe who reads gossip sites have no idea who those ladies are. They’ve never seen a hf runway show, and they don’t care about those models. They know Gisele because of her level of fame, but also because she is married to a popular quarterback. They know Naomi because of her brushes with the law and her temper. They know models like Brooklyn Decker, Marissa Miller and Kate Upton because of Sports Illustrated. And yes, they know the Victoria Secret girls, because they are everywhere an average Joe will see them. In their mailboxes, in the mall, and on TV. And since Miranda IS one of those VS girls that they see all of the time, AND with her getting a lot of media exposure due to her marriage to a hollywood actor, even more people know her.
    So in answer to your question, yes, she is famous enough and relevant enough to be featured on sites like this one.

  • @20

    Guess that she forgot to change her ‘sock’.

  • ummmh

    Are u saying Miranda is more famous than Adriana Lima and Kate Upton and Decker? U are a fool. and you’re acting like Naomi is only famous because of her bumps with the law?? lmao. Naomi was WORLDWIDE FAMOUS model even before… lol she’s not like Miranda who’s aim goal is fame and she can even reach that goal to the fullest lolol

  • er

    To the average Joe I think she’s less famous than Naomi Campbell and Adriana Lima, but more than the other two you mentioned.
    No, obviously Naomi isn’t only known for her bad temper, but outside of the fashion world that’s what made her appear in mags for the last years. You’ll see by yourself that Naomi is rarely featured in mags anymore. She’s worldwide famous like you said, but not the kind to appear in non-fashion mags (nowadays).

  • @25

    As is the famewho*ing.

  • jolluu

    @ummmh: Miranda isn’t more famous than Kate and Brooklyn. Come on!!!

  • er

    Yes, she is. She’s done more work, appears more often in mags, has many more followers on facebook…make your choice

  • ummmh

    @jolluu: did u read my comment? I didn’t claim she was more famous than them. The other person said that.

  • Setup

    @@set up. #4: Unlike you, who has shit for brains, I have a brain that see’s reality. What’s your excuse? Asshole.

  • jolluu

    @er: It’s not a choice. It just is. Decker has 3 very popular and successful movies in past less than 2 years. Kate Upton is LITERALLY EVERYWHERE you can’t escape her. It’s impossible for Miranda to be more famous than them, especially Kate.

  • Lax

    That LAX setup was hilarious. She never took her eyes off the cameras the whole time she was signing “autographs.” Way to interact with your “biggest fans,” Miranda!

  • @ummmh #29

    Most people know who models like Naomi Campbell are because they were very famous when they were younger, there in their late forties now so you don’t see them as often in magazines etc.

    Kate Upton is well known at the moment because of her Sports Illustrated cover & video. It’s hard to say at the moment if she’ll continue in the future to go on & become as famous as Elle Macpherson. She could be just a flash in the pan or go on to have a successful career, too early to tell yet.

    These days actresses tend to get most of the magazine covers, unlike in the 90′s when it was Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer etc.

    To become a famous model these days you really have to be a VS secret model, they get the most coverage of any models. Being on the cover of Sports Illustrated will make you famous among men but it’s harder to sustain a career over a long period of time. The average person wouldn’t know any HF models.

    Miranda is lucky because she not only does VS but also runway for High Fashion and single campaigns as well.

    On top of that she’s married to a famous actor with a gorgeous child.

    People are very interested in her & Orlando because they make such a beautiful couple.

    People also love to look at what she’s wearing as she’s so stylish. You often see her featured in magazines showing how to “get her look” and voted street icon in many magazines.

    So saying she’s not famous or well known is simply not true, she has a lot of followers on facebook & twitter considering she’s not an actress or singer.

  • @jollu…. #36

    Brooklyn Decker is not a swimsuit model anymore, she’s an actress so you can’t really compare her & Miranda. She also got her break in comedies because of her Sports Illustrated cover, it remains to be seen if she can keep getting movie roles or not.

    The same with Kate Upton, if she can do more modeling like she did in Vogue then she could have a long career.

    But at the moment she’s most famous for her SI cover & dancing in a video. I just don’t see her walking the runway for Dior and VS said she’s too average to become a VS angel.

    Let’s face it she’s famous for having a big bust, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I don’t think it will help her career in the fashion industry in the long run. More likely she could do the same thing as Brooklyn Decker and get into movies but again it could be only a short term career.

  • err

    Jolluu: Well I don’t see her everywhere, my opinion is no less than yours, and viceversa. Kate has 3 times less fans on facebook. Those are many opinions of difference. 700,000 of them.

  • Me!

    I wonder if Orlando will go with her to Oz or if he will be too busy working in LA.

  • LimaBar

    Im not hating. she is a cute girl and successful but she really turned me off with this posing and smiling,waving signing autographs etc for the paps! Gisele is a national hero in Brazil and she doesnt even do that there!!! get over yourself Mk. the grass is always greener on the other side hunny…

  • ummmh

    Last year, it was reported that Brooklyn will be in the next issue of Sport’s Illustrated. So she’s still a swimsuit model.
    I don’t know if her and Kate’s career will last, but at the moment, they ARE both more famous than Miranda. And they are highly relevant. That’s a straight up fact, it’s not an opinion.
    Kate already has high fashion covers and editorials, so she’s doing just fine in the fashion field. It doesn’t matter what made them famous, the point is they are more famous than Miranda.
    Naomi is an older model, so she won’t work as much she used to, but she’s still everywhere. I think I heard she even has her TV show coming up.
    Anyway, my point is, it’s logically impossible for the paps to choose only to follow Miranda constantly more than all those models without her calling them.

  • twisted

    Lima is famous online. She is a sex symbol and beauty icon to many but famous is beyond that. Fame is being featured in and on tabloid mags around the world. Lima doesnt even have one tabloid cover in her lifetime! maybe thats why people dont find her as annoying; because she simply has not been over exposed. at least not in America. Heck when you see someone saying “im so sick of her” you know youve made it in America. Lima is simply like a Laetitia Casta, not a Naomi Campbell. Miranda is turning out to be one of the most famous models Ive seen in years.

  • Juda

    @err: Kate Upton is not on facebook, it must be a fan page you’re talking about. But even if she was, people started notcing her last year and Miranda has been on facebook for no less than 3 years

  • LOL

    Elle MacPherson is a household name and modeling icon. My grandpa knows who she is and she only has 59 k twitter followers. I think people need more perspective. Social networking is ran by tweens mostly. Not adults. Elle overall fame is >>>>>>>> than just about any model today. so I think twitter/facebook holdings are severely overrated. Look at Barbara Palvin.. she had 60 k followers forever and then after Justin Beiber she is now at 200 k, LOL. its because of rabid tweens! (and the @ mentions one gets) the classic supermodels are mothers and bussiness women now. they’re not gonna be in the press that much anymore unless for something controversial but their fame is much greater than all these brooklyns,irinas,bars and w/e her name is…

  • @41

    Oh a little birdie tells me he will stay in LA – somebody has to walk Sidi, hike Runyon Canyon, and keep BH Ducati in business, LOL!

    In Sydney though, this will no doubt be translated to “he’s filming on location.”

  • Juda

    @twisted: Lima is more famous than Miranda in America though. I know because I was born and raised in the US. And not that it matters, but how do you know she doesn’t have a tabloid cover? She’s been modeling for more than a decade and she’s been linked to famous men. Does Miranda have one in America? And who’s Casta?