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Nicole Kidman & Mia Wasikowska: 'Stoker' Sundance Premiere!

Nicole Kidman & Mia Wasikowska: 'Stoker' Sundance Premiere!

Nicole Kidman hits the red carpet at the premiere of her film Stoker held during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival on Sunday (January 20) at the Eccles Center Theatre in Park City, Utah.

The 45-year-old actress was joined by her co-stars Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, and Dermot Mulroney at the event.

Here’s the film’s synopsis: After India’s (Wasikowska) father dies, her Uncle Charlie (Goode), who she never knew existed, comes to live with her and her unstable mother (Kidman). She comes to suspect this mysterious, charming man has ulterior motives and becomes increasingly infatuated with him.

Stoker hits theaters in a limited release on March 1!

FYI: Nicole is wearing Bottega Veneta. Mia is wearing a Joe‘s sweater.

30+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and her castmates at the premiere…

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nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 01
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nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 05
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nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 12
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 13
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 14
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 15
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 16
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 17
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 18
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 19
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 20
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 21
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 22
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 23
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 24
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 25
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 26
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 27
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 28
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 29
nicole kidman mia wasikowska stoker sundance premiere 30

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Anna

    Chan-wook Park is amazing. Can’t wait for this movie.

  • lace

    I need to see this film…… jealous of those ppl in Park City. Nicole, you look like a goddess!!!!

  • mo

    This movie is going to rock. Looking forward to seeing Nicole Kidman.


    This is a very good genre for Kidman. I too look forward to this film; it looks chilling!



    Please resist your urge to harass and abuse me, which you (and your MANY aliases) do every single time I comment. Go after your enemies, but get off MY back. I am not a “fraud” as you claim. I do NOT live in America. Your claim that I do is an absolute lie; because if you had proof, you would see that I don’t. If there was a way that I could prove that, I would; however, with you, NOTHING gets through to you; even though I successfully refuted several of your other nonsensical claims.

  • Lia

    Oh my….crazy is out again, talking to herself.

  • Karen

    Shame about Nicole’s face.

  • Mari

    Mia is such a pretty, pretty woman. But she has such a very bad taste in clothing and hairdo that she nearly always looks at least 10 years older than she actually is. :(


    Great film, an old fashioned thriller.

    Kidman is fantastic in thrillers.

  • geeza louisa

    Can’t wait to see this. Looks very horrific!

  • mm

    Stoker looks really good. Can’t wait.

  • @

    Obviously, botox and fillers cannot work miracles for ever. At some stage Nicole will require a facelift to keep her face taut.

  • If that is the case ‘@’, I think it’s time Nickers made an urgent appointment with her surgeon.



    You are ridiculous! And clearly uneducated. I was addressing SM.

  • duh

    @Lia: LoL The cray cray camps out here like a delusional homeless person yelling at everyone they are God. The more they stay and post the more insane they look. Waiting for hit n dumb and youneverknowanything to show up with the same comments from 8 years ago.



    “camps out here” but you are “W a i t i n g” … notice any similarity?

  • TC

    Surely, the Stoker trailer will be noted in the annals of history, as a botox classic. In wonderment, I waited patiently as Kidman tried SO HARD to furrow her brow in anger but alas, she was completely incapable of doing so. Note to Kidman: have it written into your contract, no more close ups!

  • ¿

    I didn’t know mental patients could hang out online in the middle of the night. Get the straightjackets, Anonymouse left her padded cell!

    On topic….great cast. Can’t wait to see Stoker. Dermot is on Enlighted as well.



    I didn’t know mental patients could hang out online in the middle of the night. Get the straightjackets, Anonymouse left her padded cell!

    STOP with your BS! It is NOT the middle of the night where I live. But of course, to “validate” your “story” (lie) you have convinced yourself of that.


    STOP HARASSING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moh123

    seems amazing

  • http://Comcast Joni

    We all know you are one person, when you stop using multiple names we will stop commenting about you, you call it harassing. ??? I have tried to figure you out, did the hate start when she married Keith Urban or is it because she is such a beautiful person inside and out, or maybe it is because Keith adores his three girls, maybe I should say four, he loves his Mom also ????????

  • Sheila

    That movie looks so good and Nicole looks really good in it. I normally never like NK’s hair, it’s often wishy-washy color, not blond or or red, often frizzy and I hate her little-girl styles she often wears witht the headbands (at 40+ little too old). . But lately, she’s been rocking a very sexy wavy bob, it suits her, LOVING her hair lately.

  • Yohji

    Love Mia and Nicole’s hair really is looking great lately.


    to quote:

    Joni @ 01/21/2013
    “We all know you are one person, when you stop using multiple names we will stop commenting about you, you call it harassing. ??? I have tried to figure you out, did the hate start when ?????????”

    To Joni: who is your “we” … YOUR multiple aliases? (The multi-headed snake SKEWER MISTRESS?????) I do not use multiple names … you need to put forward ACTUAL EVIDENCE of my location to validate your years-long LYING ABUSE AND HARASSMENT toward my person.

    “Harass” = vex by repeated attacks:

    Here is a collection of your vitriol aimed at me; you have never ONCE quoted a comment of MINE, instead have taken the lazy way out and lobbed me with every single ‘negative’ comment ever made by anyone.


    macarena @ 01/18/2013 – @ANONYMOUSE: YOUR SCAM isn’t working and it never will.


    These mean comments made about Nicoles face and her acting IS ALL MADE BY ONE PERSON ( one very sick person) . FROZOID AND TONS OF OTHER MADE UP NAMES. God please get some help. You are jealous of her beautiful life and it is making you sick with envy. Poor thing.
    Jennifer @ 01/03/2013 at 3:15 pm = Nicole Kidman–Perfection. FROZOID AND HER OTHER NAMES should be posting soon, it will be too many positive comments for her to handle.
    Joni @ 01/12/2013 = THIS IS JUST ONE PERSON and I have never heard so much hate for a person she doesn’t know Come to think of it, I have never heard this much hate out of any sane person. I know you hate to hear this Hater, but that’s the way it is.
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    Joni@ 01/13/2013 = Every one knows now THIS IS JUST ONE INSANE PERSON bashing Nicole, if it makes you feel better keepnit up, we all get a big laugh over your noted and plastic surgery remarks.
    Lia @ 01/12/2013 at 8:51 am = Gee Anonymouse, you sure have trouble with a conversation. It’s not all about you. Four comments in a row is rather silly.
    guest @ 01/12/2013 at 10:31 am = ye, she does. shes being silly — calm down.
    Lia @ 01/18/2013 -@ANONYMOUSE Why on earth would we stop anything when YOU ARE SO EASILY MANIPULATED INTO YOUR PRETEND RAGE? You lost your grip there …. lol

    duh @ 01/16/2013 –
    macarena @ 01/17/2013 – @ANONYMOUSE: Sorry A-HOLE but the truth won’t disappear. Go cry to Jared that the trolls are being treated unfairly!

    Not Buying The Cesspool @ 01/02/2013 at 6:12 pm
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    Another uneducated skeptic.
    The skeptics are notorious for sending their made-up stories to anyone who will post them. The “Ashamed Parents” is a figment of their twisted and malicious campaign to smear the Urbans. Surprised that anyone believes that garbage.
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    “She might live in Nashville”

    No, I don’t live in Nashville. I don’t live in the USA. In order to back up your defamatory statements, you need CONCRETE proof. Kindly provide it!!!

    Or, as I say:


  • Louise

    This should be a very good, spooky movie!! Nicole looks lovely; love her shorter hair.

  • Lia

    A dossier? lol How’s that working for you?

  • Frozoid

    @ANONYMOUSE: No, I only go by Frozoid and I have not made comments by anyone called Anonymouse. You need to study the language and syntax of the posts.

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  • Frozoid

    @ANONYMOUSE: Ok, I apologize to Anonymouse. I read it too quickly. She or he was quoting from others saying that Anonymouse and I are the same person. We are not. I barely come to these forums anymore.

    But it is indeed harassment to claim that all posts are made by one person. Whoever is doing this needs to be really, really, really careful.

  • Skeptics Are Stupid

    @ANONYMOUSE: Yiu have serious issues. Get help. Stop trying to masquerade as a voice of reason when you are anything but. Stop using comments directed at someone else to play the victim and prop up the ludicrous defense of your disturbing behavior. Stop posting threats one day and then seemingly normal comments the next. It shows you as the mental case you are. Stop addressing the SM person that isn’t here. Go bother them on their blog.

    To everyone else with a functioning brain: It’s clear there is more than one troll but within that handful they are posting under multiple names. And the comments left here are IDENTICAL to the ones posted on the last remaining open skeptic hate board. So it is out in the open who is posting what.

  • TC

    Dear @Anonymouse, here’s a tip. Do not try and reason with the posse of pro-Kidman crazies. Your observations are often tempered and unbiased. The Kidman crazies, however, do not have the intelligence required to decipher the subtlety of your comments and are poised to attack you on every occasion. Debate is an alien term for this rabble as they have a lynch mob mentality and cannot be reasoned with. When they continually post the following delusional dribble, ie. Nicole is perfection; Nicole doesn’t use botox anymore; The greatest actress ever; Nicole is beautiful and wise; Nicole should have won numerous Academy Awards, etc. then you must realise you are dealing with sub-human intelligence and the best response is to just let it go and move on.

  • Frozoid

    @TC: I didn’t mean to blame Anonymouse. I didn’t read his or her comments carefully.

    But to the pro-Kidman posters here: I only post as Frozoid and no others. Please stop attributing me to the posts of others. Please study, grammar, syntax, sentence structure, voice and style of the various posters. We are all different.

  • anonymouse

    Thank-you Frozoid and TC. I think I picked up that you, Frozoid live in NY. If so, I am jealous; I love NYC … well, doesn’t everyone?!

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  • Skeptics are stupid

    Anonymouse is.clearly a mental case if she believes Frozoid lives in New York. One fraud trying to defend another. BAHAHAHAHA!

  • Skeptics are smarter

    You’ve had your daily forage and feed #33. Time to crawl home Sewer Mistress. BAHAHAHAHA!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Joni: Make that 5… :)

  • 1urbanfan27

    I DO live in Nashville… :)

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