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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Trailer - Watch Now!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Trailer - Watch Now!

Check out the brand new trailer for Gerard Butler‘s upcoming flick Olympus Has Fallen!

The action thriller also stars Morgan Freeman, Dylan McDermott, Ashley Judd, Aaron Eckhart, Melissa Leo, and Angela Bassett, among others!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Here’s a synopsis: A former Secret Service agent (Butler) works to prevent terrorists from taking over the White House and holding the President of the United States hostage.

Be sure to look out for the film when it hits theaters on March 22!

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259 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Trailer - Watch Now!”

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  1. 51
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @bonne nuit: Read your post before coming to the new thread and maybe you are right. I don’t know anything that I thought i knew. ha. Just wait and see.
    About OHF. This is only the first trailer. Perhaps they will fine tune the CG and get it perfect. It is packed full of stars and first out of the gate. I am so hopeful for this one.
    Feb. 24th are the Academy Awards. Will gb present, take mg? Not that far away and bet Movie 43 will take some “opening remarks” heat. I would expect that. Ha Bet Ricky Gervais would have a hay day.

  2. 52
    fool born every minute Says:

    @Here we go!: She has been wearing the same costume jewelry ring for months or sometimes she gets to borrow some bling for some of the bigger events. Borrow. It then has to go back after the event. Please she is suckering you in.

    She is hilarious, never seen anyone even the most show off actresses or reality stars with their real engagement rings who needs to make sure her ring hand is in every shot as if she was doing a jewelry photo shoot. No wonder she needed to switch careers. She is a consistent source of amusement, I bet Gerry just finds her a bundle of laughs.

  3. 53
    fool born every minute Says:

    @cupcake: Bling makes her heart race, more so than Gerry.

  4. 54
    Suckers Says:

    She needs to display those lovely long hands she is endowed with.
    She is quite stunning in print and she shows it.

  5. 55
    PsychoB Says:

    I know being a fan you have to believe in the best of that person, but Gerry is with her because his ego is out of control. I still think there is drug use going on with the both of them

    It would shock me if she didn’t read the stuff about herself on the internet. Her choices alone tells you fame is a need for her. Just like it is for G. It’s probably a turn on for them. For me it’s a major turn off

  6. 56
    Hahaha Says:

    Just saw the pictures of GB and MG at that fancy, overpriced watch do. She looks like a typical Eastern Europe, smug, sly, gold digger. You can spot them a mile off. You see loads of them sashaying around upscale urban areas with their rich, creepy, miserable, haggard looking boyfriends/fiancés/husbands in tow giving each other faux smiles and side eyes. Oskana anyone. You know this marriage is gonna be a disaster.

  7. 57
    gerry kardashian Says:

    lets face it, Gerry is the ex-boyfriend we are all glad we dumped.

    You want to grow old with someone who’s been addicted to everything, especially himself?
    At somepoint they will look at each other and think.. i wonder if she/he would be with me if I was a waitress/truck driver. Prolly not.

    Think he still remembers how to write a prenup ??? I sure hope so..

  8. 58
    SUNKIST Says:

    I made a devils food layer cake with cheesecake filling, covered in the best, creamiest milk chocolate frosting, and topped with long-stem cherries. I am a reasonable,mature woman. I will start with one piece, accompanied by a tall, very cold glass of whole milk. I will eat the cherry last, trying to remember how I taught myself as a kid to tie the stem into a knot inside my mouth, like they did on TWIN PEAKS. It was very cool. Then I will sit at my screen, and press delete over and over and over, every pic, every smile, every frown, every twinkle, and lastly, my favorites,every one of his freckles. I will not see the movie, because FRANKLY SCARLET. Join me for some cake… Please. I need to feel better.

  9. 59
    Ducky Says:

    @SUNKIST: Are you alright?

  10. 60
    fool born every minute Says:

    @Suckers: How are you Angelina Land, how much do you get paid for image consulting.

  11. 61
    Hahaha Says:

    It’s just so funny really. Just one look at her you know she’s ridiculously  unpleasant.  She’s the spit of a villainess straight out of a really really bad telenovela. You’re just shouting at the screen. No, no, no!

  12. 62
    his taste in women Says:

    is like his taste in scripts…………HORRIBLE

  13. 63
    Uh Oh Says:

    JJ is messing with the thumbs again. I am not able to leave a like or dislike. When I do it doesn’t change or it won’t let me leave one at all.

    It’s not the scripts that are crap. The re-writes done by the producers are crap.

  14. 64
    x-fan Says:

    go ahead gertard, marry her, you deserve each other

    TLC aired a show tonight called” Trophy Wives”
    it was Germad to a tee

    insecure 40++ year old men with plastic 20 year old girls living shallow empty lives full of fakeness and fuc.kery

    the wives tolerating their old men pawing at them and whining for trips, jewels and cars as payment


  15. 65
    tur.d Says:

    SUNKIST, cheer up…pass the cake ,c’mon lets eat and embrace this vapid couple. They are going to be miserable together.We can all laugh when she clears out his bank account. For a lawyer he really is pretty schtupid..

    He shoulda put bros before h/os in this case.

    Besides there is no way Moira, GFW and Dianne are going to let them wed.The priest will say “Are there any objections?” and the three of them will crash through the church doors and throw themselves at Gerry’s feet .

    *super snort with a cherry on top*

    are there like 5 fans left here or what?definate crickets chirping, kinda reminds me of the picture theater opeining day of PFK


  16. 66
    salutorylesson Says:

    If MG saves him from this fate, I’m not going to slag her off. But like Psychob I fear from pictures if them off duty that they are co users. Lots of models use.

    The hope from the phannies for OHD reminds me if similar comments for PFK, before critics dismissed it as biggest turkey of the year. Both cliche scripts and performances.

  17. 67
    Kali Orexi Says:

    Love the trailer, that is a movie I don’t mind shelling out for. Hope is does better than CM (wasn’t even shown in Scotland, well at least not Aberdeen) and PFK (which was only in cinemas for 2 weeks). It’s nice to see a clean shaven Gerry, I like him better that way :)

  18. 68
    jayne Says:

    @There it is.: I’m from the UK and i’ve never heard of the “source” that are allegedly spreading this rumour of an engagement. It’s Madalina and her pr that are spreading that rumour, I bet you. She really is a strange person and such a bad example for Eastern European women. She is a walking, talking cliche. I really hope a talented, naturally beautiful, ambitious woman from Romania makes it big in acting and puts Madalina to shame.

    On another note, doesn’t Gerard see what she is doing? its pretty obvious.

  19. 69
    doctor Says:

    @his taste in women:

    So does that go for all the actors in OHF, too? There is a chance that Gerry may fall off the face of the Earth if OHF fails terribly. You all will be happy then……..but then again, you will continue to search diligently to find any speck of dirt about him for a long time because you are obsessed that he fails. Have fun with that and looking for your next victim


    You appear to be a jilted old cat lady. Why so angry at Gerry and Maddie? Oh, that’s right: he’s not dating a typical age appropriate Highland lass, he’s got some “issues” and he isn’t the star of Iron Man. He doesn’t fit your mold of perfection so cast him aside. You, my dear, are miserable. Admit it and see someone; it’s just simply not healthy. Sometimes I think most of these posts are the same person over and over and over again. I didn’t realize there were so many old maids that knew how to use the internet.

  20. 70
    missjude Says:

    @fool born every minute: she should have better things to do. she’s no barrel of laughs from what I’ve heard from people who have come across gb and mg. she has been reported as being quiet, doesn’t say much and basically obedient, not very entertaining. maybe this is how she expresses herself? through her boyfriends fans. The reality is, she shouldn’t care what he’s fans think, let alone try to mock them. she should be above that and focused on other, more important things but she clearly isn’t and that makes the whole escapade much weirder. she obviously cares a huge deal that a lot of gb’s fans don’t like her.

  21. 71
    doctor Says:


    Do you honestly believe G.B. fans would ever approve of a woman whom he is dating. Of course not.

  22. 72
    tur.d Says:

    yeah there doctor i hear the lambs screaming

  23. 73
    hey tur.d Says:

    anyone who uses the words “my dear” is a cat lady……..

    Frammo has probably fallen on a sword and cashed in her air miles

    GFW lost it 2 threads ago and was ushered back to Shutter Island

    and the webmistress has burned her scrapbook and decapitated her Gerry doll

    Ben and Jerry’s can’t fill the demand as phannies everywhere mourn…Snicker snicker

  24. 74
    different angle Says:

    Why do people think he is to good???
    Even though i must agree with most that has been said about her…
    But realistically she could do better than him…
    He is not that hot anymore, like when he was younger, other women got the best of him…
    She could have dated a much richer and more famous and a younger, hotter man… But she chose him- the old, drained, sick and tiered with quite a mileage, self important “playboy”…
    If anything he’s the lucky ******* here… When he says about fame that he doesn’t need it anymore… It’s not that he’s not trying, nobody likes him in HW, he’s not getting good jobs …I think he got into this whole thing, so he can chase models, and finally land one…
    Well he completed his goal… I’m just sad for the girl, she could be with someone with whom she doesn’t have to go through all that bad rep thing…

  25. 75
    So many skeletons Says:


    Gerry should be ready to duck if a bone comes a flying out of her mouth. (no pun intended) It’s the quiet ones that you have to worry about most. Usually have a closet overflowing with skeletons and are the most manipulative.

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