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Gerard Butler: Roger Dubuis Booth Visit in Geneva!

Gerard Butler: Roger Dubuis Booth Visit in Geneva!

Gerard Butler looks dapper as can be while visiting the Roger Dubuis booth during the 2013 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie at the Geneva Palexpo on Monday (January 21) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor recently apologized for his Irish accent in the film P.S. I Love You.

“The way I see it, I made a terrible botch of the accent once, so it can’t get any worse as a leprechaun,” Gerard said (via the UK Daily Record). “At least it’ll make the Irish part of me proud. It doesn’t get more patriotic than playing a leprechaun.”

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler in Geneva…

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gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 01
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 02
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 03
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 04
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 05
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 06
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 07
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 08
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 09
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 10
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 11
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 12
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 13
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 14
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 15
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 16
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 17
gerard butler roger dubois booth visit in geneva 18

Credit: Ian Gavan; Photos: Getty
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  • what’s your take

    @Lord Love a Duck: lolllllll
    : )…I like that Call Your Mother!

  • bonne nuit

    I watched the video yet another time and the woman following him is not her. That woman seems almost husky looking and not very, very thin the way Diane from WO described her. Sorry, it doesn’t look like her , in my honest , humble opinion.

  • Another Opinion

    It would fit perfectly MG’s pattern of behavior to be at the event with him. After all, she has been following him around for the last 2 months trying hard to get noticed. She is not walking with him probably because he doesn’t want her to; still she is two steps behind him smiling making sure that she’ll be caught on camera. She is predictable as usual. His assistant also seems to be there on one of the photos.

  • you sound bitter

    @missjude: she is p*ssed that his fans don’t like her and that she is getting bad press. that’s why she resorts to the pathetic facebook teasing and stupid ring finger gestures. also, I bet she is seething that her lies have been exposed. we know she can’t play piano, dance ballet..we know she isn’t really 24..we know she has fake breasts, lips, a** and all the rest. we know, we have exposed her and we laugh at her ridiculous lies. which, i’m sure she isn’t used to. it’s safe to say she HATES gerard’s fans with a passion. ha ha
    you are sooo wrong and such a liar….she has him and you don’t. who is it that is mad again, loser?

  • you all sound bitter


  • kelly

    ok maddie was there at the dinner in a black dress go to search gerard and look at 2 pic she is sitting next to him head down showing her ring oh well doesnt matter still luv him

  • Lord Love a Duck
  • gotta link?

    which pic is it?

  • gotta link?

    they are smiling together
    take that! bitter ones

  • gotta link?


  • gotta link?


  • gotta link?

    *rolls eyes*

    ugh….the icky sam, the walrus breath, has a pic on zimbio

  • gotta link?

    *rolls eyes* ugh….the icky sam, the walrus breath, has a pic on zimbio

  • bonne nuit

    @Lord Love a Duck: Okay, I stand corrected she is there with him. I did not see her in the videos that I watched, but there she is with him …voila ! She actually looks very beautiful sitting there laughing and almost natural. LOL. Hey, Maybe he is really into her and vice versa. I am beginning to wonder now.

  • kelly

    @Lord Love a Duck: you are most welcome ducky ;)

  • Sami

    @bonne nuit: They probably are natural with each other .  They have similar values. He greatly values beauty, fame, affluence and adventure. Yes, he is superficial. The Dubuis brand audience is what they both strive for. They are naturally comfortable by association.

    Do believe that they are great people because they play the part are pretty to look at?

  • bonne nuit

    @Sami: Sami, ITAWY. On all accounts. They are both very superficial and are definitely in their element as is obvious in the photos. Maybe they are a match made in heaven.

  • Blue

    Maybe with his extra cash he can buy the barnacle some hair brush and or salon gift card. No real model would go to these functions without a decent cut style and color. She’s a slob.

  • TeaCakes

    I think he and Maddie will pull off a secret wedding free of the paps. It could happen easily because no one really follows him unless Alan calls ahead to beg them to show up to photograph him.

  • TeaCakes

    @bonne nuit: It IS Maddie. Look at the pics on She’s sitting right next to Gerry at the RotorRooter watch dinner. If you can’t see that it’s her, you need an eye exam. She’s wearing a black dress and a white jacket with black trim.

  • Trying to figure it out

    Glad you are enjoying your job. I’ve been hibernating this week recovering from the flu. In spite of having a vaccination too. I don’t wish this on anyone. Take care.

  • Gus

    He joined the ban of Gypseys. Good for you.

  • oy

    He’s starting to look like he took a nap on a George Foreman Grill.

  • GH

    @gotta link?:

    They are laughing at some comment that has been made as is probably everyone else at the table. Means nothing.

  • Just wanna

    GO HOME GERRY…’re yesterdays news… and your golddigger child bride………….

  • bonne nuit

    @TeaCakes: I actually do need a new eyeglass prescription. Lol. Yes, I finally realized she is there.

  • Tom
  • Where’s your dignity?

    Why doesn’t this old bastard just F off once and for all instead of being a nuisance? His career is in the toilet so why is he still hanging around in the background at industry events like a toothless, cack-handed, arthritic old hooker at an orgy? Nobody wants u anymore Gerald.Your jobs, of the hand, rim and sald tossing variety, are terrible. It’s time to go home be an old dear and put your slippers on.

  • Terrible Twos

    Lookin’ good, G! Sigh, why does he have to be so handsome?

  • eggy

    see how much those Dubuis watches go for? Christ… the lowest cost for one is around $19,000.00. Seems to me, Gerry is a promotional w_ho_re for the mega rich. Hope he got paid well for his involvement.

  • eggy

    ahhh….i see. So J.J has blocks my work’s i.p address when they moderate my comments. got it.

  • heather

    @Manny: Be gone. You have not been missed.

  • fool born every minute

    @TeaCakes: you assume the paps care so it won’t be much of a feat – there has never been so little interest in an actor’s girlfriend in the recent history of gossipdom esp one that was considered A list or almost A list. Romanian tabloids don’t count and she’s feeding them anyway.

  • fool born every minute

    @heather: you must be some jealous hag ah just had to say that to remember the good old times at JJ sic

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    @Another Opinion: ….I would like to hear your opinions

    agree. again it appears he does not want her there. i review posts to examine this weirdness. he cannot act out in public that is one so he goes to how much he can bare with it. other posts have mentioned over time she forces her self there uninvited (back from the PFK LA event with the kids) – her immediate hop on a plane. another – Esme and crew go around looking for him. barnacle finds him and trails….a few feet behind as following…people do not know b/c broadcasted as together. weirdness. the ring showing….creepy. sitting by him…he is laughing at a joke…he can’t push her as he is promoting the brand. do they actually look together there? no. it looks like someone sitting next to him. thailand – only pic on the exit home looks forced, again. NYE – G to be with family and there strongly for his people…voiced it, weirdness – a Scottish poster placed the reason was word ( seemed so true as written) that he was under contract and it would be over soon. doubleweird. reason he left as he truly did not down Scotland. italy/capri – this was for her. sick. italy magazine with him, seemed more to say look who i am with. sick. in that interview he said he wanted to go home, LA….and do the interview. italy photos, he looked unhappy… he was forced to do this whatever the walking. esme, tropez watching them kiss with other people? this is sick. staged again.somebody o.n. something…this is not even for the birds. gerry come home. you look good. proud of you. …but put a pair eyes behind your back….because this is creepy

  • Cubfan34

    If he didn’t want her there he would not have brought her along.

  • Me so good”"

    Gerry, go home!

    We’ve fed up with the clingon.

  • well…

    @Cubfan34: but this is the man that couldn’t throw an ex girlfriend out of his own house when he wanted to end their fling..

  • raspberry

    @ 1234

    What does that mean?

    Sticks to 24/7

  • well…

    she’s really nothing special when she’s covered up.she’s pretty but not WOW pretty.she even looks like a different person in the pics with white jacket.,which is why no one recognised her at first. no wonder she’s usually half naked!

  • Yucki Ducki

    If you look at her pictures, not one of them is the same face, always simular but not the same? One day hair is long, then shoulder length, wigs? Gross, my Nana wears wigs. Ewwww for Grandpa Butler.

  • Aussie

    I haven’t posted or read in a long time now,but i just saw the trailer for GB’s new movie and i wanted to wish him good luck.
    I really thing it is going to be a global success.It seems to be a very good movie.I would also like to see Maddie playing in a movie with Gerard.A love story between the 2 of them.I’ve got some good script ideas in my head…They would really look great playing together as they look in real life!
    I will end my message saying that i hope people will stop being that negative and mean and actually let these 2 live their love story.Love you Madalina & Gerard! May u be blessed!

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    @well…: see. gerry better get “leo” on her…i like leo he does not give one way or another. it just seemed so much as…soon as he found out something about her…gone. what was that, 2 days, a weekend? weird. gerry and leo are 2 peas in a pod too. gerry is older but i cannot sed him settling for less and like it or not….this does not appear to give gerry strenghth. this person actually makes him appear “less” in some odd way. dubois is beautiful, right on point for gerry. beautiful. other…this person is as a weight..makes him appear condescending.

  • fool born every minute

    @Cubfan34: they are both under contract, how ironic they were at a Mideaval dinner because the feudal system still lives

  • grapevine


    I heard that Leo gave her the boot because she posted photos from his birthday party on her Facebook. She must not have asked. Leo demands 100 per cent discretion or summoning my best Heidi Klum accent “you are out”.

    Just like when Clooney’s women get out of line, they are out. Apparently Clooney has to approve everything Keibler does including what TV shows and appearances she can appear on etc.

    So many women give up their dignity for so little really in the end.

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    interesting. i saw his trailer last night. it will be a global success. way to go gerard!

  • Another Opinion

    @HeGrewUpLastNight: I think that it’s kind of irrelevant whether they are together for real or not. Butler has tolerated the presence of people of dubious moral character around himself for years, and MG is not an exception to the rule. Look at his choice of friends. Ronnie Madra and Danny Abeckaser who have been showcasing Butler and other celebrities girls (among which MG) are not exactly what one would consider decent or respectable people. Vromen is probably no better than them; he was filming Butler smooching some random violin girl on the street. Other of his friends have been rumored to be coke heads. The bottom line is that MG fits the type of people that he has chosen to surround himself with. Whether they have an arrangement or a contract, he has made the decision to play the game and this tells a lot about his character.

  • Only friends feed addiction(s)
  • GH


    Really? do tell…