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Gerard Butler: Roger Dubuis Booth Visit in Geneva!

Gerard Butler: Roger Dubuis Booth Visit in Geneva!

Gerard Butler looks dapper as can be while visiting the Roger Dubuis booth during the 2013 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie at the Geneva Palexpo on Monday (January 21) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor recently apologized for his Irish accent in the film P.S. I Love You.

“The way I see it, I made a terrible botch of the accent once, so it can’t get any worse as a leprechaun,” Gerard said (via the UK Daily Record). “At least it’ll make the Irish part of me proud. It doesn’t get more patriotic than playing a leprechaun.”

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler in Geneva…

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198 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Roger Dubuis Booth Visit in Geneva!”

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  1. 76
    what's your take Says:

    @dargabriel: so what’s your take on GB still w/MG. Why is she still in the picture? After all, this is getting really old now…What could he waiting for?

  2. 77
    delilah Says:

    @what’s your take: …..the guts to tell her to get a life and p*ss off!

  3. 78
    what's your take Says:

    @delilah: how long do we have wait? LOL

  4. 79
    Roobee Says:

    @missjude: I agree! May be worth a million but looks cheap and tacky! Her stupid poses are pathetic, in every one she’s got her head thrown back like her neck is broken or her legs twisted like a freak, if this is supposed to look elegant and model like, she has some weird ideas! If she were my GF I would tell her to wise up and stop acting like a freak show on camera/in public! It’s embarrassing surely!

  5. 80
    TJ Says:


    Perhaps the next step is to have her bust enlarged to the Scottish lady’s size.

  6. 81
    1234 Says:

    well, one thing’s for sure. madalina ghenea’s not very likeable. she’s not well known at all but the little public consensus i’ve seen on madalina is pretty negative. she should be working hard on turning that around and not playing up to it ,as she clearly is. she stated in an interview that she doesn’t want to be known as an actor’s girlfriend but yet she only seems to date actors these days and doesnt do much work! and the actor she is in a relationship with now she sticks to 24/7. that’s odd behaviour for a girl who wants to be known as a serious actress and not someone’s girlfriend. if she was smart, she would be making an effort to be seen away from him and working on her career. just like ALL other aspiring actresses. it’s obvious that she has landed a shortcut and meal ticket (gerard) and is sticking like glue. hard to believe this is 21st century living when you witness girls’ like madalina jumping from man to man to make a living.

  7. 82
    Sami Says:

    I think Butler is engaged. He has similar values to her. He values beauty, fame, affluence and adventure. She want the same.

    It is not difficult to understand if they are engaged.

    He does not have the same way about himself anymore. Sad. That mystery and playfulness is gone. It is more secretive and sad.

  8. 83
    what's your take Says:

    @TJ: if that’s the ”big” plans he has for her…welll good luck! it still won’t make her a ”lady”.

  9. 84
    Not odd. Says:

    @1234: She is securing the man. The career comes after

  10. 85
    1234 Says:

    @Not odd.: career should come first. he should be securing her.i certainly wouldn’t be running around after a guy over my career. if he want’s her he should chase her. if she was good at this femme fatale business she would know how to get gerry to run around after her and have him falling at her feet on her terms.

  11. 86
    Brad Says:


    She’ll need a lot of silicone to do that as the Scottish lady apparently had a an enormous bust.

  12. 87
    Roobee Says:

    If they are engaged why the hell doesn’t he just say so! At least then she won’t have to keep dropping stupid hints at every opportunity and doing everybody’s head in! She may well think its funny to tease everyone with this but I bet u underneath she’s gutted that the majority of his fans can’t stand her! If she doesn’t read all the comments in various places u can bet your life people she knows do and let her know! The next thing will be pathetic poses with hand on baby bump!! Seriously hope she gets haemorrhoids that sting like a *****! Lol

  13. 88
    missjude Says:

    @Roobee: she is p*ssed that his fans don’t like her and that she is getting bad press. that’s why she resorts to the pathetic facebook teasing and stupid ring finger gestures. also, I bet she is seething that her lies have been exposed. we know she can’t play piano, dance ballet..we know she isn’t really 24..we know she has fake breasts, lips, a** and all the rest. we know, we have exposed her and we laugh at her ridiculous lies. which, i’m sure she isn’t used to. it’s safe to say she HATES gerard’s fans with a passion. ha ha

  14. 89
    TeaCakes Says:

    @Roobee: Because he doesn’t owe the public an explanation of his personal life. He has a right to his downtime and his feelings are between him and Maddie. When and if he decides to go public on anything more, he will make that decision.

    I also doubt “all his fans” come to jj. Some of them still enjoy berating each other and being mommied by the gestapoish admins at the fansites. It must be rough digging deep to recall what Gerry looked like when he played Terry Sheridan or Marek. They certainly can’t discuss his last few films — how boring. The last time I went to one, it was as if a pall had been cast over the place. MG could not even be mentioned without that post being removed.

    LOL. Face it people. The fact that he’s dating someone exclusively for all these months is the ONLY thing interesting about him. He’s aging rapidly, his looks are fading and his film career has all but stalled out.

  15. 90
    GH Says:


    You forgot about her claiming to be a widow and that her father had died and her own grandmother exposing those lies. Oh, and what about once being called Marko?

  16. 91
    what's your take Says:

    i just went to see if MG’s ”twitter” acct. is updated, but instead I found and saw pics of her…in a black sequined dress w/the same ring except on her ring finger and I noticed her eyes are ”brown” not ”hazel” like she claims on her FB pgs. Hellooooooo, didn’t she think people would notice.

  17. 92
    his taste in women Says:

    is as bad as his taste in scripts, they deserve each other

    “beauty without intelligence is like a masterpeice painted on a napkin”

  18. 93
    what's your take Says:

    ooops, I meant to put middle finger….

  19. 94
    his taste in women Says:

    is like his taste in scripts, HORRIBLE

  20. 95
    missjude Says:

    @GH: thanks for the reminders…and @what’s your take, i will add her claiming to have hazel eyes even though they are dark brown to the MG lies tally, it’s getting real long!. lol! her eyes are very dark brown ffs, she is too old for the little girl fantasies. maybe she has multiple personality disorder and thinks she is someone else?

  21. 96
    Roobee Says:

    @missjude: it’s safe to say we don’t like her much either!

  22. 97
    missjude Says:

    @Roobee: amen

  23. 98
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Doctor wrote on the old thread: ” He still wants to make good films that no one wants to see like Burns. The public wants blood and gore and CGI cartoon movies”.
    I thought a lot about that and still sticks with me. Kind of sad isn’t it.
    I think so too, but what choices are open to him if this is so. He did say that he wanted to do some Scotland historical films as well and that would be great to see him in period films. I really like this article below even if it is old.
    What does HE want and what would satisfy his life? Everyone wants to know that in the end you leave something behind to be remembered and hopefully be admired for. Interesting comment about longevity and wish I knew what he thinks and ponders.
    Tell you the truth girls, I am getting so weary of the mg/gb thing. Not amused any more.
    Want to see him with a good person looking out for his best interest and loving him for who he is and not this person he is with. I don’t care about the age thing at all, it is all the other crap. “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Hope he comes around and hope that OHF will be everything he needs to get the accolades he wants.
    Thanks for letting me get that out. He is a wonderful actor and wish him all the very best. Ducky

  24. 99
    what's your take Says:

    @missjude: she does remember…Sophia Loren, Angelina Jolie just to name a couple….

  25. 100
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Only one more thing:

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