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Nicole Kidman: CAA Sundance Party with Kevin Huvane!

Nicole Kidman: CAA Sundance Party with Kevin Huvane!

Nicole Kidman rubs shoulders with her super agent, Kevin Huvane, at the CAA Party during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival on Sunday (January 20) in Park City, Utah.

The party, which was hosted by Micah Greene and Roeg Sutherland, was also attended by Alexander Skarsgard, Evan Rachel Wood, Danny McBride, Jack Huston, and Mark Foster (Foster The People).

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The night after, Evan and Shia LaBeouf celebrated the premiere of their new movie The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman during the after party held at Nur Khan Presents NK. Emile Hirsch and Freida Pinto were also in attendance.

Simon Hammerstein‘s The Act and DJ Cash performed at both parties, which were organized by The Mint Agency and Ally B‘s The Branding Bee.

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  • ….

    I don’t think I will even bother to ask where her husband and daughters are. So many questions …

  • Strange

    CAA is not getting good news on this party .

  • Pattycake

    Is this the CAA party with the sex acts? Or is this another one?

  • Strange

    @Pattycake: Same one .

  • @

    2013 CAA Party, Utah. “At least one of them upped the ante by dancing with a strap-on p$nis, which sources say was used during an extended routine to tease the photo-snapping crowd of CAA clients, film executives and other festival-goers (party guests included NICOLE KIDMAN and Evan Rachel Wood, among others). Two dancers also performed what was described by a source as a simulated s$x act on a bed in the party space.”
    I’m sure Nicole “I’ve explored strange sexual fetish stuff” Kidman didn’t bat an eyelid … No wonder she left Keith at home.

  • Have to admit…

    CAA party was off the chain!

  • toria


    Actually Kidman left almost right after all the “antics” started. From Page Six:
    “I think I prefer it out here,” said Nicole Kidman in the freezing cold outside CAA’s jam-packed Sundance party, where wild performers from Simon Hammerstein’s Las Vegas club the Act were suspended in the air but still grinding away in skimpy underwear. Kidman’s agent, Chris Andrews, dashed outside to walk the star to a waiting car. Kidman sped off, and Andrews tried to get back into his own party and had to haggle with a security guard to be readmitted

  • @

    Yeah, sure @toria. I’m betting Kidman was engrossed and probably taking notes for her next ‘violent s$x’ movie role.

  • Aimee

    Keith is in Australia about to start his world tour and Nicole and their kids are meeting him there. So, maybe you can rest now since you were so concerned.

  • :)

    Time to snatch the girls off the nanny for a conservative, family friendly photo op to deflect any negative fallout from the CAA party.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    All of these sarcastic remarks are made by the same person, my god get a life. You follow every article written about Nicole so you can start the same garbage all over again. It is just ridiculous. nobody cares what you think, you are crazy.

  • Louise

    Nicole Kidman is past the party antics. She made her mandatory appearance and left. Went back to LA as soon as her duties were done, and will be leaving for Australia soon. The Kidman haters are not going to catch Nicole doing sleeze. Sorry to disappoint you Kidman haters!!

  • @

    Obviously you care Joni. Same person? Mmmmm, not very smart are we Joni.

  • :)

    If you want to catch Kidman doing sleeze, just take your pick from the majority of her movies. Too easy.

  • anonymouse


    “not going to catch Nicole doing sleeze” ??

    I presume you have heard nothing about The Paperboy.
    Or are we talking double standards here; one simulation is ‘art’, the other simulation is ‘sleeze’ (sic). It’s spelled sleaze, in any case.

  • anonymouse


    Pot. Kettle. Black.

    remember that, SM?

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Let’s see now, you are using Anonymouse quite a bit now, your favorite used to be Frozoid. You have quite a mixture of names. Cute!!!

  • Frozoid

    @Joni: NO. As I said, I only use Frozoid. It is angering me that people accuse me of writing other posts under other names. Stop the accusations. Now.

  • daniella


    It is not a double standard to have a personal life that is not sleeze and to take roles that are sleezy. If you can’t tell the difference between a person’s “real” life and their stage life, then you need help.

    If you go by your criteria then most of the artistic community is sleezy. Artists who paint nu-des and hateful subjects yet live their lives just fine without incorporating sleeze into them. Singers of all genres who sing sleeze yet manage to live a decent life. Same goes for stage actors, movie actors. Does an actor who plays the mass killer Hitler, Mussolini, a philandering Nero and a host of other real life and imagined roles mean that they are sleeze in a personal life?

    And oh yes, what about writers? I’ve met a lot of them at writer’s conferences including some that write the horror that would keep you up at night (and you would know their names). Most of them are totally decent non sleezy people in real life. And oh yes, I went to a book signing for an author I totally admired for his stand on erasing child molesters/pedos and his devotion to that goal with some of his books. The first thing he did after his speech and the Q&A session was try and pick up any woman that caught his eye–and he was supposedly happily married. Great books but sleeze in real life.

    So like I said, if you can’t tell the difference between a personal life and the output on the artistic end, you need a good dictionary or help.

    And unlike so many of her contemporaries, Nicole has never been photographed falling down drunk, doing drugs, even hanging out in bars or anything like that. And people that know her say she leads a healthy life. Although there were rumors of her cheating on Tom none of them ever were proven with all parties denying them, no pictures, nothing and DNA evidence that the miscarried fetus was Tom’s.

    She was in Sundance for Stoker – about 24 hours and then she went back to LA to get the kids ready to meet up with Keith. Nicole keeps her private life private which allows people like you to spread conjecture, rumors, and vileness.

    And you know honey, if Keith were single I hardly think he’d ever look at you twice.

  • Aimee

    Nicole wasn’t responsible for CAA’s party. You haters act like she organized it. She made an appearance and then left. You haters are ridiculous.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    How long does it take ????

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Skeptics are pi55ed again. Cute photos of Nicole picking up Faith from school, same school Sunday attends in LA, were released. They don’t like Nicole being a mom and they don’t like that Faith is not a special needs child that the Urbans are trying to ”hide”.

    The sickos are beyond help.

  • Skeptics are smarter

    Oh dear, two year old Faith being picked up from Daycare. Usually, an attentive mother would have a firm grip of a two year old’s hand in case they unpredictably decide to dart off into any danger/oncoming traffic. Rather unusual for a (mother?) to be peering into a car, particularly in a parking lot, while leaving a two year old child standing nearby and unrestrained.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Waiting for my comments to be shown

  • :)

    I don’t think Nicole’s mothering skills progress beyond snatching the girls off the nanny for photo opportunities at airports. The girls are never smiling but then again, do you really blame them.

  • Skeptics are still stupid

    @Skeptics are smarter: Sorry dummy it’s not daycare, it’s a half day of school. Sorry dummy they are in a gated parking lot. Sorry dummy, a mother has to get into the car and adjust the car seat, bags, etc, in the back of a car. Sorry dummy, the skeptics, what’s left of you are still stupid.

  • Skeptics are even smarter

    How gullible are you #27. A parking lot is still a parking lot, gated or not and a normal mother would not leave a two year old standing alone beside the car while adjusting bags/car seats inside the car, unless she has eyes in the back of her head!

  • :)

    Curiously, Nicole may indeed have eyes in the back of her head, carefully concealed somewhere under her wig.

  • ….

    A ‘half day of school’ at only 2 years of age. Poor little thing.

  • Em

    In reality, a ‘half day of school’ aka ‘daycare’ is probably better for the girls than sitting around in a hotel room asking “where’s mom?”

  • Skeptics are still smarter

    No, I don’t believe the boogie man was mentioned but if they are the relatable images that you identify with and occupy your mind, you need urgent help.

  • duh

    The irony is too delicious. …, :), Em, Skeptics are smarter and all her other names admits she’s a skeptic? Whoops. You mean all these neasty irrational comments aren’t coming from the general public but an unstable Keith Urban fan? Oh yeah.

    So I could post that she’s clueless and stupid about the educational offerings for young ones these days. I could also post that a depraved woman such as this skeptic can’t be concerned for a child in a parking lot because she’s been demeaning said child and her sister for 4 years and using her step-siblings as ammunition against her mother for 8 years. I could post an 800 page book on the lies they’ve told themselves for 8 years and the hateful rage that’s inside them.

    But the “fvck off” comment pretty musch sums it up.

  • :)

    Well duh, it’s Orwell, masquerading under yet another identity and talking the usual nonsensical cr@p.


    Kidman was at the ice cream parlor, gym class, then Whole Foods with her children in L.A. yesterday.

    No nanny, assistant, driver, or guard was present.

  • ..

    “Where’s Mom?” Which mother are you referring to #31 … real mom (?); surrogate mom (?); or pretend mom (kidman) ?

  • Skeptics are still stupid

    @..: Talking to yourself again I see.

  • anonymouse


    “Let’s see now, you are using Anonymouse quite a bit now, your favorite used to be Frozoid. You have quite a mixture of names. Cute!!!”

    You are wrong!! I have never been Frozoid nor any of those many others you accuse me of being. I don’t live in the US.



    STOP YOUR ABUSE!!!!!!!


    I am sick to death of you! B A C K O F F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are going to continue wrongfully accusing me of being someone, anyone, in the US; GIVE CONCRETE F^CKING PROOF!!!!

    Of course, you can’t!!!!! Because I don’t live there!






    There is nothing “cute!” about your vile harassment!!! YOU are the sick one, CLEARLY!!

    Never ONCE have you addressed a single comment of mine, but simply been outrageously abusive toward me. Who the HELL ARE you?????

  • anonymouse


    you wrote this to describe yourself:

    “All of these sarcastic remarks are made by the same person, my god get a life. You follow every article written about Nicole so you can start the same garbage all over again. It is just ridiculous … you are crazy.”

  • ..

    Wrong again! I was asking (Em #31) a question regarding the true parentage of the girls.

  • anonymouse


    “It is not a double standard to have a personal life that is not sleeze and to take roles that are sleezy. If you can’t tell the difference between a person’s “real” life and their stage life, then you need help.”

    You completely missed my point!! Why don’t you get down off your high horse and read my comment again; think about it, then try and debate like an adult. And again, it is spelt ‘sleaze’, not sleeze.

    My comment was about her performance of simulated sex (described in the media as bruisingly rough, almost rape) compared to simulated sex in a live performance at the CAA party; which Kidman could not bear to watch and ‘sped away’. Presumably Kidman would like people to watch her film (The Paperboy) … after all, she promoted it extensively … therein lies the double standard I was speaking about; and it is open for debate. Maybe it is just all over your head. Never mind, have a soda and chill.

  • ..

    Wrong again #38. I was asking (Em #31) a question regarding the true parentage of the girls.

  • anonymouse

    @TIM GUNN:

    Does Nicole drive, Tim? Never seen a pic of her at the wheel.

  • anonymouse


    YES, I am sure you “could post an 800 page book on the lies”, SKEWER MISTRESS, because you must have a massive archive by now of copy-pasted material from every person on the internet that you believe is a “skeptic”. Plus of course, every word that has ever been written about the Urban family; individually and together. Plus every pic ever posted anywhere; you seem to KNOW IT ALL; either paid by the Urbans, or someone with nothing better to do with her free-time; oh, unless it is a job, of course.

    It is easy to see which of the comments here are made by you; under MANY MANY names, because it is YOU who has coined the ‘group’ “the skeptics” … whatever the hell that means …

    The name of your blog: SKEWERING THE SKEPTICS tells us everything about the kind of person you are. NASTY. AGGRESSIVE.

    and again:


  • :)

    I don’t believe Kidman can drive a car but her ‘hands on’ personal trainer most certainly can .. you know of whom I speak. How very odd she is photographed getting into the front passenger side of the car and not the driver’s side. Come on Timmy, you need to do better than that.

  • Skeptics are still stupid

    It is easy to see which of the comments here are made by you; under MANY MANY names, because it is YOU who has coined the ‘group’ “the skeptics” … whatever the hell that means …

    Reinventing history. All part of the skeptic game, isn’t it?

  • anonymouse

    @Skeptics are still stupid:

    When you quote someone, or ‘borrow’ their words, it is proper to include those words within quotation marks, otherwise it is plagiarism.

    Just stop your sh!t. It is utterly tiresome now.

  • kary

    Gosh… it doesn’t matter what she does… for all haters is wrong… when she’s promoting she’s being a bad mother or wife just because she’s working… when she’s with her family is horrible, OMG where’s the nanny?, why she’s not driving?, why she pick her children from school?… when she’s with Keith… OMG She’s with Keith why is she with KEITH? she’s horrible. Come on people get a fvcking life… she’s doing what a regular mom does, “work, taking care of her children, being with her husband” if you don’t like her for whatever reasons… Why are you reading every single post about her?

  • Ariza

    Freida Pinto is a friggen D lister.Why does did she get invited to something like Sundance?

  • Ariza

    BTW I would have rather seen Nicole get an Oscar nom then the overrated Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and that friggen 9year old girl.

  • anonymouse

    @Skeptic Anonymouse is stupid:

    What is your concrete evidence of your claim?

    I believe Just Jared and his legal department is currently investigating your allegations.

    You have completely overstepped the mark; whoever you are, whomever you are paid by.