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Beyonce Sings National Anthem with Backing Track? (Video)

Beyonce Sings National Anthem with Backing Track? (Video)

Beyonce‘s performance of the Star Spangled Banner at this week’s Presidential Inauguration has sparked a ton of debate – was she singing live or was she lip-syncing?

A new video, along with analysis from British audio engineer Ian Shepherd, shows that Bey was indeed singing along to the song with a backing track.

In addition to the two different audio feeds heard in the video, Ian points out several points, including that her voice is hard to hear in the beginning before the sound-man quickly corrected it, her head tilting toward the microphone at 1:16 causing a bassy sound, and being able to “hear” her smile at 2:17.

DO YOU THINK Beyonce was singing along with a backing track?

Beyonce Sings National Anthem with Backing Track? (Video)

UPDATE: An inauguration official has spoken out anonymously, telling CNN, “she did not sing live. Because she didn’t have time to rehearse with the Marine Band, she decided to use her recording with the Marine Band. It was all Beyonce.”

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  • SunnyAutumn

    Beyonce can’t sing period. She is no Whitney, no Adele. She is an entertainer, like J.Lo, just run around and dance while lip syncing. She had plenty of time to rehearse, how much notice do they get.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Her hoarse voice is annoying. Afterwards, she flew down to New Orleans to chow down before her next big lip-syncing event . Auto tunes has made many mediocre people rich, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. If Kelly Clarkson can respect a historical occasion, so can Beyonce.

  • http://website ronitoon41

    who really cares if she lip-syncing the song? we as a country of riches and knowledge focus on the smallest importance things and beat it death. REALLY!!! this is all the news and reporters have talked about since Monday. not that President Obama gave a great speech that include all races not one. that kelly clarkson sung a beautiful song and it was geat. we are becoming a pity nation and i am very shame of you all

  • offtheproperty

    @Bella: White people are taking ALL KINDS OF ABUSE under Obama. White people need to stand up for themselves and claim to be the best — something everyone has always known but we’re now shamed into denying.
    I don’t hate black people. Just stop pretending we’re some kind of joke of yours now. White men and women have imagined, conceive, built and created EVERYTHING you and we have. EVERYTHING! Obama is a racial coup d’etat against the greatest nation of people on Earth, which black people have benefitted greatly from. What’s going to be left when you kill and eliminate by attrition all the white people you aspire to be?

  • Emily

    Who cares? She’s rich and she’s best friends with Obama. No one cares. People are making a big deal out of nothing. She has enough presents from Athena-Toys-dot-com

  • Derya

    No. It’s not real

  • Nick

    To those who say that lip synching our national anthem isn’t a big deal ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  • Rocky


    Could NOT agree with you more. I read her remarks and kept on going. People like her want us to respond back to her ignorant self, but I wasn’t going there. She’s not worth my time, nor yours. To think that in 2013 we still have people like her around.

  • Rachael

    @Gaga Fan:

    I’m Puerto Rican and take offense to your comments as I took offense to Amy’s. Let’s stop labelling each other and just deal with the fact that ALL our groups have idiots in them, and I’m ashamed if Amy is really a PR, because her comments were stupid and just blame awful!

  • xoxo

    Lip Synching the national anthem of all things is a disgrace.

  • Rachael


    Why didn’t Whitney Houston get dissed when she lip sang the National Anthem? Have we all forgotten that she did not sing the NA live at Super Bowl? Some people have short memories.

  • Rocky


    OMG! I love you! You head it right on the head!!

  • Rocky


    I meant ‘You hit it right on the head!

  • Rocky

    People are dying of hunger all over the world. The elderly are being treated less than human. Sandy victims are still without homes. Women are being raped in countries where men are not arrested for their crimes and we’re worrying about Beyonce’s singing? Who really gives a crap?! Some of you people need to sort out your priorities.

  • hm

    @Rocky: it’s a gossip site, you need to settle yourself — i mean fox news had kim kardashians pregnancy as their cover story NOT the drones over Yemen that killed kids.

    …the only thing people care about now is celebrities – people could tell you the name/age/D.O.B of beyonce’s kid but they can’t find Mali on a map -_-

    welcome to 2013!!!

  • lola

    Lip or not, Don’t like how she sings it. She’s so annoying.

  • uh

    did she really make a documentary about herself? LOL!

  • Rocky


    So true. HA! HA! Thanks.

  • Willeke

    OMG stop freaking out! You can hair her voice two times!
    The fist voice you hear is when she sings into her microfoon en the second voice you hear comes from a musicbox. That is why is it is sounds lower and later because like when people sing in a stadion it takes a few seconds before her voice to reach it! So she is not lip singing.
    Listen to it a couple times more and you can hear the notes and the words are the same! When you look an 0:40 you can see it

  • Jessie

    tkj @ 01/23/2013 at 6:56 pm

    @Jessie: She didn’t lip sync! Read the article.
    She didn’t lip sync because? The truth is we don’t know if she sang live or not. And my point was that I didn’t care either way, IT’S NOT A CRIME. The military were the first to say she didn’t sing, but since backed off to say that THEY didn’t play the music live. Has she come out and said she DID sing? It doesn’t matter one way or the other. Whether she sang live or not, it wasn’t all that. There will always be those who believe she sang live and those that don’t. Everyone agrees to disagree.

  • Kae

    You guys are ridiculous, smh. Beyonce sang along with the track. I bet all you guys just love Whitney Houston’s Anthem, knowing she lip synced. Get over it! Beyonce will remain popular and richer than you. Move on! Let it go!

  • gigi

    Whitney didn’t lip-sync,she sang over her own voice. Guess what? it was still fierce!! Beyonce’s pre-recorded version was good, not phenomenal. I doubt it makes it on the Billboard chart. which Whitney’s version did..
    It landed in billboard’s top 10 chart for that year.

  • Robinnicole


    Since you wanna be stupid, white people are mutated negros,…..and that is a fact! White Adam and Eve,…all a lie, there is only one race, and that’s the human race. Your white men and women, exist because of black men and women,….deal with the facts of that.

  • Robinnicole

    It’s a damn shame that black and white was brought into this,….humans and the way they think, is the most tragic scandal to ever have happen to mankind,…truly pathetic.

  • CJ

    @tkj: I agree–you can tell she is indeed singing–and so what if she didn’t? She still sang the original track. She didn’t have anyone else sing it for her. Whitney Houston did the same thing with her rendition. So what! They both did a beautiful job whether it was live or taped.

  • LMAO


    LMFAO! Oh my god you ignorant individual. Please educate yourself. DNA DOES NOT CHANGE. Whites didnt come from blacks moron. Nappy hair does not mutate into shiny soft hair. Black eyes dont turn blue over time. Go ahead and keep believing a lie!

  • Brian Tubbs

    Here’s what happened people. She was singing but she was also singing with her sound track. It was ONLY supposed to play in her ear, but there was a mistake and it was playing on the speakers too, which confused people. FYI the performers wear an ear piece in each ear; one to hear themselves for tuning, and the other to ear the song. The second one has a dual purpose. It’s also keeps them in tune but more importantly helps prevent forgetting the words. Pay attention and you will see her remove her ear piece about halfway through. That happens when there is a problem with the playback. Trust me this is normal and she did nothing wrong.

  • Robinnicole


    Yes they did, idiot,….there is only one race, idiot,….all other groups evolved from black africans, who were the first people,….now go and educate yourself,… big dumb ignorant person.

  • Robinnicole


    Also,…there is no such thing as a black or white race of people no way,…but the people that call themselves white, mutated that’s why they exist, all human life evolved from the people yall call black,….you are a mutation,…so if you don’t believe it, look it up. But don’t become too depressed about it, that won’t be good for your health.

  • Discussion?

    I did not want to interfere but since you keep insisting…..As per your statement black person exists longer than white one.
    But I guess, you know that the brain of white person is bigger than of a black one. Right? You know that black person in Africa did not invent even a wheel, while white people have already had complicated machinery and equipment. You know that blacks never created their own alphabet or writing as well as many other things.
    So, if whites evolve from blacks, as you say, then it means that descendants considerably over-evolved their ancestors.