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Beyonce Sings National Anthem with Backing Track? (Video)

Beyonce Sings National Anthem with Backing Track? (Video)

Beyonce‘s performance of the Star Spangled Banner at this week’s Presidential Inauguration has sparked a ton of debate – was she singing live or was she lip-syncing?

A new video, along with analysis from British audio engineer Ian Shepherd, shows that Bey was indeed singing along to the song with a backing track.

In addition to the two different audio feeds heard in the video, Ian points out several points, including that her voice is hard to hear in the beginning before the sound-man quickly corrected it, her head tilting toward the microphone at 1:16 causing a bassy sound, and being able to “hear” her smile at 2:17.

DO YOU THINK Beyonce was singing along with a backing track?

Beyonce Sings National Anthem with Backing Track? (Video)

UPDATE: An inauguration official has spoken out anonymously, telling CNN, “she did not sing live. Because she didn’t have time to rehearse with the Marine Band, she decided to use her recording with the Marine Band. It was all Beyonce.”

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80 Responses to “Beyonce Sings National Anthem with Backing Track? (Video)”

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  1. 26
    offtheproperty Says:

    Minka Kelly isn’t authentic mink.

  2. 27
    cmoure10 Says:

    If you listen you can hear her singing over her own voice, since when is that a crime. She’s not lip syncing you can clearly hear that she is singing, just over her own vocal trac artist do this all the time. Please people get over the hateration!!!

  3. 28
    cmoure10 Says:

    @AMY: your an idiot!!!

  4. 29

    sorry the damage is already done no backpedaling can save her now, the real tea spilled already. her PR team are working overtime. her peers sang LIVE, and this self proclaimed “king-queen”, “perfectionist” who also said she works harder than anyone in her GQ Lip synced.

    she is a fraud and was exposed, she is the new lance Armstrong of singers and is Beynilli Manilli

    this lip-synching fiasco + the pregnancy fiasco will forever be attached to her like her wig.

  5. 30
    Adele Says:

    @Gaga Fan: The only reason Bruno Mars is talented is because he is half Asian, he gets his singing skills from his Filipino side. He only does black music as we all know. Jlo was a culture thief as well, the only so-called star they have and don’t get me started on Fat Joe. Salsa is garbage.

  6. 31

    @tkj: Excuses, excuses!!! “she had one day to rehearse” she didn’t have much time? then why not give up the Gig instead of faking? and why the over dramatial, theatrical diva antics?

  7. 32
    New York Says:

    And to think Amy and the rest of her poverty stricken tribe are trying to become a state we can’t let that happen it will be the worst thing that ever happened to the United States. Spain was burdened with them for centuries before they off loaded that dangerous welfare island of Puerto Rico onto the American taxpayers!!

  8. 33
    SLAY HER Says:

    To the press seated just below the podium, in front of the “President’s Own” Marine Corps Band, it was evident that the band wasn’t actually playing during the song—even though band director Colonel Michael J. Colburn was conducting energetically and the band members mimicked blowing into their instruments. Separately, at one point during her performance, Beyoncé removed her earpiece.
    A hint as to the actual origins of the version Beyoncé sang came from her own hand: On January 20, the day before the ceremony, Beyoncé posted pictures to her Instagram account that appeared to show her in a recording studio. In one, she holds a copy of the sheet music to “The Star Spangled Banner” in front of a microphone attached to a recording device, and in another she sits in front of recording equipment while members of the Marine Corps Band stand clutching sheet music behind her.
    Miming along to a pre-recorded track isn’t unheard of at inaugural ceremonies. At President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, cold weather and wind meant that a live performance by cellist Yo-Yo Ma and violinist Itzhak Perlman had to be nixed in favor of a recording.
    “We don’t know why Beyoncé decided to use prerecorded music,” a spokesperson for the Marine Corps Band told The Washingtonian this morning. “All music [for inaugural ceremonies] is prerecorded as a matter of course, and that’s something we’ve done for years and years. The Marine Band did perform live throughout the ceremony but we received last-minute word that Beyoncé wanted to use the recording.

  9. 34
    SLAY HER Says:

    For those of you who says, “Who cares, she sang it with her track”
    Why is there a pic of her in the same black dress she wore at the inauguration, singing along with earphones with her Mac in an office, like she was practicing before she went on? I’m thinking it’s backstage somewhere. If she told them that she was going to sing against a track, why put this pic up right before she was going on?

  10. 35

    To the people who are making excuses and say: “she didn’t have time for rehearsal; or it was too cold” ARE YOU SERIOUS? she had enough time to take pictures with the band in a recording studio but not enough time to rehearse? If she was not ready why not give up the Gig to someone more deserving? she knew this was a big day and knew she had a big role, but she wanted to appear all around “perfect” so she did not want to risk being upstaged by her peers and decided to fall back on the pre-recorded track. her “perfect”= FAKE!!!

    As for “it was too cold” why was she the only one in a NIGHT GOWN? why did she take.her coat off when everyone else was dressed in time/day appropriate and wheather appropriate?

    She was in the same wheather condition as everyone else even more so to those who sung LIVE.


  11. 36
    coco Says:

    @ amensister It’s not like it is the first time she sing for the president and she is not lyp syncing I mean it’s too perfectly synchronized
    just stop hating

  12. 37
    Tessa Says:

    You guys are seriously knocking her for this? A man played his violin with a backing track four years ago….it’s cold anyway. It’s a hard song to sing anyway.

  13. 38
    Great actor Says:

    Matter not

  14. 39
    oy Says:

    Doubtless it was prerecorded to be released as a single. She sang to BO last time. Why not go with Jennifer Hudson or Pink this time? You know, people who can sing live.

  15. 40
    Seguro de Salud Says:

    Beyonces doesnt know how to sing…

  16. 41
    Halli Says:

    Kelly Clarkson sang perfectly and it was live and Aretha Franklin laughed whhen she found out Bey faked it. This was not Beyonce’s day so she should have practiced enough to sing live. But this is the sane woman who has someone record her SLEEPING. Among other ibsane things. And once she threw out her earpiece – she basically pretended like she was singing luve, just to fool us? Her egoism leads me to believe she did fake her pregnancy. Otherwise we would have seen her pregnant belly everywhere. She is insane!

  17. 42
    Bella Says:

    @offtheproperty: So what does the colour of her skin has to do with that?

  18. 43
    Bella Says:

    @Gaga Fan: Hey you little racist, stop talking unless you have anything to say. And by the way, it is funny you blame PuertoRicans while you live in country which is based on the culture of Europe and other nations. Don’t forget that americans destroyed the real north-american indian culture by butchering Indian people.

  19. 44
    lala Says:

    @tkj: Really? A day? She is oooh so busy isnt she…she should have made time for this occasion, it is her own fault.

  20. 45
    Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi Says:

    she definitely sang live..and didn’t need to lipsync ’cause ’twas pretty awful!

  21. 46
    Lena Says:

    @Gaga Fan: Why fight racism with racism? You’re just as horrible as she is.

  22. 47
    Hal Says:

    It sounded very much like rerecorded, which sucks because at a presidential inauguration you shouldn’t fake your singing. She wanted to be at this prestigious event no matter what, she is extremely driven and probably does a lot of things just to get ahead. Very poor judgement on her side. I hope this scandal teaches her a lesson!

  23. 48
    Emma Says:

    Don’t care if it’s live or not, it’s still her voice.

  24. 49
    Chel Says:

    Bey’s ego has no bounds. She wanted to be the showstopper and nothing was going to get in her way. That’s why she insisted on performing in the freezing cold without a coat. She used the backing track because she didn’t want to risk having a less than stellar performance. People need to stop making excuses for her. Kelly C. sang live and if she did it there is no excuse for Bey not doing the same.

  25. 50
    gigi Says:

    It wouldn’t have bother me if it wasn’t for the theatrics.. Her rendition whether it was live or pre-recorded was good, not earth shattering. Whitney’s version is still the best! I still get tingles listening to it.
    Beyonce “I’m the hardest working artist in my industry” well it didn’t show on Inauguration Day. If you worked so hard, then you would’ve rehearsed with the Band and sing LIVE just like Kelly while still preparing for your Superbowl performance. Bey sit your A** down.

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