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Taylor Swift: Princess Rapunzel for Disney Dream Portrait!

Taylor Swift: Princess Rapunzel for Disney Dream Portrait!

Taylor Swift poses as the Disney Princess Rapunzel in this brand new Disney Dream Portrait promo image.

The 22-year-old entertainer’s picture, which was photographed by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz last year, is titled “Where a world of adventure awaits”.

Also pictured inside are some behind the scenes images of Taylor‘s photo shoot, including one of her holding her guitar and one of her and Annie hugging!

Meanwhile, Taylor shared some great news on Twitter.

“It’s official–’I Knew You Were Trouble’ is #1 on pop radio!! You guys are unbelievable. I’m smiling SO big right now.” she wrote. Congrats, Taylor!

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taylor swift rapunzel for disney dream 02
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taylor swift rapunzel for disney dream 04
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Credit: Annie Leibovitz/Disney Parks
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64 Responses to “Taylor Swift: Princess Rapunzel for Disney Dream Portrait!”

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  1. 26
    Kate Says:

    Can u all plz go away????? If u hate her then what the hell r u doin here??????? AND dear jared, in case u havent noticed, she’s 23 now!

  2. 27
    butplugthesponge Says:

    why is she famous again?

  3. 28
    didi Says:

    @leslie lorene: who gives a f*ck if shes straight edge? i know alot of straight edge people that are a-holes and b*tches cause they believe they’re above everybody else that smokes or drinks cause theyre so “pure”. taylor acts the same way too, not only with her lifestyle but also how she wants to look like shes so “pure” in her relationships when she really has that clingy-stalker-lemme-buy-a-mansion-right-next-to-my-boyfriend-of-only-a-month’s-house attitude. sorry but that is not normal, not even my rich girlfriends that are her age thinks that sh*t is normal. and taylor’s excuse is “making property investments” lmfao

  4. 29
    Jovi92 Says:

    “Taylor Swift poses as the Disney Princess Rapunzel in the new Disney Dream Portrait … and contnues to pretend she is one after the photoshoot”

  5. 30
    Mimi Says:

    She still has a 40 year old face :/

  6. 31
    woohoo Says:

    There have been many who have climbed up her golden locks, I don’t know if they fully made it into the tower though ;)

  7. 32
    shaney Says:

    The only thing I could critique is that her face looks too stern and should be more wistful and dreamy.

  8. 33
    Dave Franco Says:

    LMAO. Notice all the guys she’s following on twitter… WATCH OUT GUYS!

    BEWARE! Taylor Swift is a man eater!

  9. 34
    sookie Says:

    ew.. she need to go away..

  10. 35
    caroline Says:

    Rapunzel is supposed to be beautiful…they ruined it by putting her as Rapunzel.

  11. 36
    BuckeyeNV Says:

    Can anyone please explain to me WHY she is considered sweet and innocent and elegant and classy – she changes boyfriends more than she changes her underwear – and Michael J Fox should NOT have apologized to her – if she can’t handle being the brunt of a joke – then she should change her ways!!!!

  12. 37
    jen Says:

    She makes more money in an hour than most of you here make in a lifetime…..
    She looks amazing and I LOVE her music!!

  13. 38
    African Girl Says:

    Yeah. ..make the girl who already lives in Lala land where happy blue birds tuck her into bed at night and braid her hair in the morning. … a Disney Princess.
    That’s exactly what she needs to bring her smack down to reality.

  14. 39
    meagan Says:

    Just go away already!

  15. 40
    Bex Says:

    I’m starting to feel like there’s something off about Swift’s whole career. It’s like no one can say anything mean about her, if they do they must apologize immediately. She’s constantly shoved down people’s throats. Everywhere you look, there she is. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s odd that she is constantly everywhere and is made out to be this holy idol? I guess money REALLY talks. She isn’t even all that talented.

  16. 41
    KissThis Says:

    @rikki: @Sara: Agreed and agreed!

  17. 42
    Shania Says:

    I’m so sick of people writing hate on these types of articles. Why the f*ck are you reading this if you don’t even like her? That’s my question. Just leave her the f*ck alone. Kthanks :) xo

    Anyways, I think she looks beautiful. I’m so glad she was chosen for this shoot. :)

  18. 43
    oy Says:

    Breakup songs are as old as fairy tales and their profits as long lived. She didn’t invent them any more than Madonna invented GaGa and McConaughy invented Butler.

  19. 44
    the observer Says:

    I liker her she is good at what she does :-)..authentic :)

  20. 45
    Seguro de Salud Says:

    Taylor Swift a Disney princess??? xDDDD

  21. 46
    Blue Says:

    She is very gorgeous. Disney princesses aren’t real so what? She beautifuli any era. I think she needs to move on from her high era that was enchanting, but it was a moment in time, move and and experience the next level.

  22. 47
    Dawn Says:

    her dress look gross like a placenta

  23. 48
    Seguro de Vida Says:

    Grow up Taylor…

  24. 49
    alex Says:

    i can’t stand her i don’t know why, her songs are catchy and everything but she is just annoying

  25. 50
    Stephanie Says:

    Why does everyone feel the need to insult her, and call her a ****? So she has dated quite a few guys in the past, and none of those relationships seem to have ended quite well. Big deal! None of that changes anything to the fact that she’s a pretty and talented girl.

    Instead of wasting all of our times by posting all those negative comments towards her, how about you actually comment on the pictures? Because they are absolutely stunning. While Taylor may not be my ideal Rapuzel, she looks beautiful in these pictures nonetheless. The set is gorgeous; and the lighting and angle is amazing. I guess it’s just the photography student in me, that gets me to focus on those things, instead of talking crap about a girl who I only know by name and career.

    Get over your issues with her, and go do something actually useful with your time.

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