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Gerard Butler: 'Movie 43' After Party!

Gerard Butler: 'Movie 43' After Party!

Gerard Butler flashes a smile while attending the after party for his latest flick Movie 43 held at Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood on Wednesday (January 23) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined by CEO of Relativity Media, Ryan Kavanaugh, and actor Neal McDonough.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

In case you missed it, check out the new trailer for Gerard‘s new film Olympus Has Fallen!

Movie 43 hits theaters this Friday (January 24)!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the Movie 43 after party…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Clamsie

    @not anonymous: Gotta disagree here. No one except jj can read our IPs at this site. I bet Salt has the capability at her site to read them, just like the other fansites give their admins. It’s also a slippery slope. How many people trust her with that kind of info? For all you know, she’s telling everyone who you are. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t give her site the time of day. Nor will any other fansite get me to show up and post. No way would I risk being outed by some admin with a grudge.

    The main reason people come here to rant is that there’s no one to shut our opinions down. We can still speak out in favor of Gerry or not. Either way, no admin has the power to shut us up. Even JJ probably doesn’t ban unless it’s for a really good reason such as someone making physical threats against someone else.

  • kelly

    is gerry wearing the crust grey pants again i mean come on dress up for a party look sharp is all i ask i love this man…. but love to look(fantasie) at him all hunked out gerry please get some jeans to show off the wonderful butt……

  • Untamable Shrew

    @The real GFW: post 68,Gangster Squad was pretty good.I seen that with my husband.He made me go.Sean Penn did really good.It wasn’t deep like the God Father but exciting to watch.This movie had a pretty good cast as well.

  • Be Very Careful

    “For that reason alone, I wouldn’t give her site the time of day. Nor will any other fansite get me to show up and post. No way would I risk being outed by some admin with a grudge.”
    I had my private information (including street address of my home) names of family members, the company I worked for and everything the owner/admin of the site with a grudge could find on me. I had been a member of the site for a couple of years when I started posting uncomplimentary opinions about Gerard Butler. She thought outing me was perfectly acceptable revenge for not wanting to be a gushing fan anymore.

  • DocP

    Good one!!!!

  • bonne nuit

    @Be Very Careful: Oh my , that is horrible and also why I would not join any fansite and give out my Info. I agree with Clamsie on this and you. i was so tempted to go over to salt’s site and something just told me ….hey, not a good idea. I don’t post too often here, but do enjoy reading . It is relaxation time and very entertaining. Do I believe everything I read…..Heck no….do I get a good laugh from some of the posts…..H**l yeah. Just too funny! Some of the people here crack me up. Some not.

  • Manny

    Been checking in once in a while but Gerry just isn’t that interesting any more. There are more talented actors, better movies, and much better looking men.

  • Clamsie

    @Be Very Careful: That’s what I’m talking about. Trust no one. I don’t believe the JJ admins are like that. They aren’t out to get fans, they need us to post. But the fan site admins are usually big gameplayers and have agendas. I think it’s mostly the smaller sites like WO who are obsessed with power.and control of their “subjects”.

    A pox on all of them. I’ll stick to JJ.


    I guess Madalina did not go with G to the “’43″ premiere. Gosh, I would have. Getting to sit next to Him for 2 hours? ” Movie? There’s a movie? What movie? … You smell good.” Yeah, that would have been very, very nice.

  • Clamsie

    @Be Very Careful: That’s what I’m talking about. Some of the fan site admins have agendas and you can’t trust them with your info. All it takes is one tiff with a reg and they go start taking sides and playing games.

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    @bonne nuit: laughter is good for the heart. it does allow time to relax and chill talking.

  • bonne nuit

    @Manny: Your right Manny, it has gotten pretty boring. I am out of here for a while, as real life is calling. Have some things going on that need my attention. I will come on from time to time, but for now take JJ’s.

  • bonne nuit

    I meant to say take care JJer’s.

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    take care.

  • Auf wiedersehn

    @bonne nuit:

    P M S L.

    You know Gerry’s career is on life support when brought news and pictures the only conversation is batty broads posting their fantasies of Butler like GFW/Sunkist and the rest is some fixation on IP addresses and other sites. Ooh it is a scary scary world out there in cyberspace. Do some of you never leave the house? Better not.

  • @Auf wiedersehn

    Hey I did once, so shaddup

  • SouthernBelle

    Anyone know when the oscar presenters will be announced?

  • Movie43

    I think Movie 43 opens most places tomorrow. Most TV ads have featured Gerry. Looking forward to reviews.

  • bonne nuit

    @Auf wiedersehn: I am sorry, I do not understand what you are saying. It makes no sense to me. Please re-post so I can understand you?!

  • Blue

    This really proves clamsie is a mod here. Have not head of email accounts you set up w/o your kids blood type yet. Huh….. Can be done you know.

  • Another

    People….a Romanian needs a visa to get into the USA. Last time she had a work visa for a few days.

  • Ss


    I am pretty sure that I saw her at Walmart today. We were both eyeing the same bunch of bananas.


    Trivia question: What’s the most popular item sold at Walmart? ;)

  • What now?


    So if he wants to see her he has to go out of country? Does he need a visa also to go to europe? How would all that work if they got married? Would they freely get to go to Romania and Scotland? But he owns property in the US so that wouldn’t be a problem right? I don’t understand how any of this works.

  • Wow

    @Be Very Careful:

    Wait, who did this to you? What site?

  • What now?


    Couldn’t he have her on his payroll as a PA or makeup or something so they can travel together? How did it work that she went to Oslo and Geneva?

  • eggy

    @What now?:

    Gerry more than likely has a Green Card for the USA, so he can enter the U.S easier. As for MG, seeing how she is Romanian by birth, she has a European Passport (As does Gerry – U.K) which allows them both to freely travel within the European countries. I doubt MG can enter the U.S.A as freely as Gerry can, she probably has to apply for long term stay visas, which take a while to get…I’m sure she can “visit” the U.S for short periods of time but has to prove she has a return ticket, if she has modelling gigs in the U.S then the company hiring her would get her a work visa, but the company has to prove that there isn’t an American citizen that can’t do the job they are hiring MG for.

  • Another

    Look here for visa requirements for Romanians.

    British requirements are so much easier

    So if Gerry runs back to Europe. They are in a real relationship. Come on people. He likes young, exotic women. She is sticking to him and he likes it.

  • Another

    @Another: If they marry, it would take a few months before she gets all his travel benefits.

  • What now?


    Interesting, thanks for the info. So as long as he makes income in the US he can just renew his visa. And or needing to take care of his property here is another excuse.

  • Clamsie

    @Auf wiedersehn: And also when other batty broads come here to berate people who post what they want. Apparently you’re the only one who never leaves her basement.

  • salutorylesson

    @SUNKIST: what’s significant about g greeting Martin Freeman? He’s not gay, he’s s hobbit!. Wrong actor?

  • GH


    I honestly don’t think Gerard is stupid enough to marry her. Surely he must have found out about her past by now.

  • HeGrewUpLastNight

    I am starting to believe if something or someone is for you, it is not complicated to obtain. Reading some of this made me drop this and focus even more on my family. They are what matters. I wish gerard the best in all realms of his life.

  • Kali Orexi

    Oops! Not everyone loves OHF…. bad omen? I hope not!

  • @GH

    Her “past” that you are eluding to is based on gossip sheets and articles questionably translated from Romanian or Italian. We all have a past, and at least 99% of us have things in that past we regret. Gerry’s past isn’t roses either, so surely if he is able to forgive his own transgressions, which I tend to believe more of since he voiced them himself, he can “forgive” Maddie for hers. Personally, I get a good vibe from her and think most of the negative comments here are laughable.

  • Sassita

    @Kali Orexi: Looks like the critic only reviewed the trailer. The trailer does have a “been there done that” feel to it though. Nothing is original in Hollywood these days.

  • missjude

    It sounds like an awful cliche of a movie. I can’t believe these unoriginal scripts are being pushed in HW-whitehouse, saving the presedent, gb’s charactor seeking revenge/redemption…seen it all before! It will need superb acting abilities from the cast to pull off.

  • salutorylesson

    If the award winners aren’t doing it, then I don’t think G should be promoting this garbage, so soon after his last two turkeys. Smacks of desparation. The only gig he was actually invited to?

  • salutorylesson

    Just made the mistake of zooming into one of these shots. Good God Gerry, you’ve deeper wrinkles and eyelid droop than me, and I’m ten years older and not in good nick! Get some fresh (non airplane) air, exercise, stop the yoyo eating and junk food, and get some bloody sleep!

  • Sassita

    @salutorylesson: When he’s 50, he’ll look like Hugh Hefner does now.

  • salutorylesson

    @Kali Orexi: that’s a spot on review of th trailer. Let’s hope they saved the best bits for the full feature (!)

  • Oskarpurr

    @what now
    Mrs. Ghenea is living and working in Italy. Italy belongs to the Schengener Agreement, which means that she has got a permit of residence for all Schengen Staates. She may live and work in all Schengen States where Norwegian and Switzerland belongs to as well, up to 3 months.

  • dfgasd

    This film is probably the worst i’ve seen in the last years. So so so so so so bad.

    Haven’t watched Twilight though.

  • Oskarpurr

    By the way, Romania belongs to the European Union and not to Schengen. But unfortunately Romania set to implement later. They are just working on to fulfill some additional requirements. We already have got a lot of problem with the romanian Gypsies and Mafia in Germany and other parts of Schengen Areas and hope that they won’t be able to join us.

  • Gone

    All the regs are gone. This is the most boring thread. Bye bye bye.

  • seriously?

    He was not promoting the movie. He did not walk the red carpet, he did not even go to the premiere. He went to the After Party to schmooze. (Isn’t that what ppl were saying he should have been dding during the GGs?)

  • :)

    @question : Don’t worry this one is to white for him…:)

  • Enlighten me please!

    @@GH: Please, share what kind of good “vibe” you are getting from her? I’m curious to see what you see that most of the rest of cannot see. Is it the part where she seems well aware of the paps and hangs all over him while looking dead in to the lens? Is it the part where she taunts fans/exes with innuendo and vague comments on her facebook? Is it the way she poses in every picture suggestively in skimpy clothing? Perhaps the good vibe comes to you because the only person on her twitter page is herself and she plasters up photos of herself and not much else on her fb? Her self absorbed, self promoting attitude gives you that warm and fussy vibe? And spare us the obvious, “She stands by her man and puts her own life aside” crap. She knows his rep, doesn’t trust him and is keeping an eye on him, that’s all. He’s her best hope of promotion right now until something better comes along.

    And as far the movie 43, sounds awful! Why these stars sullied themselves is beyond me. I expected more out of Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman especially.

  • @Enlighten me please!

    Why should I waste my time? You seem to have all the answers based on a few split second photographs. The good vibe comes from quite a specific reason which is good enough for me.

  • good good good vibrations

    @@Enlighten me please!: You had sex with her once? Or she pays you well?