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Gerard Butler: 'Movie 43' After Party!

Gerard Butler: 'Movie 43' After Party!

Gerard Butler flashes a smile while attending the after party for his latest flick Movie 43 held at Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood on Wednesday (January 23) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined by CEO of Relativity Media, Ryan Kavanaugh, and actor Neal McDonough.

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In case you missed it, check out the new trailer for Gerard‘s new film Olympus Has Fallen!

Movie 43 hits theaters this Friday (January 24)!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler at the Movie 43 after party…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Enlighten me please!

    @question: That’s Gerry at the opening of “Love Never Dies” at the Adelphi Theater in London and that’s Sierra Boggess (sp) who played Christine.
    @@Enlighten me please!: You pretty much answered my question, by answering with another question while cowaring behind another moniker, which is pretty much what I expected from someone who can’t come up with a good answer. Basically your excuse is I’m basing my opinion on split second photos and you aren’t? Grow up! Your “good vibe” is coming from the fact that you think she’s pizzing off his fans and that’s what is good enough for you so why don’t you just own it or come up with something valid to debate the issue like how genuine she is and homespun and how she adores his fans and wants them to like her? What a joke!

  • Enlighten me please!

    Let’s put it this way, ever see the movie, “An Officer And A Gentleman”? If Gerry fails to “get jets” he may loose his bodacious set of tatas! That just about sums it up.

  • @Enlighten me please!

    Actually, I have very specific reasons based on facts from trusted sources vs. what this message board enjoys. I’m not hiding anymore than you are unless your parents were into really weird kid’s names. I am stating my opinion. Whether you choose to agree with it doesn’t matter to me.

  • Gone

    @@Enlighten me please!: her actions are immature. They way she posts on her Facebook and how she behaves with the paps. Honestly, overall it is nothing super bad. But it shows Gerry is forgiving and really more interested in how a person looks over what may be beneficial to him. He is immature so they are perfect for each other.

    He is not too deep. He knows what he wants.

  • the bottom line

    @@Enlighten me please!:

    Well other people have their own trusted sources or indeed may have first hand experience that express a very different opinion of Miss Ghenea but they are not going to divulge their sources just like you won’t divulge yours will you so drop the superior attitude.

    All we can conclude is some people everyone has only good things to say, some people everyone has only bad things to say and there are people who generate both reactions. This woman is definitely the third case.

    And there are people who are loved by all and in actually fact horrid people who are good at fooling just about everyone, there are people hated for reasons that were lies in the first place and the hate is undeserved and usually the truth is always more in the middle.

    Gerry himself has friends that will defend him to the end even for behavior that is not defendable. Gerry has enemies, media in particular because they are supposed to be open minded, who will trash him no matter what he does and sometimes unfairly because they had an experience or experiences with him or their trusted sources have and they judged him accordingly. Eg Lainey.

    The refreshing thing about Gerry had been that he was willing to admit to many of his flaws as opposed to Madalina who is portrayed in the Romanian press as the second coming of Christ in female form.


    @salutorylesson: Was commenting on G being able to express kindness, friendship, acceptance, in physical way with Everyone. No homophobe issues, accepting of everyone- for who they are inside. Was meant as a sincere compliment. Other, older posts on other sites had suggested things about G hugging other men, even kissing them – in a very European kind of way. I know G and Mr. Freeman have been friends for years, and he is married. Comment was based on The Graham Norton Show from a year ago. G was just being friendly, and he is a very huggy sort of guy. It had been commented on in a rather ugly way. I was just commenting on the comment. Thank you for requesting a clarification. I did not mean to be vague.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    JJ seems to have removed my two posts from this morning for some odd reason, so here they are again:
    A short clip of Butler leaving the Movie 43 Premiere Party:
    Kevin Villatoro
    13 hours ago via mobile
    So there’s a fight between a black guy and a black chick fighting in the corner turns out Gerard Butler was watching the same fight right next to my car at a red light!!! Funny

  • An observation


    The Scots have always been very European in outlook (unlike the English who have always seen them selves as a race set apart) and one thing many English people visiting Scotland for the first time comment on is “how different” it is to England. The Architecture is more European and there is a very different outlook on life. Many Scots men hug and kiss their friends especially at the end of an evening out. There is nothing “gay” about it as there’s nothing more macho than a Scots male. Footballers (even those in England) have a habit of planting long lingering kisses on each others mouths when a goal is scored.

  • http://JJ ??

    @An observation: You will see a Scotman give a handshake to their mates and a good old hug,maybe a joking kiss on forehead never on the lips.
    I have 4 older brothers,two live in Scotland two in England.
    Scotland is beautiful but so are many parts of England.
    Only things that set them apart is ,the English think they are better than the Scots and vice versa.thats only the minority of both.And of course our di’alect.
    You might see footballers plant a smacker when a goal is scored but mainly on the forehead.
    Of course there is always the Glasgow kiss and many of them are given freely by many a drunk on a Saturday night.

  • allie

    I loved Gerard and Jennifer Aniston together in the Bounty Hunter. One Hot Couple.

  • An observation


    I didn’t say that Scots Men kissed each other on the lips, but they do kiss on the cheek. I have seen it many times, especially when they have had a drink. I think you should Google “footballers kissing” and you will see lots of kisses on the lips. I know some footballers (amateurs) and they admit to doing it. I myself am English (my husband is Scots) and the Scots and English are very different people and I once read in a travel book that in temperament the Scots were more like the French than the English. And yes, many parts of England are beautiful but nothing to compare with Scotland. growing up in England you just think that all of Britain is the same as England and when I first visited Scotland I couldn’t get over the difference. I think it was Paul O’Grady who said that the first time he visited Scotland he thought he had got on the wrong plane because he couldn’t get over how European the building were. The guide book said that Edinburgh and Glasgow were more European than the whole of England put together.

  • Justine

    In the movie “Ondine”, the girl fished out of the sea by Colin Farrell turns out to be a Romanian with a questionable background (involved in drug trafficking). But the girl herself has a good heart, kind to CF’s ailing daughter. She brings good luck to CF’s fishing business but also causes troubles when her old bad associate brings havoc to the locals. In the end she and CF’s character fell in love and the movie ends on a hopeful sweet note.
    A person’s past association and activities don’t necessary dictate future as long as the person is not born an evil person. Most people change for the better when their surrounding changes for the better. Sometimes things happen beyond their control.

  • http://JJ ??

    @An observation: Sorry if I got that wrong I thought that’s what you were implying,so I do apologise.
    I do agree with what you said about Glasgow and Edinburgh being more European architectural wise.
    I love Scotland I live here but I also love many parts of England,the Yorkshire Dales being my favourite

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us. And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 8:37-39

  • GH


    MG’s own Grandmother has said she is bad and has publicly denounced her as a compulsive liar.

  • nope

    @Justine: and some people figure it’s a pretty good way to live and continue to hop from man to man to further their selfish needs. all while lying to high heaven and taking everybody for a bunch of clowns and while claiming to be religious. mg is not a nice person. Nice people don’t lie to such an extent and sleep around (with married men) to further their careers. If she was redeemed from her trashy “past”(I say past but the trash still continues) she would admit everything and stop lying and acting like a freak. She is scary, the lies make her look mentally ill.

    I understand people are trying to change the opinion of mg being a s@ut but its obviously just a pr strategy to make her more likeable, which is not likely to work as she still taunts her bf’s fans!! she’s a d@ck. plain and simple. She is her own worst enemy and no amount of pr will help her AWFUL reputation.

  • GH


    Doe she claim to be religious?

  • GH


    That shoud be does.

  • nope

    @Justine: madaliba hAd it alot easier compared to a lot of girls and they don’t behave in such a way. She has a close imediate family, brother mum dad (whom she said was dead apparently?? nice huh?) her mums a vet her dad owns a construction company for fck sake! she was a rich kid compared to most Romanians. She chose to rake the sl@tty route, madalina played it that way on purpose. She enjoys the fact she has lied and cheated her way to where she is because she knows she has no real talent. She just doesn’t want anybody else to know it. Too late.

  • nope

    @GH: madalina has claimed many times that she is religious. She said in the Vogue video interview that her favourite thing to carry around everywhere in her purse is a religious ornament.

  • GH


    I wonder if this is just another one of her lies as she knows Gerard is religious.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    Psalm 130:3-4
    New International Version
    If you, O Lord , kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness; therefore you are feared.

  • GH

    Where has this moderation stuff come from?

  • GH


    Is this another lie because she know Gerard’s religious?

  • GH

    Seems we’re not allowed to say anything about MG.

  • HG

    Everything awaiting moderation

  • question

    jj removed my link to g and the girl from Love Never Dies.


    This is from Dr Linda Hamilton–not the actress but former dancer with NYCB:
    What’s the Price of Celebrity?

    Surprisingly, the answer is big! Even if your claim to fame is being Snooki on the reality show Jersey Shore, your private life is up for grabs by celebrity websites and tabloid media. There’s also the danger of becoming “too familiar” with tweets and personal blogs that tend to minimize the impact of your art. Finally, research has documented the “VIP syndrome,” where celebrities get less than optimal treatment by health care professionals who vie to be your personal doctor because you’re famous. What can a celebrity do?

    When in doubt, play it safe. With the internet and media, “transparency” is the name of the game in the 21st century. Yet you actually don’t need to stay current by revealing minutiae from your private life 24/7. In fact, the more distance you create between your personal and onstage self, the greater the allure. Greta Garbo understood the power of mystery; so does Julia Roberts who has kept a seductive distance between her private life and onscreen persona. So can you. After all, you don’t want to be yesterday’s flavor as the media looks for a new crop of attractive characters. Protecting your personal life and children is also a way to preserve your sanity. So by all means, hype your new movie, album, or role but leave your audience asking for more. In the end, the art form is far more pertinent than the person behind the persona.

    The VIP syndrome, on the other hand, is a lot more scary. While I have great respect for health care practitioners as a group, please do your homework before taking on anyone as your guardian angel. This means checking out a doctor’s credentials and always feeling free to get a second opinion. For example, if you have a problem, such as bunions, find out who has the best reputation and does the most surgery on this problem—not who has the biggest publicity agent. It could mean the difference between a happy outcome or sore feet infinitum.

    Last but not least, remember that you are a person first, then a celebrity. You deserve the same care and personal privacy as any other person. Your talent is the keystone to success. Don’t settle for anything less.


    What ever Madalina carries, how much do you want to bet it’s not a bunch of Garlic! LOL
    Also, I am TRITENDINE (se; Ultra-Orthodox R.C./ Latin rite), and have never heard of a ” religious ORNAMENT”. Such a description would be blasphemy to anyone religious enough to carry a sacred ICON. I would never wear my Crucifix as Madalina has, dressed in a bustier and thong, and for money, in a men’s magazine no less. This was what I meant by “classless”.

  • What now?

    She practices numerology and tarots.

  • brad


    Well as one Tridentine Catholic to another I agree with you. I think she is claiming to be religious because she knows Gerry is.

  • SouthernBelle


    I read on one of her fan pages that she practices Kabbalah, but that’s probably because she’s a big Madonna fan. MG seems to emulate famous actresses, rather than developing her own personality, so why not claim to adopt Madonna’s beliefs? Somehow I can’t imagine a fourteen year-old leaving home and attending Mass every Sunday. Needless to say, I doubt that she has any religious leanings.


    @What now?: which leads to other things…if you know what I mean…+ the cards should have already told…”sorry, but you’re not the one…” (cough, cough)

  • @SUNKIST/Brad

    I have a religious medal that I’ve worn for over 20 years that never comes off, shower, bikini, you name it It is my most precious possession. It is not in the least bit blasphemous, quite the opposite. What is however is your sanctimonious belittling of every single point of this woman’s life. Shame on you.


    @brad: Thank You, Peace be with you. Yes, TRIDENTINE. I wish I could type.

  • Brad


    She was most probably baptised in the Romanian Orthodox Church but as you say, most likely practises no religion at all.

  • whatever

    SUNKIST is correct: I would never wear my Crucifix as Madalina has, dressed in a bustier and thong, and for money, in a men’s magazine no less. This was what I meant by “classless”.

    You should not wear your religious medals (crosses/crucifixes/Virgin Mary, etc) when posing in revealing clothing/under garments etc


    @@SUNKIST/Brad: I respect your beliefs. To my faith, “medals” as you call them, are SYMBOLS of our beliefs, not the incarnation of our beliefs, so we can take them off. As for Madalina’s beliefs,” actions speak louder than words”. She has been photographed many times WITHOUT her cross. My comment was that I, personally, was offended by her “selling” what is the utmost sacred symbol of my religion, as an “ornament”, an accessory for THAT outfit, in that magazine. And just because someone has a very strong religious identity, it does not make them “sanctimonious”, just because you happen to differ with their beliefs.

  • Brad


    We are not saying anything members of her own family have not said. As somebody else posted elsewhere, her grandmother has denounced her as a compulsive liar. We are simply being honest in that she is no good for Gerry and is just using him. Also, there is nothing blasphemous about wearing a religious medal if you are wearing it for the correct reason. Some people, wear rosaries as a fashion accessory and that is wrong. David Beckham once appeared on TV wearing at least six of them. By the way, did you know that Gerry apparently always carries his rosary with him?


    @ SUNKIST- I would never wear my Crucifix as Madalina has, dressed in a bustier and thong, and for money, in a men’s magazine no less. This was what I meant by “classless”.

    anyone w/common sense would not wear her religious medals/crosses, etc when wearing revealing clothing of any kind.


    @TRULY INTERESTED: Thank You, that’s all I meant.

  • Kali Orexi

    @TRULY INTERESTED: I think you forget Madonna, she started the whole crucifix/underwear rage


    @Kali Orexi: I try to.

  • DocP

    This was a movie, life is very seldom like Hollywood and writers depict it. Just an FYI do ‘t confuse fantasy with reality. Not tosay MG is bad or good, it’s just not wise to compare fiction situations with real life, they seldom mirror each other.

  • DocP

    Perhaps like a lot of people in ths world she is a lost soul, and she’s simply trying to find her way. My brother and his wife went to at least 50 churches until they found the one at made them feel at home. He was raised Catholic but his soul felt there was something else out there. To each his own , we all come to God through different paths.

  • Untamable Shrew

    @nope: post 150,Maddie having a religious ornament in her purse makes her no more “religious”as me sitting in my garage-making me a car.


    @Brad: Brad, do you happen to know any details on G’s Rosary? I know he went on a pilgrimage to Holy sites. I would be very interested to learn what it is made of, as stone is best, I think. I hope G was able to have it Blessed. The one I have was Blessed by The Holy Father, and belonged to my Godmother, a Nun. It is made of Kelti stone, and is as old as I am.(41) Vespers at 4:30am, ahhh, Life is good.


    @Kali Orexi: No, not really, I believe she did it for ”shock” attention…which was exactly what she got…always having to re-invent herself etc…

  • Brad


    I did once see a photo of him on line and he had his rosary but have not been able to find it . It looked like one of those that you can purchase from repository stalls at the back of many churches and was probably wooden. On one of the other threads somebody said that his/her mother (I think it was mother) went into the church in Comrie to clean it and Gerry was there saying his rosary. When he finished he helped her clean the church.

  • Daftys

    As I said in my previous comment there is nothing wrong with being a fan, its pretty normal.
    However this is not normal. Its creepy!! The majority of you take things too far & come accross as obsessed, paranoid nutcases! you wouldnt lookout of place in the nut hoose, thats for sure.

    Who & what gives you the right to try and dictate what others do & dont do with their OWN lives??
    You honestly think GB or any of his family are going to pay heed to what you say/think? they couldnt careless & certainly wont lose sleep over it. Know why? Because you never have &never will mean anything to them.
    Shouldnt you be paying more attention to your own family instead of sticking your beeks into other peoples?