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Vanessa Hudgens: Short Hair at L'Amour Launch!

Vanessa Hudgens: Short Hair at L'Amour Launch!

Vanessa Hudgens hits the red carpet at the launch of the jcpenney’s launch of the L’Amour by Nanette Lepore Collection held at Good Units at the Hudson Hotel on Thursday (January 24) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress was joined at the event by Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell.

Vanessa is back to short hair and debuted her new look at the event!

“Short hair, don’t care!” Vanessa wrote on her blog. “What do you guys think of my new do… Any of you cut your hair recently? Upload them below and I’lll checccckk them out!!”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing The 2 Bandits “Bandit Bib Necklace”. Shay was wearing a lia sophia necklace and rings.

30+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Shay Mitchell at the collection launch…

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vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 01
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 02
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 03
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 04
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 05
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 06
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 07
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 08
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 09
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 10
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 11
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 12
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 13
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 14
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 15
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 16
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 17
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 18
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 19
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 20
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 21
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 22
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 23
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 24
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 25
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 26
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 27
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 28
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 29
vanessa hudgens lamour by nanette lapore launch 30

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537 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Short Hair at L'Amour Launch!”

  1. 1
    anne Says:


  2. 2
    belle Says:

    she looks so pretty

  3. 3
    tammy Says:

    finally new pictures! hahaha she looks gorgeous as usual.

  4. 4
    noel Says:

    awww so gorgeous

  5. 5
    Mollie Says:

    she looks gorgeous, and I love her hair like that..

  6. 6
    kim Says:

    awwwn so cute

  7. 7
    Bia Says:

    stunning! i love her hair <3 isn't Shay half filipino too?

  8. 8
    hannah Says:

    woow, just WOWW, look at her face, she looks so pretty

  9. 9
    carrie Says:

    I’m loving bright colors right now, so she nailed this look in my opinion! STUNNING BABY

  10. 10
    kim Says:*
    so beautiful

  11. 11
    DEI Says:

    She looks gorgeous her smile, is, just……………………………….

  12. 12
    Same Old $hit Says:

    “She’s gorgeous”

    “She’s beautiful”

    “I love her”

    “She’s amazing”

    “She’s gorgeous”

    “She’s beautiful”

    “I love her”

    “She’s amazing”

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…..

  13. 13
    Xo Says:

    I love the shorter hair on her. They’re both such beautiful girls.

  14. 14
    Raynnah Says:

    she’s lovely and delicate and exotic and beautiful and … well, she’s just breathtaking!!!

  15. 15
    george Says:

    gorgeous, V and Shay ♥ OMG

  16. 16
    emma Says:

    she looks so pretty here, i love her hair like this! her face looks just STUNNING!

  17. 17
    PP Says:


  18. 18
    PP Says:


  19. 19
    uh Says:

    She looks AWESOME with that short natural cut!

  20. 20
    brasil loves you Says:

    we love you vanessa

  21. 21
    brasil loves you Says:

    you are gorgeouuuuuuus

  22. 22
    TT Says:

    I think she’s very pretty and her hair looks lovely. Shay is adorable too.

  23. 23
    TT Says:

    i think her mom is from Philippines

  24. 24
    BO Says:

    oh god , what’s wrong with her ? cutting her hair . i think she’s so stressed and pressurised in her life . such women are known to cut their long hair .

  25. 25
    hollaEH Says:

    I think this colour suits Vanessa’s skin tone very well. I love her long natural hair, but she can rock short hair too.

  26. 26
    fern Says:

    super pretty

  27. 27
    fern Says:

    Vanessa and Austin were with Selena last weekend , i want pictures =(

  28. 28
    Mandy Says:

    So cute! She’s beautiful
    i miss austin with you on the red carpet v!!!
    i’m kinda obsessed with him since cd, sorry

  29. 29
    Malu Says:

    @Same Old $hit: yep same old ****, you are back, so same old **** lol

  30. 30
    sam Says:

    YAYYYYYYYY no more extensions! her hair is so pretty. She always looks so happy in NY!

  31. 31
    Malu Says:

    @BO: oh god, we are all stressed coz we all have to go to get our hair cut, get a life

  32. 32
    Xo Says:

    @BO: She didn’t cut her hair, she just took the extensions out.

  33. 33
    BOHJI Says:

    Vanessa is my god. I worship her everyday. She’s my religion.


    Everyone should worship her..

  34. 34
    Nightwish Says:

    Wow. Just wow. lol

  35. 35
    Malu Says:

    Vanessa looks pretty!! and the best of all, happy, and with friends, ashley, laura, selena, ashley t, she is doing so good in her life…

  36. 36
    cosmos Says:

    She is just such a glow worm as of late. Her happiness makes her natural beauty just stand out all the more. Keep it coming V! So proud of you!!

  37. 37
    Nightwish Says:

    Malu, xoxo, are u spamming again? What would van do without u ha ha

  38. 38
    maru Says:


  39. 39
    Abdias Says:

    I hope she finds work for 2013… they say she hasn’t been able to book another project since Machete Kills :(

  40. 40
    maru Says:

    she is happy in new york because she is there with her boyfriend and without paparazzis every second.

  41. 41
    lizzzie Says:

    she was so cute taking pictures with the little girls! WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE VANESSA… WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!???????????????????

  42. 42
    BOHJI Says:

    @Abdias who are THEY who says she haven’t been able to book anything?

  43. 43
    lizzzie Says:

    who is “they”…. lol
    i think you dont follow Vanessa on her website…

  44. 44
    BOHJI Says:

    @maria how is that dildo working for you? You know, the pink colored one I gave you last week when we had that sex session at the motel.

  45. 45
    BOHJI Says:

    I heard Vanessa have been cast in the lead in Piranha 3DDDD any truth to that?

  46. 46
    quinCC Says:

    i love her

  47. 47
    Patty Says:

    Eww fern jesus girl! Lol You sound like a creep pleading for vanessa/selena vacation pics which BTW is obviously something very private moment for them.

  48. 48
    Nightwish Says:

    Real Bohji, that isn’t me doppelganging ok? Want to make that clear. Oh, and it looks like the downvoter is back, probably malu or xo.

  49. 49
    Malu is a hudgens spammer! Says:


  50. 50
    Hudgens gets fake upvotes! Says:

    And downvotes!

  51. 51
    Downvote THIS, bitchezzz! Says:


  52. 52
    Aly Says:

    and flaws were not detected

  53. 53
    BO Says:

    Yeah . she’s cast as the lead in Piranhaa 3D : P

  54. 54
    BOHJI Says:

    @Nightwish don’t worry me lad. How can you be me when it is really me.

    Btw when is Vanessa going to write her bible? Anyone know? maria? HS?

  55. 55
    BO Says:

    yeah she’s cast as the lead in Piranhaa 3d : P

  56. 56
    ol Says:

    OMG my fav tag! hahaha
    BTW she looks so pretty

  57. 57
    yely Says:

    they are going to fight for Benzo!! lol Van looks gorgeous, Shay is so tall! hahaha

  58. 58
    me Says:

    van looks so tiny now

  59. 59
    Zanessafan Says:

    Does Vanessa seriously want to be with her bf while he films the whole time? !?!?!?! Does she have a life away from Austin?

  60. 60
    BO Says:

    Zanessafan , hey ,i know who you are /I’m tryiong to tweet you RIGHT NOW / do you wanna follow me on twitter ? mine is @SihinaSithannee

  61. 61
    A Says:

    Vanessa today…

    Look at Ashley last night!

  62. 62
    Soozee Says:

    Shay is a C list tramp. She is lucky to find acting job

  63. 63
    Nightwish Says:

    @PP: Implying there is no pride in actresses of non pinoy races

  64. 64
    lorel Says:

    she looks gorgeous, i love her long hair, but this length is pretty too.

  65. 65
    . Says:


  66. 66
    Bebe Says:

    What kind of second rate event where they at? Was it an acne cream convention?

  67. 67
    carmen Says:

    why so cute bb?

  68. 68
    Qwerty Says:

    White pride!

  69. 69
    Qwerty Says:

    Chinese pride!

  70. 70
    . Says:

    can’t you read? are you blind…? or just plain stupiiid?

  71. 71
    Qwerty Says:

    Zimbabwean pride! lmao

  72. 72
    . Says:

    racist much?
    nightwish the racist is back

  73. 73
    Nurmalyyn Says:

    baby V <3

  74. 74
    oleyo Says:

    she’s run outta work . so just hanging out with famous girls

  75. 75
    Nurmalyyn Says:

    Pinoy Pride HELL YEAH!!

  76. 76
    Qwerty Says:

    @Nurmalyyn: French pride, HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. 77
    Nurmalyyn Says:

    i hate racist and narrow minded people, clearly this dude lives on his computer, he doesn’t know anything about… well, anything. I dont care, but he is a racist.

  78. 78
    Hissy Says:

    Aussie pride RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. 79
    Portugal Says:

    @Nurmalyyn: Portugese pride RULES ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. 80
    reeel Says:

    she looks adorable, i love her hair.

  81. 81
    reeel Says:

    that’s the PLL girl! omh how old is she?

  82. 82
    Croatia Says:

    @Nurmalyyn: Croatian pride! Cant be matched!

  83. 83
    Queen Selena Says:

    if you are interested, Vanessa and Austin were spotted at Hillsong and then they were at Selena´s hotel. And Selena was with Vanessa and Austin at their house in New York, on friday.

  84. 84
    Congo Says:

    What about congo pride? : (

  85. 85
    JCF Says:

    hello there gorgeous.

  86. 86
    Congo Says:

    Racists here! Everyone!

  87. 87
    overrated girl Says:

    I’m sick of this ramblings on this overrated girl

  88. 88
    Pattycake Says:

    i love this pic so much, she is so precious

  89. 89
    Jo Says:

    duh new post .Gimme a break

  90. 90
    Queen Selena Says:

    lmao! everyone is like “PINOY PRIDE”, they are both half filipinos, tumblr is so crazy right now! . haha so cute.

  91. 91
    MO Says:

    D listers rulz !YIPEEEYAAAY

  92. 92
    tinnne Says:

    finally a new post! we never one single post when she is in New York, maybe thats why she loves New York so much. I love this look, she looks adorable.

  93. 93
    . Says:

    Nightwish is the racist =)…

  94. 94
    LC Says:

    I really love her whole look. The color of that top is gorgeous and her hair looks so good.

  95. 95
    BO Says:

    I don’t understand why she’s still the top celeb in jr or jj . zac should be above her .he made the top actor in jr and hudge only got third .here zac came at the third and hudge at seventh . this is so being partial .i think her team is paying jj and jr to keep her name on top of others who were more famous on the site !!!

  96. 96
    A Says:

    @BO duh it’s partial. It’s a fact that Jared loves Vanessa and shamelessly promotes her. Would anyone anywhere agree that Vanessa Hudgens is a bigger star than Jennifer Aniston? No, but on this one site she is. It’s ridiculous. Her face just doesn’t belong in that list.

  97. 97
    florence2 Says:

    It seems that wherever Austin will be filming anything Vanessa will stay in the same place while he films and she seems to go to more events in NY than when she is in L A.

    She doesn’t seem to like being away from Austin when he is filming.

  98. 98
    Yurdlee Castrato Says:

    Not a fan of this wardrobe, nice make up tho

  99. 99
    . Says:

    @A Pudge is pinoy. So is Jared. Pinoy people have this thing where they like to pimp their race.

  100. 100
    BO Says:

    i think they should do their job first before promoting their race .the list should definitely change . he should include those who were chosen by him as the top celbs first and then if he wants to pimp his race , include hudg’s face at the bottom .

  101. 101
    Ry Says:

    Van’s makeup looks lovely, but that top has got to go!

  102. 102
    illlet Says:


  103. 103
    . Says:

    are you or what? Dont you know when the changes are? Dont you remember what happened last year? for someone who is here almost every single day you are just so dumb. OMG i cant believe how stupi.d you are, seriously…you are one of the most ridiculous and pathetic people here – Just Jared and Just Jared Jr,

  104. 104
    MO Says:

    Since she dumped troy bolton she looks more happy! i still remember that day, we were so happy. Her forum was a BIG PARTY!! hahahahaha <3

  105. 105
    . Says:

    All the fans just don’t reply to these idiots and kindly ignore them. Vanessa doesn’t give a rats **** about them so should we. Shes out there living her life to the fullest and these law lifers are jealous. And that is not the real Bohji.

  106. 106
    Congo Says:

    Filipinos are racist!

  107. 107
    BOHJI Says:

    Here I am minding my own business and someone doppelgangs me. If you have to imitate me at least do it right. For one I don’t worship Vanessa and two I don’t use foul language or make sexual references. I bid you, my doppelgänger a good day.

    Like the peachy pink top on Vanessa.

  108. 108
    BOHJI Says:

    Oh, and another thing, your grammar needs working on, referring to my doppelgänger.

  109. 109
    BOHJI Says:

    @101, thanks for speaking up for me. Mucho gracias!

  110. 110
    Babji Says:

    Sorry, had to change my name. Kept getting moderated for no rhyme or reason. @#101, thanks for covering my back. Mucho Gracias!

  111. 111
    BO Says:

    the Dot , for someonw who b.utts in as a big ‘know it all on jj and jr’ you really don’t know anything at all , the dimwitted dumb idiot .i wasn’t on this site for 2/3 rd of last year . so how am i supposed to know when the changes are made . .seems like your big know it all stupid self didn’t know it . i’m tellig you , don’t make yourself look like a stupid blabbering $hit brained loser ! : P

  112. 112
    BO Says:

    the Dot , for someonw who b.utts in as a big ‘know it all on jj and jr’ you really don’t know anything at all , the dimwitted dumb idiot .i wasn’t on this site for 2/3 rd of last year . so how am i supposed to know when the changes are made . .seems like your big know it all stupid self didn’t know it . i’m tellig you , don’t make yourself look like a stupid blabbering $hit brained loser !! : P

  113. 113
    samsam Says:

    i like her outfit. it suits her. @BO i still dont get why they both wear it. at first i thought they forgot but now if they dont where jewelry, they’ll still where that bracelet

  114. 114
    samsam Says:

    @A its weird how ashley wasn’t mentioned when selena was talking about her two friends helping her out with relationships and were her best friends. i actually never expected her to say vanessa. taylor, yeah, but i never realized that selena was closer to vanessa. or am i wrong? talk to me gurl. btw im not digging at you or anything just saying.

  115. 115
    J Says:

    @samsam was Zac wearing his bracelet recently?

  116. 116
    bella Says:

    @BO: I am sorry but just give up on them.
    They were already done 2 years ago and they are never going to come back

  117. 117
    maria Says:

    LOL at the dummies who don’t understand where the first pages of quickie comments come from. It could be explained a thousand times, but dense skulls still don’t understand the concept of alerts and Twitter. No matter, cause she does look gorgeous. Love the hair without the extensions, love that great coral color on her, and I agree, she does look happy when she’s in NYC. Nice that she’s spending a little time there before she gets busy in a few weeks with all the SB promo. The haters are going to grovel and foam at the mouth over all the press, pics, and premieres. Woo-hoo!

  118. 118
    maria Says:

    @BOHJI: I have had the same problem, Boji.

  119. 119
    Alison Says:

    Does anyone know Vanessa next new project/rumour project? I’m just so excited to see in the big screens! Pls reply!

  120. 120
    samsam Says:

    @J: the last time i saw it was that commercial he done for john john or something like that. you cant see it now because hes always got long sleeves covering it i dunno it just seems strange and its not like im some zanessa die hard fan i just find it weird. whatever its hollywood

  121. 121
    shahad Says:

    missed her , can’t wait for SP

  122. 122
    BO Says:

    bella , i’m perfectly alright if they aren’t together .it’s not rocket science zac deserves better .but some things just point to something else.

    i fear i will have to change my name too.keep getting moderated for no reason.

  123. 123
    Babji Says:

    @ Maria,JJ’s site seems to be malfunctioning somewhat. Thank heavens ! I thought I was singled out. And oh, I knew there was a name to that colour but could’nt get it out of my head. The peachy pink top is coral, got it.
    Been reading the craziness on the previous thread but the malfunctioning has been a real blessing in a way, kept me from pitching in.
    . i agree I prefer that she’s back to showing her own hair length. Needs a breather.

  124. 124
    tina Says:

    I think her hair looks great this length. Love that color on her.

  125. 125
    Aryanna Says:

    @fern: no they werent and vanessa and austin are not together anymore they broke up

  126. 126
    Aryanna Says:

    @Mandy: i hate to say this but nobody misses austin and vanessa and austin broke up for good

  127. 127
    Aryanna Says:

    @maru: vanessa isnt dating austin butler anymore and no she isnt happy in new york

  128. 128
    Aryanna Says:

    @Queen Selena: vanessa doesnt live in new york and vanessa and austin were not together and vanessa and austin are not together anymore they broke up so stop your freakin lies

  129. 129
    Val Says:

    I like Vanessa and I am glad Austin isn’t in these pictures. IMO he is a little attention seeker, sure a good-looking one, but an attention seeker nevertheless. Whenever there are paparazzi he puts on his best smile while Vanessa just wants them to leave. I really wish her the best. She looks cute here.

  130. 130
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: The majority
    of first page comments came from Malu my dear, or at least on this particular post. Others come from tamin or xoxo. Depends who is first in. Once they’re on page one, it becomes a spamfest with comments coming from the same person. So obvious.

  131. 131
    Pithy Says:

    V looks like she is preggers in the pics.

  132. 132
    A Says:

    @samsam Ashley and Selena are pretty close. They’ve been friends since before Selena filmed Spring Breakers with Vanessa. But I think she’s talking about her friendship with Vanessa now because that’s promotion for the movie and she’s talking about Taylor because Taylor is going through (ANOTHER) break up right now and the press is all over Selena’s break up with Justin. So they’re asking her about her friendship with Taylor. Idk. Selena is also really close with Sammy, Ashley’s best friend. I think she’s friends with all. Ashley and Selena probably have about as close a relationship as Vanessa and Selena because while I think Selena is one of her closest friends, their relationship isn’t quite on the same level as like Ash and Sam.

    Anyway, main point is, Selena’s talking about her friendship with Vanessa because they just filmed a movie together. People are ASKING about their friendship. That’s the way it goes. I remember back in the day when both Ashley and Vanessa were friends with Aly and because of their respective projects with her were always getting asked about their friendship. You never see either of them with her now do you? You get my point.

  133. 133
    A Says:

    @samsam Ashley and Selena are pretty close. They’ve been friends since before Selena filmed Spring Breakers with Vanessa. But I think she’s talking about her friendship with Vanessa now because that’s promotion for the movie and she’s talking about Taylor because Taylor is going through (ANOTHER) break up right now and the press is all over Selena’s break up with Justin. So they’re asking her about her friendship with Taylor. Idk. Selena is also really close with Sammy, Ashley’s best friend. I think she’s friends with all. Ashley and Selena probably have about as close a relationship as Vanessa and Selena because while I think Selena is one of her close friends, their relationship isn’t quite on the same level as like Ash and Sam.

    Anyway, main point is, Selena’s talking about her friendship with Vanessa because they just filmed a movie together. People are ASKING about their friendship. That’s the way it goes. I remember back in the day when both Ashley and Vanessa were friends with Aly and because of their respective projects with her were always getting asked about their friendship. You never see either of them with her now do you? You get my point.

  134. 134
    kelly martineau Says:

    V needs to start getting movie rolls. She hasn’t work for 2 years. Instead she’s following big lips around n.y. and la. Look at Zac he’s working none stop. Hello cares if she was 2 movies coimng out when ever.

  135. 135
    kelly martineau Says:

    Where are the pitchures of Vanessa and Austin and Selna in n.y. spending time together. Lets see them.

  136. 136
    Babji Says:

  137. 137
    A Says:

    Hahahah love how almost every single person picked Ashley over Vanessa.

  138. 138
    samsam Says:

    @A: yeah i get your point. i was just wondering. and i also thought it was for promotion but i wasn’t really sure. the press just goes apesh1t on this sort of stuff.

  139. 139
    Babji Says:

  140. 140
    Babji Says:

  141. 141
    Bree Says:

    Thought her hair was always shorter but wore hair extensions. Meaning both ways look cute on her.

  142. 142
    Babji Says:

  143. 143
    Hiya Says:

    Does anybody knows about Vanessa new/rumour projects? Really excited to see in big screens! Pls reply thanks.

  144. 144
    Fearless4Efron Says:

    I’m predicting Vaustin’s break-up will be around Spring or Summer this year

  145. 145
    Derp Says:

    Vanessa is yummy.

  146. 146
    kelly Says:

    Why does this plain jane get all these comments. She looks ******.

  147. 147
    Nightwish Says:

    Any pic of pudgekin at all = wow, just wow! LOL, who is this “wow, just wow” commenter who keeps posting her same comment under different pseudonyms?

  148. 148
    BO Says:

    I here by announce that AWOD? has wrapped up filming .Zac is off to Texas for Parkland .!!! alas , when will hudge pudge get some sort of a project ? please some director , give her some work will you !!!

  149. 149
    maria Says:

    Oh, and how long was the break between Efron’s last project and AWOD? It’s so stupid to compare. He will be about as believable as a doctor as Kardashian would be as Mother Theresa. What awful casting! LOL. Vanessa will be very busy in a few weeks when promo starts. Not worried. It’s better than taking anything, like sappy chick flicks, just to work and be overexposed.

  150. 150
    BO Says:

    SRI LANKA is trending worldwide on twitter omg omg omg . everyone go tto twiiter and cheer my country . we’ve toasted Austailia in a row in T20 ,atches .omg omg can’t believe this .IT’S TRENDIDNG!!!

  151. 151
    BO Says:

    omg can’t believe it .SRI LANKA IS TRENDING WORLDWIDE ON TWITTER!!!!! YAAAAY!!!!

  152. 152
    BO Says:

    we are trending worldwide!!!!!!! we beat Austrailia in Austrailia !!!! we are the kings!!!!!

  153. 153
    BO Says:

    SRI LANKAN LIONS BEAT KANGOOS ! oh alright it’s just a match , still it’s our first T 20 win against them !!!

  154. 154
    BO Says:

    LOL it’s actually our fourth win against Austrailia in T20 in a row .stupid tweets /

  155. 155
    BO Says:

    hello oncofake stupid maria
    actors who keep on getting work like Zac allocate one year for filming and the next year for promotion of their films coming out. It’s a cycle .such cyclic pattern can’t be found in Hudge’s career since she isn’t the keep-getting-roles-type . zac’s last filming happened on Feb 2012 and now again he started filming in Dec the same year .

    let me see , Hairspray – not sappy chick flick , 17 Again – again not , CSC – again not , MAOW – def. not Lorax – obv. not Paperboy -nope Parkland – ha ha JFK would get up from his grave YBTM with Ford – again not . the only chick flicks are TLO and AWOD ? TLO is Nicholas Sparks novel made movie . sappy or not chick flick or not it’s a NS novel movie .His predeccessors are Ryan Gosling , Channing Tatum ,Liam Hemsworth ! I’d hardly ever think that if hudge was ever offered the chance to act in a NS movie she’d ever refuses ! : P and AWOD is a rom com . nvertheless herad it’s a dark themed drama not the average we expect .

    i bet she’ll be busy whith promotion of her 3 films , now won’t she ? …. if they ever come out : P is’t it the same mantra you lot been repeating since the beginning of lastyear ! ha ha

  156. 156
    maria Says:

    LMAO at your lame analysis. Hairspray, MAOW, CSC, TLO, and AWOD are all chick flicks, meaning they appeal to primarily females. Or those a guy wouldn’t be caught going to see. ALL those movies qualify in my book. And I guess Vanessa is in that cycle as well. Pretty white boys will always get more work, little dumb one, cause that’s how it works here. She will always have to work harder. No matter. I am far happier with the choices she has made, and the challenges she’s taken on. AND she is far more happy in her personal life than ever, and that’s just as important to her. She gets it. Life and love are more important than stupid movies and having everyone gossip about who your flavor of the week is. As long as she is working in the business, she will be happy, and having a great guy to love, is even better.

  157. 157
    tina Says:

    So you’re saying she filmed one year and took a year to cycle off? hmmmm… that seem just about right. Difference she took the time off and got back to her orginal shape….. She looks so healty and happy in these photos.

  158. 158
    tina Says:

    @maria: Agree Vanessa is in her cycle now. Difference: she took her time off to get back into her original shape before GS. She looks healty and happy here. Love her hair at this length, by the end of the year it will almost be back to it’s original lenth, too.

  159. 159
    tina Says:

    @maria: I agree the difference is on her “cycle” Vanessa has used the time to get in shape for her next projects. I love her choices. She spends her time with people she loves. At the end of the day, she won’t have any regrets.

  160. 160
    BO Says:

    lol now i don’t know what chick flicks are ! lol seriously , your classification of Hairspray as a chick flick is hilaarious . again I said CSC is not a sappy chick flick .not it’s not a chick flick .it is a great story with a great theme and appealing to all audiences .on an additional note , it trended worldwide iin twitter at #5 .
    yup .perhaps had hudge been offered a role in a Nicholas Sparks drama , i think she would have rejected : P
    your hudge plays a caucasian twin in SB . frankly ,in pics of her without make up her colour looks closer to a caucasian than an asian . with a blonde wig she can easily play a caucasian just like in SB . also , with tan and her natural hai she can play a dark skinned girl as well.she has much advantage than zac .also , it;s so laughable to blame your hudge’s lack of getting roles on skin color .Selena is in the same boat as hudge in looks .she has faced no lacking of roles.
    it’s laughabale to consider what hudge has undergone for her roles as ‘challenges’ considering what zac has done for his .zac’s week after week hard training as a ”marine” in a ”marin camp” and gaining of 20 lbs it self is greater challenge than all the ‘challenges’ hudge has faced in adjusting to all her roles she’s done so far !
    everytime a comaparison is made between the two of their careers , you pumper lot famously put her ‘personal life’ in front . pray , but how exactly do you know she’s ”so far more happy in her personal life than ever” ? of all people ,the grown up old woman you are , you should know that happy miling faces , cuddling , kissing , groping in front of camera can’t always be as true as they appear to , specially when the guy the gal is dating is still a baby :D

  161. 161
    Liz Says:

    Why do these people who apparently dislike Vanessa have such interest in her career. She will take care of her career the way she wants. If at the end she’s happy, thats all that matters.

  162. 162
    BO Says:

    ”hudge has used time to get in shape for her next projects” .that’s hilarious .to say that . she has no projects lined up for her .lol

  163. 163
    maria Says:

    @tina: So true, Tina. She lives her life, makes time for love, and has a career. She is not missing out on anything. Your twenties are meant for starting your career AND having relationships and fun. She is doing it all. She has great balance in her life, and I believe that’s what keeps her happy.

  164. 164
    BO Says:

    helllo old one . long time no see. you know , SL trended on twitter today and we beat Austrailia back in a row

  165. 165
    BO Says:

    your mid twenties are also for finding the perfect partner , specially if you are a girl , not for flaunting a baby-guy three years younger to you :P

  166. 166
    Trevor Says:

    Bo’s comment on #138 was not a converstation starter. She was just stating a mere fact. And here we have maria literally asking for a convesation while responding back to Bo. And now here we go again. Bo is again proving everyone wrong and putting Vanessa to shame. And then her fans will come along complaining how haters don’t leave her threads alone. As I said, you guys ask for it.

  167. 167
    tina Says:

    Why are you trying to compare a white males career to an ethinic females in the US? You know nothing of the historical hiring practices of the U S. I wouldn’t dream of telling you anything about your country but you feel free to come here and tell some one who has actually LIVED AND WORKED here what the hiring practices are. You are so wrong.
    I wish him the best, but he has NOTHING to do with Vanessa or her career. I hoper

  168. 168
    maria Says:

    Trevor, her comments are always meant to incite others. I was merely pointing out that actors have breaks, sometimes long ones, sometimes shorter. This blog is meant for conversations. I have no qualms about civil conversations. What is your problem with that? Bo does not prove everyone wrong, nor is any shaming going on. But what is her reason for sharing Efron news here anyway? We don’t care. Explain why that is ok, and we, who point out their falacies and erroneous observations, are wrong in doing so.

  169. 169
    tina Says:

    @Trevor: Everything here is a conversation starter. Leave.
    Happy for you, little one. Congrats to Sri Lanka.

  170. 170
    tina Says:

    Happy for you, little one. Congrats to Sri Lanka.

  171. 171
    BO Says:

    lol , one came blaming hudge’s lack of roles on her skin colour ,and when i explained how she plays a caucasian twin in SB ,the other comes blabbering about some hiring practices .lol this is hilarious .the extent they can go on as to defnd hudge not getting roles .guess those hiring practices do not affect Selena .lol

  172. 172
    tina Says:

    When did you watch SB to know what she played? Never assume.
    Congrats to Sri Lanka. Happy for you, little one.

  173. 173
    BO Says:

    oh shall i remind you the history why we are here .it’s because you lot tash out idols -since even before we were here , no need for any hater to b.utt in , some member of your ridiculous pumperdom might just b.utt in and spew gibberish on zac or ashley .so , to give you our treat , we are here . as you can see, none of the regular haters here are any randoms .we arefans of the clebs constatly being bashed by you lot.

    Trevor , no use pal .neither party is about to give this up .we keep each other entertained and give company : D

  174. 174
    tina Says:

    The difference is Selena is playing young girls, what Vanessa is trying to break away from.

  175. 175
    tina Says:

    What great movies is Selena making anyway?

  176. 176
    BO Says:

    thanks old one . omg , don’t you even know that Ashley and hudge play twins ??? gosh . so this is your knowledge on your idol’s most buzzed role , ha !

    the thing is when your huge was still attempting to find roles to play the young girls as she did in Bandslam and Beastly , she couldn’t find offers pouring over her either .lol and last i checked hudge and selena were both on the same Disney- girls -trying -to -grow -up film SB .selena was 19 and hudge was 23 .in fact sel is ‘trying to break awya from’ her young gal image way before hudge tried ! : D and parental guidance , i thought it was a mature role for sel .

  177. 177
    tina Says:

    @BO: You still haven’t told me of the multitude of movies Selena is makining.

  178. 178
    BO Says:

    Hotel Tranzilvania
    While i am dead feed the dog
    parental guidancebehaving badly
    producing wizards

  179. 179
    Trevor Says:

    I see that Bo. They obviously likes you guys here. But is somehow ashamed to admit it. When they finally get bashed by you guys, and when they can’t take it anymore, and get proven wrong. they start complaining about how you guys shouldn’t be here if you don’t like Vanessa and “why don’t you leave us alone we don’t care about Tisdale and efron “and what not. But when they want to argue they will ask for it like how I pointed out above. Its just laughable. They should stop complaining and they should admit it and tell you guys to stay. Then this place will be more peaceful.

  180. 180
    BO Says:

    funny or die ,monte carlo ,

  181. 181
    J Says:

    @Trevor I get you man. But its not going to work. Now wait until @Nightwish and @A comes. @maria will get it full on hater style. She loves it. Lol

  182. 182
    BO Says:

    monte carlo and funny or die released ones . i can’t rembr anythign else .go serach her IMDB . why ask me ? she’s on fire .your hudge was never got a career catapult like her even with hsm and datinf zac.purely her own fault.

    yup tervor .they are hilarious. their famous comeback to hudge not being able to win any tca /pca after hsm is not being able to vote due to them having personal lives unlike ‘us ‘ .fully thing is that they don’t remeber they have personal lives when they keep commenting and thumbing on this site 24/7 .lol

  183. 183
    BO Says:

    also , they are so ignorant on their idol .i actually help them get knowledge of their idol .:D

  184. 184
    BO Says:

    tik tik , oncofake , are you guys alright ??? lol

  185. 185
    BO Says:

    tik tik , oncofake , are you guys alright ??? lol.

  186. 186
    Babji Says:

    @Trevor, why are you butting in or should I say pitching in? It is like adding more fuel to the fire. I really don’t see the difference. I know you mean well but you’re only fanning the flames so to speak.
    Frankly, I’m done with the bulls…t from the Trolls. Maria, Tina and HatersSuck are fixtures here and have been around for a very long time. NightWish, Bo and A appeared late last year and they are not even fans.

  187. 187
    BO Says:

    good night .now is time for you b.utt and guilty dear fellows to guard our glory .weren’t you all complaining how the thread has got boring .i opened the thread again and you can continue ! farewell !

  188. 188
    samsam Says:

    @BO: you clearly dont like vanessa and adore selena. selena has done more projects lately and vanessa hasnt so clearly that makes her a better actress. the amount of projects you do do not determine your ability. some people say oh they are probs getting rejected for roles but you dont know. vanessa is clearly taking a break and sometimes doing too many projects at one time is tiring, just look at selena she ended up putting on weight and then in hospital. some people think selenas a better actress, some think vanessa is. done.

  189. 189
    tina Says:

    Sorry doing two things at once as usual. So what you are basically saying is they have the same amount of movies for the same time? Compare them also compare the critics comments on their acting abilities. Don’t say one made better than the other because tbh Beastly made more than Monte Carlo.

  190. 190
    J-ish Says:

    I love her short hair!! <3 Her and Shay looks gorgeous with their smiles :)

  191. 191
    tina Says:

    I am in moderation he ll. Selena has done no more than Vanessa. Only difference I see is her (Selenas)one box office success is a voice only. Vanessa is actually seen in hers. You need to check your facts Vanessa doesn’t play anyones twin in SB.

  192. 192
    tina Says:

    Oh and the only ones interested in “teen” choice awards are the teens who vote in them.

  193. 193
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @maria: There wasn’t a break as such. He spent the time doing promotion for all the things that he had already filmed. Now no hate, but she really does need to get back in the limelight or she is going to be forgotten. I know that she has devoted fans, but she needs to be seen by the general public and soon.

  194. 194
    e Says:

    I’m sick of all these double standards, how something is great when Zac does it but when Vanessa do the same thing she sucks and doesn’t have a career, in this case you say that Zac didn’t do any new movies because he was doing pr for the movie he had already filmed, well, what did you think Vanessa was doing when she attended several film festivals and events? She was doing pr for ‘Spring Breakers’, which is a movie that she stars in, or doesn’t that count? Is it only work and a real movie if Zac’s in it? Any other movie isn’t worth anything? It’s a sad way to think and it isn’t fare to Vanessa, she have 4 movies coming out this year, 4, that’s more than most would have coming out in a year, and if she wants to take a break now before she is going to go off and do pr for her films then it’s her choice. Besides, none of us knows what Vanessa have planned for this year; her team has never been one to release anything until everything is set in stone. In conclusion, Vanessa is doing fine and she is the only one who should think about her own career, just like everyone else should be more concern for their own lives and careers.

  195. 195
    maria Says:

    @e: Thanks, e. You took the words out if my mouth.

  196. 196
    maria Says:

    @Merlin’s Mum: Wait a few weeks, and you’ll be complaining about seeing her everywhere. Until then, she’s spending some precious time with her BF, cause people who love each other make time to be together. So nice to see her in a non-stressful, happy relationship as well as having 3 movies to promote this year.

  197. 197
    tina Says:

    I agree. I checked out what she did last year during her”year off” first she promoted J2. Next she filmed Spring Breakers. Then she filmed her scences for Machete Kills. She then attended the festivals (more than one) for spring breakers. Also, while in NY she did the 24 hr plays. So when was all this time she’s been sitting on her ass doing nothing?

  198. 198
    maria Says:

    @Trevor: FYI, we were very happy having conversations here LONG before those 3 showed up. You’re giving them way too much credit. WAY too much.

  199. 199
    tina Says:

    Oh and let’s not forget, she took the time to support her various charities in her spare time.

  200. 200
    BOHJI Says:

    Yes, and Trevor, pray why are you pitching in? All you are doing is fanning the flames or should I say stoking the fire. Tina, Maria and HatersSuck were here long before the 3 stooges who appeared around July/ August last year if I recall correctly. I know you mean well but Vanessa’s ardent fans have been doing what they have always been doing on her threads on JJ’s site for a good few years and they are not about to change that for these 3 upstarts.

  201. 201
    BO Says:

    samsam ,the i am who i am sel has been doing lots of projects lately .same with Zac . same should have been with hudge also . they are all beginners trying to establish themselves . for beiginners like them , doing more projects is always better – for one thing they get to learn and the other thing to establish themselves . i hardly think , if hudge is offered any new projects she’d refuse at this stage . haha ”she’ clearly taking a break” she sure is taking a loooong break for she hasn’t done anything since last march except those 5 days of promo in Venice and TIFF .
    i never said the number of projects determine how god the actor is . it’s entirely the opinion of your dumb self .

    hello tik tik the old one , good morning yaar . sorry you were being moderated . so was i for past 2 weeks . now things are a bit ok .this site needs serious repair . we never experiene such problems with jr .
    For one thing , sel has done wayyyy more movies than hudge .the thing is has new projects lined up for future whereas hudge doesn’t .she also has album coming and ventured in to different ventures .she’s also a producer now .she’s so succcessful .hudge never strove to build her career this hard while the soup was still hot aka she still had the appeal through hsm .again , you need to get at facts .i’ve seen how critics say the two of them play twins .they apprently speak at the same time too sometimes .
    ‘the only ones interested in tcas are the teens who vote them” guess hudge doesn’t have teens who care to vote for her despite the fact that all the films that have been relased of hudge have been targeted at teen audiences .lol
    oh and what’s your excuse for pcas now , i’m dyyying to know !

    e , seriously , were you born lame or gradually got lame over time . several film fests , to be exact two . Venice and TIFF . just how many days did that promo take .5 days altogether, including the time if flying there and attending the screenings and photocalls and flying back ? seriously you are so lame .zac had movies coming out all year long , lorax in march , TLO in april , Paperboy in oct .he attended a multitude of fil fests – cannes , TIFF twice for two films ,Venice and did tours- PH and Brazil -,interviews , promo , filming ads , photoshoots for his endorsement deals . and then again in Dec he started filming .such methodical plan he had .if hudge feels so tired after doing 5 days of promo ,zac should be sleeping the whole of this year considering the amount he did.

  202. 202
    BO Says:

    i’ll analyse it better old one . promo and filming of J2 and SB till march . in june a half day of filming for Machete Kills .2 days of promo at venice and TIFF .24 hrs of practice and playing for 24 hr play . that gives us a total fo 3 and a half days . aha ! she’s worked 3 and a half days on her films after march last year !!! way to go !!!! lolol

  203. 203
    Nightwish Says:

    @samsam: Vanessa hasnt had any projects in awhile, and she is only 24. She needs to hit any project that will come her way to stay relevant, or she will fade fast. There are too many hungry talents out there nowadays. There is no ‘resting’ unless you are dicaprio

  204. 204
    Nightwish Says:

    @BO: Exactly

  205. 205
    BO Says:

    she has 4 movies coming out this year including the five min role in Machete kills and another two movies which have been constantly postponed since the last year and still don’t have a release date . her teak doesn’t release anything until set in stone .last i checked the anime GM isn’t even on her IMDB and her team officially relased .so much for set in stone .also , before her team announces for months rumours start .there’s no rumour yet .so it won’t be too wrong to conclude she has no projects attached .

    hello , b.utt

  206. 206
    monster Says:

    wow…we have a whole bunch of haters in here acting like they know what Vanessa has done this year professionally

    lets see what she has filmed…

    after SP/Beastly release, she switched talent agencies and then filmed Gimme Shelter in 2011 and then at the end of 2011, she filmed The Frozen Ground

    Then in 2012, she promoted Journey 2 and then she filmed Spring Breakers in the spring of 2012. In the summer of 2012, she did reshoots for Gimme Shelter, she had a long weekend for filming Machete Kills. Plus she has done various things in regards to charity, hosting stuff, and 24 hour plays in NYC. Plus she spent just over a week promoting SB at various film festivals.

    If Gimme Shelter/FG hit festivals (the GS facebook page said it will be released this year) this year, V will have 3 movies out this year including Spring Breakers. Plus they will be spaced. She could easily film one thing this year and be fine.

    There is no use filming something just to film something. Vanessa is in a transition period when it comes to her career and its obvious that she is trying to vary her projects.

    I honestly don’t know why you haters care how much V films compared to everyone else. Most actors only have 1-2 movies out per year and some actors skip years. Its doesn’t mean anything and it doesn’t mean she can’t get work.

    Plus V’s team is very quiet. Half the time we have no idea what is doing until she goes to film it. She never even mentions what she auditions for. Here pretty soon she is going to start SB promo and hopefully she will have something announced then. Even if she doesn’t…who cares she will have 3 movies out this year not including Machete Kills. She has plent of time to film something to have it out in 2014.

  207. 207
    Babji Says:

    Even she has not done a movie in a while, I still support her. Not even comparing her to anyone else. She is her own person and that is what I admire about her.

  208. 208
    BO Says:

    wow , now a diehard is trying to explain what she’s been doing for the past two years .it’s like the neighbouring woman describing the son to his own mother . actually dude , we know all the things you just said and a lot more .kindly do not assume we are in the dark . us haters act as the prime source of hudgens info for the pumperdom .
    actually it wasn’t a loooong weekend for shooting Machetye kills . two days for flying there and filming and flying back .kindly get your facts straight .
    why do her fans try to make it sound as if she went to about ten festivals to promote SB . l it was just two .Venice and TIFF . it was zac who went four times to film fets and spent nearly a week in cannes not hudge . are you confusing the two now??? lol
    didn’t GS page and IMDB say that it will come out last year too ? : P
    there’s no need to film just for filming something .there’s no need to skip filming if good offers come your way either : P
    look at the actors of her other age . sel , Zac , daniel , rpatz ,, emma , kstew etc .all these are working working working non stop . and they are much bigger stars also .if it’s so good to sitback and rest , wouldn’t they being doing it in the first place . afterall , they ‘ve had some sort of a credible career allalong and have been busy over the years unlike hudge .the thing is , no they aren’t gonna do that . they know they are still minors in the industry . you have to work work work , learn lear learn .and finally choose what you can do better at the end .that’s what they are all doing now and it’s what hudge should be too .
    her team is very quiet .of course , it’s not as if hudge gets a new role every month like zac does . so what are they gonna announce to public ? : P

  209. 209
    Hiya Says:

    @BO: Excuse me, b!tch, I know you are jealous of v, but seriously don’t be like a desperate trying to get attention here. Why don’t you just die or something? Ergh ****, annoying, doofus imbecile. Euwww

  210. 210
    BO Says:

    Hiya/monster , so classy of you the streetwhore renting c.ock sucking daughter of a b.itch to wish me dead .the dirty s.lut sleeping around with streetmen .

  211. 211
    Frances Says:

    @Merlin’s Mum@BO: We don’t care about your opinions
    Go to your idol, Zac’s board and have fun there

  212. 212
    sunny Says:

    @BO@Merlin’s Mum: We don’t care about your opinions
    Go to your idol, Zac’s board and have fun there

  213. 213
    BO Says:

    ha ha ha ..ha ha ha ..ha ha ha ..ROTFLMAO ..ha ha ha ..hi hi hi… oh oh oh … omg , such a stupid brat ! ha ha ha you are soooo stupid . #194 , #195 so now we know Frances changes names … ha ha ha … you idiot , you gave yourself away . ha ha ha . goon . i’m darn sure most of those cute , sweet , georgeous comments on page 1, 2 3, come from you everyday . lol so are you malu , anne , tammy , belle , etc etc too ??? no need fro an answer . we already know ! and the best part of the comment is that , the thumb officer here has thumbed up both the comments too .lolol alll are same boat of stupidity ! ha ha

  214. 214
    BO Says:

    lol my vaustin video has got hits after i promoted my channels on twitter .it had just 5 , 6 hits now it has 89 .hmmm…

  215. 215
    Hiya Says:

    @BO: I’m really classy woman and fyi, ***** I’m not monster okay.theres 7 billion human in this world, u think I’m monster? Man where’s your brain? Maybe u too busy sucking your momma’s toe lol

  216. 216
    italian mom Says:

    Bo never had a boy nearer than 2 meters from her and she talks and spews about love. LOL
    Bo never tried the pleasure of a soft warm lips contact between two souls in love…but she speechifies ah ah ah!
    Bo has no clue of why two people suddenly happen to kiss and feel like they don’t get enough ah ah ah! and she spews. Ah ah ah!
    She will never understand btw.
    I bet Vanessa is living really great right now in the big apple, with soo much at her disposal, at the age of 24! It just seems so right to me.
    And so good for her to not be overexposed because I bet less is more in her case.

  217. 217
    Deb Says:

    I think there is something seriously wrong with you. To continue to come on Vanessa’s threads and start comparing her to Zac is ridiculous. You get some sort of perverse pleasure out of disturbing the peace here and upsetting everyone. What have they ever done to you? It’s like a drug to you and you are an addict. You feel safe behind your computer screen, but you are a bully. You really should seek professional help.

  218. 218
    Maria Says:

    I love her with short hair. I know I’m in the minority. When she first cut her hair while filming Gimme Shelter, I was amazed at how grown up and mature she looked. The natural waves in her wonderfully thick hair makes it perfect for that short length. She looked stunning.

  219. 219
    BO Says:

    mama italiano and her BF are in love .

    they go kissing around the town tightly wrapped around each other like a pair of eels .awww
    they grope each other’s assets in restaurants . such love
    they kiss each others in restaurants causing other people’s jaws hang .awesome
    they kiss each other and grope and wrap tightly around each other while on way from church in front of other churchgoers – amazing
    they kiss and wrap around like a pair of eels on the public road all of a sudden . old love.that’s the way it is .
    they suddenly feel a fit and start kissing like mad in shopping malls – romantic

    : D : D : D

    amazing old love .when the fireworks in bed are over and start living out your normal life , you might notice what a joke you’ve become in public eye : P lol

  220. 220
    BO Says:

    hiya/ monster yeah , you are really classy woman wishing other peolple dead . waaaaay classier than your idol too .lol i wonder whose toe you are sucking these days !!!! lolol : P ..

  221. 221
    BO Says:

    hiya/ monster yeah , you are really classy woman wishing other peolple dead . waaaaay classier than your idol too .lol i wonder whose toe you are sucking these days !!!! lolol : P …

  222. 222
    BO Says:

    mama italiano and her BF are in love .

    they go kissing around the town tightly wrapped around each other like a pair of eels .awww
    they grope each other’s assets in restaurants . such love
    they kiss each others in restaurants causing other people’s jaws hang .awesome
    they kiss each other and grope and wrap tightly around each other while on way from church in front of other churchgoers – amazing
    they kiss and wrap around like a pair of eels on the public road all of a sudden . old love.that’s the way it is .
    they suddenly feel a fit and start kissing like mad in shopping malls – romantic

    : D : D : D

    amazing old love .when the fireworks in bed are over and start living out your normal life , you might notice what a joke you’ve become in public eye : P lol

  223. 223
    wow Says:

    @BO: who wouldnt? u always talk bad abt her. i dont know what the hell with you. but you crossed the line okay. seems that you dont even take advice to what other people said. we will acting good if you acting good. be cooperative please. ohmygod. if we said bad things abt your idol, what would you feel? same as what we feel when you talk bad abt her.

  224. 224
    tina Says:

    TV movies of the week are just like TV shows. Talk about movies shown in a theater. Funny or die really, Vanessa done it twice. Still not a movie.

  225. 225
    tina Says:

    TV movies of the week? Really is that what you bring? Funny or die? Vanessa’s done it twice, still not a movie. You bring cameos here like they are leading roles. READ and find out exactly what the movie is (I will agree she’s great at TV movies most based on her TV show). Same role every time. The opposite of Vanessa’s choices.

  226. 226
    J-ish Says:

    How sweet of some people to be concerned about V’s career. Touching really.. lol

  227. 227
    tina Says:

    Wow, now she needs to establish herself BECAUSE she’s 24. LOL. I won’t lower myself to bring ages into this.

  228. 228
    kate Says:

    She looks beautiful!
    @BO Well, you may hate Vanessa and waste your time insulting her but meanwhile she has a bf who is considered hot by many females, made a lot of money, can buy whatever she wants, has her own house, got to film romantic scenes with some really really hot guys, got to meet many celebrities, has a supportive family, has supportive friends and last but not least she was in a five year old relationship with Zac Efron! Your idol! Maybe that’s why you hate her…because you can’t stand the fact that she had and you might never even meet him…. You are not the first one to hate her for that… But certainly you are one of the most obssessive haters…
    And let’s not forget that Zac and Vanessa are two different people with different careers. There’s no point in comparing them.
    It’s really ridiculous that although it’s clear that Zac and Vanessa don’t hate each other and broke up in good terms some of their fans still argue about it and hate either Zac or Vanessa for no reason.

  229. 229
    X Says:

    The thing is….Vanessa is like the most beautiful chicks to walk these earth and Zac is prolly the most beautiful guy to ever exist. And BO can’t take that Vanessa got to had sex with him for 5 years. Like very hot sex. That must really break her little heart. And I can tell with the way BO writes that she’s a total arrogant b***h as a being. I think she was one of those girls in her school who thinks she’s smart and hangs out with the the mean girl clique and bullies every other girl who just mind their own business. Even A and Nightwish comes off as nice people to me. There is no mental help for BO.

  230. 230
    Maria Says:

    Just want to make one point. You don’t know anything about their sex life. You don’t know how long they had been having sex, and you don’t know if it was really hot or not.

  231. 231
    Sleepy in Soho Says:

    So true, Vanessa is one of the most beautiful and sweet looking girls to ever walk the earth and Zac was her perfect match..well at least looks wise. Austin is no slouch either. BOBO can only dream about men so hot and a girl so beautiful. Dream on BOBO. Dream on.

  232. 232
    BO Says:

    lol you are the one who needs to read .there’s only one cameo just like what your hudge did for machete . and she has a few new movies under her belt that wil hit big screen . she’s also gonna relase a an album . and has her own fragrance brand . she’s trying so hard to move away from Disney and actually SB has succeeded more on her than hudge pudge : P

  233. 233
    BO Says:

    i’m reading these comments and wondering whether these people are actually sitiing on their brains ? ”i hate hudge pudge ’cause i she got to have s*x with Zac ” ? seriously are you stupid or what . who is the prime zanessa supporter in this thread ??? of course . BO aka me . lol

  234. 234
    Hiya Says:

    @BO: To all Vanessa fan out there,seems like its worthless giving advice to this hoe, maybe we should stop fighting and pray for this hoe for what she done to v and us. God bless

  235. 235
    BO Says:

    hiy/monster , seems like your streetwhoring self fails to understand that I need no advice from you lot , specially a p.ussy renting w.hore like you ! : P

  236. 236
    Nightwish Says:

    I cant help but LOL as i go back to page 1 and read all the phake comments coming from the same person, maybe two people tops. Wow, just wow. LMAO

  237. 237
    Nightwish Says:

    These ongoing same, tired pics of Van are like the friggin rossetta stone of your existence, pudgetards. Hudgies fandom here on JJ is so forced. So exaggerated. So lame. lol

  238. 238
    Nightwish Says:

    @Sleepy in Soho: Set up a pudgie shrine in your bedroom like HS why dont you. Wow. Just wow. ROFL

  239. 239
    Nightwish Says:

    This event was for a low budget jc penney line of product was it not? Really, what the F is there to wow just wow about? The fact that vans hair grew out a few inches? Her incredible raving beauty which is so overwhelming that magazines are tripping over each other to get her on their covers? Her exceptional acting skills that have her co starring with dicaprio and Hathaway? Her exemplary catholicism forcing the pope himself to take notice and invite her to the vatican for a personal tour? Did obama invite her to the w.h. or something? What am i missing here, because all of the reverence going on here is comical and likely originating from the minds of simpletons.

  240. 240
    BO Says:

    her hair grows very slowly. i know i have to cut one inch every month to maintain mine at it’s usuaal length

  241. 241
    BO Says:

    her hair grows very slowly. i know i have to cut one inch every month to maintain mine at it’s usuaal length ..

  242. 242
    BO Says:

    her hair grows very slowly. i know i have to cut one inch every month to maintain mine at it’s usuaal length …

  243. 243
    BO Says:

    this site is getting ridiculous .it doesn’t post comments immediately .and moderate comments oter times .simply ridiculous

  244. 244
    maria Says:

    Gosh, how awful her fans think she looks great. Didn’t realize this was a haters only site.

  245. 245
    italian mom Says:

    Girl, well, you need a talk about love.
    All those things I mentioned in my post come before and side-by-side with what you call “the fireworks in bed”. If they don’t come we don’t marry! They happen because we choose our significant other and fell in love, and they stay that way until “in love”.
    It’s our culture. It wasn’t always this way. It IS an amazing achievement and we will not come back, we are happier now.
    Do you want me telling my grandma story??
    I feel so blessed to be living now and being able to fully enjoy the good things life brings to me. Life is once and full of troubles too.
    Walk the path of progress towards a deep respecful sense of freedom and tolerance. I want to understand where my boundaries come from and solve them if possible.
    Bo! Check your internet addiction staying away from it for at least 24 hours. Live your life and build your future ! Bye!

  246. 246
    tina Says:

    My question to you, if nothing she does is important, why the he ll are you here? You’re the one coming to (faithfully I might add) make comments. You’re here more than fans.
    For you little one, we go from movies to other things because you can’t admit they are equal in that department? She chose not to do those things. You bring them up because you were wrong about the movies? That’s just sad. Machete Kills is actually a small role as Sophia’s daughter not a cameo, where she appears as herself briefly.

  247. 247
    Nightwish Says:

    @italian mom – Is it good english day? How does it work, m-w-f good, t-th-sat-sun bad? Very good english today.

  248. 248
    BO Says:

    mama italiano ,well you need a lesson in Engllish . you do realise that you don’t make any sense , now don’t you ?

    i know it’s your culture to sleep before marriage , it’s funny that you don’t seem to understand that it’s ”our” culture NOT to do so !
    sex and love are entirely two different things .it’s sad you have confused the two and think love lasts till ‘fireworks in bed lasts’and that it’s a ‘great achievement’ to sleep before marriage ..most in this world have confused them to be one .it’s pathetic .love is a deep spritual bond that comes from life to life .it needs no physical ‘fireworks’ .Princess Yashodhara and Prince siduhath (Lord Buddha) is said to have been mates from life after life for trillions and trillions of births being born again and again .now that’s what you call love , not slthering on beds.
    again , i should say , you make very little sense.any way i’m trying hard to figure .
    why do you o go on explaining your life’s satisfactions to me ?
    am guessing , mama italiano does have a BF despite the fact that she’s a mama . hmmm….. apparently , my groping in dark has turned out to be too accurate.
    again , you need not give me your advice to shapen my life . your life is what’s in need of serious advice here for you are the one having a bf instead of a husband despite being a mama .

  249. 249
    BO Says:

    actually od one i’m quite right about the movies . there’s only one cameo in sci fi thriler . you asked me what the movies she’s signed on to and i said them . othr than wizards the other movies to be filmed are to hit big theatre . again , would your hudge pudge have rejected to start a fragrance lie or start producing had she been offered and also the new album , would she have rejected had ben offreer? : P btw , hello old one .lolol

  250. 250
    BO Says:

    this is boring . why am i getting moderated.

  251. 251
    italian mom Says:

    No, Bo. You understood the exact opposite of what I meant.
    No problem I will not come again on the argument because of my English and you have no brain to comprehend other culture than yours.
    You have been here for like 8 months now and you didn’t understand anything.
    By the way…my first and only boyfriend is also my beloved husband!
    You sound like you think we all are the dirty ones.
    Don’t you see how mean you are?? Why are you here if you feel so bad about us?

  252. 252
    BOHJI Says:

    Italian mom, yes you are right in your assessment of BO. I can feel her frustrations in her posts.

  253. 253
    italian mom Says:

    Thank you very much Bohji.
    I thought I was clear enough. I mean: if you really are in love simple pdas happen and in our culture they are well accepted.
    I thank God the 1968 peaceful social revolution happened.
    Have a nice evening Bohji.
    See you tomorrow!

  254. 254
    BO Says:

    hello baby-ji , back to K.v.agina moniker i see.

  255. 255
    BO Says:

    again mama stupid italiano , you are the one failing to understand ”my” culture and makes fun of me for not haing sex . you want me to lok at your culture with such an understanding eye yet you aren’t ready to do the same in returen in regards to me . lame or double standrads???

  256. 256
    BO Says:

    again , you should blame your ‘fake’ bad engish personality for me failing to understand your BF thing . seriously , i cant even imagine a person going back and forth in good -bad english from time to time as you do . seriouls . your just full of pretense , the so called mama stupid non-italian italiano.

    and you all sound like you think i am a dirty one and yet want me not to think same of you .nuts ???

    again , why doesnt your foolish self fail to understand whether -i-feel-you-are-bad doesn’t have any sort of connecton to why i come here .seriously , are you sittting on your brain .none of us haters come here to determine your virtues , we come here to give you our treat for trashing our idols !!!!! there you go mama lame non-italain italaiano . .

  257. 257
    Sleepy in Soho Says:

    @Nightwish: Your opinion means nothing to be. You’re just a faceless hater in a sea of nameless, faceless haters.

  258. 258
    italian mom Says:

    Whaat?? You are constantly bad mouthed about everything and always vulgar. Why do you think you are great behaving like this?? You like behaving bad, simple like this. At the age of 21. No measure, no common sense.
    But I forgot! you are fixated with s ex and so every word of mine was intended referred to s ex while in my second post I was referring to life in general! But I admit: I was not clear.
    Sri Lanka is now doing great in developping turism reception. If all srilankans are like you…better to know beforehand!
    Why should we go visit such a hateful people?
    So recap: fake personality: you yourself said that you act sweet and kind in real life so to get a better new life. So we can say YOU are full of pretense stupid foolish and lame ( just used your words from your post n. 235)

  259. 259
    maria Says:

    Some people have a lot of nerve criticizing someone else’s command of the English language, when their skills are horrific, with run-on sentences, terrible grammar and spelling, little or non-existent punctuation, but with perfect command of vulgar language. We tolerate yours, so you should tolerate others as well. As far as premarital relations, it is a personal choice in our country, sometimes influenced by religious beliefs, but definitely made by by each individual. Please don’t assume EVERYone in our country thinks and feels the same way on that issue.

  260. 260
    BOHJI Says:

    @maria, I see a socially and sexually repressed adult female in need of attention, venting her frustrations on Vanessa’s threads and you know who I’m referring to.

  261. 261
    Anon Says:

    @maria, I see a socially and sexually repressed adult female in dire need of attention venting her frustrations on Vanessa’s threads and you know who I’m referring to.

  262. 262
    smiley Says:

    “I still love her, I always will. She was my first true love, so she’ll always have a special place in my heart, no matter what.” – Zac Efron about Vanessa Hudgens……

  263. 263
    J Says:

    @smiley he never said that. If you think he did really say that, find me the where he said that in. If he said something like that it would have been all over the news. That is a fan made from tumblr. That dude isn’t that stupid to say something like that. Again Pudge fan’s attempt to make it as if Pudge is the best thing that can happen to anyone. If you aren’t with Pudge, you can never be happy in life.

  264. 264
    J-ish Says:

    From Twitter :
    “It has also been confirmed that #SPRINGBREAKERS cast and director will be in Madrid Spain for the premiere.”

    eggggzzziting times! :D

  265. 265
    BO Says:

    i can’t believ this . where are my comments ,?

  266. 266
    BO Says:

    damn , where are my replies to onco and mama stupid iataliano .jj you are crazy

  267. 267
    BO Says:

    this is so freaking hilarious . so babyi is Anon , ha ? always thought they sonded similar ! ha ha .you are b.usted ! shame shame

  268. 268
    Hiya Says:

    @BO: I think whor.e like you don’t deserve to be in this world or this universe as well, b!tch people cannot thinking and cope as same as what you want. I’m not gonna hold back, yeah streetcun.t like you should die, no must. Ooppss

  269. 269
    Nightwish Says:

    @Sleepy in Soho that’s fine with me. It’s crickets, boredom and occasional lame cheerleading on this thread. Hudgens posts are so predictable and stoopid nowadays anyways.

  270. 270
    tina Says:

    @J: Try people magazine.

  271. 271
    J Says:

    @tina you mean the people mag article from last year. He never said anything like that than saying they were in love. That was all he said. Give me a link to where he said this whole paragraph @smiley wrote. Give me the link. You wont find it because he never said it.

  272. 272
    tina Says:

    Just because you want to believe he never loved her that’s your problem, not mine. He did and has said it many times (including after the break up). Grow up.

  273. 273
    tina Says:

    People just posted an interview with Vanessa. They asked about her clothing line, she said she is working on it. The girls are going to Italy and France starting next month (Feb) to promote SB. She’s going to be busy in the coming months.

  274. 274
    J Says:

    Tina I never said he didn’t love her. Ofcourse he loved her. But he never said what smiley posted. Couldn’t find the link ? The only thing he said was that they were in love. Which they sure were. That is the only time he talked about their relationship after the break up.

  275. 275
    Liz Says:

    @J he never said it. Happy ? Now stop trying to start another argument. I feel this talk is going to go few more pages..

  276. 276
    tina Says:

    @J: He brings her up whenever he has something to sell. Check out his interviews in the Philippines. So tell that lie again. Liz, he probably did or something close to it. J is just in denial and you’re not the comment police.

  277. 277
    J Says:

    @liz how about you stay out of this. as your friend said, you aren’t the comment police.

    @tina Yes he does bring her up when he has something to sell. Which I do not approve of. But He never said that. Nothing more to talk about it. Show me the link where he said it? If he really said that it would have been all over gossip sites. I am not the one in denial, you are. You just want him to cry over her. Which he clearly isn’t.

  278. 278
    Helen Says:

    Am I the only person who really doesn’t find her all that goodlooking? I mean, she’s cute…but just like average.

  279. 279
    tina Says:

    I want him never to mention her again. So, you obviously have me mixed up with someone else. And no, contrary to what you believe, EVERY GOSSIP site isn’t interested in every utterance from his mouth. She is done with him and happy. If only we could be done with his fans.

  280. 280
    tina Says:

    @Helen: And people fall down when you walk pass because of your beauty. She’s made Peoples Most Beautiful several times. When was your picture there?

  281. 281
    Ditto Says:

    Don’t show your b!tchy self Tina. Learn to rspect other people’s opinion too b!tchy. Helen just don’t find her worthy for the amount of worshiping you guys do for her. Whats wrong with that ha b!tchy ? You gonna hang Helen to death now B!tchyness ?

  282. 282
    tina Says:

    She asked a question, I answered. Plain and simple.

  283. 283
    kate Says:

    Not this argument again! Yes, they probably loved each other since they were together for 5 years. Of course they still love each other but that doesn’t mean that they want to be together again(unfortunately!). Yes, Zac mentioned her for pr reasons even though I hope that I’m wrong! But stop making him or Vanessa be the bad guy in this relationship. No one here knows what really happened or if someone of them s crewed things up. I don’t think that it is wrong for people to still want them together as long as they respect both of them and their relationships.

  284. 284
    tina Says:

    Yes, same old same old. Sorry he feels the need to use her name to sell jeans. Sorry his fans think he can do no wrong. Sorry they feel the need to bring him to her post. I don’t “make” him anything. If you think he’s a bad guy for using his ex gf to sell jeans that’s your opinion. I just refuse to allow someone fan or not make 5 years into nothing. She has moved on,and she is happy. I’m happy for her.

  285. 285
    Helen Says:

    @tina does people fall down when they walk pass you wh*re ?

  286. 286
    tina Says:

    As a matter of fact I’ve had them run into poles or miss curbs when I pass, but we’re talking about you. See how I can finish a sentence without vulgarity? Maybe if you practice you can, too.

  287. 287
    Helen Says:

    Sure after seeing your fuked up face passing by everyone around must have suffocate themselves to death.

  288. 288
    tina Says:

    Like I said practice maybe you’ll learn to make a sentence without relying on profanities. Sorry but when you’re secure about yourself you don’t have to put others down. Plain and simple.

  289. 289
    Helen Says:

    Well hoe if you didn’t realize on comment 280 you did “put me down” as you call it by sayin what you said there. Is it okay for the pumpers to do it? isn’t that what you call yourselves. All I said was that I don’t find her that pretty. And here comes a retarded pumper trying to slice me down for calling ms Hudgens “not so pretty” you people are seriously fuked up..

  290. 290
    kate Says:

    @tina most people (unfortunately not everyone!) accept that…. I just think it’s pointless to argue over it…. Let’s just hope the best for them!

  291. 291
    Helen Says:

    Btw some haters are correct. You guys do ask for it. My first comment wasn’t even worth replying to but the hoe couldn’t take someone who didn’t find ms, Hudgens pretty. The chick looks like ape without the hair all over. And that monkey face she makes proves it further.

  292. 292
    J Says:

    @Kate thats just how @tina’s fairytale goes. Zac will forever be crying over Vanessa while she will be happy dating Butface get married , win a oscar and etc. Zac will never find a better and classier girl. Every guy should cry over Vanessa. Because apparetly Vanessa is better than all the other females out there.

    @Liz he never said that or anything similer to it. But tina will try to convince you that he did. Don’t fall for that.

  293. 293
    Next! Says:

    @Helen: A hoe is actually a gardening tool you fool. I think the word that you mean is “ho”. If you’re going to insult someone at least make sure it’s grammatically correct. Too bad people like you are required to post own photos when they make insults. I’m sure that would make you shut the f uck up!

  294. 294
    tina Says:

    No I don’t call myself anything but a fans. One who can make a point without calling someone a garden tool ( you are aware that’s what a hoe is). If it put you down, oh well. Didn’t take much did it?

  295. 295
    Next! Says:

    @Helen: Too bad people like you “aren’t” required to post your picture….my mistake.

  296. 296
    Helen Says:

    Yes thats what I meant HO not hoe. And tell your budd ms. ho to shut the f uck up. She asked for it.

  297. 297
    tina Says:

    You must be 12 or13. Since I don’t agrue with children I’m done with you.

  298. 298
    Helen Says:

    Oh really ho? it was great at first when you started it right? You can’t face it now? Go take a hike

  299. 299
    tina Says:

    Face what, the fact you can’t put a sentence together, or that you had to be told the meaning of hoe? When you asked me the same question I asked you I laughed because it has happened to me. You’re insulted because it never happened to you. See the difference.

  300. 300
    Helen Says:

    There you go ho, didn’t ya just say you won’t argue with me, can’t stay away? I ain’t a ho nor do I have a *** face, so I do not want people to go get hit on poles when they pass by me. I don’t crave that kind of attention thank you very much.

  301. 301
    kate Says:

    @J No one said that…. I understand where she’s coming from… You must be one of the Zac fans who don’t respect Vanessa and her partner…. As there are also Vanessa fans who don’t respect Zac…. Personally I’m very happy and proud for both of them…. I just don’t think that people should argue about who’s better….. And for your info Vanessa was good enough for him as Zac was good enough for her…. It just makes me mad when the 2 fanbases argue….. And the funny thing is that most of those who “took sides” would be like”i love them!they’re so cute” if they ever get back together…..

  302. 302
    maria Says:

    You have got to be kidding me. I was thrilled to see him out of her life, after being unable to be man enough for a commitment. We knew she would survive just fine, and it’s HIS fans who expected her to just fade away who are ticked that she hasn’t. As a matter of fact, she is extremely happy with a great guy, and she is soon to be everywhere with her new movie. As for the ex, I always knew he’d turn into who he is now; a self-centered actor, more intent on his crappy movies than on having a life. And was usual, your language is disgusting, as are you.

  303. 303
    Scarlet Says:

    Even if you don’t want to admit it, you have to admit the fact
    They broke up 2 years ago and that girl already has a new boyfriend.
    She is happy with her boyfriend than anything else and she doesn’t have any interest in Zac..I don’t understand why people still talk about her and Zac!!

  304. 304
    M Says:

    As a matter of fact, we were also very very thrilled to see her out of his life. All around the world, millions of Zac fans celebrated. Good things were going to happen to him and has. He’s career is going amazing. He isn’t one of those actors *cough cough* who are out of work. A legend, Tom Hanks thought he was good enough to be in his film, he will be working with the much respected Harrison Ford very soon. He’s getting lead roles in movies. Not some side role. The guy is finally living his life, just like every other guy his age does, b!tch about him as much as you want but we don’t see him smooching some chick or walking down the road everyday. He isn’t the type to famewh0re. Thanks heavens that he was smart enough to not to make any commitment and her go because the famewh0re she has become, she would have distroyed his life forever. He knows she doesn’t deserve a classy guy like him and he also knows he can do much better than her and find a nice classy young woman. God bless Zac. The man is going to be the biggest thing in Hollywood in few years and I am sure he will find a nice girl and get married. I will make a bet that he will be the first one who is going to settle down and live happily ever. Vanessa will forever be searching for the perfect guy.

  305. 305
    M Says:

    That should say and LET her go

  306. 306
    Haters Suck! Says:

    When does the “celebration” end? It’s been two years for the love of God and you’re still talking about it like it happend a few hours ago. Does it happen when Vanessa gets married, or has kids or has grand kids or great grand kids. Are we still gonna be hearing the same old tired crap for another damn year?

  307. 307
    M Says:

    And Mo is correct. You people hate him because he never bothered after her and let her go without fighting for her like you guys wanted him to. That is the only reason you hate him. He never kissed her in public or let her climb all over him. Talking about being classy.

    Just imgine how her fans would’ve been reacting if we got pics of Zac pretty much everyday like Vanessa, kissing and thrustin eachother while walking down the road. They would be saying the exact same we are saying. How Zac is classless and a famewh0re and other

  308. 308
    M Says:

    I mean Bo

  309. 309
    M Says:

    No @HS I am done. You can breath now. I have to get to work.

  310. 310
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Youll be back like all gayfrons fans. I don’t give a $hit what he does. He could fall off the edge of the earth or find al capones vault I don’t care. As long as he stays out of Vanessa’s life there will be no problems.

  311. 311
    BO Says:

    @M , you just spared me the trouble of writing a comeback hun . cannot agree with you more . he’s a legend , a young legend and when he willl old , he’ll be a legend like the other old fellows like cruise , depp too . exactly , the big director Hanks who’s collaborating with Steven Spillberg , thought he was good enough for one of the leads -or lead for hs name is the first on IMDB – in his drama of which ALL the leads are Oscar nominees or Oscar winners . and he was chosen to star as the lead opposite big HW legend Harrison Ford . he was chosen by two oscar winning directors as the leads in their two films last year -TLO and Paperboy .he acted as the lead in a Nicholas Sparks movie following footstesps of Ryan Gosling and Cahnning Tatum .that should be ebough . a famewhore like hudge doesn’t suit him .the girl couldn’t bear the attention he was getting , couldn’t cope with it . and left him ,.it isn’t love .it isn’t his fault even that he’s such a big star and she doesn’t get as much attention .

  312. 312
    kylie Says:

    The problem I have with Zac’s fans…not all but some..and they are definately Zac fans not fans of Vanessa is that they are completely obsessed with Vanessa. They follow her on Twitter, Tweet about her..they even follow her sister’s Twitter. It’s been more than two years and they are still going on about the breakup. I guess Vanessa will always be a threat to these people until she gets engaged or married or off the market. They will they leave her alone?

  313. 313
    Emma Says:

    @BO@M: hehe, We dont need opinions from fan of Zac
    It doesn’t matter whom he dates with or marries to
    You should move to his article

  314. 314
    BO Says:

    what ? threat ? duh .just because you think she’s he prettiest ,most eligible girl in the world doesn’t mean it’s the truth .it’s just a passing hallucination in your warped minds .there are much prettier girls in the world , not to mention classier .threat , my a.rse .lol

  315. 315
    Juliet Says:

    You’re right.
    His fans insult Vanessa and Austin on Twitter.
    They can’t stand Juliet, not Zac, dating another guy and being happy
    And they just can’t approve Vanessa’s choice of Austin over Zac…

  316. 316
    Juliet Says:

    You’re right.
    His fans insult Vanessa and Austin on Twitter.
    They can’t stand Vanessa, not Zac, dating another guy and being happy
    And they just can’t approve Vanessa’s choice of Austin over Zac…

  317. 317
    J-ish Says:

    calling fans out for over-worshipping V and yet you haters are the ones obsessed with everything she does omg how laughable is that? lololol

  318. 318
    J-ish Says:

    SB will screen in another festival

  319. 319
    cosmos Says:

    WOW! The war rages. When will it ever end? On a brighter note Gimme Shelter news! A movie premiere is set for April 2013. Finally! Keep going V!!! I’ll always have your back and I cannot wait for this film :)

  320. 320
    BOWJI Says:

    If I did recall correctly, Efron did pursue Vanessa after they supposedly broke up. He followed her all the way to the town she was filming in. I was sad initially that they couldn’t patch up their differences, but it is their lives. They’ve both moved on since and both seem to fare well, she her love life and he his career. What gets to me is his fans who are the bane of Vanesa’s threads who persist on coming here to do battle and diss her. I couldn’t care less if they dissed her on his threads because they’ve always done that anyway even when they were together.

  321. 321
    hiya Says:

    @kylie: bla bla bla, i dont give a damn abt your long speech faggo.t nigga like you. u think u are great enough to curse me. meet me eye on eye and lets settle in in court, b!tch dumba$$

  322. 322
    BO Says:


  323. 323
    maria Says:

    Love how his fans think he’s a legend. I COULD GIVE TWO CENTS FOR THE CRAPPY MOVIES HE’S MADE OR YET TO FILM. He is no man, and certainly not the man for her. He can be the biggest star in Hollywood, and I still think she’ll be happier in her life. It’s NOT about the money or fame for her. It’s about love, respect, and trust, and he couldn’t do it. Funny thing, her career has been much better post efron as well. You can “blame” V all yiou want for that, but a relationship has never stopped other actors from getting work. Such a cop out.

    And I agree, I am sick to death of the morons who bring him up here. This is such an old debate. Been there, done this, TWO years ago.

  324. 324
    BO Says:

  325. 325
    BO Says:

    lol it’s the same we have to say about all the sidealong roles hudge pudge has been playing eversince leaving HSM either . well we wouldn’t give half a cent . such average roles , any gal puled off the steets can play them , what are they ? riding bees , unconvincing pole dancing ,yuck . and these morons have the are saying her ‘career’ is better after efron .pray , but do you call that a ‘career’ ? ha ha and seriously , you call Zac’s movies crappy ? Hairspray at least got several Golden Globe nods including best album , what’s your hudge’s equivalent to it the BandSlam got ? ha ha a $12m opening and finally leading it’s way to a huge flop .and i think your great hudge the future triple oscr nominee for SB ,FG and GS would have rejected a main role in a Nicholas Sparks movie .”ah! NS movie , so crappy ..not for my greatself ” .agin , crappy movies to be filmed ?? ha ha A Tom Hanks JFK drama consisting of a cast of all oscar nominees and oscar directors and a thriller with Harrison Ford must be crappy movies in your book but bee riding getting lost in other worldly silly teen drama J2 is oscar level ,.lmao .so stupid .

  326. 326
    J Says:

    maria is sick of the this debate because its old. But she don’t realize she was the one who started it On 303. Trevor my man was right. They ask for it and when they get beaten down by us, they start complaining, that we started it. Typical behavior of the Pumperdom.

    I can imgine how much anger Maria has for Zac when she called all his movies crappy when I am sure she knows most of them isn’t. What you call crappy movies is the ones Pudgequeen does. But ofcourse if she takes a dump these people will eat it. So nothing surprising about that.

    He wasn’t man enough to you because he didn’t kiss her but he certenly was man enough for her that she stayed with him for 5 years. How stupid of Pudge to stay with a bad boyfriend. Maybe she stayed with him because that 5 years were her golden age. Being called a A lister , wearing expensive clothes , attending glamoureus parties. None is seem to be happening now after the break up.

    It isn’t about fame to her? Never say that again. Remember the famewh@ring she does and the daily pics. Attending second hand parties just to get her picture taken. She certenly isn’t about the fame.

  327. 327
    BO Says:

    and seriously , how does oncofake knows for certain that Zac couldn’t give her love , trust , .she always talks on a very personal babsi of both Zav and hudge pudge . she knows for certain what goes ion in bedrooms of these two .always calling out how zac pimps directors and sleeps aroun with every gal in his way and how austin is the most caring , protective of her .seriously how does she know these things for certain ?is she such a personal friend of them or does she have hidden cameras inside their bed rooms ? ha ha now th latter is a serious invasion of privacy .ha ha

  328. 328
    Kelly Says:

    @BO@M@J: I’m sorry. I am so frustrated whenever I see his fan posting on her board.
    If you want to talk about Zac Efron, then post on his board.

  329. 329
    italian mom Says:

    Vanessa always showed an amazing caring personality. Her haters can’t help but coming here.
    This is a Vanessa thread. I and others can say “welcome” if you speak polite and respectful, and we can discuss everything under the sky in a civil way. Since now. Let me see if you haters are able to do this, in the name of Zac. Let me see.

  330. 330
    BO Says:

    lol mama stupid italiano is back to proper english again .seriously , it makes your fake i-am-not-so-good-in-englis-personality look so unconvincing when you keep swtching in in to proper english again and again . you know , if you are gonna fake something , just learn to fake it right .

  331. 331
    italian mom Says:

    First control attempt gone almost good.

  332. 332
    italian mom Says:

    I simply do my best with my English . Sometime I know how to say things, sometimes I don’t know and so I translate and make mistakes or, even worse, I come out as not comprehensible. But I love this language. One day I will improve, hopefully.
    I believe in improving. I would like to see both your Z and my V improving .They both have potential. Zac has power and support but has temporarely put on a shelf some acting skills, in my opinion. Why? I don’t want to say, it could be hurtful, so I keep silent.
    Vanessa is here to start showing her work. I really hope she will “make it” We will see.
    You Bo call me stupid. Could this calling names of yours eventually sort out as stupid of you?

  333. 333
    BOWJI Says:

    @ Italian mom, I get what you mean. The English grammar can be a hard one to master. In my country we tend to speak a localized English, not quite pidgeon but with our own lingo. I try to speak proper English when ever I can otherwise I just blend in with my friends. You are right English is fascinating and I’m learning something new each time. I’m not as eloquent as Maria and some others which I shall not mention but I try.

  334. 334
    italian mom Says:

    Coming on an international site, sharing opinions from everywhere in the world is a really wonderful thing.
    We all can behave at our best.
    jared had a great idea and we all are given a lot of entertainment. For free!! I would add, which is sort of a miracle, isn’t it?

  335. 335
    BOWJI Says:

    Yes, I agree.

  336. 336
    italian mom Says:

    Hello Bowji! It’s you, same as Bohji!
    When I go for its idioms which I find here I feel insecure of what I say and I come out good. Viceversa…when I want to make it good…
    you see. But it is still fun. I love this language soo much.

  337. 337
    BO Says:

    yeah yeah yeah whatever mama stpid pigeonhole is gonna say of Zac’s career i’m gonna get sooo hurt , hit my head on pillow cry cry cry and never get up .lmao fyi Zac’s career is soo much beter off hudge pudge and will be much beer once he finishes Tom Hanks JFK drama and YBTM with Harrison Ford .the problem with hudge pudge is she always plays some subordinate role , even in SB .she’s done good films worked with good actors but her roles aren’t memorable .zac’s case is different .he alwys gets to play the lead and thus it helps him establish himself as a lead actor and people actually remmeber him .

  338. 338
    italian mom Says:

    Wait. Let’s hope they both make it. It will be a lot of fun.
    I love acting too much and so I am picky.

  339. 339
    Trey Says:

    I love vanessa, and to me it doesn’t matter who she is dating, what movie is she in, who is she friends with. She is like Corbin Blue to me I love both of them no matter what. And I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. If Bo or anyone else doesn’t think Vanessa is pretty or should be relevant, that is their opinion and they should express it the way the see fit. As a journalist Major I strongly believe in freedom of speech. Like for example I hate Ashely Tisdale and I don’t find her slightly attractive or pretty, I have every right to express my opinion and no one has to bash me for that. Freedom of Speech People. PS: I dig the new hair do.

  340. 340
    Trey Says:

    I love vanessa, and to me it doesn’t matter who she is dating, what movie is she in, who is she friends with. She is like Corbin Blue to me I love both of them no matter what. And I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. If Bo or anyone else doesn’t think Vanessa is pretty or should be relevant, that is their opinion and they should express it the way they see fit. As a journalist Major I strongly believe in freedom of speech. Like for example I hate Ashely Tisdale and I don’t find her slightly attractive or pretty, I have every right to express my opinion and no one has to bash me for that. Freedom of Speech People. PS: I dig the new hair do.

  341. 341
    Trey Says:

    I love vanessa, and to me it doesn’t matter who she is dating, what movie is she in, who is she friends with. She is like Corbin Blue to me I love both of them no matter what. And I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. If Bo or anyone else doesn’t think Vanessa is not pretty or should be relevant, that is their opinion and they should express it the way they see fit. As a journalist Major I strongly believe in freedom of speech. Like for example I hate Ashely Tisdale and I don’t find her slightly attractive or pretty, I have every right to express my opinion and no one has to bash me for that. Freedom of Speech People. PS: I dig the new hair do.

  342. 342
    kate Says:

    @trey It’s different expressing your opinion and obssessing over a person. And these “haters” are insane.
    @M You say that you are glad that Zac broke up with Vanessa. Then why do you keep coming to her posts? And for your info he was 5 years with her so maybe he thought that they deserved each other. As for the kisses Vanessa shares with her bf now do you guys realize that these are 10 second kisses. Of course when you see it in pics you think that they’re making out but in reality most of them are just pecks. Well, I may not agree with how Vanessa handled her relationship with Austin concerning the media but she’s not a famewh*re. Famewh*res are those in reality shows or those who allow cameras on their birthdays, their home or feel or whatever.

  343. 343
    PimpingPudgeagainIsee Says:

    @Trey is deffo @Bohji

  344. 344
    Trey Says:

    @Kate Believe me I don’t condone what “haters” are saying. But responding to them with hateful words too doesn’t seem to work. So let them express their opinion about Vanessa freely, that’s what Internet is for. Sit behind your computer eating junk cursing god for making you ugly inside and outside while he made people like vanessa gorgeous. So where else can people complain beside here where they can receive some sympathy…lol

  345. 345
    Trey Says:

    There is a saying in my culture “Not everyone is gonna love you unless you are money(and Vanessa isn’t money) and not everyone is gonna hate you unless you are death”. Pretty clear to me that vanessa has fans and haters that is hollywood for you,everyone has them. And being a hater you don’t have to be smart or make sense as long as you gave that 2cent what its worth…
    @ Bo Sri Lanka cricket suck Malinga is the only person worth mentioning others are just… What is your ranking in the ICC again?

  346. 346
    me2 Says:

    @Trey is coming from the same ip @BOHJI comes from. Hmmmm

  347. 347
    Trey Says:

    And the sun comes before dark angel face?

  348. 348
    kate Says:

    @ Trey I agree that you don’t have to respond to them the same way. But I understand why the fans here get so angry with them…. But I really feel sorry for them(the haters I mean)… Really sorry…

  349. 349
    kate Says:

    Vanessa is probably on the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue! Yay!

  350. 350
    kate Says:

  351. 351
    BO Says:

    Zac has signed on to The Falling , a supernatural story ,with Tom Wellington backed by Warnr bros .don’t know when it’s gonna happen since it does not have a screenwriter yet .he’ll also produce it !!! so proud ! he’s trying his hands at many things .he gets offers ,bucketlaods of them .he’ll go a loooong way ! am sure. ….

  352. 352
    J-ish Says:

    *winds*…*tumbleweeds*… “more tumbleweeds”…

  353. 353
    J-ish Says:

    @kate love this!! <3 can't wait

  354. 354
    Trey Says:

    @ Bo you are so funny, in a delusional kind of way. And congratulation on Zac’s part. I’m sure all vanessa’s fan would’ve died if you haven’t bring that over her post. You are so thoughtful that I’m surprised so people hate you. You don’t make sense couple of times, but you manage to get you point across be stupid as it may but you still speak your mind, As you should. What else is in Sri Lanka beside cricket and the likes of you?

  355. 355
    BO Says:

    well Trevor ,your lingo sounds so similar to mama stupid italiano .you don’t make much sense .well , i’m glad you’ve heard of cricket ,most people here haven’t enethough it;s a much more financed and has a way bigger fan base than basketball or hockey .i don’t quite understand what you are asking at the end ?

  356. 356
    Nightwish Says:

    Who was it spreading rumors that Vanessa is in Sin City 2? Funny how these things happen. Was it just because Rosario D and Jamie Chung are in it that you all assumed pudgie would be in it as well?

  357. 357
    yets Says:

    i wish there is new project for vanessa i just love this Girl so much.

  358. 358
    me2 Says:

    @Trey is @Bohji they come from the same ip I think Bohji is trying to sound like that italian woman to get her in trouble. Why are you changing your name Bohji ? lol seriously

  359. 359
    BOWJI Says:

    @me2, not changing my name just the spelling to avoid the curse of the moderator. Honestly, I have better things to do than pretend to be some one I’m not. I am the only one using my ip. Nice try. It takes a mind who has been doing such things to assume others would do the same, Remember, I’m supposed to be an old foggy in a retirement home. :)

  360. 360
    PimpingPudgeagainIsee Says:

    @me2 you sure Trey is the cat lady? Because Trey sounds more like that stupid italian pumper to me.

  361. 361
    BO Says:

    oh no no . don’t try to act lke a grumpy old ignorant old woman now babyji . she traces IP herself .she knew i am from where i am from the instant i left my first comment and she herself admiited to tracing IP at one time . she’s got al the gadget . tbh , i’ve been saying all along that mama stupid italiano could be babyji and now another ip tracer says so too . don’t try to act innocent now babyji

  362. 362
    . Says:

    Trey hon, you think we are jealous of Pudge ? Go get your eyes checked. Just because you think Pudge is oh so gorgeous and perfect doesn’t mean everybody does. You worship a Hollywood fame***** who will do anything to get attention. Pudge is a shameless chick with no class what so ever. Keep licking her a$$ Trey. You deserve it :))

  363. 363
    BOWJI Says:

    Another conspiracy theory, nothing new.

  364. 364
    . Says:

    So when we get accused of changing names, we are indeed changing names. When they get accused of changing names, its just a conspiracy theory. Because her fans don’t do things like that. Ever. Only we do.

  365. 365
    italian mom Says:

    Keep on with the good job, Bo. I mean refrain from the temptation of insulting, or cursing.
    Take away that “u” from my “nick name”. You too will feel better. Thank you!
    Btw I am no other than me. Be sure. And be happy today.

  366. 366
    me2 Says:

    My ip tracker isn’t lying

  367. 367
    BOWJI Says:

    A load of bull…… Sorry!

  368. 368
    maria Says:

    Can all you Efron effin pumpers please go away? We don’t care about him, his self created projects, nothing. If I liked him, I would be gushing on HIS posts, not being asinine and annoying on Vanessa’s. You people are certifiably nuts.

  369. 369
    BO Says:

    mama stupid italiano keeps on switching back and forth between good and bad english and whe she does switch in to good english , it bears striking similarityies to babyji’s . they both say the same things, religion , life etc .and now an IP tracer says they come through same IP .seriously ,facts are just ovewrwhelming . c’on , just come out and accept your dula life on the thread if you are the so called mature , classy lady as you say

  370. 370
    BO Says:

    yo oncofake , Zac is gonna star in and produce The Falling by Warner Bros !

  371. 371
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @maria: Yes she has a wonderful career. But when they are actually gonna release any of them is another matter all together. The point I tried to get over the other week, that didn’t show up is that unless she gets something good out soon, she is going to be forgotten. Like Zac, it doesn’t matter how many rabid fans they have, it is staying in the eyes of the general public that counts. And she most definitely is not that well known outside of her fanbase.I know I’ll be hated for saying it, but it’s true. She will disapear if she is not careful.

  372. 372
    italian mom Says:

    “and now an IP tracer says they come through same IP..”
    Bo, listen to me: stay away from lies. Liers are weak people. You don’t seem weak to me. Keep up you personality at its best. C’on!

  373. 373
    J Says:

    She better start famewh@ring soon

  374. 374
    italian mom Says:

    @Merlin’s Mum:
    Being harsh toward Vanessa is just not right if you ask me. She will fight for her future just like you and me and so many other women.
    Being her fans doesn’t imply ” I am her fans because she is the greatest”. It is something more supportive than that.
    Up and downs will come and go and we will love her just the same way in both cases.

  375. 375
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @italian mom: But she will not have a movie career if it doesn’t start moving soon.

  376. 376
    italian mom Says:

    @Merlin’s Mum:
    Who knows the answer to this long timing?
    She has three movies coming out this year. And this is really a lot .
    In my opinion Frozen Ground will show her acting skills.
    I think that SB is just her movie, extremely unusual. Not an easy walk for the viewer, maybe, but I will watch it like if I were in Museè d’Orsay, thinking of nothing, just adsorbing.
    GS . serious subject and my favourite. It could be great.
    We will see. At this point I really can’t wait.

  377. 377
    maria Says:

    @Merlin’s Mum: I think your feigned concern over her career is amusing. FYI, she has a very busy schedule coming up. February and March are all promo for SB. Four cities in Europe, then NYC and LA. Then, in April, she has Gimme Shelter premiering. So she is all set for now, thank you. Breaks allow actors to have a life, and she has a great guy. She is also working on a clothing line in her spare time. I would rather see her work on good projects less often than be overexposed and linked to too many that never happen.

  378. 378
    maria Says:

    @J: You call her a famewh*re because she goes to occasional events and is spotted living a normal life in LA? That’s BS. You’re just ticked that she stepped out with a new guy, and is delightfully happy. She is not neurotic like Efron, thank heavens. Real people don’t hide their relationships and act like they’re embarrassed by them. Your exaggerations are ridiculous.

  379. 379
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    I’ve posted two comments today, but apparently that is too fast and it won’t let me post anything now

  380. 380
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @maria: how do you know that they are good and be well received by the general public before they have been released?

  381. 381
    J Says:

    She don’t get offered any roles like Efron to get linked or overexposed by them. Her team waits until the last minute because she get casted in them at the last minute. If in this life Vanessa ever does get offered a huge project like the one Efron is linked to, sure her team will be all over it and it will be overexposed. But she isn’t

    Spotted living a normal life in LA ? getting pap’d on every step you take isn’t called living a normal life. On top of that half of the time she even poses for the pics. Even when she’s in LA she can go days without getting pap’d and out of nowhere we tend to pet pics non stop everyday. So its very clear she can hide when she wants to. Yup and that is called famewh@ring. That is her way of being relevent when you don’t get work.

    I am ticked because she’s happy with bu.ttface ? They can go jump off a cliff for all I care. I won’t be giving a $hit.

    What Efron is trying to be is PRIVATE. It might come off as neurotic to you because Hudgens can never do wrong. Real people don’t sell their relationship and over expose it to the public. They keep it private and to themselves. Exactly what Efron and all the other classy celebs in HW is doing..

  382. 382
    J Says:

    SB get

  383. 383
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @merlins mum
    How do you know they won’t be well recieved? Why don’t you guys forget about Vanessa? How much longer are you efron fans gonna go on this vendetta against Vanessa? Are you ever going to move on?

  384. 384
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @Haters Suck!: I don’t but then neither do the fans know that they will do amazing! She is leaving too big a gap between films and the general public will forget her. All most people know her for are kids and teenagers films.

  385. 385
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @merlins mum
    I wish you’d forget about her. Don’t even know why you care. You said yourself you’ll never see a Vanessa movie so why do you care

  386. 386
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I know this flys in the face of all efron fans but his way is not the only way. Despite what you think he’s not God and he didn’t write the bible on how things should be done.

  387. 387
    kylie Says:

    It completely blows my mind why Zac’s fans feel the need to not only berate Vanessa after all this time but to try and tell her fans what she should or shouldn’t be doing career wise. She will be fine trust me…I have complete faith that she knows what she is doing. Worry about Zac and his choices. @J: I really don’t get what you want from her. She’s living her life the way she wants without Zac.

  388. 388
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Actually, I am intending to go see one of her forthcoming films! Not because she is in it though!!

  389. 389
    BOWJI Says:

    Looking forward to all 3 movies this year. Yes, I don’t get it. Whether she makes one movie a year or 20, it should not be a concern of non fans. Personally, all I want is to see her happy, looking good and doing the things she loves and being true to herself. Not even comparing her to other celebrities.

  390. 390
    Nightwish Says:

    @italianmom you’re gonna have to wait. They ain’t rushing the release of on frozen ground at all. Do they even have a distributor? Look for that movie to go straight to dvd. At least you have the convenience of watching it in your own home. Must be hard to find a dvd rental location in the italian countryside, so maybe not so convenient after all.

  391. 391
    Nightwish Says:

    @italianmom btw, there are no visitors on hudgens posts here on JJ coming from italy. Squat. None. Nada. Not one solitary italian ip address. How’s the weather there? lol

  392. 392
    BO Says:

    wow look at his hot bod .ah ! just see what hudge pudge mises out on .such hotness , could have been all hers , forever

  393. 393
    BOWJI Says:

    @Nightwish, stop picking on italian mom and go find somewhere else to play. So what if Frozen Ground appears on DVD, should it be a concern of yours?

  394. 394
    Manon Says:

    His fans should close their mouths and be quiet.
    I don’t know why they bother her by leaving a reply whenever she writes something.You should worry about your own idol

  395. 395
    Nightwish Says:

    “frozen ground will show her acting skills”
    Implying she hasn’t shown any acting skills thus far lol

  396. 396
    J Says:

    @Nightwish is @Bohji and @Italian mama coming from the same ip ?

  397. 397
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Now you have our ip addresses? Sure you don’t.

  398. 398
    Nightwish Says:

    @J: That i dont know for sure, but ive always suspected that italianmom is an alter ego of bohji. They kind of write similarly – when IM isnt phaking her bad spelling and english, that is. Or maybe its bohji’s sister or friend, and she just posts that way for fun but theyve taken that ruse too far already. There are a couple of regulars from the uk, one from korea, two from malaysia, one from new zealand, a couple from australia, a few stragglers here and there from peru, bolivia, brazil, chile, and just a few other countries. Here in the us her traffic is limited to 6 or 7 different states. I know which places her regular followers are from, and nobody from italy ever visits her posts.

  399. 399
    Nightwish Says:

    I forgot 2 or 3 from the philippines and the lead spammer on a hudgens post malu is one of those guys i think lol

  400. 400
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Alright let’s play your game. What’s my ip address and where am I from?

  401. 401
    BO Says:

    what ? doesn’t your ip info show a regular from Sri Lanka ? i swear, eversince i started posting here , i have always been in SL .but most of the time sites deect Sri Lanks ip addresse as coming from China .don’t know why.

  402. 402
    Nightwish Says:

    @BO: It does bo, but i was seriously out to discover just one fact, if anyone from italy was visiting van’s posts. I am not interested in pinning down the location of each commenter. That would take serious expertise that i dont have.

  403. 403
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Not asking u to pin down everyone’s location asking you to pin down mine. Unless you’re full of it.

  404. 404
    Nightwish Says:

    I take everything with a grain of salt here, but italianmoms bs act was just too irking. Bohji wants me to leave her alone already, fine. Let her continue phaking her bad spelling. Dont bother me none.

  405. 405
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: I am not interested in playing any games with you dude. If i went to that extent, what then?

  406. 406
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You’re full of crap. But I already knew that. Least you got the other haters believing every lying word you say.

  407. 407
    BO Says:

    b.utt can’t you tace each commenter ? i mean , babyji being the old crap knows how to do it .can’t be too difficult .don’t your guy friends know them ? i mean , these are guy things .

  408. 408
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Ok. Which one of your friends is using hanaro telecom in korea? Who’s visiting from Bay Shore? Who’s using telecom malaysia berhad? Boji? Who is from Arkansas? Virginia? Miami? Birmingham, uk? Who is from Wahiawa, thats what i want to know. Am i full of sh!t now hs?

  409. 409
    Nightwish Says:

    Bo, you are using dialog mobile right? You’re the only visitor from sri lanka. Van has no visitors other than you there, or all of india for that matter.

  410. 410
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Yup you’re pretty much full of $hit. You’re throwing things out there trying to find anything that sticks. You can do all that but you can’t track me down. Yeah u got nothing.

  411. 411
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: you havent an ounce of deductive reasoning in your brane. The others from these locations can confirm. Boji, are you using malaysia berhad as an isp? Let me know if you want me to tell you your own ip address. Oh, i suspect malu is from dasma cavite, or maybe shes the one from either batangas or sampaloc. Malu?

  412. 412
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Not asking about the others. Why can’t u track me down? What’s wrong, don’t have the nuts?

  413. 413
    BO Says:

    um , actually I am using mobitel .yup , i am the only one coming from here now that other lankan is in your country ..

  414. 414
    Trey Says:

    @ Bo and nutwish, Give it up already, you don’t see Zac bashing vanessa or vanessa bashing zac. They broke up which simply means they have no ties to each other( you should be celebrating that right?), Vanessa’s career is none of your business what are you gonna do with her movies if you will not even watch them. Why are you so concerned about her if you hate her this much. Clarify that one for me.

    Ps: @ BO I meant the “ICC rankings” I’m a the fan of cricket and with that I know Sri Lanka is no:1 in T20, but no:6 in Test and 5 in ODI’s . So Sri Lankans boy need 2 pick up their socks.

  415. 415
    monster Says:

    so many people concerned about Vanessa’s careeer…I’m sure she is thankful that everyone cares so much

    honestly, I think that V/her agent/her manager/her publicist know more about having a lasting career in Hollywood than a bunch of people on a gossip site

    And I really wish Zac’s fans would quit comparing his career to Vanessa. When HSM came out, Disney declared him the new “it boy” and in turn they promoted him and Ashley like crazy. Vanessa on the other hand was pretty much ignored by Disney until the 2nd movie even though she was the female lead. Disney made it clear after the first HSM movie that they thought Ashley and Zac were the “stars.”

    Vanessa has had to work 10 times harder than the two of them in order to get recognized IMO. And her photoscandal didn’t help either. To this day she still has people calling her horrible names even though she has had 2 long time boyfriends since she became famous.

    As for her upcoming projects. Reports from Gimme Shelter have said that V and Rosario give outstanding performances. Also keep in mind that shortly before the reshoots the cast did this past summer, GS was backed by the same guy that is backing the new Nathalie Portman /Michael Fassbender movie. A lot of times you can tell a lot about the quality of a movie when you look at the people BTS or people who have chosen to back to the movie based on completion.

    Due to SB promo for almost a solid month in Europe and the US, she will most likely start doing some promo for GS since the people in charge of the movie mentioned that its going to premiere in April 2013 (most likely a film festival). She won’t be able to film until April or May at the earliest. And with 1 major release this year and 2 indies that will most likely hit film festivals this year with actual releases later, she will be fine in terms of her career.

    Honestly, I’m proud of all the movies that Zac has picked up. But keep in mind that many of his movies (that he gets once a month apparently) will not even make it to the film stage. Many movies go through the development process and some make it and others don’t. As a producer, Zac can announce these maybe/maybe not projects.

    Vanessa and her team are known to be very very quiet. She never even namedrops roles she has auditioned for. She has even warned people (Alex Pettyfer for example) to keep quiet until that contract is signed than the people in charge say it can be released. Zac ended up losing out on a role because he blabbed about auditioning for it. Just because Vanessa doesn’t talk or doesn’t have anything announced doesn’t mean she is not auditioning or doesn’t have movies lined up just like Zac. Actors in Hollywood are attached to hundereds of projects that nobody knows about. A lot of times stuff being leaked about projects is b/c a project is highly anticipated or b/c a person wants to drum up publicity to bring on investors.

    Can’t wait to see what this year brings V.

  416. 416
    Nightwish Says:

    @Haters Suck!: Kiss my butt ok?

  417. 417
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Chicken$hit. Nuts still haven’t fully dropped there nancy.

  418. 418
    Trey Says:

    I miss her and Austin, they make an adorable couple.

  419. 419
    BO Says:

    Trey , yup .we are always low in ODI and test rankings .don’t know why .and i don’t know how we ended up first in T20 rankings either considering that we lost the T20 cup to west indies last year .don’t really care about the rankings , we always perform well at world cups ,oh well finally lose the cup , but that’s another strory .ha ha might i ask what country are you from?

    b.utt , i think your info could be a little bit faulty , i mean not the locations but the ISPs , because i am using Mobitel not dialog

  420. 420
    kate Says:

    Weird….Many of you who claim to be Zac’s fans didin’t even bother to comment on the last post about him….. That’s makes me convinced that those are not Zac’s fans just Vanessa’s obssessive haters….lol

  421. 421
    italian mom Says:

    Thank you very much for this post.
    And maybe I should thank Jared for having my back, as I see these latest posts.
    Nightwish is curious. Curiosity should be an aspect of intelligence.
    Keep it this way instead of building cospiracies theories, Nightwish!
    Maybe you just want to know something about my countryside .
    I suggest google “castello di san damiano”. You will see our hills, which I think are beautiful, and a fabolous but traditional house.
    That is absolutely not common, of course, but see our tipical wood forniture, the tipical chairs from our great-grandparents etc.
    But yes you are right about the movie theatre: if I want a comfortable seat and perfect sound I go to Lingotto.

  422. 422
    Trey Says:

    @ Bo Oh! I’m from South Africa, Proteas all the way. Even thou we just got ass wooped by New Zealand in the ODI series 2-1. We are no:1 in test rankings. Hopefully we will recover as we face Pakistan on the 02 of February. So like your boys we need some serious wake up call to shred the “choker status”.

  423. 423
    BO Says:

    this is really the lamest excuse that i ever heard .’disney didn’t promote hudge pudge as they did Ash and Zac ‘ .good gracious .they did promote them equally , it’s just that the star who got the more appeal from public got automatically promoted by his/her fanbase than the one with lesser appeal .did you once stop to think that your hudge couldn’t succeed as much like ash or zac ’cause she didn’t garner as much appeal ? seriously , don’t be so lame .you are just putting words in haters’ mouths .

    hey , can you show me those so called ”reports about GS “‘ ? seriously .a movie which was still doing reshoots after 1 and half year of initial filming and hasn’t been able to get a relase date for nearly two yeas and hasn’t been selected for any film fest yet despite being indie , what have you got to say the quality of a movie like that ? every backing comapny has backed their fair share of crappy movies per say. and seriously , aren’t you like waiting for two years every day saying a release date will be announced , a relase date will be announced for GS and FG ? god . how many times has FG been delayed now , there was a relase date last Nov and then it went to Dec and then nada

    well , there are 7 films in lining for Zac . AWOD? – finished filming , Parkland – filming You Belong to me with Harrison Ford -March Townies -May Snabba Cash remake / The Falling – he’s gonna produce , so will take some time but will happen for sure . TIWILY -yet to be announced . hudge on the other hand has not a single movie lined up. her agent is so quiet until the last moment ’cause they aren’t sure until the last moment that the director is gonna accept her in to the film , zac on the other hand has no problem like that . and last i checked zac hasn’t lost any role casue he wen on blabbing , what a white shameful lie . don’t be so jealous ‘casue hudge isn’t getting work .didn’t her team announce officially that anime , and last i checked it wasn’t even on IMDB .usually if hudge is in a film , rumours start since few months , there aren’t any rumours , so no , she has no new projects period .stupid a$$ ., spewing gibberish on Zac .better go and worry of her loser

  424. 424
    BO Says:

    well , our fate is much worse than yours . within the last five years , there were 5 world cups , we came to finals in 4 of them and one semi final , and lost ALL four of them .ah! seriously , during this last world cup last year against West Indies , when our wickets kept falling , I remeber I teetered on the edge of sanity and insanity at one stage when our 7th wicket fell .ha ha thank go d, i came on to the sane side , if not i should be in mental hospital now .about 15 people died after watching us lose .heartattacks . one pregnant mother also diied .two lives there .alas

  425. 425
    Trey Says:

    @BO: Why are you so angry?

  426. 426
    J Says:

    @Nightwish can you trace down if @Trey and @Bohji is coming from the same place or not? This @me2 who is a ip tracer was saying they were coming from the same ip.

  427. 427
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You can’t be this much of a sucker? Nutwish can’t pull up anyone’s ip address. Asked him to find mine and he wouldn’t/couldn’t do it.

  428. 428
    BO Says:

    beacuse , they trash Zac .duh

  429. 429
    Trey Says:

    @ Bo @ least you have Sangakkara and hereth(Sp), but my favorite out of all Sri Lanka team is Lasith Malinga the guy has some attitude. And I’m like you my mood change for the worse if wicket keep falling. Especially if they ain’t necessary.

  430. 430
    BO Says:

    yeah .tbh , I don;t like sangakkara ,he apears in a multitude of ads here promoting multiple stuff .also he’s arrogant .people like malinga , mahela etc .they are modest down to earth sort of people .malinga is so unique .his manner of balling .ha ha our team is hilarious .their style is so different from each other .if there are 5 spinners , they spin the ball in different different ways .ha ha the other teams are left confused .that’s why we win .

  431. 431
    Trey Says:

    @ Bo , But you also trash vanessa

  432. 432
    BO Says:

    yes , but they were the first to start trashing other celebs like Zac and Ashley , who aren’t relevant here .so now , we are giving them the appropriate treat .

  433. 433
    VanFan Says:

    I have to say to all of you who claim that Vanessa fans go to Zac threads and trash him are completely wrong. That may have been true when they first broke up, but if you look at his threads, you will not find hundreds of posts that are fighting back and forth about the two of them. I am a fan of both, and believe in telling it like it is. Vanessa’s threads are just out of control with people who hate on her. They may not all be Zac fans, but it is just ridiculous to keep comparing the two. I wish JJ would employ a moderator to come in and delete any post that does that.

  434. 434
    BO Says:

    lol who says they go to other posts to trash Zac and ashley , lol they do it HERE ! lolol

  435. 435
    Haters Suck! Says:

    No one mentions zac or Ashley till u haters show up

  436. 436
    BO Says:

    oh yeah . go back to jr and count how mayt imes you yoursef has caled Zac a snake .loser

  437. 437
    J Says:

    And he has called Zac son of a b!tch many times. Because he didn’t kiss the classy lady’s a$$ like bu.ttface. Yep @HS have said that few times on earlier posts when we weren’t around. And no one was calling Pudgie a famewh@re , $kank or $lut those days. Karma b!tch. Karma.

  438. 438
    maria Says:

    @J: You’re an idiot. No one asked him to kiss her a$$ or chase after her. Just treat her with respect, and he didn’t always. But I don’t think you understand the concept. And FYI, I think we are entirely justified in talking about others if the subject comes up, and it usually is brought up either by haters OR they are trashing Vanessa for something their own idol does, and we will point it out. And this IS a Vanessa thread. We at least have the respect for the others, by NOT trashing them on their own posts. You idiots fail to see the difference. I don’t see any Vanessa fans trashing Zac or Ashley on their threads the way you slimeballs do. THAT is why her threads are out of control.

    And believe me, we were way happier without you.

  439. 439
    maria Says:

    @monster: Thank you. Well said.

  440. 440
    J Says:

    He didn’t treat her with respect ? As we say, that is not the problem you have, the problem you have is he didn’t let her seat on his head like Austin does. He didn’t let her leech on to him like Austin does. That is the real problem. You guys are exploding from anger because of that. That is how you wanted him to treat her. But he didn’t. Smart move by Efron. He did treat her with respect. He kept the things that should be private in a relationship private.

    Trashing Vanessa for something their own idol does ? I have not and will never be seeing Zac on a daily basis on gossip site nor do I see him on top of some chick literally dry humping nor have I ever seen smoching some gal when the camera is 5 feet away. Trust me we never will see him doing that.

    You did trash Zac whenever you got the chance. Bo me or any other regular hater weren’t around back then. Now don’t whine like a baby because its coming back at you.

    Lets face it. When you guys are bored. You have all the time in the world to argue with us and have no problem with us being here. But when you finally can’t face the truth being thrown at your face, you want us to stop coming. Come on guys that isn’t fair.

  441. 441
    BOWJI Says:

    J, pls shut up. You love posting on Vanessa’s threads just like Nightwish, Bo and Merlin’s mom. You really are no different from them. You spend just as much time posting here by the looks of it. We are fans and we did not ask you non fans to post here. Go find a celebrity to fawn over. Am just as happy for Vanessa’s threads to have a few positive comments than to have one peppered with so called haters, trolls actually, looking for trouble.

  442. 442
    BO Says:

    he didn’t treat her with respect ? auh puh lease , the same old lame posing with nude model in a professional shoot and kissing the fat mutttball in an interview . they were both done for professional purposes , it’s no rocket science that no guy in right mind would ever fancy kissing Nicky ,.if there was any disrespect ,it was done on hudge pudge part , not Zac’s . seriously , what sort of a girl sends her nude pics to her ex when she’s with another guy at the moment ,.that’s the greatest disrespect that any partener can do to the other it’s like a slap in your partner’s face .still Zac kept her .if it was any other guy , he’d have aimed a good blow at her round a$$ and kicked her outta house .

    and again , you don’t need any hater to bring Ashley or Zac up here , you bring them yourself .for example your B team always tends to say ”aaww , she’s so happy with Austin , dumping gayfron is the best thing ever hapened to her ” or else ”austin treats her like a queeen , gayfrom didn’t show her any repsect ” .these come off as the comments in the first two pages mostly and do we need any other call ? duh . and see , none of us haters brought Ashley here ,you did yourselves , comparing her to hudge and putting down Ashley’s career and ranting how she hasn’t done any movies after HSM and hudge has done a handful . and you got the prize – Guilty . she beacame a registered hater here . duh . you lot are so dumb

  443. 443
    BOWJI Says:


  444. 444
    BOWJI Says:

    Sounds like you Bo, gotcha! You’re the doppelgänger.

  445. 445
    BO Says:

    don’t you try to pin everything on me sutpid old hag .i’m sick of you pinning every vulgar thing of me even having all the IP tracing gadgets with you . were you born lame like this or gradually go on to become lame ???? get a life , wrinkling hag .

  446. 446
    maria Says:

    @J: A real man and good BF would never repeatedly run to his car first to cover his own a$$, tell the world his relationship “served” him, hide his girl like a disease, deep throat with a co-star on live TV, or gush about practicing make-out scenes, to name a few spineless things he did. THAT is all disrespect for a woman you love. I will NEVER back down on those things, cause he did them ALL. And a REAL man doesn’t do that. Ever hear of any other actor doing those things when in a relationship??? NOPE. He could be the biggest actor, richest man, or best looking guy on the face of the earth, and I will STILL never respect him, and how he was with her. Deal with it. You’re not changing my mind, cause I know how a good man treats his woman, especially in public.

    The “famewh*ring’ you speak of, happened in private resorts. There were not supposed to be paps there, and it was a long time ago. Vanessa and Austin have been nothing but sweet to each other in public now, and they learned their lesson. You just have some lame notion that it’s not ok to be affectionate with someone you love while on a vacation. Bet you’ve never been on a romantic vacay with anyone, or you would see that’s perfectly acceptable behavior. Walking, hiking, gyming, and shopping around her own home is her right, and the paps sit everywhere in that town. And if you don’t think that, you’re definitely an idiot.

  447. 447
    maria Says:

    And BOBO, she did NOT release those pics herself. A CRIMINAL did. She never showed one shred of disrespect while in that relationship, EVER. Say what you want about pics taken a long time ago, but you can NEVER say she ever disrespected him while in that relationship OR after. The girl gets it, and knows how to treat her guy.

  448. 448
    Ditto Says:

    The nude pics weren’t Hudgens fault. How dare you blame it on her??? Hudgens was 16. Lets blame it on the age. Hudgens brain wasn’t developed at that time. So she wasn’t being able to think by herself that taking naked photos of one’s self and sending it to a guy is wrong. The devil got in to her and made her take the cloths off and pose provocatively. The mobile phone has a life of its own and threatened to kill her if she wouldn’t take her cloths off. It was not Hudgens fault. It was the mobile phone’s fault.

  449. 449
    Ditto Says:

    So maria do accept that some famew***ing did happen. Ooopsyyy
    and that Hudgens did learn something from it. Not sure about the “learned from it” part because whenever she’s in LA we get pics and we did get lot of PDA pics even after the vacation pics which were apparently private and Hudge didn’t know they were being taken. *cough*

  450. 450
    Nightwish Says:

    @italianmom: please spare us the bullsh!t italian front already. Its really getting old. Youll never convince me in a million years that you are some random sweet middle aged lady from italy who has taken a particular interest in a one vanessa hudgens, a third tier actress who is much younger than you are, that you would waste your time online defending the integrity of an actress who is not even close to the generation of actresses you are more familiar with, or that you would single out vanessas remarkable inner beauty as a reason to go bellyhoo over her when literally billions of people in the world would do the same or more if given vans opportunities and circumstances. Give your awkward middle aged fandom a friggin rest already

  451. 451
    maria Says:

    @Ditto: A teenage brain is NOT developed, and that is why they make stupid, impulsive mistakes. They don’t understand the consequences and what repercussions can result. She never meant to hurt anyone. You make it sound like she’s the only one on the face of the earth to make this mistake. And get over it, it was ages ago. At least she knows how to treat people.

  452. 452
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: Do you know any Italians? Not those with Italian heritage, but people actually from Italy? They speak EXACTLY like italian mom does. You need to stop attacking people needlessly. What has she done to you, pray tell?? Nothing. But you attack like a bat out of hell. You need to stop.

  453. 453
    maria Says:

    @Ditto: uh, no, I did not admit that. I put the word in quotes, since that is what you call it. I say it was normal behavior for a couple in love, and sorry, but I haven’t seen any PDA like that in a long time. But then again, I have no problem with affection between two people who genuinely enjoy each other, like they obviously do.

  454. 454
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: Wait maria.. how are teenage brains not developed? Go back and take a basic physiology class again because i those mustard gas cocktails you are infusing are affecting your brane. And what was that, “everyone from italy” speaks like italianmom eh? Phake misspellings and all too? Honest question maria, are you completely going bonkers? Your assertions are even more derpy than usual today.

  455. 455
    Ditto Says:

    So if what maria saying is true then Efron never happen to actually love Hudgens. The dude is a guy with no backbone. Never opened the door for her which is similar to the end of the world because how dare Efron just leave her a$$ by the side and save his own. I think the guy was using her for sex perposes. I mean I admit Hudgens is very sexy and must be nice in bed. Come to think of it, those 5 years must really mean nothing to him.

  456. 456
    BOWJI Says:

    @Ditto, pls go find a celebrity thread you like and stay there. I know you’ve posted under different names before. Am happy for Efron that he is fulfilling his ambition but this thread is not about him. Let go of the past and move forward. It is understandable if people make mistakes in their youth. Allow them to move on and grow up into decent human beings. Don’t bring up past mistakes like a broken record. People do learn from them. Often times they turn out the better person from past experiences. I have nothing but best wishes for Efron but you Efron fans seem to have nothing but bitterness towards Vanessa. You all have condemned Vanessa many a time on Efron’s threads even when they were together but this is getting too much. You seem to want to hound her fans and turn us against her. No dice.

  457. 457
    Ditto Says:

    Come on @Bohji did I say anything bad about Hudge now. Isn’t everyone allowed have a opinion here. If I remember well, few pages back one from your team said something about a freedom of speech. So I have all the right to be here. Btw I am not a full on Efron fan so to speak. Kinda is a fan of him, not much though. I am a Hudge fan as well alright. I like her somewhat. So I am allowed to be here right ? Or should I take permission from her team to comment here ? Is there a law on this thread that says I must say nice things about Hudgens if I call myself a fan of her ?

  458. 458
    BO Says:

    ”a real man would never run to car first to cover to hide his a$$ ” .very true ,that’s why Zac always pushed hudge in front of him when going to car .your austin , of course is a different story .it’s no secret that your hudge has the upper hand in this relationship .she’s the one who has to protect him , shouting out at paps .and he runs away covering his face . shall i post you few videos here to prove my point ? nah .just google vaustin videos and go through few of them at airports ,streets etc . none of the things you said above is nearly as disrespectful as the GF sending her naked pics to her ex instead of her BF .Zac loved her to much to kick her b.utt .and none of the other big stars of Zac’s age and standard have been in steady relationships .so don’t talk of them .

    ”famehowring happpened on private resorts and paps were not supposed to be there” .duh , those kissing and slithering along the road on way from church ( when she’s wearing that white blouse) , kissing in the Venice retauranet in front of other co stars making their jaws drop ,the famous b.utt squeezing by hudge in 2011 Dec in a restaurant , that deep thorat kissing in lakers last year ,deep thorat kissing in coachella last year ,that famous oh so wonderful *cough cough* kissng and photoshoot in that park ,the famous roof down convertibale kissing on a public road , the famous bridge kssing , the lax kisses and multiple PDAs etc etc etc .now tell me they are private resorts ! lmao…

  459. 459
    BO Says:

    ”and haven’t seen PDA in a long time ?” duh .that Venice restaurant throat kissing , when was that ? last september , wasn’t it ? lol long time .my a.rse .selena nearly had a seizure there when the two started mouth sucking,

    well onco , we all know that she didn’t relase them , don’t ever try to inform me of your pudge of all peolple here – the person who knows the best of her . no one calls her a s.lut or a w.hore or a ho for having them released , people call them beacuse she TOOK them in the first place .it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since they hit the web – last set hit not too long ago in March 2011 , right ? lol – they still show that she had a warped s*xual obsession and probably has too still .and she sent them to her ex Drake at the time while she was with Zac .isn’t that a slap in fac of Zac?/ah , now , fake onco??

  460. 460
    BOWJI Says:

    @Ditto, everyone makes mistakes all the time past and present. Vanessa learnt from hers. What transpired between her and Efron that led to the breakup, only the 2 of them know. Bringing up the past does not allow one to move forward.
    I can accept that some may not like Vanessa for whatever personal reason but to keep bringing up something which was obviously meant to be personal and private makes me think that you are upholding the perpetrator who went to prison for it and not the victim in this case, Vanessa which is unjustifiable and grossly unfair. Criticism when constructive is fair and fine but when it is defamatory and laced with venom or spite is grossly out of line. She was young underaged and foolish like a lot of many youths who thought their accounts were not accessible. Even adults have been caught out. Please give her a break.

  461. 461
    italian mom Says:

    There is something in the air today. They are crazier than ever. OMG
    Well, I am italian, sorry nightwish, this is the truth.
    Thankyou maria . HE is completely going “bonkers” but it can be fun in fairness and politeness.

  462. 462
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: Your precious pudgiepoo is smart in the sense that she is manipulating austin into demonstrating those pda’s. Why is that smart? It will make him alot less inclined to fool around on her with so many documented hand holdings and kissings going on and circulating around the net. All the HHWW (malu knows that acronym) photographs will make austin look like a real jerk should he be caught with another girl. Austin needs to move on and not be shackled by van. He should stay single for awhile and enjoy his early twenties to the fullest, partying, experiencing different women, traveling, etc. Hard to do with the hold ball and chain around.

  463. 463
    italian mom Says:

    I would say to BO: imagine you yourself driving in the chaos in Colombo. While digging to find a CD, clearly in a laspe of attention, you crash and kill the Prime Minister. You become THE killer forever.
    You didn’t want to kill him, you were just lacking attention. No matter what you will be the monster forever. Newspapers, magazines tv radio everyone in the world thinks bad of you.
    This worldwide media effect is something new in this little world.
    Now you surely will replay you don’t understand a single word of what I say…

  464. 464
    Ditto Says:

    It seems you guys do take things personally around here. If you read my comment carefully I was asking something else you are answering to something else. You are indirectly trying to convince me I or any other person who says a bad word about Hudge should not be here. I was nowhere upholding the prepetrator. I was making humor out of the situation. But you guys seem to have a hard time grasping the difference between humor and criticism.

  465. 465
    Nightwish Says:

    @italian mom: Totally obtuse analogy. Not even close to being effective at demonstrating your point. Try again, since italian is your first language and english is not. I know what! Say exactly what you want to say in your best italian, and ill have my italian friend translate it for me!

  466. 466
    Ditto Says:

    What does maria has to say about the things Bo wrote for her as a reply ?

  467. 467
    Liz Says:

    I am just sick of this. When its finally seem to be getting to an end, a new hater comes over and starts hating again. When the hell will these people go away and never come back?

  468. 468
    italian mom Says:

    Obtuse, yeah!
    I media e le tecnologie rendono immortali tutti gli eventi, e la memoria non è neppure “memoria” perchè è immagine.
    E dunque il tempo che passa non può più trasformare gli eventi in ricordi e poi questi ultimi in esperienze di vita. tutto è immagine, ma perchè così piatto e insaporeF forse ci manca “l’elaborazione” dell’immagine.
    Vanessa avrà mai tregua per un errore di 8 anni fa?
    Si è forse persa la capacità di elaborare e considerare come sbiadite le cose passate?
    Yeah Nightwish, I am fine with my obtusity, just like you with your aggressivity. But it’s all right for me.

  469. 469
    VanFan Says:

    Excuse me, but you are the one who needs to go back to school. It is a known fact that the brain is not completely developed until 25 years of age.

  470. 470
    maria Says:

    For your reading pleasure….

  471. 471
    maria Says:

    @Ditto: Maria sees a repressed, naive person in BOBO who sees what she wants to see, and would have no problem if this PDA was with Efron. Bitter is a good word. I see nothing wrong with Vanessa and Austin’s behavior in public. What they do in private is their own business and not meant for paps to intrude on.

  472. 472
    Sleepy in Soho Says:

    Does anyone really take anything that BoBo says seriously? Really?

  473. 473
    A Says:

    Have I been blocked? My comments won’t show up and it doesn’t say “awaiting moderation” either.

  474. 474
    A Says:

    Oh it shows up today! But I tried to post a “Did you miss me?” comment last night and it didn’t work.

  475. 475
    A Says:

    @maria okay, uhm, busted for multiple personality posting!!!

  476. 476
    Liz Says:

    Oh great now @A is here too. Here we go again. Expect another 100 posts with 1000 comments.

  477. 477
    Nightwish Says:

    @Maria: Of course the brain of a child who is going through puberty is different from the brane of a fully formed 45 year old adult. However, it is formed enough to recognize right and wrong, is it not? Kids may be more impulsive, but that is much less the function of actual physiology and more a result of inexperience, especially when such kids lack proper parental guidance. I thought you were going to get really desperate and tell me something like “the lymbic system isn’t fully formed yet, so her behavior is completely excusable”, or “kids should adhere to a completely different set of moral standards because mr. so and so’s article in harvard magazine says the grey matter in everyones brane is not fully ripe until the age of 20, thus completely excusing all manner of mischief, deviant behavior, criminal behavior, etc among humans in this age range”. Or, something even more cockamamie like “I love her hair” ROFLMAO

  478. 478
    Nightwish Says:

    In short Maria, quit pulling these lame and desperate attempts to excuse Hudgies past boo boo’s.

  479. 479
    Nightwish Says:

    @italianmom: You did it! Praise the lord for google translate, no? Avanti! lol

  480. 480
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Why u gotta be such a jerk?

  481. 481
    BO Says:

    dear lord , these hags are all so stupid and lame .ha ha fakeonco is utterly flabbergasted wih my comment , she’s so totally lost for a comeback .ha ha

    and mama stupid italiano , like b.utt said that’s a so totally irrelevant adjective .better luck next time .and if i may add few words about it , if such a thing ever happened by me , i didn’t do it intentionally , it was an accident which is hardly your hudge’s case . she knew what she was doing , it wasn’t an accident or done by force .no one held a gun to her head and asked her to pose nude .she did it by her own wiill , didn’t she know it was wrong ? obviously she did . didn’t she know her phone could be hacked ? of course she knew .seriously , it’s so hilarious now that onco is bringing up brain development here .if so every girl in this world would be engaging in such obsolete s*xual behaviour at such young ages .what a corrupt s.lutty world will we have then ! seriosuly .you are so lame ..these lame hags , i wondeer what they will do if they ever came across such vulgar p.ussy , c.lit , t,opless , nude , bush pics of their daughters . just ignore it as normal teenage behaviour ? hardly ! ha ha

  482. 482
    BOWJI Says:

    @nightwish, give up already! You are fighting a cause in vain.

  483. 483
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I think bo the psycho has finally lost her mind. And why does she laugh after every word she writes.

  484. 484
    BO Says:

    hello the hailress d.ick ! i laugh ’cause what i right is funny . you of course wouldn’t undesrtand since your sense of humour is null

  485. 485
    Haters Suck! Says:

    You laugh after every single thing u say. It ain’t that funny as you’re the only one that laughs.

  486. 486
    BO Says:

    lol you are the only one who doesn’t laugh at them .you are the joker here ,thank you .

  487. 487
    go baby v Says:

    Omg did you guys see the uncensored virsion of SB trailer. I was blown away by Vanessa’s great performence. There’s a part where she has drawn a ***** on a paper and she put the tip side near her mouth and does this thing with her tounge like she’s tickling the tip. Epicness overload. Her performence looks very convincing. For some reason, Vanessa seem to be the one who seem like she belongs there the most. The other 3 seems a bit classy to be there. I hear Vanessa is being offered roles everywhere she goes. Her team don’t release any news until the last minute so wonder what she has coming up. Is it true she was cast in jurassic park 5? I am kind of dissapointed with the marketing though. They seem to be trying to sell the sex appeal of the film than about spring break itself..

  488. 488
    BO Says:

    ha ha lol ”she is the only one who seems to belong there really , the other three look bit classy to be there ” ha ha so true .the confession of a fan himself .there’s also bikiny bottom roadside pe.eing .seriously , and these losers are sooo obsessed and making snide remarks at Zac dancing in tighty whities in Paperboy .duh

  489. 489
    BO Says:

    heavens forbid! Zac looks just toooo hot for my ovaries to bear in today’s new pic fof him in a doctor’s coat rom Parkland set ! god .such a hotiie .back to back filming

  490. 490
    italian mom Says:

    @Nightwish: You see? you are not able to front reality, not able to break your limits, to move on from a wrong statement of yours, not able to improve.

  491. 491
    italian mom Says:

    Bo and her obsessions should be brought to the doctor’s as soon as possible And I would say…good luck, doctor!

  492. 492
    Nightwish Says:

    @italianmom: il tuo cervello, madre italiana. Piu! Penso che sia sbagliato odori. Ma, as the saying goes, “for you to insult me i must first value your opinion”. No? Ha ha i make a scherzo madre, a scherzo! Non cattivi sentimenti! Ha ha ha.

  493. 493
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: You are kidding now, right, Nightwish? Though all teens know “right from wrong” they are not capable of impulsive, stupid choices, as the article, and many others have factually documented? So you are prepared to debate the experts that knowing “right and wrong” disproves the medical proof of adolescent brain development? What a crock. Just another example of your level of BS. You’re so full of it. So yeah, let’s go with your theory that teens know everything, make all the right choices, and are perfectly behaved. Yup, that is how the real world is, according to the resident smarta$$ .

    And FYI, Vanessa’s role in Spring Breakers is supposed to be the wild one. Looks like she did a great job! Bring on promo and red carpet pics of Vanessa! Can’t wait to drive the haters nuts.

  494. 494
    BO Says:

    I’d like to make an announcement .I’d be gone from this site for two weeks starting 12th to 28th this month .I have to go to a training at an army camp .Will still be reading you but won’t be able to comment since my phone doesn’t support JJ .will still be commenting on jr but not here .if you miss me , find me on jr ,my voice will stil be alive there .gonna miss you ! : (

  495. 495
    BO Says:

    a teen brain isn’t fully developed , no question bout that .but it’s sufficeintly developed to understand that taking vulgar pics of yourself is wrong and that keeping them in phones isn’t safe cause that phones can get hacked . seriously oncofake , you need to realize that our generation is much more knoledgeable than you when you were at our age !

  496. 496
    BO Says:

    and seriously may i ask why you think haters wil be driven nuts after seeing her red carpet pics and other SB promo ? frankly , that pout mouth is anything but pretty .we’ve seen much prettier red carpet pics of girls tbh .

  497. 497
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: I am not pushing either extreme. You are. You would show up in court and attempt to exonerate your teen client based on your “under-developed adolescent brain physiology” defense and end up becoming the laughingstock of the entire judicial system. Blame it on a lack of grey matter why dont you. lol

  498. 498
    Nightwish Says:

    @ Bo: With 495, spot on! Please talk some sense into her. She should read recent data on the evolution of our species. Does she know how early girls are getting their menses these days?

  499. 499
    BO Says:

    ha ha these hags think that we are like the toads in well like they were when they were our age .nope .we fuse with the world entirely , we are much knowledgeable than they were at our age .it’s lame to say that such a knowledgeable gal didn’t know that taking pics of her p.ussy and t.its was wrong and sdidn’t know that she houldn’t keep them in her phone ’cause they could get hacked in an instant .ha ha yup .girls mature so fast these days .they hit pubert at the age of 5, 6 in my country .extra hormones unintentionally consumed via food

  500. 500
    BO Says:

    that comment is #495 ???? in my page it’s #524 . that means 29 of my comments have got moderated by jj . oh ! JJ you are so annoying .most of my comments don’t get posted .they don’t get moderated either , sometimes they are sent to moderation but most of the time they just don’t get posted .jj , this site needs serious repair .all of us here are experiencing problems

  501. 501
    A Says:

    @go baby v of course they’re trying to sell the sex. It’s a sexploitation film. And yes, Vanessa seems to fit in the most… LOL. You do realize you just admitted that she’s the most trashy of the group??

  502. 502
    maria Says:

    @Nightwish: I am not talking about criminal activity. That is where your theory of ‘right and wrong’ comes in. And your generation is not smarter in the least, nor as mature as we were. Just technologically smarter. I am well aware of early puberty, I worked with teens for a long time, remember? The article merely explains impulsive behavior that all teens exhibit, and some of that is exploring s*xuality. I have never said it was a smart thing to do, but it happened. You don’t need to act like no other teens do stupid things.

    And good riddance to the vulgar, trashy BoBo. Maybe someone at army camp will wash your mouth out with soap, cause it’s so dirty. You have long overstayed your welcome here anyway. Make sure you go wish your Effin Efron pumpers wet dreams like you always do. So classy. You are the trashiest poster I have ever come across. Congratulations.

  503. 503
    Nicole Says:

    @Nightwish@A@BO: deformity

  504. 504
    BO Says:

    ok .I get it now . i can figure out the degree of loitering of fakeonco on St.Trpez thread . i wished tommy /OK hot wet dreams of Zac one time , just once and fakeonco has seen it ! Hmmm….how much spare time does this woman have ? and seriously fakeonco , are you the one talkng of MY class ?? the ONCOLOGY NURSE who loiters in gossip threads in work hours ??? the MARRIED WOMAN who nloiters in gossip threads 24/7 ??? the MOTHER of few kids who constantly loiters in gossip threads ??? try to straighten your mistakes before pointing your finger at those others who are pure as snow compared to you !

  505. 505
    BO Says:

    @Nicole = brain malfunction

  506. 506
    maria Says:

    @BO: You wish, BOBO head. I never post at work, dumba$$. My personal life is none of your business anyway. Your vulgar, trashy mouth is the issue. Have fun at camp. We’ll be just fine here. You need some time away to clear your dirty mind.

  507. 507
    nessa Says:

    i miss vanessa Hudgens.

  508. 508
    BOWJI Says:

    @BO, hope they teach you to mind your language in camp. Peace at last, yay!

  509. 509
    Nicole Says:

    @BO: hahaha…So, you don’t feel good when I curse you, huh?
    It’s your brain that is damaged…You always say rubbish about her
    Now, shut up and go away

  510. 510
    BO Says:

    how is it that you are at liberty to talk crap about me and I can’t do the same about you ??? tbh i don’t give apecrap about your private life . you could skip cooking , laundry ,etc ect for days to post on here and can cut 100 ureters while being distarcted thinking of what is going on here , i wouldn’t care .well i will feel sorry for the patients but that’s it .and as a matter of fact , you DO post here on work hours .unlike babyji and old one , there aren’t long gaps of hours and hours between your coments.

    nicole , kindly do not think i give a crap whether you curse .you cursed me and i cursed back to even things out .that’s that . kindly do not think that your curse had the slightest imapact on me ! : P .,

  511. 511
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What kind of nurse do U think Maria is? Correct me if I’m wrong Maria but do u cut anyone?

  512. 512
    BO Says:

    ah! that’s why suck something i said you have no sense of humour .i know for that matter that she’s an oncology nurse ( that is if she’s telling the truth at all , if you ask me , she doesn’t look bright enough to be one , she’s totally stupid ) ) and has nothing to with ureters .you are the one taking things too seriously around here .c’mon dude life is just too short for much seriousness .just come out of your shell and enjoy !!!

  513. 513
    maria Says:

    @Haters Suck!: No, I don’t cut at all, and her stupidness is too busy spewiing her trash to notice the long gaps of time that I am not here, but I only work 3days a week anyway. We are not allowed to use cell phones at work, nor access sites like this, but she’s too stupid to get that. But stupid is, as stupid does, as it’s said.

  514. 514
    BO Says:

    huh , three days a week ? where in the world does a nurse have such a free schedule ? oh ! i get it ! you are a substitute or a trainee or not a nurse at all ! and thank you . i don’t notice any gaps ’cause there aren’t any gaps you silly hag . and i should tell , whenever i mention this coming on line during work , your loitering drastically descreases .”aren’t allowed ot use phones at work ? ”hmmmm. … didn’t you yourself say that you come during your breaks at WORK ? ?? gotcha

  515. 515
    maria Says:

    But AT work, I don’t. Yup, I only work 3 days a week. Nurses here can work whatever hours they choose. Some nurses work two 12 hr shifts, and one of ours works 1 day a week. Oh, and keep yapping……I’ll go back and see how often you post here compared to me. LOL.

  516. 516
    BO Says:

    well oncofake , again your silliness is missing the point ! i can post here day , every hour every minute here and it wouldn’t affect anyone ’cause I’m singke and unemplyed .seriously , you trying to compare the number of my posts to yours here is totally stupid ..

  517. 517
    maria Says:

    So, let’s see…..
    maria= 30 posts over 10 days. Average= 3 comments a day
    BO= 99 posts, averaging 9.9 comments daily

    So, Ms Liar, who is the obsessed one here? Don’t go pointing fingers when you are, by far, the one with no purpose in life, other than to obsess over a film star from another country, sit on the internet 24/7 reading about Hollywood, and bashing people you don’t know. Pretty sad.

  518. 518
    maria Says:

    Oh, I did not miss the point. My few comments daily here, do not affect anyone either. This is my only time daily on the internet, and it takes but a few minutes. No ureters cut, no patients are compromised, no family time is lost. I am just having my first cup of coffee, my husband and I are both reading the morning paper on our Ipads, and then getting ready for a Super Bowl party at our house for 20 people. It’s called multi-tasking. Mothers and nurses are great at it. Ta-ta! Off to cook!

  519. 519
    BO Says:

    oh yes you have missed the point .why you are comparing my number of posts to yours i don’t understand .i can’t remember ever saying that you post here more than i do , nope , never said so .so counting my comments loses a point for you .tada
    again , yes your commenting here does affect other people .didn’t you yourself say that you come here during your breaks at ‘work’ ? isn’t that itself a distraction no matter that it takes just a few seconds ? it might take just few seconds for you to type a comment but the ghosts of this site will still haunt you after leaving the site.don’t try to deny it ,it ain’t gonna work .since you are human ,there’s no way you aren’t gonna totally stop thinking bout what could be happening in the site at the moment .now that’s the bad effect of coming here .you are going to get distratcted no matter what .it’s hilarious to think that you think it’s ok coming here since it takes only couple f seconds to type a comment when the distraction is gonna last much longer .and such a distraction is dangerous at hands of someone like you more than an ordinary person .

    again don’t tell me this is the only time you spend on the net .you do considerable loitering on st.tropez thread and twitter and the web for you noticed me wishing that one time of me wishing ok wet dreams and you at once recognised merlin’s mum’s from twitter ( not to mention could give a reasonable idea of nature of her tweets ) and you are the one who found guilty’s fan fiction ! considering all things , you actually are the person here who sepnds ”most” time on net

  520. 520
    maria Says:

    @BO: Stupid little BOBO. I have always said, nothing here distracts me from my life, because I do not obsess as you do. I have a half hour break at work, and my phone is with me. so I catch new comments and that’s it. no distraction at all, except a good laugh if reading that Tropez thread! LOL I did catch your wet dream comment, yup. Never post on his threads anymore though. And Merlin and I go way back, long before you, my dear. Let’s just say we don’t see eye to eye on Efron. But you are just reaching, honey. I could care less about this site, I do not tweet, and don’t let your phoney baloney bother me in any way. Remember, I have a full life, a man, kids, a job, lots of friends, and busy days. You are the one here as a hater, 24/7, and there is no doubt about that. Have a lovely day.

  521. 521
    Nightwish Says:

    Another spring breakers trailer is out. Vanessa is basically a **** in this movie with very little else going on. Dont get your hopes up.

  522. 522
    BOWJI Says:

    @maria, it is pointless explaining your self to a moron. I wouldn’t waste my time. In Australia, flexi hours is also a practice besides beling allowed to work a 2 or 3 day week, especially good for mothers and those who have other commitments.

    @Nightwish, you happy now?! So move on and fight your cause elsewhere.

  523. 523
    BO Says:

    blah blah bllh piece of advice : when writing a comment at least make it sound as you believe it first ! ”no distaraction at all” bah hambag , you don’t believe a word of it yet wanna plunge it up on our a$$es . duh

    doesn’t matter how long yours and merlin’s mums contacts go back to , you stilll had profound knowledge of her twitter .from other things you’ve said about what’s going on twitter , we all have got the clear impression that you have profounds knowledege on it .matters not whether you tweet or not , reading tweet consumes enough time itself .same with JJ too .you easily could figure out the clue some other person offerered about guilty’s fanfictioning , none of the others could .admit it , you have more loitering experience on web that most of us here .i know you read st.tropez thread .you are very well aware of every word ok says about Zac and what others say of Zanessa .your loitering on it is shown by how easily you noticed that my one commment .”never comment on his thread anymore ?” hmmm.. so you DID comment there ! ah ha ! gotcha .you don;t think twice of what you write , do you ?”only time you spend on net is on jj ” what bout twitter , st.tropez , worldwide web , and most importantly searchig for info on your idol ! lol don’t say now that you don’t search on her .that time is also time spent on the net .ha ha you are stuck.

  524. 524
    BO Says:

    btw today’s our independence day .oh well , today is one of the two independence days .we celebrate two independence days per year since 2010 ! 4th Feb and 18th May .

  525. 525
    . Says:

    If no one remembers, maria was on Pudges posts 24/7 back in the day when no one here knew she was a nurse. Then someone pointed out that its impossible for a working nurse to be on these threads the whole day and since then the amount comments maria write here have significantly dicresed. If someone didn’t point that out, maria would be on here 24/7 even now.

  526. 526
    Haters Suck! Says:

    What a game. What a super bowl. Haters get a life.

  527. 527
    BO Says:

    actually I was the one who pointed it out .lolol .

  528. 528
    BO Says:

    heard hudge is at starbucks wit buttler

  529. 529
    Tab Says:

    Vanessa has the ugliest legs out of all

  530. 530
    x Says:


  531. 531
    BO Says:

    hey , did you see the Google icon today ? it’s dedicated for our independence day . it has the lion with the swod in it .it’s the lion from our flag !

  532. 532
    maria Says:

    @BO: LOL!!! What was that rant all about?? Just because you are clearly obsessed, and distracted by all this, doesn’t make me so. I never said I don’t READ other sites, and do see tweets that others post. I don’t personally have a twitter and never will. I do FB, but only with my friends. I don’t follow Vanessa either. And when people ask a poster if she wrote a certain story on FF, it isn’t rocket science to look it up. I am much smarter than you think, bobo.

    @.: That’s just idiotic. I have never been here 24/7, nor ever will be. Unless I am sick, or extremely bored with nothing to do, and that rarely happens. But you have plenty of time to patrol a post of someone you hate, don’t you?

  533. 533
    Nightwish Says:

    VH is becoming so irrelevant and boring that even ‘haters’ don’t see the point of putting her in her place anymore lol

  534. 534
    BO Says:

    bah hambug .that’s enough confession on your side .So you do read other sites , read other tweets ( and that should be a LOT of REGULAR reading for you to at once figure out a poster’s twitter and remeber the nature of her tweets ) does FB , comment on JJ , and can easily figure out someone’s FF ( kindly do not think it shows you are smarter than me , it actuallly shows you do lots of internet loitering compared to me ) , reads (used to comment) on St.Tropez thread ( yagain that should be LOT of REGULAR reading since you have a profound knowldege on things OK says , even more than I do )and yet you have the nerve to make is sound as if your only time spent on the net is spent here on this thread .duh ! you are blabbering .come back when you develop the ability to write a comment without crepeatedly ontradicting yourself : P

    Dr.Zac Efron !

  535. 535
    maria Says:

    @BO: BlahBlahBlah. Whatever, little one. It takes a few minutes to see what is new. Think whatever you want. Doesn’t make it true, silly. I never said this was the only place I go on the internet, but it is the only celeb blog I read. I can only imagine the stupid things you read, cause you always think everything on the internet is true. LOL

  536. 536
    BO Says:

    why are you tying to copy me fakeonco , copycat much ? lol

    ”it’s the only time spent on the net (about JJ) ” .Nah . I don’t think you ever said that you don’t go to other places on the net .lol

    ‘the only celeb blog I read is JJ” . And yet you have the nerve to b.utt is as a big know it all than those of us who read various other sites and gather information ! and try to make it sound as you have more knowledge on things than those us who do more reserch .weren’t you the one who asked me to go do my ”fair amount of search” as ”you ” have since I wouldn’t know stuff as I live in a faarwaway coountry ? lol and this is your ”fair amount of search” , reading JJ as the ”only” celeb blog ? lolol

    yeah , the info you come across the net is alll true , the info I come across is all false ! despeerate much ??? agaimn , comeback when you can form a comeback without repeatedly contradicting yourself!

  537. 537
    Kristie Says:

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    assistance with in this theme. Your very own dedication to passing the solution all through
    appeared to be definitely helpful and has all the time empowered many people just like me
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