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Liberty Ross: Divorce from Rupert Sanders

Liberty Ross: Divorce from Rupert Sanders

Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from her husband Rupert Sanders, according to TMZ.

The 34-year-old actress Ross filed her paperwork in L.A. County Superior Court and asked for joint custody of their two children, Skyla and Tennyson.

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Liberty is being repped by famed lawyer Laura Wasser and has also asked for spousal support from Rupert, as well as attorney’s fees.

Last summer, Rupert issued a public apology after being involved in a cheating scandal with his Snow White and the Huntsman actress Kristen Stewart.

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  • fg

    my parents just got a divorce themselves, its really sad for their children, my mother cheated on my father too… i am 16 and cry every night. sad :(

  • BBB

    support kristen :)

  • dooliloo

    Ruh-oh! Sh!t got real, Breaking Dawn Down finally!

  • Chriss

    3, 2,1..

  • boobs

    You see what you did Kristen Stewart

  • Sammy

    Yikes. I feel sad for the kids, but he really did this to himself….

  • No_kung_fu

    “Don’t get mad get everything” Ivanka Trump

  • B.

    @fg: Feel really sad for you fg, but sometimes it’s for the best. Don’t cry every night, try to stay positive, it’s a tough time for everyone in your family, but it’s gonna be all right soon. Some bad things have to happen to good things come along. It’s very cliche but also so true. You’ll see.

  • Lilly

    Rupert SUCKS. Kristen SUCKS! They deserve each other! Liberty You deserve better!

  • NYC

    @fg: I am sorry to hear that. We often forget that this stuff happens to real people who aren’t celebrities. Just remember, your parents’ issues are not your fault.

  • Pol

    Poor Rupert, Kristen destroyed his career and his family.. Sh.ame on you Kristen!

  • Sea

    Liberty’s better off without him but I feel bad for the pain she and the children had to endure because of the lies and selfishness of Rupert and Kristen.

  • Ryan

    Well done, KSlut. I really hope Rob will get away from this classless and talentless homewecker.

  • Emily

    @fg: Maybe should you grow a pair then?

  • http://jared godlike

    I love Rupsten

  • aquarius64

    Kristen’s fans are coming out in defense of her but Kristen and her team must be panicking now. It doesn’t matter how many problems there were in the marriage before Mini-Cooper Gate, at the end of the day Kristen will be ultimately blamed for this union being torn asunder. She will be billed as the straw that broke the camel’s marital back. I wouldn’t be surprised if TMZ is digging for the court documents, and the rest of the gossip press search for new evidence that made Liberty decide this marriage wasn’t worth saving. God help Kristen if there’s evidence of a sexual relationship between her and Rupert; for that could spell the end of Robsten.

  • Steph

    @Emily: uncalled for

  • kula

    congrats.. did the right thing

  • Xo

    Good for her, he’s so gross. No one deserves that.

  • Nat

    Wow while Kristen Stewart still gets to do the SWATH sequel and keeps her boyfriend? Amazing. She was successful in wrecking a home and there are no words for the husband who broke his vows. Both are low lives.

  • RupertPantsDown

    Good for Liberty! She can do much better than this creep, perving after young girls. HE ruined his family. There will always be pretty, young girls out there (not just Kristen Stewart), and he is responsible for keeping it in his pants. He wasn’t raped.

  • kelly

    i like how you all blame kristen,BUT rupert brought this on himself. he destroyed his family by his on actions, it was his choice, it doesn’t matter who it was with. and on that note who knows how many other times he’s done it. liberty is making the right choice for her and her kids…it’s her choice, just like it was rupert’s choice. get on with your lives

  • RupertPantsDown

    Good for Liberty! She can do much better than this creep, perving after young girls. HE ruined his family. There will always be pretty, young girls out there (not just Kristen Stewart), and he is responsible for keeping it in his pants. He wasn’t forced to have sex with anyone (the word for being sexually forced is apparently banned here).

  • RupertPantsDown

    Good for Liberty! She can do much better than this creep, perving after young girls. HE ruined his family. There will always be pretty, young girls out there (not just Kristen Stewart), and he is responsible for keeping it in his pants. He wasn’t forcefully violated.

  • aquarius64

    @RupertPantsDown: Kristen wasn’t forced either.

  • dn

    s@aquarius64: agree I just hope that Rob is not blindside it this time. god would I give to find out whatheaid to rob to convinced him to take her back. Liberty children will hate klust forever and she deserve it

  • lila

    Good for her. I’m happy that she has the strength to get away from a cheater – once a cheater, always a cheater. I wish Rob could understand this.

  • Cate

    Good for Liberty! She has made the right decision for her children and for herself. Her soon to be ex-husband is an idiot. He will be kicking himself for the rest of his life for what he has lost thanks to his stupidity. Both he and Kristen Stewart should be utterly ashamed of their actions.

  • Sarah.

    I feel so bad for Liberty and the kids. The affair was stupid and so wrong. I don’t get why Rob and Kristen are even together again. How can Rob trust her again. He deserves better and Liberty and her kids deserve much better.

  • Felix

    Liberty Ross is not stupid like other women… for example Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson, Rosetta Millington…! a cheaters don’t love you!

  • DB

    Smart move. It would have been good if Robert Patterson had kicked his partner to the curb as well.

  • poo


  • Abigail

    Never would’ve seen that coming. Surprise surprise. Cheating asshole.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Rob and Kristen seem to be a on break. From other blogs, he initiated the break.

  • yesiam

    Proud of her and the way she handle it throughout these months. She took her time, and then made the very difficult, final decision. She’s clearly not acting out of emotion, but out of deep consideration. I wish the best to her and the children.

  • EllaBlue

    Rupert is SUCH a flipping moron for quibbling over spousal support and lawyers’ fees. Does he really want Liberty’s lawyers grilling him about the extent of the Kristen Stewart affair, to put that all out there for public scrutiny? He should just give the lady what she wants. After all, he did get papped cheating and then made a statement about it to People.

  • LooseLipz

    Don’t blame Kristen for the break up….clearly Rupert didn’t value his marriage and gambled on it thinking he’d win. Cheaters are the lowest of low. Never satisfied. Liberty is a beauty, she’s still young and desirable…she’ll find a good man and father to her kids.
    By the way, children today are sadly used to divorce being more the norm than marriage. They will adapt.

  • evie

    @LooseLipz: Both are guilty. Kristen knew he was a married man.

  • Anita

    @DB: Who is Robert Patterson?

  • Wow

    Meanwhile KStew gets away with everything thanks to her delusional fans and spineless boyfriend.

  • Choices

    Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders are equally guilty. He CHOSE to sleep with another woman. K Stew CHOSE to be the other woman. Liberty CHOSE to divorce her husband. Robert Pattinson CHOSE to go back to a cheater. K Stew and Rupert Sanders CHOSE to ruin their reputations

  • Suz

    Liberty is just as disgusting for dating a man as old as her father 59

  • @Wow

    Stain didn’t get away with anything. She is unemployed. Nobody wants to be associated with her.

  • Suz

    Thinks Liberty cared about her kids, she shouldn’t be dating.

  • EllaBlue

    This argument that Kristen isn’t to blame for this is ridiculous. No, Kristen didn’t make any vows to Liberty, but she was friendly with her and had met Liberty’s children and decided to sleep with her husband anyway. This back-and-forth about who is more at fault is splitting hairs. They BOTH cheated on their partners, knowing full well that small children were involved. They are BOTH crappy, crappy people.

  • Suz

    I thought Liberty is a model and makes her own money, she is a gold digger and she set the whole cheating think up.

  • yesiam

    @LooseLipz: Funny that you say that because, after all, Kristen is ALSO a cheater.

  • aquarius64

    Another reason Kristen may be panicking? This divorce petition may finally convince Rob to pull the trigger on their relationship. Just a thought.

  • Gorda

    @DB: Rob is an idiot, who does not have a moral compass. They deserve each other. I hope this affects his career as well as hers. KSlut got off easy.

  • Deano

    @boobs: haha Kristen did it? No, i think you’ll find Rupert did it to his marriage, but go ahead and blame the girl! Lame ass!