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Alexander Skarsgard: 'Disconnect' Screening at Santa Barbara International Film Festival!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Disconnect' Screening at Santa Barbara International Film Festival!

Alexander Skarsgard is dapper while attending the screening of his upcoming film Disconnect at the The Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Thursday (January 24) in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor was joined by his co-star and Robin Thicke‘s wife Paula Patton.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Disconnect revolves around “a group of people searching for human connections in today’s wired world.”

Mark your calendars, Disconnect is out in theaters on Friday, April 12. We can’t wait!

Last weekend, Alexander was spotted at the CAA Sundance Party in Park City, Utah.

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alexander skarsgard disconnect screening at santa barbara international film festival 01
alexander skarsgard disconnect screening at santa barbara international film festival 02
alexander skarsgard disconnect screening at santa barbara international film festival 03
alexander skarsgard disconnect screening at santa barbara international film festival 04
alexander skarsgard disconnect screening at santa barbara international film festival 05

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171 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: 'Disconnect' Screening at Santa Barbara International Film Festival!”

  1. 1
    Yohji Says:

    Does she really need to be referred to as Robin Thicke’s wife?

  2. 2
    Keiko Says:


    I know, right? And I don’t personally know anyone who listens to his music (myself included), so it’s not like that’s scoring some points. Is he really that famous??

  3. 3
    ND Says:

    Did he wear this same shirt to the GQ Men of the Year awards like two or three years ago? If he did and I actually remember that plus the fact that his hair was way shorter and really cute, it’s officially okay to kill me for being so pathetic.

  4. 4
    Katty Says:

    You could park a bus on that forehead…

  5. 5
    Whycantipost Says:

    He is back to being pale again xD How can he lose his tan so fast?:O
    Love the waiter posing for the pic too xD He looks a bit like Stuart Townsend.

  6. 6
    ladybug Says:

    @Yohji: It’s rather weird/annoying/offputting/sexist phrasing, isn’t it?

    @ND: he’s been photographed with that shirt/jacket combo even farther back: 2006.

    @Whycantipost: his vacation ended the beginning of December, so not that quick. It was basically gone by the time of the holidays.

    And he does a much better drunken giraffe red carpet post than most of the women who pose like that :

  7. 7
    marce Says:

    He should gain a little wait, he is too skinny

  8. 8
    ladybug Says:

    @marce: Actually, he’s not skinny. He’s naturally lean. He has to work out to get to Eric weight. Which I’m presuming he’s at or close to since they’ve been filming for nearly three weeks. It’d be easier to tell if he took off his shirt :)

    And JJ, per the Hollywood Reporter, the date of release is now April 19, not April 12, the date that’s been on the IMDB site for awhile.

    The film will be released in select theaters by LD Entertainment on April 19.

  9. 9
    kula Says:

    keep posting skargard pics please

  10. 10
    Slinky the Cat Says:

    Is it strange that I want to crawl up his legs and snuggle? Yes, it probably is.

  11. 11
    yumyum Says:

    @Katty: I wish I could park myself on that forehead.

  12. 12
    Strange Says:

    That man never has a bad picture moment . Totally hot in every shape ,form or fashion .

  13. 13
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: Maybe between the 2 of us we can esp that to him and from now on in every photo he will spontaniously strip off his shirt….sounds like a great plan to me!!!

  14. 14
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: I’m on board with that plan!

    Here’s a shot from Sundance, note that his arm appears to be nicely muscled, not skinny:

  15. 15
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: Damn!! You made want to crawl in the screen!! Computer is going to short circut with the drooling..LOL!

  16. 16
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: I’d say ‘sorry’, but I’m not! :)

    Perhaps you need some sort of drool guard for your computing devices?

    Sad thing is, after a week of all these photos and interviews we probably won’t see him again for a month.

  17. 17
    Lawrence Says:

    Hello Mr. Hot stuff!.

  18. 18
    christie Says:

    he’s been working alot lately – needs a vacation somewhere with a beach & lots of sun – now those are pics i’d like to see; )

  19. 19
    ladybug Says:

    @christie: Being serious, he just did that, he had a well-deserved three months off after finishing The Hidden, so really only been working since the beginning of January.

  20. 20
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: for some reason he doesn’t strike me as the hanging on the beach type like fellow co star Joe. Maybe cuz we’ve never seen it?

  21. 21
    Rina Says:

    Alex looks good. It’s nice to see him at these film festivals promoting his projects and sharing them with the fans. I can’t wait to see both The East and Disconnect at my local theater.

  22. 22
    Iris Says:

    Alex looks tired, but I’d still hit it. Paula looks very pretty. The Moët guy looks like a hobbit.

  23. 23
    Samantha Patterson Says:

    @chelle: I think he’s said before in an interview that if they had to put on enough body makeup to not only make him vampire-pale but also cover a tan, it wouldn’t look good, especially when filming in hi-def, so he tries to stay out of the sun while filming TB. Joe’s character doesn’t have that issue, in fact I would think the more “outdoorsy” a werewolf could look, the better.

  24. 24
    Cafélady Says:

    @ladybug: #7 I think, it depends on it what he is wearing, whether he looks a bit skinnier or not. But at that time shortly after the ‘The Hidden’ project, had he actually lost weight there – and was a bit skinnier than usual. And even in this shirt that he wore in this pic (thanks for the link); one can see that he actually is very muscular. You can see that at his arms. Personally I like this more than a too bulky look.

    As for the shirt/jacket combo: I also remember that he wore this already, years ago. I love this fact, that he apparently has favorite pieces who he likes to wear for a few years and wear them again from time to time – especially if one knows that he obviously has a bit money to spend now. Soo likeable and down-to-earth!!

  25. 25
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: Oh, I’m pretty sure he’ll hang out at the beach on occasion, we just don’t see those pics, I think there was one pic from two years ago from the group trip to Mexico with the ex. Which conveniently showed up in US Weekly.

    And I’m sure he hung out at the beach while in Antigua, though if there were any photos taken no fansite/Tumblr site posted them.

    @Cafélady, I think there are two reasons for the ‘he’s too skinny’ stuff I see on occasion. One, it’s possible people are basing that on how he looks for Eric, and especially S2 Eric, which was also the year he bulked up for Straw Dogs. That’s not his normal ‘real life’ look, he’s muscular but lean when he’s not working out for a role.
    Plus, as you wrote, depending on what he’s wearing, and what angle he’s photographed he may look skinnier but not be actually skinny.

  26. 26
    Cafélady Says:

    bb!skars – this is from 2003? To me he looks more like 20 here or even younger…LoL…;)…at least not like 27…

  27. 27
    ew Says:

    @Katty: and on those horrible womanly wide hips

  28. 28
    lu Says:

    his cheeks are melting

  29. 29
    Mama-Gina Says:

    He’s just as hot as his father. But he knows how to please women, and he uses the best gifts from Athena-Toys-Dot-com

  30. 30
    Bulk Says:


    No, He filmed Gen Kill BEFORE True Blood even started filming, he was slimming down from it however when he began.

  31. 31
    fyathyrio Says:

    @Bulk: She mentioned STRAW DOGS not GENERATION KILL. He filmed SD in between seasons of TRUE BLOOD and was bulked up for his role as Charlie.

    *BTW I have been unplugged and offline for a month and really enjoyed catching up with the post today. For all those who don’t like his forehead, the family trait of eye bags, his child bearing hips{LMAO at that one cause I consider them Child Producing hips}, or his sagging face, just forget about him and spend some time on something or someone you do like. That way there is more positive things those of us who like him can focus on. His talent for instance.

  32. 32
    mforman Says:

    With each new photo we get he just looks more gorgeous and delicious than the last time, if that is even possible.
    The fact that he wears things more than once just adds to his many amazing qualities and shows us how geniue and humble he is; he has favorites and likes wearing them, he isn’t buying into the HW way of disposing of clothes becasue the New Year has arrived.
    I am so glad he got to attend this fesitival as well and promote this film, what a year this is going to be for AS fans, I cannot wait for the premieres, way too exciting, it is about time we get to enjoy his acting in so many different roles and films.
    Yeah, to us the AS fans.

  33. 33
    ladybug Says:

    @Bulk: fyathyrio is correct, I referred to S2 Eric and SD, not GK. That would make it 2009, not 2007, which was when GK was filmed.

    He was nicely muscled in GK, but I don’t think he really lost much of the bulk for S1:

  34. 34
    ladybug Says:

    And here he is in S1, looking pretty bulky:

  35. 35
    Party sighting Says:

    Possible alex party sighting

    Alex spotted by several people (twitter/Instagram) saturday night at Moby’s home in Hollywood other a listers were there.

  36. 36
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: OK you are seriously killing me! Hubby is away this weekend with his buddies and you are killing me with Skars porn! Not nice…Not nice at all…LOL!

  37. 37
    Cafélady Says:

    @ladybug: *sigh* …I was moderated yesterday – for whatever…I have no clue why, because I haven’t written something suggestively…(?!?*looks confused*). But I should’ve been warned, as Canuck recently told that she also again was moderated…for whatever…

    I answered on your post #23 and basically I said; as you wrote, yes he is muscular but lean. And that I don’t prefer men with a bulky body – less is more. I think, he has a good figure now, and isn’t too skinny.
    But the pic you showed in your comment #31; sorry, but I don’t think that this is from S1 – because the pic seems to be from a scene which he had with Jessica as a newbie (shortly after she was turned). That was -if I remember correct- in S2 not S1. In that scene with Bill and Jess (they were in Eric’s office) he wore still the long-haired wig.

  38. 38
    Cafélady Says:

    @ladybug: And I also said in my moderated post, that I’ve thought as I watched S3, that his body (especially the shoulder/arm area) looks here (in S3) a bit less bulky than in S2.

    @fyathyrio: #32 “For all those who don’t like his forehead, the family trait of eye bags, his child bearing hips{LMAO at that one cause I consider them Child Producing hips},….”

    Child Producing hips?? LoL I like this one. ;)) I never heard that before, that a man’s hips would be named as child bearing hips (or alternative: child producing hips)…LoL That phrase is usually for the woman, I thought – who haven’t a size zero figure, respectively who have a normal figure….:) …I should search for pics again, where one also can see this, just to check out this allegation…(*looks brooding*)…LoL ;))

    But aside of it, I agree completely with that what you’ve said.

  39. 39
    ladybug Says:

    @Cafélady: Nope, that’s S1, the wig only lasted a few minutes in S2, and was covered in foil. And then blood.
    It’s from To Love Is To Bury, episode 11.

    I think they have ‘de-bulked’ Eric, he’s still muscular, but not bulky.

    And these do not look like child bearing hips to me:

  40. 40
    Cafélady Says:

    @ladybug: Oh dear…dirt and ashes over me!! LoL ;) I guess, it’s time for a new watching of the entire TB season-episodes…now, where S5 is over (also in G). But I really thought it was from S2….but I believe you’re right. Like I said; I should watch the seasons once again in chronological order. Gave me a good reason! :)

    As for the pic: …no it doesn’t look like child bearing hips…definetely not. It looks… just hot. ;)) Child bearing hips or not…who cares, at this view??….

  41. 41
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: Thanks alot!!! now I am offically in a coma

  42. 42
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: Hah!

    Here’s the start of S5:

    I’d say slightly less bulky than S1.

  43. 43
    Macy Says:

    I’m glad he’s at the film festival. I’m also glad he wears the same outfits and doesn’t just wear something once and gets rid of it. That’s less pretentious I think.

  44. 44
    ladybug Says:

    And here he is hip-popping his child bearing hips in NYC:

  45. 45
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: If people think that’s birthing hips….wow! Now in my family, when a female has a child talk about getting birthing hipsand boobs get bigger which is 2 thing s I definately want to avoid!

    BTW thanks for that pic on # 39…to fine!!

  46. 46
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: I think our troll is lacking a grasp of basic anatomy, eyesight, colloquialisms, and well, sanity.

  47. 47
    naomy Says:

    Beautiful sagging scrotums and cheeks, creepy watery beady rat eyes and child bearing hips, beautiful. Oh and let’s not forget the forehead. Yes this man is hot.

  48. 48
    liz Says:

    @naomy: well, to be fair he doesn’t photograph well, but he’s beautiful in motion.

  49. 49
    naomy Says:

    @liz: Nah, he IS a pear shape no one can deny that. and has a questionable face. He’s tall and blond I give you that.

  50. 50
    naomy Says:

    Aaaand his head is too small, odd proportions everywhere

  51. 51
    Cadulech Says:

    and still he is the most handsome man ever alive.His imperfections makes him be perfect.

  52. 52
    East Says:

    Most of time his pics are flawless and he photographs well.

    @naomy Is he is perfect? No! But he sure is a VERY HANDSOME MAN. Sorry you can’t see that, you must be a f*** beautiful douchebag though. NOT!

  53. 53
    lmao Says:

    proof of his “child bearing hips” omg rhis discussion has me cackling

  54. 54
    naomy Says:

    @East: I’m just very observant and well I’m sorry but beauty is about proportions, Leonardo da Vinci anyone?

  55. 55
    Cadulech Says:

    beauty is about the heart and the soul the rest is just extra.Who cares if he is not perfect as long as he is a sweet and an adorable man.That he is blonde,tall and with blue eyes is a plus also… you are?

  56. 56
    naomy Says:

    @Cadulech: And how can you tell his heart and soul from pictures? I am, yes I am so do you.

  57. 57
    Cadulech Says:

    You didn’t answer me well,you are human.You are not perfect,god didn’t made anyone perfect.I am not perfect,i have eyes circles,big ears and bad teeth still i am not feeling bad because i have other stuff that make me perfect: i am thin,i never had any skin problem,etc.
    And that is the problem,you can’t say anything bad from a person because you haven’t meet him yet!

  58. 58
    ory Says:

    But can we talk about how short his nails are, it pains me to look at them

  59. 59
    chelle Says:

    @lmao: wow if THAT is considered birthing hips then the entire female population is in BIG TROUBLE!

  60. 60
    naomy Says:

    @Cadulech: Exactly, but I can see his pictures and I can talk about aesthetics, I have not said he’s a douche or anything like that because I don’t know him. BYE

  61. 61
    ladybug Says:

    @Cadulech: Please ignore the troll and instead refocus on the subject at hand:

  62. 62
    Cadulech Says:

    No that is right,you didn’t called him douche,but you laugh at the fact of him not be perfect.

  63. 63
    kirsten Says:

    @ladybug: But ladybug you’re gonna feel so lonely and…ignored.
    And shut up jealous twats, this beetch is hot no matter what

  64. 64
    meh Says:

    @ladybug: he should wear that all the time, it hides his ugly hips

  65. 65
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: It is officially the full moon now, and it’ s showing.

  66. 66
    ladybug Says:

    It’s a full moon tonight, can’t you tell? :)

  67. 67
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: It’s a full moon tonight, can you tell? :)

  68. 68
    hisboyfriend Says:

    @ory: he keeps them like that so he can finger dudes

  69. 69
    Cadulech Says:

    I just thank god Alex doesn’t like read comments and his real fans are there to support him,

  70. 70
    OMG!!!!!!!!!1 Says:

    Some pics surfaced of Alex in a music store in LA and hs looking at movies in the “Gay Cinema” section. Now it has me wondering……

  71. 71
    Idiot Says:

    God are you slow or something? You can see that he wasn’t looking there dimwit it was behind him he was looking at the classic movies and music Get your eyes check.

  72. 72
    Macy Says:

    I’ve been trying to post for over two damn days on this site and everything gets kicked out. JJ get your moderation matrix fixed. Jeez!

  73. 73
    Stacy Says:


  74. 74
    Stacy Says:

    Ok, it worked…finally! – This is Macy, for some reason I can’t post under my name so I changed it to see if it would work.

  75. 75
    Stacy Says:

    I’ve been trying to get a post through for like 3 days but none of them have shown up. Sigh!

  76. 76
    Cafélady Says:

    @ladybug: “It’s a full moon tonight, can you tell? :)”

    Wow…Full Moon or not – I name this a Freaky Troll day!! LoL :)

    Somehow ironic, that as soon as we talk about his sexy look, all the jealous men crawl out of their caves (where ever they are) and spew their venom under faked nicknames…what should pretend, that they would be allegedly female…;)

    “beauty is about proportion” *snorts*…so THEIR reality-figure of the trolls I would like to see…or wait…if I bethink this twice…then very probable better not…;) I have the feeling that I would regret this very much – then to see all these beer-belly’s etc…

  77. 77
    cute Says:

    He was at the Criterion Collection section, comedy section and some old movies section … If you want to write something, write the truth :)

  78. 78
    Cadulech Says:

    You are right cute,the gay cinema on the picture looked as if was in front and not in the same one he was in,One can see it clearly….the one very clear was that he was in the section of directors.

  79. 79
    Lisa Says:

    @OMG!!!!!!!!!1: Dis homo

  80. 80
    Itsbritneybetch Says:

    If he hangs with Kenneth the page then why the f he can’t watch gay cinema. Relax people

  81. 81
    Cadulech Says:

    HE IS HIS FRIEND! and no,he doesn’t watch gay cinema

  82. 82
    Itsbritneybetch Says:

    @Cadulech: I think the only one who knows whether he watches gay cinema or not is himself lol, and duh of course Kenneth is his friend

  83. 83
    Cadulech Says:

    How old are you? i am wondering because you sound very inmature.

  84. 84
    Itsbritneybetch Says:

    @Cadulech: Why so you attack me instead of making a point in your argument? That is not mature at all

  85. 85
    Maggie110 Says:

    I think he is wonderfully hot regardless of said “birthing hips” (not convinced sorry). I love the bags under his eyes (probably because I too have dark bags naturally under my eyes), crooked nose, etc. I think it makes him more human…which in turn makes him even hotter! I also love that he wears his favorite clothes over and over (by the way, I noticed too!) Maybe he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think he’s hands down the hottest! :)

  86. 86
    Cadulech Says:

    Write “duh” wasn’t very mature that why i did,i didn’t tried made a point because of that.

  87. 87
    Itsbritneybetch Says:

    Let me phrase this more clearly, the guy is gay friendly, if he were in the gay cinema section would that be shocking? No would that mean he’s gay? Who cares

  88. 88
    Cadulech Says:

    Seems cares to you and you try so hard to say that he is gay,while no picture show him watching in the gay section.

  89. 89
    Itsbritneybetch Says:

    @Cadulech: we’re on a gossip forum, chill

  90. 90
    Jesus effing christ Says:

    @Cadulech: you’re actors and normal people right?

  91. 91
    Cadulech Says:

    @Jesus effing christ:
    How you know that? LOL yes i am sorry didn’t say anything but nasty people likes keep coming.I changed it because i could stay like that as “actors and normal people”,Needed a nickname forever

  92. 92
    OMGGGGGG Says:

    Alexander Jolmar Skarsgard Ikea, you stay away from gay cinema Mr. or the fat fungurls will get you

  93. 93
    am I blind too Says:

    I saw the stalkerish pics, an at some point, he IS in the gay section

  94. 94
    Cadulech Says:

    @am I blind too:
    He is not,the gay section is behind him and yes,the pictures are very creepy and very stalkerish.

  95. 95
    am I blind too Says:

    @Cadulech: it’s just above the shelf section he’s looking at, look at the ceiling

  96. 96
    uh Says:

    @am I blind too: well he’s wearing a hat, he’s incognito, let him be

  97. 97
    Cadulech Says:

    @am I blind too:
    I know the ceiling is behind him,he is not in the gay section.
    @ uh: he always wears the same one,is nothing new.

  98. 98
    am I blind too Says:

    the next sign, the one behind the gay one, seems to be in the next section, IDK man

  99. 99
    Cadulech Says:

    @am I blind too:
    What next? is all behind,see it well.He was never in the section.

  100. 100
    Cadulech Says:
    If you mean this one,is not next of him but as in front of him (sorry is just his position didn’t made it clear,sometimes is behind other in front.Still not in the same one).

  101. 101
    Idiot Says:

    @am I blind too:
    Do you drool over your keyboard when you type? Or does someone wipes the saliva from your mouth?Obviously you are slow and need guidance and changing your poser name doesn’t make you smart either.Slowlock!
    @Cadulech stop arguing with this slow trolls who needs sunlight and real friends. They are looking for companion don’t give it to them. They (by they I mean the sad loser with no friends who has to change names to have someone to talk too) are just starting trouble. They think Alex is as thick as they are, if this dude was into gay porn he can more than order it online not go in broad daylight to a dvd store on SUNBLVD. You dimwit. As I said let it play with it self like it always does slow lonely Idiot.

  102. 102
    Cadulech Says:

    Yes you make a good point there,if Alex wish a gay porn cinema he would do it online and not in the light when everybody can see him.He knows he is always in the spotlight,there is a video that he made saying that in LA he is always pap and that even his mother in Sweden knows about the pictures that paps take about him.

  103. 103
    Idiot Says:

    Yes, alot of people think just because Alex is nice and Swedish means he is stupid or slow or doesn’t know he is being talked about, followed etc…Pay it no attention it will get frustration and find some other stupid sh*t somewhere else to get it excited or maybe it is ordering Gay cinema online for itself. Misery loves company. Sad people are sad.

  104. 104
    lena Says:

    @Idiot: Wow, talk about being offensive, how whisky tango of you

  105. 105
    ladybug Says:

    @Stacy: Not being able to post, going into moderation, then those comments posting, JJ’s system is seriously out of whack.

    @Cafélady: I see the troll has hijacked the thread again.

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

  106. 106
    ladypig Says:

    angry fat fangurls in denial, you are fabulous Alex!

  107. 107
    Idiot Says:

    change your name again I see. How slow of you. It’s offensive that everytime I come here without fail there is he is gay or he has gay friends, he is too, look he is in a store where there is gay stuff or gay this, OMG he is standing near the gay sign must have bought something. If he is or isn’t an issue but it is offensive for people behind screens to come and just say whatever just because no one can see them. At least I am open about it and I stand by what I said.

  108. 108
    ladypig Says:

    @ladypig: He looks like a lesbian with “child bearing hips”

  109. 109
    ladypig Says:

    @Idiot: Hookah learn some fudging grammar, retards tend to recognize each other I see

  110. 110
    ladypig Says:

    @Idiot: Yeah he likes doing gay sh*t all the time

  111. 111
    Cadulech Says:

    Don’t worry,many surprises will come to them the day he stop be very busy and find the GF of his dreams (not the one from tabloids but from his choice) and start making a family.That would be the end of the dreams of trolls and their gay stories because believe that day will come and there is nothing to stop it.

  112. 112
    Idiot Says:

    I sure you mom’s night **** is over don’t confuse me with her chile, just like your name I am sure you are never hungry. Don’t forget that oreo under your supersize seat and bucket of ice cream on your lap and your Alex HQ picture in it’s gold frame.LOL this idiot. Prime example when you have no friends you start fights online your hookah mom must be real proud of you.

  113. 113
    ladypig Says:

    Hookah please write that again, are you dyslexic hun? or just plain retarded?

  114. 114
    Idiot Says:

    It doesn’t matter what he does the point is these people are sad and lonely and they project their anger on him. so if he happy with either or what doesn’t mattter they will have some sh8t to say about whatever.

  115. 115
    Idiotisindeedanidiot Says:

    even yuku is better than JJ, ALL you people are crazy

  116. 116
    Idiot Says:

    you must feel so smart right about now. Don’t you? slow clap for yourself. just keep changing names and keep taking sh8t.

  117. 117
    Cadulech Says:

    Haters always will be haters,sadly there is not an option here on JJ to block them as would be so amazing.Also would be amazing see their faces,probably they are fat little inmature girls or jealous fat man.

  118. 118
    Idiotisindeedanidiot Says:

    I’m a fat 70 year old woman, just like ladycrap

  119. 119
    mforman Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just stop already, with these horrible, nasty, and cruel comments you posters are making about AS, there is no way you can be fans of his if these are the things you feel you need to post.
    AS is not only extremely talented but he is one of the most gorgeous actors that HW has seen in a long time.
    The worst part is that JJ is moderating comments that are harmless, but lets these go through, JJ’s system is very messed up.
    In the comment that JJ moderated and then was deleted I had written that I thought it was amazing the he wears things more then once. AS isn’t the typical HW actor that wears something once and then gets rid of it. He has his favorites and enjoys wearing them, it is just one more thing that his true fans appreciate and admire.
    This is going to be an amazing year for AS, I cannot wait for all the new movies to come out so I can go see them. All the reviews I have read have been very positive.
    This is going to be a great year for not only AS but for his loyal fans.
    I have to say one of the best things about all he has done this year is that each and every role is so different and interesting and that is what makes him the talented actor he is.

  120. 120
    deedee Says:

    He looks like a corpse

  121. 121
    mforman Says:

    I get thumbs down and quite a few for that matter because as a fan I talk about AS and not stupid, ridiculous rumors, how sad, how very sad.
    I really just do not know why you stans/trolls come on here just to say such vile and nasty things.
    It truly doesn’t make sense.
    The only good thing is that I know his true fans out weigh you guys.

  122. 122
    yesgaysection Says:

    this guy could be bending a guy in a pic and you’d say it is not what it looks like

  123. 123
    Cadulech Says:

    Leave them,don’t get stress yourself for some thumbs.Also this are of the things JJ has to change,it was nice when thumbs went gone.Why appear back? i have no idea.

  124. 124
    Cadulech Says:

    What do you care about Alex? serious,Why too much care for him be gay?

  125. 125
    Cadulech Says:

    I think those who ask for Alex be gay:
    1) Are gay
    2) They are jealous of him

  126. 126
    Macy Says:

    Wow, weird comments lately. Anyway, I hope this works. I emailed JJ about some of the moderation issues people have been having. They said they are trying to fix some problems with the servers.

  127. 127
    2some Says:

    You would like that wouldn’t you?

  128. 128
    Macy Says:

    Ok, looks like they fixed things. Man, I’ve been trying to post for like 2.5 days. Sheesh!

  129. 129
    yesgaysection Says:

    @Cadulech: They are gay and evil, next thing we’ll know they will be marrying

  130. 130
    hitler Says:

    hand me those homos

  131. 131
    Batshlt Says:

    SERIOUSLY do you trolls just lurk on the net and just wait for something anything and then go nuts. It been almost 3 years with this Ted gay shsh and i have seen nothing to say that hè is except for troll waiting to go batshsh crazy on all his threads

  132. 132
    Ted Says:

    @Batshlt: Y’all are lucky that Ted got fired after exposing Jeremy Renner, now Nelly Fang will never be revealed.

  133. 133
    mforman Says:

    Hi Guys, My comment #31 that was posted on 1/27, but was in moderation and then disappeared is finally back, I cannot believe it.

  134. 134
    Batshlt Says:


    Stop trolling dude, stop changing names too. Ted didn’t know **** FACT

  135. 135
    Hitler Says:

    @Batshlt: You want a proof, just watch any interview Askars does

  136. 136
    Batshlt Says:

    I believe nothing you have to say H

  137. 137
    Hitler Says:

    @Batshlt: I’m coming after you Shoshana

  138. 138
    chelle Says:

    my husband was effing me

  139. 139
    Cadulech Says:

    And you keep caring about Alex.I think the only evil and gay is you.

  140. 140
    Cadulech Says:

    Serious,something has to stop here.Is sad come here and read this creepy comments that most are of very inmature,gay,jealous fat people.

  141. 141
    chelle Says:

    shut up Eva, I know it’s you

  142. 142
    chelle Says:

    @Cadulech: ew gays

  143. 143
    chelle Says:

    @Cadulech: I see themgays at the hospital all the time, bringing disease and decadence

  144. 144
    Cadulech Says:

    I can see them be more like this:
    When comes to male trolls.

  145. 145
    Macy Says:

    WTF is happening on this thread? Psycho! Good grief!

  146. 146
    Cadulech Says:

    and female trolls like this: both ew images in my head.
    Well see the images i have of trolls in my head,i don’t expect well comments.

  147. 147
    tina Says:

    @Macy: cadulech should shut up, it gives me second hand embarrassment

  148. 148
    fyathyrio Says:

    This not funny anymore. Let it go people. Stop name stealing and carrying on personal vendettas here. I don’t care if he is gay. bi. or straight. I come here to find news about him and share admiration with his fans. I definitely see older posters style of voice being used here. I no longer go to the ex’s post because of the same type of behavior. Let show some love here there is too much hate in this world.

  149. 149
    Cadulech Says:

    That is their problem,there is so much hate in them.And keep insulting other fans.Right tina? i don’t care about trolls (insulting them is something i don’t mind,they talk bad things about Alex and that is enough for me for dislike them) but you don’t come and insult other fans.

  150. 150
    ohyeah Says:

    @fyathyrio: yeah, let’s go back to the topic. So Alex face looks like melted wax with an ugly wig and depilated balls under his eyes, i love him

  151. 151
    Canuck Says:

    Wow, who let the nutjob troll in?

    Let me see… His film at Sundance got great reviews and lots of positive coverage. His former girlfriend’s film, also at Sundance got none. We get a troll invasion.

    Sorry troll, talking the guy down isn’t going to make his ex-girlfriend any better at her job. Maybe you should concentrate on talking her up instead. It’s not as if he magically removed her acting skills, her career was in the dumps well before he came along.

  152. 152
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: Now if they could do something about the trolls.

    @Cadulech: the thumbs systems is the only way that JJ has to control the trolls, Hence, better to have it than to not have.
    And please, stop engaging them. They’re like two year olds having a screaming fit, let them go in the corner and get it out of their system, playing with them makes them worse. It’s not as if you can reason with them.
    151 plus comments and most of it is trolls or direct engagement with them. What’s the point?

    @Canuck, I don’t think it’s entirely related to that, though. We go through bad infestations like this every so often, I think some of it is just people who troll the site, all of the site.
    Which goes back to how JJ runs his site. He could very easily control this. He apparently doesn’t want to. Why he doesn’t, I don’t know.

  153. 153
    Canuck Says:

    @ladybug: Hits are money…

  154. 154
    ladybug Says:

    @Canuck: True, but I suspect most of the page views are lurkers anyway, not regular commenters. I don’t think the trolls are really that numerous in number, they just appear to be.

    JJ could at least try, just to be different.

  155. 155
    mforman Says:

    @fyathyrio–(#148)—-I agree with your comment. I too come on here to read the latest news about him and see some great photos, but the best part is all the real fans sharing the links that they have, that give us more videos and photos and just talking about our different points of views about him. I don’t come on here for this nonesense.
    @ladybug is also right JJ could control this, but he doesn’t and I would also love to know why. JJ isn’t a small operation anymore, it is no longer just him and his brother. JJ needs to read his own rules for behavior and put a stop to the majority of these cruel, nasty and just plain mean comments.
    I mean really almost all of these comments that have been posted are by the ususal trolls, using different names, and for some reason they have been alllowed to just take over the post.
    No matter what they say this is going to be an amazing year for AS. His films are getting positive reviews, and he looks better than ever, nobody can take that away.

  156. 156
    Itsbritneybetch Says:

    Shut up bitter hoes

  157. 157
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: And for any troll who’s going to whine about their freedom of speech being violated if they get moderated, it’s a privately owned site, you’re subject to the terms of use of the site owner. Lucky for the trolls, JJ doesn’t enforce his own terms of use.

    And Alex will be part of another CK ad campaign:

  158. 158
    Cadulech Says:

    Maybe would be good to remind JJ about it,as keeps in their page


    This Site makes available chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups to its users (“Public Forum(s)”). You shall not upload to, or distribute or otherwise publish through a Public Forum any content which is libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, sexually explicit, abusive or which otherwise violates any law, rule or regulation. Please use your best judgment and be respectful of other individuals using the Public Forums. You agree not to use vulgar, abusive or hateful language.

  159. 159
    Itsbritneybetch Says:

    Fack off

  160. 160
    Cafélady Says:

    @ladybug: Boah….that shows again HOW rational the human species is…(Ironic on). But it’s impossible that this (troll party) is reasoned only in the last full moon night…this nonsense is partly that pretty sh*tty – it also must have to do something with any new but crazy drug or something..;) I’m not up to date with this – because I don’t use chemical junk. But it seems as could this be very possible. And it can’t be something what you would smoke as a cigarette – this sh*t makes usually happy and peaceful…;))…but not nasty and hateful.

    But I also think, that Canuck isn’t completely wrong with her comment #151 – because always when Alex has obviously a few successes things again, than promptly we have also an Invasion of some of these fanatic people who obviously are the votary of a certain person…it’s always again surprisingly to see how much hate people can cultivate…

    And the rest are just full time trolls. LoL

    @mforman: I totally agree with what you’ve said about Alex, his talent and his upcoming projects/movies.

    I also was several times a “victim” of this inadequate moderating system of JJ.
    I was a few times moderated for “nothing” which means; a few of my comments were moderated, even though I hadn’t said something nasty or cruel – respectively couldn’t post for a while. And then we regulars have to see this troll invasion…LoL…JJ could control this, but I guess this brings other problems (and more work) with it for him. But this presently system (only special words are on the index – which leads to it, that the comment will not be posted) is not enough. Often enough a comment is moderated because he contains special words – but in the context one can see it’s just harmless (as you already said).

    But whatever – back to the important things. :) I also can’t wait to see Alex’s new movies.

  161. 161
    Cafélady Says:

    I was referring, of course, on canucks comment #156…:)

  162. 162
    Yourmom Says:

    @Cafélady: he’s Eric northman, and nothing else don’t be delusional, the guy has no talent

  163. 163
    Fan encounter Says:

    It’s about time we got some negative side to Alex not always the oh he is always lovely gracious , smily, happy guy he is only human after all probably had an off day though

    Fan met met Alex but it wasn’t very pleasant.

    sad day

    met alexander skarsgard yesterday at work only to find out he is not a very nice person. he was actually quite rude. now im sad cause i used to like him. :/

    he drove a sick ass car though. but it still didn’t make up for his ******* tendencies.
    #true blood #celeb #meany head


  164. 164
    Nice Says:

    Regular people have bad days too but no one post it on JJ. He is after all human not only a celebrity. He is nice, sweet guy end of story.

  165. 165
    It's called being human Says:

    Not buying the bit he was rude, with all fan story’s nothing but praise and patience , more like never had time to stop and chat and why would he does Alex know the person NO ? does he always have to talk to everyone on the street like he is at some event , meet and greet fans NO
    Alex is a busy man better places to be and people to see not chin wag with some stranger.

  166. 166
    Disney Villainess Says:

    Ignoring all the weirdness in this thread……..

    @It’s called being human: Agreed.

    I have to say I have been really impressed by Skars lately. He’s starting to voice his opinions a little more, e.g. gun control laws, and in general he’s staring to become, in my eyes, less of a fake, rehearsed person in that he’s starting to not take a lot of sh*t from folk and showing more of his true colors. I, in some ways hope that this story is true because some people like to think that just because they’re a fan they can somehow bombard themselves into an actor’s space like they’re entitled or something(not saying this was the situation but that dude that tweeted that mess does sound bit like a disposable d*uche). Dude ain’t got to be nice to folks asses and cater to them all the damn time (it’s just not normal and kind of creepy and fake, IMO) especially when they’re being plain disrespectful. Let’s be real, this is the same gentle ass giant that will literally stand there and sign autographs to the very end, give the guy a break. I will say though that “#meany head” gave me a chuckle….#KANYESHRUG

  167. 167
    Canuck Says:

    @Fan encounter: Probably stole his parking spot ;)

    By the way, that tumblr account has some NSFW photos on it.

  168. 168
    saw not met Says:

    that guy didn’t even speak to Alex though.

  169. 169
    ladybug Says:

    @Disney Villainess: If you read the rest of the comments/questions on the blog it appears that this person met Alex at Comic-Con and thought he was very nice.
    So I think some of the ‘he’s a meany’ comes from having met him before and yes, the possible belief that Alex might recognize him from that. Plus the bizarre notion that celebs are always supposed to be perfectly cheerful even when they’re not working.
    If this were a consistent thing, I’d be worried.
    Regarding the gun control stuff, hopefully he will be less ‘manufactured’ in interviews. Bless him, I know he’s got his pat answers, and a lot depends on the quality of the interviewer, but I suspect there are a lot more opinions there, especially political, than he lets out.

    And the CK ad campaign that features Alex is in the March (HW Issue) of Vanity Fair:

  170. 170
    Cafélady Says:

    @ladybug: We had this already several times, that people try to show him once in a bad light. Of course, celebs are also only human beings – but somehow I doubt that this is happened like this “Fan Encounter” wrote. Or there is a true core, but this “fan” didn’t told the whole story. Often enough show some people a behave which one only can call just worse, but expect than in return a respectful behave of the other, no matter how they behave themselves.

    However – what’s up with this mentioned statement regarding gun control topic?? I fear I’ve missed this one somehow. Where (in what interview) talked he about this?

  171. 171
    ladybug Says:

    @Cafélady: Two weeks ago at Sundance Ellen and Alex talked a bit about our Second Amendment:

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