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Adam Levine: Shirtless 'SNL' Monologue with Cameron Diaz!

Adam Levine: Shirtless 'SNL' Monologue with Cameron Diaz!

Adam Levine shows off his abs and multiple tattoos while delivering his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live on Saturday (January 26) in New York City.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 front man was joined by Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld who all claimed they wanted to coach him on his hosting — an obvious spoof on The Voice.

Later that night, Adam and his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo were spotted heading to the after-party with musical guest Kendrick Lamar.

Check out Adam‘s shirtless opening monologue below!

Adam Levine – SNL Monologue
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107 Responses to “Adam Levine: Shirtless 'SNL' Monologue with Cameron Diaz!”

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  1. 51
    martha Says:

    Blather on!!! I thought I was the first one to discuss the possibility of cheating.. I wasn’t there so I don’t know for sure…guessing Adam’s endless entourage might know the truth. I don’t think Adam hates all. In fact…my friend’s friend does makeup for some shoots and overheard a conversation that sounded like Adam ….,.

  2. 52
    Christina Says:

    @martha: I don’t think Adam hates Anne either.

    @Unknown: I have mentioned the fact that adam may of cheated on anne with behati or whatever, but I’m sorry that I didn’t cite you for it because that is where I got the information from so I’m truly sorry for that, as a professional writer I should have known better. I also agree that I doubt she is pregnant because he would be the type to (even though he doesn’t want a family now) make that baby his life and first priority. I also agree that their relationship is nearing the end, I think Adam is using her for the time being until his tour and show gets kicked off and he has less time on his hands for that.

  3. 53
    Jessica Says:

    Plus I think Adam would steer Bee toward having an abortion. He’s not going to want a kid with her.

  4. 54
    Jessica Says:

    @Unknown: If you really knew as much as you claim to know, then you wouldn’t be posting about it on JJ or anywhere else on the Internet. You’d keep that information to yourself.

    The “information” that you, Z, and the Mermaids all share is pretty much common knowledge. Neither one of you have the advantage, so bugger off.

  5. 55
    facts Says:

    What does it matter who stated what first. This isn’t a competition or is it??? Im new on this site and haven’t read every post there is about Adam so idk who stated what first. But I am completely turned off by @unknown haughtyness.

  6. 56
    Daniel Says:

    @Unknown – if you know so much than why not explain things not like someone’s gonna know who you are. You leave everything unexplained. We all know pretty much what you tell us here…we can figure it all out from the photos so it’s nothing really exclusive. You said the same things about Anne as you are saying about Behati…please come up with true stories. If you don’t know anything than please keep quiet!

  7. 57
    facts Says:

    Im just curious Behati was spending time with Adams fav cousin Lucy or (monolucy) is her name on instagram today. People keep saying that Adam and behati relationship isn’t serious, then why have the girl spending time with family???

  8. 58
    KSB Says:

    @facts I wonder the same thing. I just want to get inside of Adam head to know what he is thinking. I agree with everyone else I don’t see the relationship going places but WHY have the girl spending time with your family if your gonna dump her. Whenever that is

  9. 59
    KSB Says:

    EVERYONE CAN BREATHE behati posted a pic of her having a beer on instagram. I would hope she isn’t stupid enough to drink if she (WAS) preggers.

  10. 60
    Jessica Says:

    I’m curious as to why people spend so much time stalking these people on Twitter and on Instagram.

    You all realize that those are only BRIEF glimpses into a person’s life, right?

  11. 61
    KSB Says:

    @Jessica maybe for the same reason your stalking this post. BECAUSE YOU CARE. Next time be direct with who your talking to like I just did.

  12. 62
    facts Says:

    Wow, enough can’t we all just get along? Like really is it that serious. This is a public forum for people to post or talk about whatever we want.Especially Adam and Behati If you don’t like what is posted here why keep coming back to see what is being said. Just leave if it upsets you that much.

  13. 63
    KSB Says:

    @Facts I agree. This forum is starting to give me bad vibes. One minute everyone is cool with giving opinions the next if they don’t agree with you your a stalker or a hater. WHO CARES like Adam said I will never censor my opinion for anyone but I expect to be respected, you may not agree but don’t start bashing people because you feel some type of way. Get out your feelings.

  14. 64
    Jessica Says:

    Giving opinions is one thing, but using social media to back up your opinions about people’s relationships is probably not the best idea.

    Many people already left this forum because of the moderating anyway.

  15. 65
    Aimee Says:

    The only thing I’m curious about is why there seemed to be a media storm when Adam and Anne were dating and barely anything now that he is with Behati. I don’t think even Adam could have a strong enough publicist to block the media from being in his face with cameras. Adam and Behati have both been together for a lot of time now and yet there is no big to do about the two of them. Someone pointed out on here that some are going from saying girlfriend to that of rumored girlfriend. The whole thing just seems a tad strange. You’d think he’d want people to know who’s on his arm but then again none of us know the whole story about what’s truly going on behind closed doors.

  16. 66
    Emily Says:

    @Jessica I can understand where you were going with your point but in allffairness if someone gives an opinion or a claim against something wouldnt you want proof. The ffirst page in this thread all I saw was omg behati is pregnant. And I see adams career is gonna end, stuff about abortions blah blah blah but the girl above im assuming she is a girl@ksb said breathe behati posted a pic having a drink so she isn’t preggers where was the wrong in that? Idk about you but being that the majority of adams fans don’t like this girl trust we all wanted to know BURKAY!!!

  17. 67
    Christina Says:

    Ok, I started on this forum because it was a place where bashing and attacking never seemed to happen so lets keep the peace here. This is a discussion panel where we can express opinions and debate them like adults.

    As for the family thing. First off, how do we know monolucy is adam’s cousin? (I’m new so I really don’t know how you all know your info so i’m just curious.). And secondly, just because your relationship is on the rocks or even over with doesn’t mean that the family immediately gets rid of you too. When my boyfriend and I split up(it was a bad break up), his sister came up to me and said, I still want to be friends with you. We bonded while I was dating him so why should us splitting up ruin our friendship and maybe that’s what is happening here. We all can see that this relationship is losing its strength, there’s no denying that but if we over analyze everything to death, it will drive us nuts. We are just waiting for the end, because a lot of adam fans will be happier when it comes and I think behati will start working again.

  18. 68
    Christina Says:

    @Aimee: It’s true we don’t know the whole story but its strange that the media doesn’t take this “couple” seriously but maybe they know this isn’t going to last or they know more about the relationship being over than we do so they bypass it because its not going to sell. I mean in the beginning they were all over them and now they don’t care. It has to do with the relationship not being cared for either by the people in it.

  19. 69
    Emily Says:

    Adam had an account on Tele where you post videos, its almost like keek and he posted a video of his cousin lucy rapping ludachris song. Michael who is Adams brother just posted a picture of adam, lucy, and michael when they were younger he tagged lucy in the photo. I don’t see how people get do upset when celebs put there own business out there. How can we respect it if they don’t.

  20. 70
    Emily Says:

    Btw Behati tagged Lucy in her photo as well

  21. 71
    Laura Says:

    @unknown…I have enjoyed reading your posts and comments. I hope you continue to post on here…I usually agree with you or have come to the same conculsions.
    Ladies…let’s all just remember the reason we are all on here….Adam! Now let’s all behave and enjoy ourselves!

  22. 72
    Christina Says:

    @Laura: I couldn’t agree more. We are here to discuss Adam in a peaceful environment.

  23. 73
    Kris Says:

    Gosh, that man is HOT!

  24. 74
    Christina Says:

    Everyone on twitter is in a frenzy because Behati said she was going to check her body tempature, now everyone is asking if she is pregnant or not. If she is, it will ruin them both because they’ll be stuck with each other. I mean come on people, there are other reasons to check your body tempature, so there is no need to freak out.

  25. 75
    Emily Says:

    Yea that’s kind of dumb

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