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Adam Levine: Shirtless 'SNL' Monologue with Cameron Diaz!

Adam Levine: Shirtless 'SNL' Monologue with Cameron Diaz!

Adam Levine shows off his abs and multiple tattoos while delivering his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live on Saturday (January 26) in New York City.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 front man was joined by Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld who all claimed they wanted to coach him on his hosting — an obvious spoof on The Voice.

Later that night, Adam and his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo were spotted heading to the after-party with musical guest Kendrick Lamar.

Check out Adam‘s shirtless opening monologue below!

Adam Levine – SNL Monologue
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107 Responses to “Adam Levine: Shirtless 'SNL' Monologue with Cameron Diaz!”

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  1. 76
    marle06 Says:

    oh come on! she’s nothing compared to anne v…this behati is soooo busy following anywhere adam goes. she should focus on her career. she will do anything for adam anyways because she doesn’t want to lose him…

  2. 77
    marle06 Says:

    she’s nothing compared to anne v…she should keep her self busy on her career and keep on following adam anywhere he goes…poor girl it’s so obvious that she’s the one who’s very much into him, while adam is not. it shows…

  3. 78
    Christina Says:

    @marle06: I agree, We never see them together anymore and if we do they both look miserable and not as touch-feely as they used to be, I remember someone saying that Adam doesn’t like to be the dumper so if thats the case, she is going to be around for a very long time because she will never dump him.

  4. 79
    Ashlee Says:

    They are broken up. That’s why you don’t see them together anymore. Several on-air people have talked about it already.
    And by the way, people don’t check their body temp to see if theyre pregnant – they have pregnancy tests for that. Either she is checking if shes sick or if shes ovulating (which wouldnt matter becaus e her and adam are not together anymore).

  5. 80
    intrigued Says:

    What “on-air” people are you talking about?

  6. 81
    marle06 Says:

    @Ashlee: what are you talking about?

  7. 82
    Emily Says:

    Are they together? They arent together. Its become so draining. I almost don’t care anymore. Yes I will rejoice to the heavens when they call it quits but I think were obsessing to much over it.

  8. 83
    Nonenity Says:

    Seriously girls, please talk! I’m realy enjoying those long conversations and speculations about Adam, I really do and I’m starting to miss them. Like you all they’re my guilty pleasure ;)

  9. 84
    Emily Says:

    @Nonenity: yea I know I enjoy reading some of the past comments. But really there isn’t much new information to go off of. The more Adam stays off social media the less we know. Its so weird how Adam and behati aren’t seen together anymore. Its almost as if there just f*** buddies

  10. 85
    Christina Says:

    @Emily: Well with Adam on tour and his release of his fragence he will be put back in the media and hopefully we will know more, we will have to see if she shows up at the Grammy’s with him.

  11. 86
    Emily Says:

    @Christina: I hope she doesn’t come to the grammys because joan rivers will roast her a $$ omg if that won’t be the icing on the cake idk what will lol. Who knows. I would say idk how he has time for her with all he has going on BUT everyone can see she will do anything to stick around

  12. 87
    marle06 Says:

    @Emily: i agree with you, she will do anything to stick around. having a big crush on adam before, and now she’s with him, oh wow i bet she will never leave his side…that’s her fulltime career for several months now, TAILING to adam everywhere he goes…poor girl!

  13. 88
    Emily Says:

    @marle06: I know she is in my book a sorry excuse for a woman. I hate to compare her to anne BUT behati is not independent , she is clingy, she dresses bad, her personality is horrible. I think she was a rebound and now Adam can’t get rid of her. He doesn’t want to be alone but he doesnt want to be the douche everyone thinks he is by breaking it off.

  14. 89
    Christina Says:

    @Emily: She is a lap dog and she is going to stick around until Adam can’t take it anymore.

    @Emily: She is nothing compared to Anne. She just looks miserable now a days. I know she posts pictures of her smiling but it looks like a fake smile to me. I don’t think many of Adam’s fans would think he is a douche for dumping her. Most don’t like her. Also with her following adam around 24-7, she’s losing work. I think she is going to lose her VS contract due to her lack of work and her body weight, which won’t bode well with Adam for sure.

  15. 90
    marle06 Says:

    @Christina: i agree, oh well she might be assuming or hoping that she will be the last girl in adam’s life. good for her…

  16. 91
    Emily Says:

    If she loses that VS contract she can hang it up. She doesn’t have the look of a high fashion model. Everyone sees that she is a puppet. Her friend coco keeps telling her she misses her and how they use to hang. Behati only works VS when it required of her. JJ posted pics of a VS event that she was not at. I just hope she doesn’t go on tour with them. That messes with Adam focus and takes away from fans. Ever since he started dating her it seems like Adam is less in to his fans which is sad.

  17. 92
    marle06 Says:

    @Emily: i doubt that she will not be going with them on their tours. when the maroon 5 had a tour in rio de janeiro, brazil, she went with them. i told you she there everywhere adam goes. she will never get rid of him. that’s a fact!

  18. 93
    Christina Says:

    @Emily: He’s less chatty with his fans and seems miserable himself and isn’t the same Adam that he used to be. If she goes on tour with them, which might happen now that Rozzi Crane is coming on tour with them (Behati is probably crazy jealous), it will definately mess him up.

    @marle06: I heard at those gigs, she would step out on the side of the stage so people would know she was there.

    She better not go on tour with them that’s all I gotta say. She’ll ruin everything.

  19. 94
    Emily Says:

    Shame on the people in Adam social circle for encouraging all of this. If everything Adam has went away tomorrow most of them would be gone. They are just down for the ride Nd fame it brings them. Of course I would date Adam of course I would love to be around him “most” of the time but my life could NEVER revolve around a man. If I made him my all and he leftwhat wwould I have except my hurt feelings. Adams house is turning into a shelter. He has a pig and that jack a$$ behati seriously he already has Frankie. Now add a tiger, eagle, and a shark, lol (joke) house is turning into a farm

  20. 95
    Christina Says:

    @Emily: I dont know if his social network is encouraging all of this. Most of his friends don’t even follow her on twitter (but they follow anne) and none of them ever respond to her when she talks to them. I think they know you can’t tell Adam what to do and they maybe are just like us waiting for her to be gone so they can have the old Adam back. The time is coming when she will be gone. We all see it and know, just don’t understand why its taking so long. I think Mickey or Jesse needs to have a sit down with Adam and tell him the truth and whats going on and maybe he will see the light.

  21. 96
    Emily Says:

    @Christina: I think jessie is pretty level headed. I see she’s got the cats again. Everyonewas ttalking about how she abandoned them. I don’t know what went on with Adam and Anne but she seemd like a sweet heart. I won’t go off of other people opinions but Behati I agree with mostly everyone she needs to find another hobby and man to mooch off of. That one irks my nerves

  22. 97
    marle06 Says:

    @Emily and @Christina: my heart broke when adam and anne broke up. my heart broke even more when i learned that adam and behati are together, and i will definitely cant get over if they will get married, oh no, no, no!… :(… she will stick with him no matter what. she will never,never,never leave him. she prefer to follow him anywhere fulltime, rather than having her own career.

  23. 98
    Sara Says:

    Who care? Bee is over with! He’s hooking up with someone else. She’s toast!

  24. 99
    Emily Says:

    @marle06: I highly doubt he will marry her

  25. 100
    Christina Says:

    @Sara: who is he hooking up with now? gotta back up your statement with proof

    @marle06: . My heart broke when I heard they got together because it was just Behati stabbing Anne in the back. If they go further than what they are now, I couldn’t take it, it would be a nightmare. But your right she will never leave him, but Adam will get tired of it eventually and hopefully he realizes it soon.

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