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The Ready Set to Taylor Swift: It's For The Better! (Listen Now)

The Ready Set to Taylor Swift: It's For The Better! (Listen Now)

The Ready Set just released a brand new song called “For the Better” and dedicated it to Taylor Swift!

“hey @taylorswift13 just wanted to make sure you heard my song i wrote for you & 22 is a rad song okbye” the 23-year-old singer tweeted.

The sweet song makes multiple references to the singer’s life and her hardships in love, and promises that “there’s 100 others waiting in line” for her.

Taylor must have liked the song because she tweeted back, “:) :) :)”

Listen to the track below!

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  • aly

    oh brother

  • Jay


  • lissa


  • Lolita

    I guess they love hoes.

  • kathi

    you people are so mean, leave her alone… the song is super cute, what a nice idea!

  • Ash

    JJ. Can you maybe post some other celeb related posts? Im getting really sick and tired of seeing Taylor Swift every couple of scrolls.

  • sookie

    please stop posting about her Jared, she so annoying..

  • Lizzy

    Wtf?“there’s 100 others waiting in line”?Oh my,more fake boyfriends for her in the future…it’s not cute,it’s creepy as hel*.
    And the girl in the drawing looks like Lady
    Btw,who’s this guy?I never heard of his band,or of him in my life.

  • http://justjared franko12

    You are the most disgusting disgraceful people I have ever seen!!! I have yet to go on any site in which there is female celebrity that doesnt constantly get hateful comments. What is it are you all that jealous that you cant stand to see a woman succeed?? Or maybe you want to go back to the 50′s where all women are barefoot and pregnant all the time. How disgusting, it is no wonder even though I am prior military and in no way shape form or fashion would i ever defend the absolute GARBAGE that lives in this country today!!! I am so irritated by these comments I am sol glad no one says this to my face I promise you that!!!

  • http://justjared franko12

    @sookie: No more annoying than your ignorant comment

  • http://justjared franko12

    @Lizzy: Just as creepy as you are

  • Lolita

    @franko12: shut up. Just because we don’t like someone doesn’t mean you have to go off on a political tirade on the status of women in America. Is that how much you value celebrities? Because the way I see it Taylor doesn’t even represent the so called “progressive woman”. Actually the reason why she’s so successful is because she plays up the “passive good girl” stereotype. So have a seat.

  • Jessyka

    Taylor Swift has this appeal with straight guys that no other female singer I know has. I have seen grown straight guys with bulging muscles singing to her songs in the car. She’s an enigma or sure.


    @Jessyka: I am one of the ones you speak of and its called Talent!!! and Great songs!!!


    @Lolita: what is with these moderators No I will not. I speak the facts Taylor is by far not the only who goes through this(Madonna, Brittany, Lady Gaga, Rihanna should I go on??? So dont tell me there is no BIAS on females who are successful in todays world!! I dont know hwo else to put this moderators!!!

  • leslie lorene

    Love you Taylor!! Keep your head up and dont listen to the haters!! No drug, arrests, drunkeness, lewd lyrics, bad language, obscene dance moves on stage but people bash you for dating. She is only 23, let her be. People need to get a life. The song is cute!!

  • Effy

    Disliking Taylor doesn’t mean your jealous. I just happen to find her immature that she has to constantly bash people in her songs. It’s called forgiving others and it’s obviously something she hasn’t learned to do. I could easily be successful like her by singing about the boys in my life, but I choose to look ahead and not relive the past in order to make money for my pathetic and lonely life.

  • Emily Brent

    Aw thats so cute! Taylor has been getting a lot of hate recently so this was a really nice thing to do for her! The song is adorable

  • madi

    You all don’t know Jordan. He’s an amazing guy and Taylor LIKED the song.

  • Daniel MmMmMm.

    Cant stand Taylor!

  • http://elson_john_muyi elson38

    wow ! you guys are taking this too serious

  • Dana

    Ugh, nice boobs… not.
    I don’t get the hype of “break-up songs”, it’s really cheesy coming to think of it. It’s annoying and that’s the only things she creates. Such a pessimistic young woman. She acts the same in every song and it’s very repetitive. I really liked Taylor Swift in the beginning, but I think she takes life too seriously. -_-

  • Janet

    Stop taking music too seriously. Ugh, it’s getting annoying.

  • Sabrina

    @Lolita doesn’t mean you have the right to shut people out -_-

  • Lorraine

    WHO CARES ABOUT THESE CELEBRITIES. Seesh, fame does not equate skill -_-

  • Lorraine

    Just because someone is famous, does not mean they’re good -_- You shouldn’t care about these so-called celebs anyways.

  • Sabrina


    That doesn’t mean you have the right to shut people out -_-

  • June

    I don’t know, but I think it’s kinda funny how ONLY small, immature girls like “Taylor Swift”. They equate fame with skill and that never happened ever since the 50s if you know what I mean. Funny how these little girls can fall for anything -_-

    Celebrities are overrated and should not be taken seriously. It’s their job to be on camera too -_-

  • Katrina

    Aggreed, I don’t care of what people say, Taylor Swift’s front stage (what you see here) is useless information in life LOL :P

  • Cassie


    I know, just people have nothing to do and just read these useless information in life. People need to read more books instead of these useless celebs that have absolutely no impact in life.

  • Katrina


    Yeah, just random little kids surfing the internet. Sucking the brains out of them.