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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Snowy Stroll in NYC!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Snowy Stroll in NYC!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz bundle up as they brave the snowy weather while leaving the gym together on Monday afternoon (January 28) in New York City.

The happy married couple were spotted together earlier this month attending the opening night performance of the Broadway play Cat On a Hot Tin Roof in the Big Apple.

Daniel is expected to attend the Oscars next month where there will be a special segment celebrating fifty years of James Bond.

Make sure to pick up Skyfall when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on February 12!

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daniel craig rachel weisz snowy stroll in nyc 04
daniel craig rachel weisz snowy stroll in nyc 05

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  • Mark

    Love them both:)

  • Lux

    Love them both so much!

  • lots

    Brrrrrrrr! Hope he’s got his thermal undies on

  • Weirdo

    Wow, these are some beautiful photographs with the snow falling in the background.

  • Aiden

    Look who it is….not holding hands I see. There was a pic of them @ the golden globes and he kissed her with those damn glasses on…..well she closed her eyes, he didn’t close his. #destined to fail!!!!

  • Love


    Maybe because he has something in his hands.

  • Maria

    I want present him lambswool gloves!

  • Kate

    I love them together. They are both soooooo beautiful!

  • Alex

    @Love: Well, Daniel has a red water bottle in his hands. Looks freezing anyway! Brrrrr…..

  • Tom

    Blizzzard! How brave they are! I’m too lazy to hit the gym on such a cold day..

  • lots


    that is a very manly water bottle.. lol

  • Amy

    @Maria: And a thick wool long johns. I’m sure they’re so hot now in their bed!

  • Sarah

    I love seeing them together, and would love to see photos of Daniel and Rachel, but I wish they could go out together without the paparazzi all over them. It’s an unresolvable dilemma….

  • Julia

    You’re like a monstrously shrewish wife as ever. Gross.
    Daniel must have been super thirsty. What type of training did he do with Rachel? XD

  • Lori

    I’d love to see MORE pics of them together!! Adore both coz they are naturally stunning and the modest couple. :-)

  • Elle

    Am I the only one thinks Daniel should get a tan? He was a bit pale in Skyfall ( I know Bond was an alcoholic, though). Should visit to South Island, don’t stay cold NY! Go!!

  • Skyfall Breaks Records in CN

    Skyfall Draws Record Crowds In China
    The James Bond movie Skyfall, which opened last Monday in China, took in $35 million during its first week, according to the website It was a record for a 2D film, the website said, and was exceeded only by James Cameron’s 3D Avatar, which opened in China with $46 million in its first week in 2010. With numerous scenes shot in Shanghai, the film has received positive notices from Chinese moviegoers. The state-owned website, quoted a 27-year-old media worker as saying, It is a rare thing for an international action movie to depict China in a fashionable way. But on a Twitter-like social media site called Sina Weibo, one blogger commented, It feels somewhat weird to see Bond in a Chinese setting. quoted Beijing filmmaker Chen Chuanlu as saying that the film shows that Hollywood has now broken the stereotype of [Chinese] being treacherous, backward and superstitious … thanks to the growing importance of the domestic market and increasing understanding about the nation.

  • coco

    they are always gorgeous in their own ‘cute’ ways.

  • Mike

    Looks like they’re in Dream House! lol

  • Fio

    More pics :)
    Looks like they were in a car park. Maybe they came to the gym from Upstate NY by car!

  • Fio

    5 Things Bond 24 Can Learn From Daniel Craig’s Previous 007 Outings

  • Magda

    Hahaha! Rachel is smiling beautifully and Daniel looks as if He wanted to punch the photographer :) I totally love this man.

  • Macy

    Cute couple!

  • Mendel

    to Mike

    “Looks like they’re in Dream House! lol”

    I thought that, too :)

    Love the snowy pics. Dan looks like a snowman, but a very sexy one (imagine peeling all those layers off…)
    And I love Rachel’s headgear (is it a hood or a hat?) – the sheer size of it is wonderful. I want one!

  • DD


    Why are you always so sad? There are meds that will help aleviate that depression and gloom for others.

  • Fio


    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz in NYC
    We suppose the only thing left to say is, “Wow, Daniel Craig drinks a f**k-ton of water during his workout.” We honestly thought that he was hauling some family-sized floor cleaner around.

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    Thanks for the linky. Did you read the comments – they are so funny! This one is the best methinks:

    “and here I thought James Bond was toting a personal urinal instead of a water bottle.”

  • Fio

    This article is BS. Because Daniel always says he wants to return to the role! And I believe he’s prepared to see a pay cut accept cuz he’s eager to work with Fincher!

    What’s Blocking the ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Sequel at Sony?
    Sources close to the project say the biggest holdup isn’t Fincher’s involvement but star Daniel Craig’s. The studio has options on Craig for two sequels, but the actor is said to want a pay raise, not a cut, in the wake of Skyfall grossing $1 billion worldwide. If Sony can’t bring Craig back to reprise his role as journalist Mikael Blomkvist, the sources say the studio could write the character out of the sequel. (A Craig source says negotiations have yet to commence and the actor wants to return to the role.)

  • Fio

    I agree with it. This all sounds like negotiation tactic stuff! Gee…
    THR reports that it’s not Fincher that is holding things up, but Mikael Blomkvist himself, Daniel Craig. The actor, perhaps justifiably, is asking for a pay raise, following the billion dollar success of “Skyfall.” While Sony has an option on the actor already for the followups, the trade notes “the studio could write the character out of the sequel.” However, that would present its own set of headaches.

    Firstly, they’d have to recommission Zaillian to write new scripts, which would require spending more money on the movie that hasn’t lensed, and moreover, he might not be available as he’s working on HBO’s “Criminal Justice.” And no one has been more loyal to his cast during ‘Dragon Tattoo’ than Fincher, and we’d wager that he would be less than happy about seeing his lead actor unceremoniously removed from the franchise. Meanwhile, Sony’s Columbia Pictures arm distributes the Bond movies with MGM who co-produces, with the studios also pairing up on the ‘Dragon Tattoo’ movies, and dumping Craig could make things a little awkward.

    Our guess? This all sounds like negotiation tactic stuff, and we don’t see Craig leaving, if only for the fact it would likely cause more problems than solve any. The endgame here is that Sony wants to cut down the $90 million they spent on the first movie, and while that will require some tough decisions, we couldn’t see that happening at the expense of the creative team. At least we hope not.

    However, the question remains as to when this will happen. Fincher is gearing up to go into production as executive producer (and we’d wager he’ll direct a couple episodes too) of the second season of “House Of Cards” which shoots in the spring. And while the recently announced “Gone Girl” and “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” remain options, the former apparently needs script work while the latter is still sorting out a budget that Disney can roll with. But Craig is tied up anyway with Bond, as the next installment aims for a 2014 release date, which means he’ll likely be shooting that before the end of the year.

    So, in short — keep waiting. Whether or not we’ll see Lisbeth Salander kicking hornet’s nests and playing with fire anytime soon still seems up in the air.

  • Mike

    Well, the report makes no sense. Daniel and Rooney Mara said recently they heard nothing about the ‘Dragon Tattoo’ sequel. Although they don’t even enter into negotiations yet, why does ‘the source’ say Daniel wants pay raise? I remember ‘the source’ of the studio blamed Daniel when he was shooting Dream House. ‘The source’ said Bond 23 was delayed because Craig was doing other film! Not true.. The cause was MGM’s bankruptcy! Now I feel The studio plays a bad move again.

  • Fio

    2013′s Sexiest Man in Cinema is . . . Daniel Craig
    Daniel Craig is the choice of this blog’s readers as the Sexiest Man in Cinema, 2013.

    to Mike
    Yeah, and he doesn’t choose a movie for only money. He signed the contract of DH with low cost garantee cuz he wanted to work with Jim Sheridan. He may want a pay raise for Bond 24, but it’s too improbable to be true he want a pay raise for the sequel. He knows well SONY wants to cut in the budget.

  • Magda

    I think it’s just gossip, but if it isn’t I don’t blame Daniel for wanting a pay rise. He’s a perfect Blomkvist, so if he wants more money they should agree to it. They can afford it. Without him it wouldn’t be worth watching anyway.

  • Jen

    They’re threatening to write his character outta the script. Smells like an empty threat. Nobody at Sony has even read the books if they thought the story could be told without Mikael Blomkvist. It’s an old typical negotiation tactic in Hollywood anyway.

  • Rie

    I can’t see Daniel asking for a pay raise. I’m not saying he’s modest as for money, I just mean, he really wants to star to the sequel, and knows it has to make it with the low budget. For him, a worthwhile work has priority over money. Why must he destroy himself and ruin his loves (the sequel) himself? The correctness of the information is doubtful!! On the other hand, I don’t see Fincher’s anxious to return into the sequel. He’s known as perfectionist, and a director who never cuts corners. The 90M budget is due to Fincher — he’s having a problem with his movie, he does repeating 50, 60, even 100 takes of a single scene. So it took a whole year to shoot TGWTDT. He wants to keep control over the movie, so I think he doesn’t accept a low-budget.
    To the sutdio, don’t try to shift the blame for your failure onto Daniel. You have a serious matter except for him.

  • Amy

    James Massar ‏@Jangles_33
    Had an amazing time at Mohonk Mountain House! An extra special time seeing Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz!!! #awesometime
    ames Massar ‏@Jangles_33
    @slipcases Tuesday January 29th
    Samara Josephson ‏@SamaraJosephson
    “is that James bond?” spotted: Daniel Craig in front of alum with @adriennepluta. Xoxo gossip girl

  • doubtful

    I have very strong doubts about ANY sequel. TGWTDT to for fricking ever to produce, was released at Christmas (!) and took forever to make back the bazillions dropped into it. Plus, I think everyone has moved on from this book and the films.

  • Rooney denied the rumor

    ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Sequel Won’t Write Out Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara Promises
    ‘I don’t know where that rumor was started, but it would never be a possibility,’ the ‘Side Effects’ star tells MTV News.
    Deep breaths, “Dragon Tattoo” fans: reports of Mikael Blomkvist’s untimely death have been greatly exaggerated.

    Earlier in the week, a report surfaced that a “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” sequel is indeed in the works — but that it would proceed without Daniel Craig as the crusading journalist at the heart of the tale. The news was surprising for a variety of reasons; how could Blomkvist exit the film without fundamentally changing the narrative? And would the powers that be seriously entertain the notion of cutting the world-famous James Bond actor from the franchise?
    Ask one key “Dragon Tattoo” player that very question, and the answer you’ll receive is a resounding “no.” MTV News spoke with Lisbeth Salander herself, actress Rooney Mara, at the New York City premiere of “Side Effects” on Thursday (January 31), and she denied reports that “The Girl Who Played with Fire” would move forward without Craig.

    “I’ve been talking a lot with ['Dragon Tattoo' director David Fincher] about the sequel, and I don’t know where that rumor was started — but it would never be a possibility,” Mara told MTV about rumors of Craig’s exit. “He wouldn’t be written out.”

    Mara insists that Craig’s role is secure in the sequel, but she was less clear on whether or not Fincher would return to direct “The Girl Who Played with Fire.”

    “I would hope that he would,” Mara said about the filmmaker’s possible return to the director’s chair. “But no matter what, he’ll definitely have some sort of involvement.”

  • Tom

    Well, the vague rumor proved to be false. Daniel’s back. Rooney’s back. Zaillian’s back. The Doragon Tatoo fans should worry whether Fincher returns or not, should’t they?

  • Mike

    @Rooney denied the rumor:
    Ha! Thank God! Now I added THR on to the “an unreliable source of information” list. Shame.

  • Guinness


    if it twas a urine bottle, the opening would have to be a little wider for our Dan’s urethrrrra!!! oooo–nice visual coming into mind…. ohyesIdidcheekybrit !!!!
    “those that know Dan knows he would do this movie without demanding a salary increase.” and now, mebelieves his rant with RS has a little to do with Sony rangling his chops, and rightfully so, that he would be angry about negociations with this production company for Bond!!!

  • Rooney denied the rumor again

    Rooney Mara: I ‘Hope’ To Make Dragon Tattoo Sequels; Actress Says Daniel Craig Also Game To Return
    LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Caption Whatever the reasoning has been for the failure to shoot the follow up to 2011’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” franchise star Rooney Mara says it’s not for lack of enthusiasm from the film’s cast.

    Access Hollywood caught up with the 27-year-old beauty at the premiere of her new thriller “Side Effects,” where she said she’d love to don Lisbeth Salander’s combat boots, piercings and extensive body ink once again.

    “I don’t know. I hope so!” she told Access with a broad grin, when asked if there are plans to begin shooting “The Girl Who Played with Fire” — the next film in the English-language version series based on Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. “But I don’t know.”

    The actress also shot down rumors claiming a second film may be made without Rooney’s co-star Daniel Craig (who plays journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the film based on the best-selling books).

    “No, that’s not a possibility. That won’t happen,” she said, when asked if the film would be made without Daniel. “I don’t know who started that rumor, but that’s not true.”

    As previously reported on, back in October, Daniel said he would most definitely be up for making the “…Played With Fire” installment.

    “Of course I’ll embrace [the movie], especially if [David] Fincher does it,” Daniel told The LA Times of the possible sequel, referencing the first film’s director.

    While David has yet to direct a sequel in his storied career, Daniel said he planned to attempt to persuade him to sign on for the next film.

    “I’m definitely going to work on him,” he said.

    “The Girl Who Played With Fire” centers around Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist as the pair investigate a violent sex-trafficking ring.

    – Erin O’Sullivan

  • Magda

    And now, due to this ridiculous gossip people are bashing Daniel for being greedy and criticizing The GWTDT as being inferior to the Swedish version, which is preposterous. Daniel is a great Blomqvist, while Nyqvist is wimpy, boring and bland. It’s strange that people are so willing to criticize a great star from their own country ( they do that on British sites as well ) based on some suppositions. I’m Polish and I love Daniel and I think The GWTDT was way better than the poor Swedish version. Check out–105117725.html


    It’s enough to make the angels weep. People can be sooooo stupid.

  • Guinness

    JFC– of course this would happen. but “those of us who know Dan” know this is malarky. it will all be ok magda–we gotto stay true. As long as he does–right.
    And Mendel, I do like her hat thingy–reminds me of what my girls are wearing on their heads!! but hers hopefully is faux. And come on–is it reeeally that cold to wear the Toronto get up? yes. You said you got snow recently, right? yeah. well, in one 24 hour period up here, it was 20 below zero to 54 degrees, then back down to 15 degrees. 70 degrees difference. (20below to 54 above zero!!)

    And yes, that coat he wears would be big enough for a quickie blanket, if needed, for a locker room shaggggg. Jevus wept, isn’t that what you were thinking?????

  • Guinness

    wow. this is pretty spectacular. I love the Goldmine in the Sky song while looking at his tumblr…and then the Adele song comes on… and it is just an overwhelming stalkingexperience. he has done so much. i wonder how my tumblr of life would be like. that is pretty profound. Fantastic job here…

  • Amy

    @Magda: People (especially gossipy malevolent people) have tendency to believe a malicious rumor too readily and therefore to be easily deceived. I read those comments. I think only A FEW people (including Daniel’s Bond haters, lol) bash Daniel, but MANY people blame Sony. IF this farce was Sony’s negotiation tactic, the attempt would be ineffectual. In the end, it will be directed to Sony as anger and blame. The insider’s story on THR was too ridiculous for me to believe because it was inconsistent in many places.
    By the way, I feel sorry for Rooney. She was completely annoyed by the stupid rumor. Rooney, thank you for telling the truth! :)

  • Amy

    Oh, and yes, the Yafoo UK is too lazy, so UK readers misread it! Immature criticism tends only to mislead the public. See the yafoo US, there are more appropriate comments. :)

  • Skyfall Now Ranked The 7th
    And passed $50M in China.

  • Mendel

    Congratulations!!! ‘Skyfall’ picked up Film of the Year award and Best Blockbuster at the London Evening Standard British Film Awards:

    Hi Guinness

    “if it twas a urine bottle, the opening would have to be a little wider for our Dan’s urethrrrra!!! oooo–nice visual coming into mind…. ohyesIdidcheekybrit !!!!”

    You did, LOL!

    “we gotto stay true. As long as he does–right.”

    Right! :)

    “hers hopefully is faux”

    *crosses fingers*

    “in one 24 hour period up here, it was 20 below zero to 54 degrees, then back down to 15 degrees. 70 degrees difference”

    CARP! Let’s hope that your Phil (the Groundhog) was right and it’ll be spring soon!!!

    “And yes, that coat he wears would be big enough for a quickie blanket, if needed, for a locker room shaggggg. Jevus wept, isn’t that what you were thinking?????”

    LOL! How did you guess??? *grin*

  • Fio

    to Mendel
    Thanks for the link. Congrats to Skyfall! And Danny Dyer mentiond Daniel at the London Evening Standard British Film Awards.
    *tonguable*? :)

    EntertainmentWise: Danny Dyer said that Daniel Craig is so good looking he’s tonguable! I think we agree!

  • Fio

    How rich is Daniel Craig?

    Bruce Willis: The future of action stars is British
    “And DANIEL CRAIG is a pretty tough guy. He reinvented that whole genre. He made me start watching James Bond movies again. He’s great.”