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Daniel Day-Lewis Credits Leonardo DiCaprio in SAG Awards Acceptance Speech

Daniel Day-Lewis Credits Leonardo DiCaprio in SAG Awards Acceptance Speech

Leonardo DiCaprio hangs out on set while filming a commercial for Jack Daniels on Sunday (January 27) in Malibu, Calif.

The 38-year-old actor bounced a ball of ice up and down as part of the shoot!

That evening, Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo‘s Gangs of New York co-star, mentioned him in his Best Actor Lincoln acceptance speech at the 2013 SAG Awards.

“I’d like to thank Leonardo DiCaprio, my friend, and Liam Neeson – both gave me great support and encouragement,” Daniel said to the viewers.

Check out Daniel‘s speech below where he mention’s his pal Leo!

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  • jess

    So the millions in the bank clearly aren’t enough for Leo, ‘hey man gotta do another commercial.’

  • Well

    I don’t really think it’s all about the money…more like publicity…

  • JackD

    @Well: publicity for Jack Daniels??? Of course that’s what commercials are all about! : )

  • : )

    He should do more commercials :)

  • kate

    its because of leo daniel took the role,, what a very good friend he is

  • DDL

    Backstage, Daniel Day-Lewis was asked to expand on his shoutout to Leonardo DiCaprio in his decision to play President Lincoln.
    “Leo, just in a chance meeting, asked me if I’d given up on the idea because he knew that I’d considered it a while ago . . . I hadn’t thought about it for a long time, maybe some years, and he said, ‘Don’t give up on it. He’s the greatest man of the 19th century.” And it stayed in my mind. So this is all Leo’s fault.”

  • …..

    Wonder is there anyone in Hollywood who doesn’t like Leo, popular boy

  • kkkk

    wow apparently Leo’s in NY now, hes like a energizer bunny dont know how he does it

  • ebony
  • @8

    He was out at kate Hudsons party after a Muse concert on Sat, then in the morning was filming this and then by evening was bowling with Jonah Hill in NYC……..i’m getting tired just thinking about it!!

  • @10

    @@8: thanks for the update! Keep ‘em coming!

  • dont hit i’m belgium

    @@8: remember it ‘s his green activities to protect the environment

  • CanadaGirl

    DDL is incredibly gracious. He’s an intense actor on set as rumor has it, but seems like a great guy.

  • CanadaGirl

    @ebony: Thanks for the link. Interesting videos. It’s got to be a pain in the a** to deal with paps.

  • CanadaGirl

    Ahhh….. moderation.
    @ebony – thanks for the link. Interesting videos. It amazes me how much they can zoom on their subject. He must have been a couple km away.
    Paps = pain in the a** for our hard working Leo.

  • CanadaGirl

    OMG….. total moderation. WTF.

  • Weirdo

    Guess he’s taking a break from acting to shoot commercials???

    I’m glad he talked Daniel Day-Lewis into playing Lincoln. Now THAT was a great movie.

  • yup

    @Weirdo: you can say that again!

  • LIKE

    Hes doing the commercial because, why the heck not? Gee people!

  • tinkerbell

    ok must weigh in, that hair color is hideous, what are they thinking, and that face is not happy to see us. he looks abs hideous there, mean, nasty dude. Sorry folks, that is true. It’slike Leo get over yourself, you lost the Oscars, but you can sell your soul probably for millions for this ad—if the got 5 million for that stupid phone ad I bet he is getting the same for this if not more. That is why he is doing it.

    DDL—I used to work across from Equinox in NYC. DDL was dating one of the trainers there, he broke up with her by FAX. I always thought that was lame. Didnt like him Gangs either, not that i was supposed to.

    Ok, leo can still be attractive, just not here they died his hair to almost his natural color, or maybe it is to match Jack Daniels????

  • CanadaGirl

    Tink, at least it wasn’t a post-it…. I guess…. still harsh though.
    The hair does look a bit brassy. I can recall getting a colour that I did not like and using Selsun Blue to fade it, which it does exceptionally well btw. His hair sort of looks like mine did – a faded, brassy auburn.
    *shruggs* It’s hair. It’ll grow out. I’d love to see him cut it really short. He has a a nice face for short hair.
    The attitude…. I don’t know. I give him a pass. It’s got to be a pain in the a** to deal with these paparazzi. I just watched $ellebrity and it amazes me how these folks are hounded. WORSE is how we (looks around at the thread) are complicit in the frenzied culture that actors have to deal with. Tinkerbell gets it. She’s worked in the industry, but I don’t know about other people. I feel bad for clicking on the pictures, but I do for those that I find interesting. I make one exception for photos with kids (Gisele), but for other celeb kids I won’t click on a thread that I think will have a child in it. It just seems wrong.
    Django is still doing well and raking in box office overseas. Sorry, haters. QT and the cast did a great job on this one:
    BOX OFFICE MOJO: “Around-the-World Roundup: ‘Django’ Repeats. . .”
    by Ray Subers
    January 28, 2013
    Django Unchained once again led the foreign box office, reaffirming that mixing Quentin Tarantino with an all-star cast is enough to get foreign audiences to check out a western. . .
    Django added $43.1 million from 64 markets this weekend. Its biggest opening took place in Australia, where it claimed first place with $4.2 million (noticeably higher than Inglourious Basterds’s $2.6 million). Across its holdover markets, it dipped an average of 21 percent; it eased 11 percent to $8.1 million in Germany, 18 percent to $6.6 million in France, and 16 percent to $3.8 million in the U.K.
    Through less than two weeks in theaters, Django has earned $111.6 million overseas. Add in its great $146.2 million domestic haul, and the movie is at $257.7 million worldwide; it should pass Inglourious Basterds’s $321.5 million total in the next two weeks.
    Have a great night, everyone.

  • hypocrite

    @CanadaGirl: hey hippo, how goes it?

  • Weirdo

    Does anyone else get the feeling he is doing these ads and crammed a bunch of movies in, in a row, because he’s getting older and feels like he has to cash in on his looks before it all fades?
    I don’t know, I’m just thinking, it seems odd to me that now he’s doing a flurry of work and these random ads and now he says he wants to take a break.
    I’ve always thought he was good-looking but I have to agree with Tink. He’s so out of shape. I’m not saying he has to be perfectly toned, I think some celebs take it to an extreme, but it would be nice to see him work-out. I wonder how he is going to look in the movie (WOWS)? When I saw him in The Departed and he took his shirt off, he had some stomach flab that was just unattractive during one of the love scenes.
    Side note: DDL has always struck me as socially awkward. I’m not surprised he broke up with someone by fax, lol.

  • CanadaGirl

    Sorry for the comment spam. I got moderated again and again, and usually the comments get deleted.
    Any new news? I read on another site that the girl in the pictures from Miami is Margot. Not sure of it is/was. I don’t know much about her, so I couldn’t say. the girl in the photos is considerably thinner than her older pictures.
    It’s January and it’s ….. thundering and raining. Yesterday was snow and freezing rain. Weird.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Weirdo: It seems as though he’s been planning some time off for awhile and did several projects now so he could do just that.
    Smart move really. The work is filmed… his job isn’t quite complete yet with the publicity for each film. He’s a smart cookie…. he can drop off the radar for awhile, but still be in the public “eye” when his movies are in the theaters. Absent but not really gone, so to speak.
    “When I saw him in The Departed and he took his shirt off, he had some stomach flab that was just unattractive during one of the love scenes.”
    No offense, hon’, but WTH are you saying?! He looked FANTASTIC in that movie. I was all over that shirt removal. Jesus, woman. What ridiculous standards do you have? lol.

  • tinkerbell

    Hi Can:

    Agreed. The Departed is why I am here, I am not teeny bopper who through Jack Dawson was real. Actually he’s a lot more like Billy Costigan (right name??) –that is why the character fit him. Everything from the hair cut to the pack of cigs and cell phone and the attitude. And unfortunately I think he may be the most like Calvin Candie, but not a slaver or a racist—just somewhat degenerate. He likes to play the troubled uber mensch, all american male… the guy from Revolutionary Road…he cant stand what he is, he implodes. Because that is what leo in his real life as well.

    Anywho, this next TWO YEARS will be interesting, probably lots of bimbots thought I think since he will be travelling he might go international. He would look good with a buzz cut like in the Departed.

    If someone offered me millions for like one days work I’d say yes too…are you crazy?

    wonder whose bed he left this morning…you know there is always someone. or maybe, the worlds most wanted bachelor still sleeps alone sometimes…poor baby I’ll push my cat over for you.

    Thank you for saying I get it, I know I do for the most part.But he could get over it and he is oogly when he scowls.

    CG the media MAKES them and BREAKS them (actually more like BRAKES) when they screw up. It is a double edged sword. would he be getting millions for a commerical without them…nah.

    What I would say is that if I were him I would be pissed because I know the comments will be negative. People love leo but they know he can be a hypocrite with the planes and cigars and stuff, and let’s face we loathe his taste in women. One model, OK, one blonde, but really every woman he has ever dated is the same? That says I only care about having a trophy, and its ecchy. And he knows with the fame comes criticism. And that yeah some people will say you are ugly and flabby. he wants to be judged on his work not his personal life, but that playboy/diva crap continues to haunt him and he knows it but of course doesnt give it up. It was what he wanted all along.

    It is a two side coin, but it is HIS coin .

  • tinkerbell

    THOUGH Jack Dawson was real. Ugh.

    Speaking of models, I happened by accident on pictures of Isabelle Caro, former model/anorexic, and a bunch of girls who died to be skinny. ..there were these two sisters in Uruguay who both died of it…oh so gross.

    one day at a time girls, one day at a time.

  • Weirdo

    @CanadaGirl: LOL. I don’t have ridiculous standards. I don’t know I just remember thinking, hmmm, kinda flabby but oh well.
    I don’t think he could ever really disappear. Too famous. If he wanted to really lay low he would stop living in LA and NYC and move elsewhere, like out of the country, lol. Kind of like Madonna did.
    I suspect that once he stops wanting to go to nightclubs and party so much, he might do that.

  • Weirdo

    @tinkerbell: I think it is a good strategy what he is doing. Having the public girlfriend, even though you all know how I feel about that. Even so, I’m talking from an image standpoint. I don’t like Michael Fassbender (other than his acting) because he openly admitted that he has so many options, why would he want to have a steady girlfriend. I’m sure he was just being honest but he came across as a total douche and that I’m sure is going to turn off female fans. So whatever Leo is doing seems to be working whether he is gay or straight. He never talks about it in the press and lets people come to their own conclusions.

  • LIKE

    if anyone would care to post real news, leo was flirting with a model type girl last night. the tweeter even said he thought it was his new “girlfriend”

  • vagabond

    I know pagesix has been sketchy but here’s their post today…
    Leo takes it easy
    After recently announcing he’s taking time off from acting, Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be focused on having a good time. The “Django Unchained” star was spotted having dinner with Jonah Hill and Lukas Haas at Catch on Monday. Later, DiCaprio and his crew were spotted at Avenue nightclub with a group. “Leo was sitting on top of a banquette, talking to a pretty, blond model-esque woman,” says an eyewitness. “He seemed very low-key and left by himself around 3 a.m.”

  • tinkerbell

    ohhh this is soooo funny muahhahhahah CG where are you? respond please.

    Blind Item #4

    Just when this A list model thought she was getting her life back on track and everything was all made up with her significant other, this A list all movie actor started texting her and calling her and telling her how much he missed her and wanted to get back together with her and that he was really ready to settle down. Our model was ready to believe him again and ruin everything that she had put back together when she decided to tell another model friend about it who said that she had received the same text and that the actor was talking to four or five women who had also responded to his plea.

    (this one sounded like an insider–note miranda,crawford, schuler holtznagel and cox all australian, the last three all australia’s next top model people so they probably know each other)

    Sherry said…

    Leo and: Miranda, Bar,Alyce Crawford and Kendal Schuler, someone named simone Holtznagel and Montana Cox..

    and lol at this one; Sounds like Leo is drunken texting, LOL. He’s sort of a mess, and less and less a hot one these days.

    CG- I can just see it, can’t you–he’s lonely for a hookup and he’s gone through just about everybody EH is taken….how the mighty have fallen. Boy did that backfire. Spread your net and see who falls in–leo m’boy you are a JERK. He’s lonely and he has two years of nada in front of him….he is DEFINITELY casting. Calling all hoes, calling all hoes…

    Watch Bar fall for it. That would last about…five minutes before the same old crap.

  • Weirdo

    You guys seriously cannot be this dumb.
    Are you still buying this? How many years have you been following Leo?
    Every time I see an article about the man he is “chatting it up” with some hot chick. Why is this newsworthy? They are lots of famous guys out there that don’t get press just cause they talked to a girl……it’s a bit blatant and sooooooo obvious.
    Why are you guys still buying it? Hello?????
    And please, if you think that blind item is real or has any semblance of truth, LOL. You are dumber than I thought.

  • ?????

    the blinf item is about erin and miranda????!!!!!

  • LIKE

    I mentioned the sighting because leonardo has been seen very little talking and flirting with women since the breakup. thats why I thought it to be of significance because this hasn’t been the normal since the breakup, and we don’t get these tweets or ny post sightings all the time. since the breakup, all it usually mentions is him hanging out with friends.

  • lol…

    @LOL: there were tweets about Leo partying last night. One girl referred to him as h*e and another as p*rv. Same night, two different tweeters, ‘private party for Leo’…

  • !

    where are the tweets about him being a perv??

  • lol…

    There were tweets about partying and one tweet that described him as a p*rve and another as a h*e. One girl is in Miami ( did a photo shoot for Seventeen Magazine ) and the other I don`t know…
    Allie Bright ‏@The_BrightSide_
    Off to a private party for Leonardo DiCaprio with Britt and @rachelruff 😍

    Allie Bright ‏@The_BrightSide_
    Leonardo DiCaprio (p*rve) Jonah Hill (cool ass guy)

    Hannah Blazek ‏@_trailBLAZEr
    Jonah hill and I just chatted for a good 15 minutes about his new movie in New York. Leo dicaprio was just a h*e all night haha

    Hannah Blazek ‏@_trailBLAZEr
    Leo’s stupid blue hat

    Hannah Blazek ‏@_trailBLAZEr
    Hanging out with Leonardo dicaprio and Gerald butler. #nervous#fangirl

  • CanadaGirl

    @tinkerbell: Hmmm… very interesting.
    LD IF you read these blogs I implore you, DO NOT text that person. Text me….. I’m sure that you’re mighty team could come up with my iPhone number.
    Tink, I think that the funniest part is the “A” list model comment. lol. Tink, can you imagine what the board would be like IF they did hook up. hahaha…. It’d be like old times. I would be tempted to pay you a partial-salary to keep you on-line all day.
    I do think that he’s lonely. He really tried to find a person to settle down with, but his wandering eye got in the way. (sigh) I never understand why people can’t be by themselves. It’s nice to be with someone, but not just for the sake of not being alone.
    I would love to dissect this, but I have a sh*tload of work to do and I have been feeling poorly and procrastinating. Bad combo.
    I need more dish on this folks….. Discuss!

  • CanadaGirl

    @tinkerbell: I am, however, tempted to believe that this BI is a plant.

  • tinkerbell

    @CanadaGirl: Well the A list model is Miranda not you know who. I’d actually just be disgusted because there is a child involved. I mean really disgusted. I couldnt handle it.

    If you are talking about the unmentionable…oh god,vomitsville but I think even she wont be back for more abuse.

    What do you do for work? I am trying to make more money…

    who planted it though….this isnt the work of the devil.only she would e mentioned. ego.

    he’s lonely but superficial, its obvious he is going fishing for NEXT, but he will have the same results.

    who do you think planted it an why.

    So tired, got to get up early to make that paper

  • CanadaGirl

    God. Moderation.
    @tinkerbell: I’ll have to send you 1/2 dozen small posts.

  • CanadaGirl

    @tinkerbell: Got it. I am SO out of the loop atm. Miranda is very….. annoying. I used to think that she was sweet, in a cabbage head kind of way, but she’s too attention seeking and baby p*mping for my tastes,
    All I’ll say about my job is is that you don’t want it. I make a good income, but the time investment and social suck make it unappealing to me. I’m thinking about making a jump soon. Not too sure into what field, but I’m considering going to a headhunter.

  • CanadaGirl

    Check out this website. I saw it through PopSugar and I enjoy some of the articles, and there are a lot of links to other interesting financial sites. A lot of it is basic financial advice, but worth a view:

  • CanadaGirl

    The site has articles like this one:
    Making more money is always great, but there are passive ways to do it too. I think you mentioned that you own quite a while back (?), check and see if you are at a point where you can refinance your mortgage at a lower rate. You could save some money just from shaving a point off your interest rate. If you live in a condo and have an extra room, you could rent it out and (inquire with an accountant as Canadian and US tax deductions are different), but some of the expenses possibly could be deducted (mortgage interest, taxes, condo fee, utilities, etc.). Again, if you have a spare room, you could advertise on AirBnB or RoomoRama or the like.
    Off the top of my head, if I were to suggest some moonlighting gigs based on what I know about you, I would say:
    1) check into ESL teaching. You’re educated and live in a highly diverse area with a large influx of new immigrants. It’s a bit of a time investment, but could be rewarding in a lot of ways – in addition to financially.
    2) I would look into tutoring. You could drop off contact info at local schools. Tutors in Canada make pretty good money.
    3) Write essays for University students. You could make a couple hundred bucks from writing a good paper. Duplicitous, yes. Lucrative, yes.
    4) Be an editor.
    5) Advertise as a cover letter and resume drafter. People ask me to do this all the time.
    6) You mentioned Etsy and jewelery quite awhile back. What about that?
    Back to Leo. You’re right. He is lonely, but if he wants a change then he has to make it. Falling back on the same old, same old isn’t working. If a model does hook up with him you know it’s a use use situation. He’s still handsome and appealing, but most young girls don’t want a guy that’s 20 years older than them. I didn’t. He’s better off finding a regular gal who likes him for him, not as a stepping stone. God, it would suck so much to be used or to have constant suspicion about people’s motives.

  • Message

    Umm. Yeeaaaah. Those girls that were tweeting about the private party with Leo look twelve. Seriously… They can’t even be 20 years old.

  • CanadaGirl

    Oh, I just thought of a few other things:
    7) Personal shopper for the elderly – clothes, groceries, etc. You could start up a business doing this! Make up some business cards and distribute them in some seniors buildings. There is a big boom for services like this in my area.
    8) Sell people’s stuff on-line. People want to get rid of their stuff, but don’t want to go through the effort. You could advertise there stuff, take the pictures, and negotiate the sales. It’s like an on-line garage sale.
    Haha… I have more, but I might be getting carried away.
    Thanks for helping me procrastinate. Back to work.

  • lol…

    @Message: one of them is still in school ( dobt know what kind though ) and the other one did a shoot for Seventeen Magazine. So clearly they are pretty young. Probably that’s why he was called a p*rve.

  • No Go

    Seems more like the models were at the same place and they’re trying to get some attention. Mention Leo’s name and you get people talking. None of the comments are all that interesting. He probably chatted with them and they think they’re the bells of the ball.

  • LOL

    I can believe they were that young. Remember in Australia and that tweet about Leo and his crew hanging with two girls in the hotel that looked like they just finished their (HC?) exams. Basically the Aussie equivalent of high school finals.