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Katie Holmes: Sunday Brunch with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Sunday Brunch with Suri!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri brave the cold weather as they walk home from brunch on Sunday afternoon (January 27) in New York City.

The day before, the 34-year-old actress was spotted grabbing lunch and taking a stroll with a guy pal in the West Village neighborhood.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the week, Katie stopped by a Manhattan Storage facility to pick up a few personal items.

25+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri out and about in NYC…

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katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 15
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 16
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 17
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 18
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 19
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 20
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 21
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 22
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 23
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 24
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 25
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 26
katie holmes sunday brunch with suri 27

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39 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Sunday Brunch with Suri!”

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  1. 1
    Suri the meal ticket Says:

    That’s the face of Bobbi Brown? What drug did they have?

  2. 2
    K-FLOP Repost Says:

    Is K-FLOP hitting up her old boss (Kevin Williamson – Dawson’s Creek, among other shows) for a mid-season spot on his new Fox show “The Following”?


    Recent K-FLOP news (1/9/13) – “Holmes listened intently to the opening argument of prosecutor Leigh Bishop, whom we’re told the actress was in attendance to support because the two are friends.”

    Attended Prosecutor lawyer friend’s opening arguments in a murder case…hmmm… are the two related?

    Also, Fellow Buckeye Maggie Grace is on the show too. Again….hmmmm.

    Just a theory.

  3. 3
    TSquared Says:

    Glad to see Katie’s inimitable fashion sense is just as bad as ever. What ever was she thinking? Scuffed and dirty Isabel Marant boots. Check. Heavy tights paired with a delicate cotton lace skirt not a good look. Skirt-doesn’t fit her body type. Same delicate cotton lace skirt paired with a form fitting leather jacket which makes Katie look really bottom heavy. Have no clue what top she chose, but I’m sure based on past history it won’t go with this dreadful outfit. Seriously since the jacket and scarf, tights and boots are all fairly tailored why would she chose such a monstrosity of a skirt to go with them. She’d look really chic with a good fitting (emphasize on the word fitting) pair of jeans, a long maxi skirt, a midi skirt or a knee length skirt in tailored wool. Instead she puts this on?
    And Suri looks cute with her tights and boots and panda head gear!

  4. 4
    debong Says:

    sweetie katieeee

  5. 5
    She's The Krazy One Says:
    She wants to be rich and famous. That’s all. It’s not about the art of acting, designing, dancing… Now she has zero jobs on her imdb.

  6. 6
    LITTLEL Says:

    to the k flop person who is ALWAYS in katie’s threads..,.why are you so obsessed with a person you hate and don’t admire(but you know EVERYTHING about her at the same time)? get a life…

  7. 7
    No Date Says:

    He guy pal is famously gay Kevin Williamson.

  8. 8
    ani Says:

    It is because she is a public person and she wants to be. I guess you don’t understand you they use a real person in the advertising instead of simple painting. The idea behind this is the sale of an image, which is reachable; an image, which can convince you that the product is maybe expensive, but so good that you can’t resist of using it exactly like the model; an image, which everybody should try to follow. In the case of KH it sounds like; “please buy my extremely expensive product because I need more money for me. I don’t really care how I look or using the product at all, what I care is how much I will be paid.” Why everybody jumped against Tiger Wood, when he cheated his wife and divorced? In America nobody is divorced? In America every man is devoted only to his wife? No, it is because with his advertising campaign he was trying to sale the image of a family man. It is not just the physical appearance, but the moral behind the face. It is the same with KH. She is paid millions not to show us that she can look good with makeup, but to convince us that we have to use this makeup in our daily routine as self-respect. The company is not going to make a profit from women who will buy makeup ones in a few years. There are many other stars, older than her, looking much better than her in the real life. These are physical genes and I think, nobody blames her that she doesn’t have beautiful legs or nice skin. The people here are disappointed that she is not putting any effort to convey the message that we have try to live to the standard of these ads for which she got millions. Her job is not just to make the picture, but to behave in this manner as well. It sounds like she is only after easy money, nothing else. So, why should I take her seriously?

  9. 9
    Susie#1 Says:

    Now that Katie Holmes has no projects going, I don’t understand the need to still show her out in the city every day. Her outfits are only newsworthy because of their bad taste, so we don’t need repetitions of them. If Katie wants to do something with all her spare time, she might try learning personal grooming and make-up application, hire a stylist to put together some appropriate outfits. If she’s representing a make-up line, and she’s out in public, a cleaner/neater image is needed; a touch of make-up, and her hair in a low pony tail, perhaps and clean clothes that fit.

  10. 10
    Suri is nearly 7 yo Says:

    She still wears stuff for 3-4 yo children… The panda hat…
    Maybe it’s true she has some developmental problems.
    My niece, which just turned 5 yo and started school, would never wear such baby hats any more. She would refuse if my sister would buy anything like it.

  11. 11
    Anne Says:

    @Suri is nearly 7 yo: MTE. Normal little girls, going to school, don’t want to be looked upon as babies. Suri is on the weird side.

  12. 12
    shame on you Says:

    @Suri is nearly 7 yo:
    Not evey child is the same. I know plenty of little girls my daughter school same age as her who love wearng them. Doesnt mean they are slow either or is on the weird side, leave her alone she is only 6 you pathetic bullies.

  13. 13
    Susie#1 Says:

    Jared, why hasn’t my comment been posted?

  14. 14
    Suri is nearly 7 yo Says:

    @shame on you: I’m not a bully.
    I suspect Suri has some problems, maybe she’s on the Asperger scale, because there’s many signs pointing to it. Don’t forget Katie was able to get sole custody against a supposedly powerful ex-husband. Then you have to ask yourself WHY?
    Let’s say that Suri was diagnosed with developmental issues and Katie got official medical papers about her daughter’s situation, and presented these to the family judge in New York, she was then sure to win a custody legal battle against a scientologist.
    No judge would have ever given Tom any rights on Suri if she is officially diagnosed with some mental defect. Because he’s a scientologist and of what happened to Travolta’s son, amongst other things.

  15. 15
    LITTLEL Says:

    before this discussions about Suri’s mental condition would go further these hats are becoming very popular.,…I saw yesterday a grown up man with one of these on…and I find it way more appropriate on a child like Suri..

  16. 16
    CF98 Says:

    She may have gotten custody because Suri is not Tom’s biological child

  17. 17
    Suri is nearly 7 yo Says:

    Sole custody consists of an arrangement whereby only one parent has physical and legal custody of a child. Courts are reluctant to grant sole custody to one parent, unless there are justifying ‘special’ circumstances. The trend is towards joint custody arrangements, those being more fair.
    To win sole custody during a proceeding is a very difficult ordeal. The major factor a court uses is the best interests of the child. So Katie Holmes was prepared with a clear reason why joint custody would not serve Suri’s best interests. And her lawyer must have had a whole lots of serious documents pertaining her case.

  18. 18
    TSquared Says:

    @Suri is nearly 7 yo:

    It is also possible that Katie had something on Tom that she was willing to tell the world inspite of the, I’m sure iron clad confidentiality agreements Tom demands of employees and wives. At that point Tom may have willingly given her sole legal and physical custody–so a no contest would also have hurried the proceedings along.

    I just find it curious that he so quickly gave up sole/legal custody since he made sure he got Bella and Connor and was willing to allow the cult to denigrate Nicole and make her a suppressive. He always makes sure that we know he calls his kids all the time, he stops work immediately when they call him etc. He and Nicole alternated films so one of them was with the kids at all time–yet he and Katie did not. He also said something in an interview about I think saying he never went more than a week or so without seeing his family. Yet he and Katie did not observe anything like this.

    Just seemed like his relationship with Katie on his side was much different than the one he had with Nicole. That is neither bad nor good, just seemed like he was less committed to spending time with her and Suri than he was with Bella and Connor.

    And I’m sorry, but not seeing a six year old child for months at a time is not the sign of a devoted father. Kids change so quickly at this age that missing even a week can be missing a huge milestone in their lives. It is none of my business or anyone elses of course, but I can’t imagine not seeing a child of this age if you truly loved them.

  19. 19
    Suri the meal ticket Says:

    Suri is a leased prop for Tommy. Simple as that. Suri stoped working for Tom the same time her mother’s contract not renewed.

  20. 20
    Sincerely concerned Says:

    Octavia, I NOW hear that Katie is going to law school. Since she is SO great, I will eat crow if she graduates and passes the boards in the “normal” time. My point; I would like to see her finish one thing that she starts.

  21. 21
    annie Says:

    First of all, Tom Cruise is all about image, he would have done anything, and did to preserve that image.
    Katie didn’t.
    I thnk she was very much in love with Tom to begin with, and in time came to loathe him , his lifestyle, the people connected to him, but I think she stayed as long as she did because of Suri.
    And he probably thought she didn’t have it in her to leave anyway.
    Honestly , I don’t believe for one second, he was blindsided, things were not good for a long time between them, he just didn’t think she’d do it. Katie stopped going to his different locations, and then didn’t turn up at all. He used to arranange photo ops all the time to show his family, and how good things are. He wanted them to show him up, to feed his image. But he did so much damage to himself, and what with different books coming out all the time, he dosn’t sound so good.
    He stuffed up big time, with his very public views, things got from bad to worse, and she suffered the consequences along with him.
    The day Katie stopped idolising Tom, is the day their relationship ended.
    He’s now totally disappeared from the face of the earth. How does he do that, when it suits him.
    He didn’t get his way with Katie, no homeschooling for Suri, no Scie for Suri, no following him to the ends of the earth, like his sisters(my family) do.
    He’s become transparent to the world, something he never was, because he cultivated his image.
    He probably had a better relationship with NK, they were close in age. but I remember her saying that TC didn’t know how to switch off from being an actor, to real man, and she comes across as a needy woman(not ctiticizing).
    NK also has an image thing, don’t think she doesn’t, because she does.
    Their marriage must not have been as good as she thought because, he left her for Pen Cruz( the director on Vanilla Sky, said he saw them falling in love on set). So there you go.

    I like the outfit she’s wearing in the pics with KW, young modern. To each his own , I guess,
    As , for Suri, she’s a little girl, leave her alone, I thought you all got over ”there’s something wrong with her” attitude.
    I’d like to see Katie, in something Kevin Williamson, he said once he understands her. He wrote Teaching Mrs Tingle for Katie…cute movie.
    Whatever anybody says the whole TC thing took away something from Katie, I know she’s older, or maybe because she’s lost so much weight.
    Hope she hangs around more with Kevin Williamson, he’s a very spiritual person, she likes and trusts him and the feeling is mutual.

  22. 22
    Tamara Says:

    I wonder if Suri really did spend Christmas with Tom or even go to London at all. I could see both Tom and Katie agreeing to pretend that she was with him but Suri stayed with Katie family or something like that. Btw, what was up with Suri using a bottle up until March of last year? Was it a Katie thing, a Tom thing, a Scientology thing…? It was so weird. Hope she’s weaned.

  23. 23
    some Says:

    Think big and aim high over ambitious, it’s kho.

  24. 24
    Question Says:

    Has Katie ever been nominated for an Oscar, Golden
    Globe, a Tony or an Emmy?

  25. 25
    Shia Says:

    Emm, I remembered she had ever been nominated for Golden Raspberry Awards :P

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