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Taylor Swift: Diet Coke Deal Finalized, Video Blog Released!

Taylor Swift: Diet Coke Deal Finalized, Video Blog Released!

Taylor Swift holds up a can of Diet Coke in a new video blog she released to officially announce her deal with the soda brand.

“I wanted to share some news with you, because we’re finally making it official with one of the great loves of my life…Diet Coke,” the 23-year-old singer said in the video.

Taylor will be the centerpiece of Diet Coke’s Stay Extraordinary campaign and will be featured in all key marketing efforts for the brand – including advertising, retail activation, experiential and more.

“I’ve said for years that Diet Coke just ‘gets me’ and my lifestyle. I’m so excited about our new partnership,” Taylor said in a statement.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor Swift partnering with Diet Coke?

Taylor Swift Talks Diet Coke Deal
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  • ck

    When this deal is over, will she write a song about how Diet Coke broke her heart?

  • Rachel

    When are her publicists going to learn that less is more?! She’s so “overexposed” right now that she’s become a cliche.

  • Anna

    She’s as fake as the taste of Diet Coke so it’s a match made in fake heaven

  • DB

    Does she have to be everywhere all the time?

    I honestly think she’s far too over-exposed.

  • Ashley

    Diet Coke. DIET. She should go out and look for a McDonalds endorsement because that girl needs to eat some double cheeseburgers.

  • Sara

    please go away taylor…

  • corey

    that is just embarrassing.

  • LooseLipz

    Wow, what a terribly wrong endorsement for both diet Coke and Taylor. Who are they trying to win over? Young kids now? To drink their fake cancer creating shit drink? So beyond bad. And who advised Taylor to agree to this ? Money hungry jerks that are her management.
    She’s stupid, truly. Everything you endorse reflects what you believe in. Next it will be fur coats.

  • Dave Franco

    In other words: SHOW ME THE MONEY! I hate when celebs advertise products, such a blatant attempt to to make more money. How much money do you really need?

  • MaryDtn9

    Justin Bieber faces assault charges for using a Nerf Gun. OMB this bad boy felon is way out of control. How many casualties were there? Who gave him the gun? Who taught him how to use a gun? I bet BFF Taylor Swift did. Will Taylor write a song about boy toy Justin? Will he go to jail? As further punishment I hope the courts force him to date Selena Gomez? If they do this, I guarantee you he will never, ever, ever break the law again. I guess he is now officially a red neck. Next thing you know he will be hosting and appearing on Duck Commander? Why doesn’t he just join the NRA and be done with it. So much for Canada’s gun laws, they are now no better than the good old US of A.

  • so much BS

    “This partnership is gonna include so much fun things… I can’t wait to begin all this and I think it’s going to be an extraordinary ride”
    She sounds as if she’s talking about some new artistic work of hers not coke ads… yeah $$$ is so much fun!!!
    Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson’s “artistic commercials” 2.0

  • ventouse

    “Diet coke just gets me”=>>>> LOL. Do they (does she) really think the public is stupid enough to buy this statement? Why don’t some celebrities just make the advert instead of releasing an obsolete statement?? I would definitely do the same, sign the deal, but would never release a statement on how extraordinary the brand I am advertising is, cause at the end of the day we all know that it’s a win win situation for both sides involved money-wise.

  • Dave Franco

    In other words: SHOW ME THE MONEY! I hate when celebs endorse products. How much money do you really need?

    Btw, Diet Coke does suck.

  • lissa

    shes said before she doesnt diet, that shes naturally thin so who is she tryna fool with this ‘it gets me bs’ just get your money taylor and save the act ugh

  • JMHO


    “a match made in fake heaven” lolololol

  • wow

    Diet Coke or any diet sodas aren’t exactly healthy like most people think they are, artificial sweeteners along with other ingredients used have negative long term side effects. I don’t think Swifty should’ve taken this deal, but then again it’s always about making as much $$$ as you can. Great business decision, health wise not so much.

  • Sam

    She probably does not drink it herself but is willing to push it to young people for the millions she will get. Diet or regular it is still a very unhealthy choice of a drink especially for young people. Taylor is such a fake.

  • Warren

    I wouldn’t think Taylor needs diet anything or more money. Hope she really does like diet coke though and it’s not fake.

  • Black

    Artificial sweeteners are even worse for you than corn syrup. Avoid it at all costs. Drink coconut water instead.

  • Ceara

    Well I guess now I gotta start buying diet instead of regular. Not

  • haha

    @Sam: Celebs are always seen with diet coke.. what’s so hard to believe? That stuff is good and they know it

  • KissThis

    How annoying. Diet coke isn’t even good for people and this phony s k a n k is going to shove it down young people’s throats. At least promote something healthy to our youth :/

  • liz

    she looks really different here. not in a good way. i don’t know if it’s the lighting or bad makeup but close up, she doesn’t look as ‘barbie’ like. it’s weird…

  • ka-blamo

    Diet coke and many other drinks have aspartame in it. IT’S POISON.

  • Avery4

    So sick of her. Please go away!!!!

  • SJP

    50 million a year isn’t enough? She has to put her face on a stupid product for more coins! Girl is hustling to feed her family! They can’t survive on a measly 50 million!

  • Finanas

    Better drink a true soda SOMETIMES (not a pinch every day) than drinking diet soda every day… When do people will get that ?

  • Elina

    Diet coke is a refined junk drink that can only make you less healthy!

    Advertising a product of Coca Cola is a bad and stupid thing to do.
    Either she is so dumb not to know what diet coke really is, or that she knows it’s a poison but she sold herself.


    Oh Boy this hasnt even been out a day and the haters are out in force all ready!! I shouldnt be surprised success breeds contempt!!!especially when the success story is a highly successful female then the unmerciful attacks and hate are absolutely ridiculous!!!This is so typical of our society today!!! Hate on people that actually WORK AND ACHIEVE but love those who sit on there behinds and are leeches to society!!!! What disgusting and disgraceful people you are


    @Finanas: Why should it be!! You are the precise case and point of my post. If she wants to make more money so what!!!!!! Thats what its all about right and she does more than her fair share of good to blow that out your you know what and leave her alone!!


    @Rachel: She is making money what are doing??? Are you a contributing or one of the slugs I have discussed in my post. I will bet the latter. Plus your jealousy is really showing. If she wants to make more money so WHAT!! That is her business not yours!!


    @Sam: She drinks it. You people are a disgrace as i have said before. If you were in her shoes you would do the same thing so actually be quiet!! She is making money something you might want to try some day instead of being the leech I describe in my post!!


    @Avery4: Why cause you cant do what she does? She is fulfilling the american dream what are you doing?? You just cant take it because she is an ultra succesful female and is really a whole lot more intellegent than she is given credit for!!

  • Sleepy in Soho

    I feel like she’s everywhere and that’s not a good thing.

  • Ashlee

    She just needs to explore her body and understand herself. She is seeking out unavailable men for the high. She needs someone to give her gifts from AthenaToys-dotcom

  • guest4114

    well maybe she found a partner after all
    how long will it last?

  • lanas-world


  • Rachel

    @Frank… for the record, I work in the Marketing Department for the American Cancer Society. I’m contributing quite a bit to society. My complaints about her “over exposure” aren’t based on jeolousy, they’re based on my Ivy league degree (Harvard Business School, to be exact), and my genuine surprise that someone of her calibre hasn’t hired a publicist with a better “long term” plan.

  • megan

    first her and harry styles public stuff for get them (but mostly her) more money NOW THIS!?!? how much money does she need??

  • http://Nil Beyhive

    Taylor is sick,she better starts eating regular foods & stop this diet nonsense.she is really overexposed right now,her quick rise to fame might also be a quick downfall 4 her

  • Mr. Lucky

    Taylor Swift is not country. Patty Loveless is country.

  • uh huh

    America needs more water and less soda.

  • Avery4

    Frank, Taylor Swift is the worst singer in the history of music. She is lucky to have little tone deaf girls buying her records and buying into her exploiting her private life to sell records. She wouldn’t get past the first audition round on American Idol because she Can’t sing. Everybody would laugh at her.

  • tick

    I guess the link between artificial sweeteners and cancer doesn’t matter to her….among many other health issues its been linked to. j/s

  • John

    HA! Who was responsible for setting up someone like Taylor Swift to represent Diet Coke? Were they drunk when this deal was made? As if she needs to be on a diet….just look at her! Like everyone else has said on here, the only reason why she’s so “excited” about this anyway is because of the money. I used to like Swift because I thought she was unlike some of the so-called celebrities of today, but not anymore. Now, she is nothing more than that typical “celebrity superstar” whose primary objective is to take advantage of the weaker “blind fan” who will do anything to support her. Taylor needs to go away, as she’s practically talked about in the media every day! As someone else also said on here, be sure to write a break up song about Coke once your contract’s up, Taylor! Either that, or for pete sakes, stop writing songs that are meant for 12 year olds when you’re 22 years old!!!

  • Darlene

    She sucks!! GO AWAY TAYLOR.. we r sic of u!!!

  • cdn

    personally i like the girl..who cares if she writes songs about every boyfriend…like we haven’t thought half the things she sings about. really can’t bash he.r. change the him to her in most songs and most guys would relate. she is a marketing machine right now and hot. ppl notice her, her music and what she does. We feed the machine….get paid girl cause time moves fast and it only takes the next thing to move you down the line….

  • Samantha

    She has nothing to do. At least she’s not taking things seriously for once.