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Katie Holmes: New ICM Partners Talent Agency Client!

Katie Holmes: New ICM Partners Talent Agency Client!

Katie Holmes keeps it casual chic while arriving for a meeting at a hotel on Tuesday (January 29) in New York City.

Over the weekend, the 34-year-old actress was spotted grabbing brunch with her adorable daughter Suri in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

It was recently announced that Katie has signed with a new talent agency ICM Partners after a few years with CAA.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes heading to a hotel for a meeting in the Big Apple…

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  • what a loser!

    Kicked to the curb a.g.a.i.n. By CAA this time.

  • what a loser!

    Oh she’ll still has those cosmetics ads in her *cough* prestigious *cough* resume.

  • Peaches

    when is she ever gonna learn to just go back to Ohio and work as a Walmart people greeter with that smirk of hers?

    she is just plain boring all over,

  • Black-Dahlia

    I love her hair.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    KHo looks like a homeless gypsy. No offense to real gypsies though.

  • Lizzy

    Talent Agency?The problem is that she has no talent.They will have a hard time trying to find “work” for her.A real talented actress doesn’t need the help of a “talent agency’ to find a job,it’s for begginers.It shows how desperate and talentless she is…lol
    I guess her marriage to Tom Cruise didn’t help her “boost’ her “career”,and not even divoced she finds job.She’s extremely boring and isn’t attractive at all,no wonder she can’t find a

  • TSquared

    If CAA couldn’t resurrect her career, not sure ICM can. But I think they have better representation on the East coat than CAA. And rumor has it Holmes/Yang has not been invited back for NY fashion week. Hits just keep on coming for Katie. She obviously doesn’t multi-task well, maybe she should just concentrate on one thing right now–either the fashion line, being a model/endorser, or her acting career.

  • Daretobehonest

    What is CAA?

  • K-FLOP – ICM a Good Move?

    This move may be another FAIL for K-FLOP too.
    According to Deadline – Jeff Berg, who served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ICM for 27 years, will be the Chairman of Resolution.
    New talent company to rival ICM? Will any agents will leave with him?
    The comments at the deadline post are interesting.
    Will this have any impact on K-FLOP’s move to ICM? Hmmmm……
    Other ICM talent includes Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder of the Vampire Diaries, another Kevin Williamson produced show —- coincidence? Hmmmmm.

  • kami

    icm is the most prestigious agency out there for actors and writers. they are the best. the fact that they took her on says a lot about her.

  • Shia

    It meaned CAA kicked het out?

  • Daretobehonest

    @kami: I wish her the best

  • Daretobehonest

    @Peaches: = Angry and cynical. She needs to work it in her “scripts”

  • K-FLOP – Et tu HP?

    WWD doesn’t mention why — the statement was nonchalantly tossed into an otherwise unrelated blurb about Selena Gomez — but it would appear that Holmes’ plate is a little full. She just wrapped up her Broadway show, “Dead Accounts,” and has signed on as the face and co-owner of Alterna Haircare.

    Plus there’s Suri — there are always more zoos to visit, playgrounds to play on and ice cream cones to eat! That six-year-old maintains an exhausting social calendar.

    So no Katie at Fall 2013 Fashion Week… which means what for Holmes & Yang? The Spring 2013 collection received tepid reactions, perhaps not enough to justify a second outing.

    —Ouch! The part about Suri reminded me of AH’s SNL skit. :-)

  • annie

    but she is showing her line, for the press and buyers, by appointment, i think that’s the way they used to do it before, not sure.
    also it’s quite obvious that she wants to keep things in NY, seeing Suri is in school,
    she’s trying to do the right thing by her daughter, so she seems to be doing whatever she can in NY, SO she looks she’ll take whatever to remain in NY, and as a mum i admire her for that.
    you know most mothers do what’s best for their kids,
    gosh, dad goes all over the world, couldn’t care less, as long as he feeds his ego by making lots of movies, so Katie does whatever she has to do.
    and CAA is where TC is.
    i read that TC had or has Scie sitting in on his meetings, with companies, he’s stuck them in everywhere, that’s the last place she wants to be, so yea it will probably be hard for her, in terms of work.
    katie needs someone like Kevin Williamson back in her life. there were lots of nice pics of them together in DC days, she needs her friend and mentor back.
    jesus some of you are really sad human beings!

  • Macy

    CAA has most of the top movie stars. Maybe ICM can line her up with a TV series. That would be the best move for her.

  • annie

    by the way K-FLOP
    you must spend all day trying to find out the lastest on KH, and this is all for somebody you don’t lke!

  • Daretobehonest

    @Lizzy: She has been at it too long to fold up tent. Everyone liked her in Dawson’s creek because her character was the right fit. Angry and cynical. The problem is that; at 17, that was intriguing but now at 33, it’s lacks luster. What she needs is a good counselor to help her “PURGE” herself of that character….. You know, an attitude adjustment. She’d loose the coy smile that now is just seen as not flattering. Her whole family has that look so there is probably some deep rooted s$#* she’d have to come to terms with. Sad, because the only other route would be the gothic route with the vampires etc, Tried to watch the following. 5 minutes into, had to change it. Too dark for me. Depressing…. Will be very interesting to see where she is in 5 yrs.

  • Daretobehonest

    My sister and I had a bet when Katie 1st hooked up with that idiot as to NOT wether it would last or not but how long. The new bet should be where will she be in let’s say June 2015?

  • Daretobehonest

    @annie: When does anyone say they don’t like her?? You’re taking this way to personal

  • Daretobehonest

    @Black-Dahlia: R u serious? That is the very thing that I am sure that turns people pod about her. It’s like FU to the very people that like her or not. Way to easy to fix that rats nest!!!

  • Daretobehonest

    Excuse my spelling

  • Finn

    To: Daretobehonest….

    I guess you are another airhead that supports airhead Katie.


    Someone needs to tell her to forget a career in “Hollywood”.


    Here we go again same old thing


    When i am out in public I make sure my clothes are washed my hair and make up done it really does it take much to look nice I do it myself that’s what us normal people do it

  • Daretobehonest

    @Finn: Why do u say that?

  • If only…

    I wish the silly rumors about law school were true. She’d have to go to undergrad first so we could be rid of her for a minimum of 6+ years.

  • RIP
  • Daretobehonest

    I could see her on Big Bang Theory, as Sheldon’s dumb twin sister

  • Daretobehonest

    The humor would be her inability to “get it”. The trick would be getting the right script for her. … U know; timing and all

  • TSquared

    Lainey Gossip just had a column on Katie. She is so right. With the failure of Dead Accounts, her not being invited to show Fashion week–she badly needs success. Whether you like her or not from a pure business point of view–she has lost money on almost every venture she has taken on. No one wants to lose money, no one wants to invest in what precursors indicate will be a failing enterprise. Lainey suggests she goes back to TV and I totally agree. Whatever strategy her PR and Marketing and Management are devising isn’t working. If Katie wants to remain a player rather than a tabloid/blog fixture then she needs to get serious and play the game. Once she is on top again then she can tell everyone to take a hike if she wants to. It is such a shame she makes the choices she makes if she wants a career acting or designing. Because right now those choices suck lemons. And unfortunately producers, directors and the money people are noticing.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @TSquared: Hence Sheldon’s twin sister….


    Go away all ready and go back to Ohio where you belong


    Katie can do disney channel shows as a guest


    So, here’s a crazy (if cruel) thought: What if Katie Holmes is just a pretty girl from Ohio, without any particular acting or design skills?

    Read more:


  • annie

    @ daretobehonest
    i don’t take things personally, but for me to go on about, insult and waste my time on somebody i don’t care about, is really weird, but i can imagine that all of you would go to all threads on JJ and throw your hate around, because that’s the type of people you seem to be, and that’s fine, it’s a free world, after all.

    black dahlia said KH has beautiful hair.. you’re quick to reply….R U serious, and called it a rats nest…. you sound like a typical mean girl, trying so hard to convince yourself and everybodyelse that what you say is true, even if it’s a ridiculous comment for a whole pile of obvious reasons.
    so i think i’ll just leave it at that, but you can’t help but wonder what dark damp hole some of you crawl out of, just remember, she’s more, and has lots more, than you and everybody else here will ever have in 1 million lifetimes, so carry on, in other words whatever makes you happy.

  • Raquel C

    Katie is really going to be put to the test. By starring in a Broadway show Dead Accounts and her Holmes and Yang line also in NY she probably thought she would work through Feb 2013 but didn’t count on both not doing well. Now, she might have to travel outside of New York to work and that means Suri will be pulled out of school or stay with a nanny.

  • Raquel C

    When children of movie stars are babies and preschool age, its an entourage to deal with as you take them on location to work with you on your movies, but as your child becomes school age you want stability and a schedule for them. Suri is already at that age to have a schedule, do you notice we rarely see them out really late at night, no more. Katie surely restructured Suri’s sleep time so she could wake up in the early morning to go to school. So much has changed in Suri’s life since June 2012 and it shows. Katie also has had a lot on her plate but she’s an adult and right now has a financial safety cushion, so not being able to pay the rent was not one of her worries. But now she must question the direction her career will go. Timing is everything in the entertainment business and surely Katie thought “Dead Accounts and the first presentation of Holmes and Yang will be a hit” and when the second season for Holmes and Yang comes in Feb, the play Dead Accounts will be done and Bobbie Brown cosmetics and the Alterna hair care campaign will kick in and all that will build on each other. Only that’s now how it worked out. Good luck to her and Suri.

  • annie

    Katie is showing her line, at NY fashion week the press and buyers are going to be there, maybe it will be along the lines as last year, or else the previous years,” intimate showing” i think they said, i read this on a few katie sites.
    A rep for Holmes/Yang comfirmed this.
    She still can incorperate her beauty endorsements with her clothing line, the dress she wore for Bobbi Brown pic was hers, and it was nice.

  • Daretobehonest

    @annie: I would of followed up with how my daughter takes a roled up sick with the toe cut out but it’s not always safe to text and drive: anywho; u role your hair into a bun over the sock on top of your head. When u take the bun out your hair even looks nice… And no doubt she was the mean girl. Don’t kid yourself. Paybacks ARE A B&$#*=. But on a serious note; no like guys analyzing football teams, Katie is a “project” for us who don’t like watching sports

  • Daretobehonest

    @Raquel C: Why can’t she do something off broadway?

  • TSquared


    There is no confirmation of them showing at NYC fashion week. If so where is it?


    there were photos of her with Kevin Williamson the other day in NY…for the one say she need his seems they are still friends :)


    @annie: so true.,..the k flop person is so in love with Katie Holmes


    @Raquel C: I think she will not show up at fashion week simply because her play was scheduled until February 24th but closed early…but of course she didn’t have the time for the new collection in the last months because she was on Broadway every day and had to take care of her daughter at the same time since her father is basically never with her…

  • annie

    @ tsquared
    go to Kate Holmes Daily
    Katie Holmes girl next door- news and notes

  • Raquel C

    Littlel: I think celebrities all plan their projects to overlap when they are being released and that gives them more leverage, publicity. Don’t have to think too much about this but Katie’s so called “get away plan” from Tom Cruise was executed as carefully and convienently as possible for HER and SURI. She found her apartment, physically split from Cruise in June (even though they hadn’t seen each other a lot in weeks, poor guy trying to film a movie), tried to first get Suri adjusted to the different apartment (no problem they’ve traveled the world and stayed and many hotels), then enrolled her at a school and being with other children, wearing warmer clothes, etc. Suri looks more adjusted and happier but still has a way to go but not bad for 6 months. However Katie also had things on her plate, her Holmes and Yang line were debuting in Sept 2012 (but it was more of a presentation than a fashion show), and was starring (not a supporting role) in the Broadway show Dead Accounts, and now getting Suri ready for school on a daily basis and probably trying to hire a personal assistant and help in the process. I personally think the show Dead Accounts was not ready to go on Broadway but the producers saw $$$ and remembered the attraction of All My Sons and thought Katie’s celebrity would drawn people to the theatre (it didn’t happen), and Bobbie Brown and what ever other deal was coming her way probably also thought Katie would get out of this a winner, bigger and more famous coming out of her divorce from Tom Cruise. But the opposite seams to be happening. I wish her and Suri well. I think the industry (entertainment, fashion, cosmetics, etc) is very lucrative but ALSO cutthroat and when people think you are “hot” they brown nose until they sign you. However, the flip side, when you’ve been attached to ANOTHER unsuccessful project/movie, fashionline, product, etc., whoever is financing what you’re trying to promote is NOT gonna what to take a chance with you because the public is not buying what you’re selling. I think Katie should go back to television but that might mean leaving New York and going back to Los Angeles or other locations. She now has her daughter in school and on a schedule. Good luck. It’s tough.

  • TSquared


    Interesting since they are not on the schedule.

  • K-FLOP – Appointment Only


    A spokesperson on behalf of the brand confirmed this morning that they would be previewing the Holmes & Yang autumn/winter 2013-14 collection “by appointment only”.

  • Bob Lightstone

    Everybody deserves a shot. The people writing these nasty denigrating comments – each and every one of you are LOSERS and FAILURES. That’s your life. Too bad. Ms. Holmes has done movies, live theatre, etc. Like I said, she deserves a shot just like anybody else. Talent is a moving target; all she needs is one solid role and everything changes.