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Liberty Ross: Post Divorce Hollywood Gal!

Liberty Ross: Post Divorce Hollywood Gal!

Liberty Ross keeps it chic while stepping out of her home on Tuesday (January 29) in Hollywood.

Earlier in the week, the 34-year-old model turned actress filed for divorce from her husband Rupert Sanders after ten years of marriage together.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liberty Ross

Liberty and Rupert both requested joint custody of their two children Skyla and Tennyson, with Rupert wanting to share the attorney costs with Liberty.

10+ pictures inside of Liberty Ross looking stylish while exiting her home in Hollywood…

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  • Vanity

    Inside her purse are the ex’s credit cards and Kristin Stewart’s dignity.

  • http://!!! SAM

    Who the hell is Liberty Ross and who the hell cares?

  • @SAM

    You do apparently.

  • kelly

    her house? her ex husband paid for, seeing as she hasn’t had a job since the 90′s

  • Sammy

    Damn she’s skinny.

  • shannon

    try as hard as you want liberty, kristens name will be forever attached to yours. you can thank you(ex) husband for that.

  • Paige

    Too skinny for me. Her legs look like toothpicks.

  • Paige

    She is mostly known by the general public as the woman that got cheated on by her husband. I’d never heard of this woman before the scandal. I didn’t know she was a model. I would be pissed if the paps where following me because of my scumbag husband. I feely seems to love the attention she is getting. by the end of 2013, liberty ross will be sorry for their poor children and how they have to be followed by paps but this ladforgotten and so will rupert and any one associated with twilight.

  • Paige

    I meant she seems to love the attention she is getting and is using her divorce to make her more famous.

  • Nat

    Wow Kristen Stewart fans are b!tches.

  • ava

    Hey Jared ,how much is she paying you to write about her?

  • wren

    She was a working model and has been for years in more independent work. She got quite a nice publicity boost from this. She wears clothes like this well. Bye Bye Rupert.

  • emily

    @Nat: you don’t have to be a fan of kristens (i’m not) to see that this women is milking this for all this is worth.

  • nasty meangirls

    Whatever she does, however she acts, Kristen’s fans are the last people on earth who should judge or even comment on her life let alone bully her. Just shut up if you have any honor and dignity left. She could be walking around dressed as Santa Klaus for all I care that doesn’t exonerate Kristen and her future ex in any way shape or form.

  • Paige

    I can’t stand Kristen Stewart and anything to do with twilight trash. I can see right through Liberty Ross act. She is milking the negative publicity of her cheating husband for good publicity for herself. Just because I.can see through her act makes me a kristen stewart fan. Hell No!

  • CLARA_ belle

    I’m not sure what she is doing or has done to suggest that she is seeking publicity for herself. It is not fair to hold her accountable for the actions of her husband or Kirsten Stewart or the subsequent amount of interest that this has generated. She has not sold her story to the press & as far as iI can tell only seems to be photographed when carrying out day to day errands.

    Liberty Ross was a very successful model before semi-retiring bring up her kids & to support her husband – she also comes from a incredibly wealthy family so has nothing to gain financially from this situation.

    Seriously you guys should leave off her – she has not done anything wrong!

  • LooseLipz

    Liberty Ross isn’t milking anything..she has a full life, a successful modeling career and great friends…fortunately she’s a smart secure woman who realized her cheating husband wasn’t worth fighting for,
    She deserves much better.
    She’s not calling the paps to snap her pictures…why blame her for something she can’t control…
    As far as her thinness, actually she’s one if the healthier looking models.

  • Chups

    Its funny how people are so quick to judge Liberty. From a couple of people I know in the fashion industry they have said that Liberty Ross is a big deal and although she isn’t class as one of the super models who milk them selves out she is well known in the fashion industry and has done a lot of magazine covers and has been the face of many power house fashion companies. Also she is from a very wealthy family and comes from a line of Barons. Its sad that people accuse her of milking it when she hasn’t sold her story to us weekly or people nor has she been one to go on every talk show crying over her douche of a husband. I hope you Kristen Stewart fan will feel the same way when your Father or Husband cheats and you defend the woman that did the dirt. Its sad that she became known to the world over an affair but at the end of the day all press is still press.

  • nasty meangirls

    Yeah how dare she step out of her house and run errands like that? who does she think she is? I bet she didn’t even ever walk down the street before the scandal, now she conveniently does. Any respectable cheated-on wife should have the decency to cover her face – with hand, folder or handbag – in front of papz, look miserable and sad and wear sweat pants only in order not to upset the cheaters’ peace of mind and not constantly remind them of their did with her very presence.
    She is totally loving it by the way let’s get real here, who wouldn’t trade a ten year long marriage to the father of two children, whom as a Brit you followed to another country to further his career despite London & Paris being light years ahead of L.A in fashion and catwalk modeling – your field of work – to focus on being a wife and a mum, hello loser woman lol?!
    who wouldn’t trade that in a heartbeat to have their pic taken by TMZ stalkers for say 1, 2 years tops until you fade back into obscurity after you were ripped apart by 14 year old girls that know nothing about life on gossip sites? I mean duh.

  • Athena

    Don’t get mad, get everything.

  • clara_ belle

    @nasty meangirls:

    Please tell me you are being very sarcastic – I’m worried that this level of humour eludes most of the people that have posted comments here.

  • RupertSanders

    come back :(

  • ButthurtKrisbians

    Bwahahaha. Worry more about your whore queen’s unemployment status and less about Liberty Ross. I bet Rupert and K Stew are having a good time dogging in Los Feliz. Here’s hoping Rob follows Liberty’s example and gets himself out of a bad situation.

  • aquarius64

    It’s 10:31 pm EST… you know where Kristen is?

    She hasn’t surfaced since the news of the divorce hit. I think she’s in an undisclosed location becuase she knows a lot of people put some, half and all of the blame on her for the marriage’s demise. (Maybe plotting strategy with her PR team on how to get through round 2 of SWATH-gate, if she can.). As for Liberty being out and about dress to the nines, I think it’s on purpose. Liberty wants to show the world she is not sitting at home pounding back pints of ice cream over her soon-to-be ex and his former sidepiece. In fact, I think Liberty is of the don’t-get-mad-get-even school of thought. She’s going to make Rupert pay through the nose in divorce court, and she wants to get her pound of flesh from Kristen too. The Twitter pic of a beer-guzzling Snow White that Liberty put out when the scandal broke is a clue.

  • stefani

    @aquarius64: Are you the same person that has to be the biggest kristen stewart hater on hollywood

  • aquarius64

    @stefani: @stefani: Nope, no hater, a harsh critic, but not the biggest one. People on other blogs have said 1000x WORSE things about her. First comments on blogs are saying it, now articles are flat-out saying it in headlines that Liberty wanted out because of Rupert’s hook-up with Kristen. They’re not bothering to call it a “momentary indiscretion” anymore; it’s being called an affair. Stewart must have made some enemies in Hollywood because no celeb is rushing to her defense now like they did when the cheating pictures came out.

  • woohoo

    no one knew who she was until this cheating scandal

  • Ella

    Famewhore…. What else!

  • Ella

    Famewhore…..What else!

  • Nicki

    Naked magazine cover , what next? She just loves the attention. Not pretty or nice after all. Don’t really feel sorry for her because she wanted out of the marriage a long time ago and this was a perfect reason for her to end it. Pity her? Nah… But do feel sorry for the kids.

  • Kira

    She has been seen going out with an ex-boyfriend in London, reportedly getting close to a music executive here, and pretty sure many more sightings to come of her with some other guys . She’s loving the exposure and surely enjoying dating again after suffering being in a marriage she already lost interest in a few years back. Bet you she was glad she had a way to actually get out of it with all the blame on her husband. Putting herself first and not the kids is the name of her game.

  • Olga

    Now the famewhoring, attention-seeking, media-loving games begin. Anything to get back to the business. Self-centered, I guess?

  • Shelly

    Didn’t her husband ball Kristen Stewart? …/ Good to see she’s moving on. Hopefully out of medias’ eye.

  • Ed

    She looks like a skinny Kardashian. Yick!

  • green

    Wow.. kristen’s fans are so mean like her idol. Liberty is a beautiful and classy woman.She deserves much better than rupig.

  • green

    Wow.. kristen’s fans are so mean like their idol. Liberty is a beautiful and classy woman.She deserves much better than rupig.

  • Talia

    @green: who says the people saying negative things are kristen fans? they are just stating their opinion but i agree she seems to be loving the attention,nobody outside england knew she was before the scandal

    i think she may have had some hidden resentment towards rupert.they may have looked happy outside their home but nobody knows what their life was like behind closed doors(which may never have gone away)because in england she was well known but when they moved to LA nobody gave a c**p about her. I do however believed that they did love each other but they spent 6 months trying to make it work but couldn’t fix their marriage problems

  • hmmm

    She can do better than Rupert. No one ever deserves to be cheated on… There are no excuses for it. People who cheat or have affairs are pathetic and gross. Glad to see Liberty is moving on and isn’t afraid to date better men. Her and her children deserve someone who will be honest, loyal and treat them with true respect. Best of luck to her. Rupert is going to regret betraying his wife and kids for the rest of his life, but it’s too late now…

  • hmmm

    And yes cheaters always get caught… So I still don’t understand how famous people think they can get away with? Especially when they kiss outdoors? Very silly… Anyone who thinks they’re never going to get caught is foolish.. It may take days, weeks, months or years, but things always come out (even if you don’t realize that your partner knows, they probably will one day know or they already know and who knows why they’re not telling you about it)… Cheaters just gross me out.

  • http://yahoo erin

    Bravo Liberty great that you kicked your cheating spouse in the butt . The very best to you .

  • http://yahoo Rob

    Rob take a leaf out of Liberty’s book and kick Kristen’s cheating arse to the curb !!

  • blah

    @hmmm: don’t bring his children into this,he betrayed his wife and no matter what he will always be in his children’s life. look at arnold schwarzenegger, he cheated on his wife numerous times and they got divorced and their kids are fine with it even though they are older than rupert’s kids who probably do not understand what is going on.

    by the end of the year people will have forgotten who these two are and not care about them/ you never know they may end up getting back together, things like that happen but right now liberty needs time to heal

  • Samara


    Liberty is getting all dressed up & going out to be “accidentally” papped. You think an ex model doesn’t know how to play the fame game? Her modeling career is over due to age and she wants to turn to acting. She is taking advantage of an unfortunate incident. Everything she does is for show off. Which mother takes her kids for trick or treat dressed as Catwoman with her breasts on full display. Instead of preparing her kids for the changes their father’s behavior would bring in their life she was surfing the internet posting Snow White pics & “playing” with her Instagram. And then going to Paris for Fashion Week & being all out and about. Shouldn’t she be by her children given the situation? She had probably parked them to some nanny so she can play the part of the scorned wife.

  • Carrie

    I can’t believe Rupert cheated on this beautiful woman…with Kristen Stewart of all people lol.

  • shazza


    Your stock value just went up – you go girl!!!!!

  • nice euphemism

    @Samara: “She is taking advantage of an unfortunate incident. ” The nerve this woman has! I don’t see how it is wrong that she is fending for herself now and trying to make the best of this situation that she didn’t cause. She wouldn’t be making lemonade if they hadn’t given her lemons in the first place.

  • Samara

    @nice euphemism:

    I guess displaying her boobs in magazines is a good way to fend herself, don’t you think? I mean every woman who is divorcing should do that! Who cares about kids anyway?

  • nice euphemism

    @Samara: What kids want above all is for their parents to love each other. Bigger models than her, Claudia, Naomi, Kate, Gisele hell even Kristen Stewart all have showed their boobs. That’s how the industry works. That doesn’t make her a bad mother. Cheating is way worse.

  • Samara

    @nice euphemism:

    Kristen & Naomi don’t have kids & I don’t think the others had when they were photographed. So when you don’t have kids you don’t act thinking your potential future kids. When they’re present though it’s different. Don’t you think kids want to be proud of their parents? Seeing your mother’s boobs all over the net would make someone proud of her? Models show more skin when they advertise something. I didn’t see her advertising anything but herself. And it is more clear than ever now. She isn’t the type of housewife and there’s nothing wrong with that. She’s too anxious to prove the world she’s beautiful, despite her husband’s betrayal. Like telling him, look what you’re missing. She said herself that being a housewife made her unhappy. So after filing for a divorce she’s trying to have a second career. Big question is will she finally divorce him or was it just for publicity (her photos surfaced the net the previous day)? Many said they had applied for a divorce back in 2011 too, but as we all know they stayed married.

  • just sayin’

    The reason many people outside of England haven’t heard much about her is because she gave up her modeling career to be with Rupert. She moved her life to LA because he wanted to live there. She was quite young and she must’ve been really in love to make those sacrifices, but she did it for him. So it’s really good to see her getting her own life now.