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Paul Wesley Bites 'August Man' Magazine January 2013

Paul Wesley Bites 'August Man' Magazine January 2013

Paul Wesley suits up for a feature in August Man‘s January 2013 issue, out on newsstands now!

Here’s what the Vampire Diaries actor had to share with the mag:

On juggling studies and acting when he was a teenager: “It was both stressful and unbelievably rewarding. For me, going into Manhattan three or four times a week to film during high school was an escape from the typical New Jersey suburban life. I was exposed to a lot at a young age that really helped shape who I am today. At the same time, schools were kicking me out for poor attendance.”

On his ultimate dream role: “Every time I read a great script, I fall in love with a character and get lost in the idea of playing him. I don’t think there’s one particular role I dream about.”

On his future projects: “I am currently attached to two films as an actor, both of which I’m producing. I intend to forge a career as a director as well.”

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Photos: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack
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  • kat

    Paul is so handsome and sexy!!!

    I find him more attractive than Ian!!!

    Jared, You need to show us more PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thejournalist
  • Pauly Pauly

    My Lovey Lovey!

  • cass


  • d

    holy mother of god, yum

  • rain

    He looks good!

  • Kyla

    @kat: He doesn’t even come close to Ian’s Hotness!

    again this is an article about Paul and you talk about Ian! Seriously you guys just can’t stop talking about ian! why? Are you Paul Fans crazy (in a bad way), jealous, or secretly in love with Ian?!

    Very embarassing for Paul :( poor Guy

  • Kyla

    And btw, Paul isn’t a good actor either, you know why? He always makes the same stupid Face with no emotions! Ian, Michael,JoMo >>>>>>>>>>> Paul! Sorry guys

  • Marie

    I love his intelligence.

  • Hera

    He looks so handsome in these pictures!!
    And I am so excited to see him other projects!!
    He is such a wonderful actor with such range!

  • sookie

    HOT.. <3

  • SophiaB


  • SophiaB


    STFU, dumb b*tch. He is an amazing actor, I love Ian, but why stupid fans need to compare them all the time? Paul is handsome on his own, so is Ian. And let’s be real, Ian is not so better actor than him, he makes the same faces all the time too. Like the thing he makes with his eyes, and the smirk, come on..

  • D.

    Paul Wesley Is Definition Of Perfection.

  • Thayná Aprigio


  • verox87

    I do not know why but every time there is an article about Paul it always ends up with to compare him with Ian ..
    I really don’t the articles about Ian nobody says “Ian is much better then Paul”
    They’re two wonderful men, great actors and beautiful people and they estimate each other.
    So come on, please stop it with this stupid “war” between them.
    Btw sorry for my bad english, I’m Italian.

  • Tess

    Is it possible to not love this man?
    He’s freaking gorgeous, incredibly talented and super funny & charming.

  • XYZ

    fail to see the fuss around him

  • Carrie

    Stefan & Elena forever!!

  • Kyla

    @SophiaB: Read the first comment again! Do you notice something? Its always Pdubbers who start to compare them! ALWAYS :( Just like @verox87 said..I’ve never seen Somerholics talk about Paul like that or compare Ian to Paul! But you Paul fans do it all the time….don’t believe me? Just check out all the articles about Paul!

    I respect both and I normally don’t comment on Articles about Paul but it makes me so angry and sad that you keep going on about how much better Paul is…why can’t you just leave Ian out of the picture? This has nothing to do with him!

    It hurts reading bad things about your idol right? Now you know how it feels….I’ll stop writing comments, if you guys stop bashing Ian!

    There isn’t a TVD Family anymore and its sad….it shouldn’t be this way -.- Think about it…


    seriously?? Paul cant act? all Ian does is wiggle dramatically his eyebrows.. and BTW this is an article about Paul Wesley not Vampire Diaries… lol give it a rest sometimes.. Ian,Ian Ian.. this is about Paul you dont like him GFTO nobody need s you or your Ian here… peasants


    you dont see Ian slamming on Ian articles because PDubbers who dont like Ian dont go and slam him period.. i’m one of them… i love Paul so i get mad when the atricle is about Paul but somerholics (those who dont like Paul) are posting disgusting comment about Paul.. grow up.. u dont like Ian dont go to his articles and bash him you dont like Paul Dont go to his articles and bash him period…. am talking to you peasants who came to this articles just to bash at him we(Pdubbers) dont need you here..

  • Black-Dahlia

    He’s a smartass and I love that.

  • Sarah.

    I really like him. I think he’s really underrated. He is so good as Stefan!

  • florence2

    @Sarah.: Could’nt agree more the only thing I don’t like about Ian is the stupid smirkhe does at times other than that I have always preferred Paul as Paul and as Stefan but that’s just my personal choice.

  • bubbaness

    I love him on his show. His character is supposed to be reserved and almost pained in his restraint. Go back and watch his Ripper storyline or any time Stefan and Elena broke up if you need some reminders on how good he is. He is humble, gracious, funny, well spoken- what’s not to like?

  • sarah

    @Kyla: Umm, are you one of those 40 or 50 year olds that go on that vampire site and embarrass your self going on and on about Ian. We actually feel bad for you older women. Ian is great at brown nosing fans. Only difference is we YOUNG women know it’s brown nosing. You OLD women actually beleive him we he says the stuff. BOTH ACTORS are talented and gorgeous. The difference is Paul doesn’t brown nose to us the fans or to Kevin and the gang like Ian does. Please get off your computers and go for a walk, wipe the cookie crumbs from you chin and get a f—-g life.

  • Luu

    I have an Unhealthy Obsession with Paul Wesley. I love this man

  • :) I dont think anyone on Vamp Diaries acts very well. Hence why I stopped watching. No effort is put forth.

  • epuni

    When I first started the Vampire Diaries, I was so attracted to Ian but it’s the other way around now. I think Paul is way more attractive now.

  • maria

    I LOVE YOU PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea

    He is soooooooooooo handsome!!!

  • aisha

    paul is so talented and hot :)!