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Chris Pine: Lakers Game Night!

Chris Pine: Lakers Game Night!

Chris Pine is all smiles as he sits courtside at the Lakers vs. Hornets game at the Staples Center on Tuesday (January 29) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old Star Trek actor was joined by a group a friends as they watched the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets, 111-106.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Pine

Earlier this month, Chris was spotted heading back to his car while out and about in Los Angeles.

Be sure to check out Star Trek Into Darkness when it hits theaters on May 17th!

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Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty
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  • sarah

    not sure I like him as Captain Kirk but he is very handsome!

  • The Real Dee or Deemebr

    Oh yeah… it’s so good to see CP smiling…

    a group of friends JJ?… surely, a big friend you mean… Jeffrey Katzenberg the CEO of DreamWorks Animation!

    ;-) :-)

  • funny

    @The Real Dee or Deemebr:
    ooooh, that’s mean, lol.

  • lizzie

    Rise of the guardians was produced by DreamWorks, that’s why.

  • He’s Cool

    I like the way he dresses. He’s not a celeb that looks like a homeless person or they just rolled out of bed.

  • essie

    he reminds me of zac efron.. they should play brothers

  • Val

    I can’t wait till someone writes “GAY” in their comment about Chris!

  • Pink

    He is SO cute here!

  • Irish fifty

    He seems really happy in these photos. I’m glad. I don’t know if he is still having relationship problems or if he is now single again, but he seems to be in a good mood.

  • keachick

    Why are my comments always awaiting moderation? I am not saying anything nasty or anything…

  • Teepi

    Chris looks so cute & handsome in these photos & happy too. Good to see him looking so well. He works very hard, he must get tired out all that filming & travelling. Love the cap, really suits him.

  • nomore

    yep cp and dp broke up…cp been spotted on a date recently…with some unknown…that would explain the lack of “im luckiest girl in the world’ tweets from dp recently…

  • Irish fifty


    thanks for the info…dare I ask? Did the unknown seem maybe a better match for that she is perhaps more atuned with his dislike of twitter and the like?(and at least appear to be into “him” and not the “Pine” name?) It is kind of silly to speculate..but do you think she is in the business or just a girl…and is she closer to his age?

    I know its silly, but I feel for the guy. It must be hard to have to wonder if someone likes you for yourself or because they can benefit their career by hanging out with you.

    I have no thoughts or knowledge on Miss Piek and what she genuinely felt (or didn’t) for him. Just thought he did not look happy and relaxed like he did in photos at the start of their relationship.

    He may just be one of those folks who are better off dating and one day they may find that person who is the “one” or maybe not, but forcing doesn’t seem to work for him.

    anyways, for the moment he appears to relaxed and enjoying himself.

  • Irish fifty

    Its just me again…how do you suppose they convinced DP to not twitter about their breakup? Perhaps it was kind of embarrassing for her..or more likely maybe she finally realized (too late) that he was serious that he didn’t like her to tweet their business. I’m thinking she was young and was kind of into him…but then she has had high profile relationships before so I’m thinking she knew the deal.

    Oh and by the way, I don’t believe for one minute that whole controlling boyfriend thing. As for the twitter issue, he does no social media. I don’t believe that him wanting her not to tweet about them was a control thing, but rather he plain didn’t like it.

    He is in a new phase of his agency and such…had another birthday. He has been away from DP doing his thing..makiing movies and such. I think maybe they both realized it was just not working out.

    I’m just guessing here (obviously) but I think she missed him way more than he missed her/ she wanted something he wasn’t ready to give her/they both didn’t miss each other/ or felt like he was being pushed into a place he didn’t like…ie: walking the red carpet at cannes. I could totally see why she would want to “experience” the upscale fame events and the like, but it was so not his thing.

    I know it is silly to speculate on all this, but I am curious to hear what others thoughts are on this is a nice distraction from everyday crap..ya know. lol

  • nomore

    hey irish fifty..he has friends who sometimes post pics of him on various social media and if you’re bored enough and determined enough, you can find some interesting pics of CP.. iv’e found a few that way. that’s how i found the pic of him and the girl… def no model and actually does not seem his type at all. so maybe it was just a friendly outing with friends, or since he’s single now, maybe his friends are setting him up on dates. that seem more likely the case. i’ve suspected he and DP broke up for awhile now since they spent the holidays apart. I think DP prob feels silly now after all the bragging she did about their relationship and how lucky she was. so i dont think she will acknowledge they broke up..CP doesnt seem like the type that likes to be tied down…he’s said before he likes his space. prob why they lasted as long as they did was because they lived on opposite coasts…but once they spent some real time together …maybe it was too much for him..

  • Irish fifty


    thank you for the quick reply…i agree with you on pretty much everything you’ve said. I bet she does feel silly..but seriously she knew what she was doing..she has been around the business for a long time.

    I do believe that this was a major problem for them…he just is not into social media. I’m guessing that the article about the “controlling boyfriend” was her parting shot.

    You mentioned searching for photos..I’m not familiar with the ways to do this..any pointers for me?

    You are probably right about the recent “date”. I lean towards it being “friendly” in that his friends know him and would realize he wants to just chill for a while…

    He strikes me as someone who likes time to read, think about stuff, just kind of chill…not husband material for the moment anyway

  • Noname

    I wonder if they had broken up already when that article came out or if that was reason why. Anyways I hope cp doesn’t date women because he’s told to for publicity reasons.. He always seem happier when he single and dating around as opposed to being in a relationship with someone who can’t help but tweet about it. Not sure i want to post pointers here…we need another forum to cp! :)

  • Irish fifty


    I suspect that the article was “the reason” either way. If it came before the breakup, then obviously they were having a lot of problems by this point, and she felt anger towards him…she had to know that this would end them…

    If they had already broken up by the time it was published, it just goes to the fact that they were already having major problems…curious how far in advance the interview/comments were given before being published.

    Knowing this would give a good indicator of when things had really started to go south…usually a person doesn’t just wake up one day and decide “you are a controlling asshole.”

    Personally, I believe that his time spent away filming Star Trek and Jack Ryan probably was a major contributor to their breakup. I obviously am totallly speculating but I don’t recall her visiting him on either film set. Of course, she could have also had professional obligations, but I don’t think so.

    At anytime, she could have hopped a plane and visited the set for a day or two, if he really wanted her to.I wonder if this didn’t precipitate her ‘controlling boyfriend’ comments, as maybe she wanted to visit and he declined her offer…just saying..

    I too think we need another forum for this type of discussion…any thoughts…

  • noname

    irish fifty, she tweeted about spending time in london while he was there filming….i think most of november..and then she went with him to tokyo…i agree, the article must have had much to do with it, not exactly the kind of image he would want out there i imagine. well we are both just speculating here. lol. neither has released any breakup statement. i will keep my eye out for anymore interesting pics. i will think of some other forum. perhaps on social media, twitter or something.

  • Irish fifty


    Oh yes, now I recall hearing about the visits to london. As you say only speculating, but I’m thinking you were right in your earlier post about perhaps to much togetherness and all.

    I’d appreciate an update if you happen to come across any new photos..
    it is fun just to chat at times…again somewhat silly but still a nice distraction. Yes, please do communicate if you think of a better forum for these types of chats

    PS..when he parted company with other girlfriends, did he release any statements?

  • noname

    @Irish fifty: i dont think he has, but several of his exes have leaked stories to tabloids and such. either he has really vindictive exes or he’s just not good bf material. seems he really likes his space! lol. i hope he doesnt turn into a clooney or leo…ugh. so regarding the pic i found….. i wonder if dP saw it.

  • Irish fifty


    What are the chances she didn’t is the question. I’m guessing that she knows enough people and chances are probably pretty good that either she saw the picture or someone mentioned seeing it to her…but.on the other hand maybe not…as in I get the impression that she runs in different circles.

    As for not being good BF material..maybe,maybe not..It may also be that these girls seemed to be into the whole media/publicity thing, and they were also at the age where getting the last word in exactly the manner he hates appealed to them.

    In other words the very reason he ditched them is vindicated by their actions of leaking info to the tabloids…its sort of the whole which came first, the chicken or the egg…lol..

    He definitely likes his space and frankly he probably is nice enough that these girls believe that if he just meets the right one that this need for space will go away..

    Or as we both have said…silly speculation that is a good distraction from the more pressing matters of everyday life…lol

  • Shana

    Where is the article where Dominque said he was controlling?

  • Irish fifty


    I didn’t read the article directly.. I heard about it and googled Dominique Piek controlling boyfriend ..and the info came up.

  • Shana

    Wow, I just read it. It looks like it’s out of Star Magazine which isn’t the greatest source…but didn’t Olivia no talent Munn say he was controlling too, hmmmm??

  • Irish fifty


    i’m not familiar with what Munn said but in my other comments i have alluded to the fact that i am kind of thinking that he is pretty protective of his private life and both of these girls were into social media..not that there is anything wrong with that.

    I’m thinking that maybe he was very vocal in his disliking the tweets about private life etc. and he just didn’t like the social media thing…not that he was just saying it to control what they were doing..but rather just plain didn’t like it…idk ..obviously wasn’t there

    Plus i also have said that he probably is a pretty nice guy and these girls thought they could change his mind about commitment etc. and he just wasn’t having any of it..again what do i know

    all this is just conjecture on my part..just i tend to believe that the behaviors he “controlled” were ones he genuinely disliked vs..simply desiring to “control” for controls sake..again not privy to inside info..just offering an opinion….

  • noname

    i tend to think there is something to the controlling thing after all. maybe not to the extent they portray it but perhaps just a little nugget of truth there? i forgot now what munn said but something along the lines that he wasnt very nice bf. one thing i noticed while he and dP were together…it always seem like she was flying out to him and doing the things he wanted…anyone who read her twitter could get a sense of that. she seems much happier these days too. just saying..we dont know all the details..they have both remained quiet on this. also i have not found anymore candid cp pics…everyone is laying low…lol.

  • Irish fifty


    Your viewpoint definitely gives me pause for thought…yes you are probably right about there being a nugget of truth to this story/statement.

    You are more knowledgeable about her tweets (nothing bad about this, I just don’t know how to use social media that well) so I take you at your word that she was doing alot of what he wanted..and that she seems happier does he.

    Some people (myself included) just really prefer to be single…I’ve come to realize that when I’m in a relationship I’m not proud of my not the person I want to be.

    This is no defense for treating someone in a rotten manner, but I guess I kind of get how if he enjoys his “space” that he would be less than a nice guy.

    Obviously, as we’ve said before, I have no inside view of what went on, but I can honestly say that I find myself being more selfish that what is considered acceptable in a if he was…i kind of get it..

    One thing I’ve learned is that if you are like this, accept it and just date casually…Okay…I’m done playing

    PS…Thanks for seeing the humor in the situation..I was honest with my thoughts..but I get that it is just fun to follow along with

  • Irish fifty

    @noname: be clear I understand his behavior…but don’t condone it..same as I didn’t like my excuse to be mean/rotten to someone

    Just glad that they both seem happier…

  • Shana

    They might just be on a break…but call me old fashioned, two years and no ring. My momma said you gotta dump a guy at that point ;)

  • noname

    hey me too…im much happier single! so i would definitely understand that. im not saying he is a controlling person or mean, im just saying i’ve heard this more than once before in different variations and im beginning to wonder, what is there to the story….i hope not much. we only get their side of it though…we never get cp’s. i have to say i respect the fact that he never releases details or bad stories about his exes. even when they do.

  • Irish fifty


    oh i totally get what you pretty much matches my thoughts..I don’t mean that he is “mean” or anything just that i get that perhaps some people would consider his behavior not favorable to long term relationships..and they would be right…

    Yes it is admirable that he doesn’t speak of these breakups…and i supposed one person’s definition of ‘controling” is different than anothers..

    No deep meaning to that ..just that when the two people have different expectations of what a relationship entails/where its headed etc..their interpretations of what acceptable behavior is/what they want it to probably so not the same..

    I meant that i was just more selfish/not willing to give up things or to suffer certain inconviences..hence my thoughts that maybe she had to go to him etc. because he was the same way.

    But anyway this is all just pure speculation on my part..I do like to analyze things and this happens to have stayed on my radar…

    Nice distraction and such….stuck in house do to snow… long winded answers are me ….

  • jennii

    Yep..2 years and no “ring” and they still live on opposite coasts. She moved recently to – no not LA but to Brooklyn. LOL
    The “controlling bf” insider seems to have gone strangely silent?

  • Irish fifty


    I did see where DP was excited about moving to Brooklyn…aahh it’s all good..nice she seems happy.. as does he…although it is a bit odd that all is quiet on the “controlling bf” front…

    Crap happens…people say things..

  • Irish fifty

    for my above comment I feel as though i was a bit on the caddy side with the controlling bf statement..generally speaking i prefer not to get into that sort of debate.

    Honestly, whatever went on, good for both of them to have kept it to themselves.

    Nice to see them both doing well, happy and so forth…