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Kate Bosworth Covers 'Vs. Magazine'

Kate Bosworth Covers 'Vs. Magazine'

Kate Bosworth looks artsy-chic on the cover of Vs. magazine‘s SS13 issue in this special sneak peek preview.

The 30-year-old actress shares the cover with several other sensations including January Jones, Eva Herzigova, and sharing a dual cover, models Irina Shayk and Anne V.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate‘s cover was shot by photographer Guy Aroch, Eva‘s by Yu Tsai, January‘s by Mark Abrahams, and Anne and Irina‘s by Ellen von Unwerth.

For more from the Kate, Eva, Irina, Anne, and January, visit!

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Credit: Vs magazine
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  • connie

    Kate Bosworth is hardly a “sensation”…! what passes for talent today is atrocious!

  • Suze

    I’m sorry, but how is KB a “sensation”?

  • Lip injections

    Her lips look filled up and the pose makes it look as if she has a man’s torso.

  • chelle

    What the hell?

  • Hayden

    Beautiful cover.

  • Macy

    I’d be curious to see how well any magazine that Bosworth is on the cover actually sells. I bet it’s not very well.

  • Lois

    So KBola is one of 4 covers of a bi-annual magazine that started in 2010 with the likes of Naomi Campbell and Rachel Weisz then sunk to ZListers like Paris Hilton, now KB. Talk about scraping the barrel.

  • Bosworth works

    So bosworth scored a cover !!!! don’t mock the cover at least she got off her flat boney arse to do a days work , instead of lying on her back to earn a living lol

  • Lois

    None of these people have been sensations for years, if they ever were. Seems like covers of has beens/never was and never will be.

  • Liliya

    Outside of being grossly underweight, what is she known for??? Wasn’t she one of those “next big thing” girls 10 years ago who never actually made it to being a big thing?

    I’m not even trying to be mean, I just don’t get her. She’s almost as bad as that Camilla Belle girl.

  • anna

    great covers.

  • ladybug

    @Lois: But it’s a cover! She’s on a magazine cover. A magazine that, according to WIki “Vs. is an international fashion and lifestyle magazine published bi-annually. Known for its sleek design, luxury fashion stories, editorial edge and large format, glossy, print size.”

    So, she’s still a fashion icon!

    Interestingly, Cher doesn’t seem to have tweeted about this cover, though her jeans line is debuting at NYFW:

    @Liliya: Yes, 10 years ago she supposed to be one of the next big things. And it doesn’t seem to have panned out for her in that way.

  • Suze
  • ladybug

    @Suze: Ok, for the most part that was a pretty boring photo shoot. And interview.

    Though this interested me:

    “‘I read On The Road in my early twenties, but when I came on board for the film I went out of town for two weeks, turned off my phone… and just read a lot,’ she said.”

    Her role was announced at the Vail Film Festival, in early April. And then she went to Mexico and toasted her ta-tas and blew off a children’s charity function that had her name attached to it.

  • Suze

    @ladybug: She contradicts herself constantly. Her blowing off that charity is what made me dislike her. I couldn’t believe that she couldn’t take a couple of hours out of her life to be there. I do volunteer work with special needs kids & I would cancel anything & everything to be there with them.

  • Macy

    Maybe that’s why she blew off the charity event, she had to “read a lot”.

  • ladybug

    @Suze: She’s been contradicting herself a lot recently, hasn’t she? “I never had a mentor” “I’m eating healthy now” “Sundance was very low-key”, etc.
    Does she not realize she’s given previous interviews that contradict what she’s saying now? Or in the case of the mentoring stuff, it’s rather obvious throughout her career in both fashion and film she’s had help along the way?

    And per DM , Cher did style this:

    “Luxurious lingerie: Dressed by her long-time stylist and jewellery-design partner, Cher Coulter,”

    I don’t mind most of the clothing, it’s just, like her acting, her attempt to ‘channel’ that era doesn’t work because she’s not that good at it.

  • Suze

    @Macy: Haha! Yes, maybe that’s why :)

    @ladybug I didn’t understand the mentoring comment either, what about Kevin Spacey? And Cher? I really don’t get it. I don’t mean for this to be harsh, but maybe Sundance was low key for her because she’s not exactly an in demand actor these days?

  • ladybug

    @Suze: That was my first thought on the Sundance comment, “It was low key for you’. Yes, it’s possible they decided to take the high road for their three plus days there, where they wouldn’t just go ‘randomly’ walking around Park City. Instead, they’d be ‘serious’ and just do interviews and such. Nor would they go to every party.
    But perhaps that’s because they just didn’t get that much attention? Whether it be walking around Park City, and maybe they didn’t get party invites, outside of the one for BS (which of course was ‘their’ party).
    They would hardly be the only movie at Sundance that just ended up being there, and not really creating much of any interest. But considering how much she got papped the first two times she was there, this was rather odd.
    The mentoring comment still ticks me off, Kevin Spacey, Cher, even Kat Coiro for their brief friendship.
    Unless she confuse ‘mentoring’ with ‘famewhoring with me and treating me like the artistic genius/fashion icon I am’.

  • WOW

    What a gorgeous fashion spread. Kate looks so beautiful. Wow!

  • chelle

    @ladybug: the impression I got from reviews I read on BS was meh acting but gorgeous scenery. Maybe that’s why they are being so low key? It hasn’t really gotten the big buzz they thought? But then again I also didn’t look too awful hard either.

  • Suze

    @ladybug: Did BS sell? I can’t remember. If not, wouldn’t they want to be visible to draw attention to it? You’re right about how much she’s been papped there before & it is odd that she wasn’t this time.

  • Lois

    If BS (which it probably is) had been bought at Sundance or elsewhere, those two tw@ts would have tw@ttered it by now.

  • Macy

    She looks like she has a lazy eye in that first photo. It’s not a great shoot. She doesn’t pull off the 60′s bombshell. Probably because they actually had, you know….curves.

  • Lois

    Twitterydee and Twitterydum cannot seem to keep their lame smugness, complete with groan enducing captions from all the pictures they tw@t. They’re more annoying than Speidi ever were. Her jaw in this shot looks positively Neanderthal:

  • Suze

    @Macy: I do like what Cher styled her in though. But yeah… she doesn’t have the curves. I”m glad they photo shopped or airbrushed her bony chest out of the pictures.

    @Lois, what’s going on with the back of her shirt in that picture?

  • Tulip

    @Suze: Thank you for the link to DM and the Vs. Magazine fashion spread. It’s gorgeous!
    The back of the Calvin Klein top has a panel of a kind of overlap to give it a sort of geometric feel.
    @chelle: I haven’t seen many reviews of Big Sur but the few I’ve seen have been mostly good. Both the Hollywood Reporter and Variety gave it good reviews which is almost unheard of. They never seem to be on the same page.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: BS had a preview screening for reviewers and then four showings. And yet, even a week later, there aren’t that many reviews about it. Yes, a couple of those reviews liked it, but there just isn’t much out there about it.
    It just reinforced the impression that if you like Kerouac you’ll like it, but if you don’t it’s not for you.

    @Lois, I don’t think it sold, as you wrote if it had they’ve have tweeted about it. Once again, it’s not the only film to have gotten into Sundance and not gotten the buzz and not gotten sold. It may sell later. Or not.

    @Suze, I was wondering what that flap at the back of the shirt was. Leftover cow? It makes the shirt even uglier.

  • Eresyn

    I don’t understand the “sensation” part either…sigh* The cover, IMO, just looks like an honest tribute to “bobbleheadness”, her head looks HUGE !!!!… Anyway, she doesn’t look like a bombshell, bombshells are supposed to be curvy and sexy, and she isn’t …so, no. And i don’t even commenting on that interview, she’s just a walking contradiction, if she’s gonna keep talking to magazines, she better start taking notes…;)

  • Suze

    @Tulip: Sure, no problem! I think the other spreads are on there too.

    @ladybug I’m normally a CK fan, but I just can’t get on board with that look. Plus, I feel awful for the calf.

  • Macy

    Well I’m in moderation again, weird.

  • Macy

    What I said was I like some of the pieces, like the tuxedo dress with the hat but I think they would have looked better on a real bombshell.

  • ladybug

    @Eresyn: Having her make up and hair done like Bardot’s, and then pouting, does not make her a bombshell.

    And JJ uses the words artsy-chic to describe her cover. I think the word he’s really looking for is ‘boring’. And that applies to the other covers as well.

    And yes, someone on her ‘team’ needs to keep on hand a spread sheet with her previous quotes and stop her when she starts contradicting herself.

    @Suze, that shirt ruined the outfit.

  • Fashionista

    Stunning! What an amazing fashion spread. I love it.

  • FilmBuff

    My comment is in moderation too. All I said was from the reviews I’ve read, it appears that BIG SUR has been done the way I hoped. It’s very true to JK but I don’t believe that means only Kerouac fans can enjoy it. It’s an interesting insight into that chapter of the Beat Generation and a thoughtful look at a man’s self-destruction. It’s a human interest story. This isn’t the movie for people who want rom-com or action. Also films that premiere at film festivals aren’t widely reviewed. Most critics wait until the release of the film.

  • Hayden

    Considering Webster’s definition of “bombshell” is one who is stunning and the New Oxford American Dictionary definition is a very attractive woman, I’d say Kate’s a bombshell. She’s stunning and she has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

  • ladybug

    @FilmBuff: To repeat from earlier posts: It’s probably not a bad film, and visually is probably stunning. And yes, in theory, it’s a human interest story. But since the dialogue is Kerouc’s, and that’s not always accessible, it may limit it.

    And this “Also films that premiere at film festivals aren’t widely reviewed. Most critics wait until the release of the film.” isn’t really true.
    It’s one of the points of having a film festival, it to get people to see it before it’s released, if it even gets released. And that’s not just film buffs, it’s also critics and execs.

    And if critics wait until a film is released, why all the reviews for Sundance movies like Fruitvale, or Kill Your Darlings or The Spectacular Now? Or KB’s Black Rock from last year’s Sundance, which still hasn’t been released.

    And BS had a showing that wasn’t part of the official Sundance presentation, and still not a lot of reviews. But as also already stated, not every film got that many reviews, even Lifeguard, which was in competition.

    You want to see the film, and I hope that you get to, because it’s something that you’ll probably like. I’m sure MP is working on ways of getting it seen, even if it didn’t get picked up, video on demand, that sort of thing.

  • FilmBuff

    @ladybug: JK’s dialogue is accessible to those who listen.
    The point of film festivals is to get distribution. Most top critics will wait until a film is about to be released (as in day of) to review it. There haven’t been many reviews for the films you mentioned. I’m not referring to the JoBlo’s of the world, I’m referring to top critics. According to rottentomatoes, Kill Your Darlings has been reviewed by three top critics, Big Sur 2 top critics, The Spectacular two top critics, Fruitvale two top critics. I guarantee you, most critics and nearly all top critics will wait until the release date to review films. Almost all the films that premiered at Sundance had special screenings for industry people and reviewers.

  • ladybug

    @FilmBuff: So, ‘almost all’ the films had special screenings for reviewers, yet you guarantee me that that most critics will wait until its released until reviewing it.

    What then, is the point of having those special screenings for reviewers if they’re not going to get reviewed?

    So, you don’t take any film ‘advice’ from anyone but ‘elite’ or ‘top’ critics? Not your friends?

    You sound less like a film buff and more like a snob.

  • Jinkies

    Problem is, Big Sur hasn’t been picked up for distribution according to the lists up on imdb and film school rejects.

    I know the independent directors aren’t in this to make money, but I doubt they’d spend all this money on a labor of love without some hope of getting some money back.

  • ladybug

    @Jinkies: And I’m presuming he went into this knowing that it was a possibility that it wouldn’t get picked up and therefore is working on alternative distribution possibilities.

    It may have been a labor of love for them, but not sure it’s going to help her acting prospects.

  • FilmBuff

    @ladybug: Hey girl, settle down. No need to go on the attack. There are some critics who really know film and those are the critics I pay attention to. RT obviously feels it’s important to specify top critics. There are many people on the internet who write reviews and don’t know film any better than I do and I’m not in any position to review a filmmakers work. Can I discuss movies with my friends? Sure we can and do share opinions but they’re merely novice opinions.
    The point of having special screenings is apparent.

  • mforman

    Seriously JJ, arsty/chic, sensation, OMG!!!!!!!, you must have gotten a nice check for that load of cr*p and in no way shape or form is she a bombshell, never was, never will be.
    It is so sad how she contradicts herself over and over, it is like she cannot remember what she says or doesn’t want to.
    Sundance was low key for the creature and hobbit, because the paps and real journalists concentrated on the true talents that were at Sundance this year and it was so obvious.
    I think Big Sur will have a very hard time with any type of release and I think that is why it took MP so long to finally show it anywhere.
    To be honest since it is the DM that is reporting Cher styled KB for this ridiculous cover, I sort of do not buy it.
    Cher hasn’t tweeted about the creature in ages and KB is too busy making us all sick with her tweets about MP. If they were still such BFF’s wouldn’t the creature have tweeted even just one photo of Cher’s jean line or something. Something has happened there and that is why I think they are no longer associated with JM. If it was just a contract, when people wrote on the JM facebook page what happened JM would have said their contract ended, they just wouldn’t ignore the questions over and over.
    I think as with all her so called friendships that one is over too. With fashion week coming up KB will be with MP and Cher will be with RHW like last year, that to me says it all.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    This cover is still better than some of her other ones recently.

  • Really?

    @FilmBuff: The opinion of certain critics who you have deemed know film are the only ones that count? Ladybug is right, you are a film snob. What’s worse is that you’re denying it and are offended when someone calls you on it. At least own it.
    I understand you having favorite reviewers because their tastes mirror your own, but to say that they’re the only ones anyone should listen to? Two of my friends love to read one of the local film reviewers (he’s one of the top reviewers on RT) because they have exact opposite tastes so they know to avoid a movie if he loves it or to go to the movie if he hates it. Does that make him ignorant? No. Does that make them ignorant? No again. People just have different tastes and opinions and they’re all valid whether you agree with them or not.

  • ladybug

    @FilmBuff: Hey girl? So, now you’re Ryan Gosling and all of sudden being non-trollish?

    Nope, you’re a snob, it’s apparent in your earlier comments, your recent answers are very snobbish: “JK’s dialogue is accessible to those who listen.”

    I currently don’t like JK, it doesn’t make me an illiterate know-nothing with pedestrian literary tastes. It makes me someone who doesn’t like JK.

    If you’re not really a snob and just trying to show the masses how great Kerouac is, you might want to think about a different approach.

    @ InsertCoolNameHere: I didn’t mind her Australian Vogue cover. But then, they’re both overly Photoshopped.

  • Really?

    @FilmBuff: Unlike Ladybug I like the rhythm of Kerouac’s dialogue, but I do not find the plot of Big Sur remotely accessible. Either way you look at it, Kerouac isn’t for everyone. (Just like every author, musician, painter, photographer, director, etc ever.)
    On the subject of dialogue, does anyone know what Kate was talking about here:
    “‘I started to get comfortable with the language, because to speak Kerouacian is almost like having to perform Shakespeare in the sense that if you’re just saying the words you’ll lose the audience because Kerouac wrote with very little to no grammar, so each actor had to find their individual beats and rhythm.

    “‘Michael [Polish] certainly didn’t want any of the language to sound like The Flintstones,’ she added.”
    Short of throwing in “yaba-daba-doo” how would one make anything sound like the Fintstones?

  • mforman

    @Really? (#47)—–Thank you so much, for reprinting those quotes from the creature. I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks.
    What the heck is she talking about, it makes no sense. KB truly doesn’t know how to not only interview, but how to speak to try and maybe get a point across. Honestly her people should give her a script to read off of, or brief her or something, how can they still let her go into these interviews without any prep whatsoever, each time she opens her mouth it is worse and worse.
    To be honest though, they probably make the suggestion but knowing how smug and perfect she thinks she is, KB doesn’t take their advice. Boy oh boy does she need a wake up call.
    I mean seriously, the Flinstones, that is her frame of reference. Oh, that is right she was excepted to Princeton and was an honor student, yeah right; and now Kerouac is like Shakespeare, please someone make her stop talking in public in any form.

  • mforman

    Since you guys always give me some of the best laughs, I hope I am finally giving you guys one.
    I just went onto the creatures twitter and saw this. I couldn’t copy the photo that was attached but at least this will show you which tweet to look at to see the photo and then I hope you laugh as hard as I did.
    These two are just so disgusting and desparate, who knows what will be next.
    Michael Polish‏@michael_polish
    Take a look at the back of your hand, just like you know it, you know me too

  • ladybug

    @mforman: They put the most trite things as their picture captions.

    @Really, I may not like Kerouac, but I don’t think his writing style bears any resemblance to the Flintstone’s dialogue.
    So no, I have no idea what may have going through her head when she said that. Possibly nothing was going through her head at the time.