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Beyonce: Press Conference Complete Video & Backstage Pics

Beyonce: Press Conference Complete Video & Backstage Pics

Beyonce switches up her outfits while posing backstage at the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show Press Conference on Thursday (January 31) at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, La.

The 31-year-old entertainer wowed the crowd just minutes before while opening up her press conference with a live rendition of the National Anthem to help put her lip-syncing Inauguration performance to rest.

During the conference, Beyonce talked about her infamous Inauguration performance, her plans to sing live at the Super Bowl, her upcoming HBO documentary, possibly reuniting with her Destiny’s Child bandmates, and so much more. Watch the full video below!

Also pictured: Beyonce posing with her mom Tina Knowles backstage at the press conference.

FYI: Beyonce is wearing an Antonio Berardi dress and Jimmy Choo shoes.

Beyonce – Super Bowl Press Conference (Complete Video)
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beyonce press conference complete video backstage pics 02
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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Wes

    Queen Beyonce!

  • Jane

    Some people are wondering if she EVER sang live to begin with, like at her concerts and stuff…This truth about her lip-syncing never would have come out, if the marine band didn’t spill the beans. But at her concerts, she controls everything, and her people aren’t going to rat on her, so has she been lip-syncing all her life? She mimed the National Anthem pretty well. If the truth didn’t come out, I would have believed she was singing live. She even furthered the lie, by ripping out her ear-piece. Singers only do that when they’re singing LIVE. So you never know with Fake-yonce. Fake baby bump, fake hair, fake husband, fake singing…

  • :)

    She and her family are such liars BUT cant say she isnt a pretty girl

  • Ben
  • Truthie

    She’s no Whitney or Celine, but she’s a better singer than most of her peers, minus Christina Aguilera and Adele. Those are the only two young vocalists who can sing better than she can. And maybe Alicia Keys, too.


  • Trinity

    She will never be as talented as Mariah and Whitney, another Christina Aguilera type of talentless performer.

  • marianne meon tanusay

    Ms.Beyonce ur so beautiful & sexy!

  • Jensen B.

    To say she doesn’t have talent is a clear lie. She is by far one of the most talented artists of her generation. If she lip sings or not, she is still lip singing to her OWN voice. I would like to hear everyone else’s voice…And you are right she will never be as talented as Mariah or Whitney, because she isn’t them. They all have talent in their own that sets them apart from one another. At the end of the day. Mariah can’t do what Whitney did and vice versa. Everyone is different and shouldn’t be compared all of the time. She looks beautiful as always and I can’t wait for Sunday.

  • random

    what’s the popup script doing in my browser? are you stupid? i’m already in the post. you really want the second click. ugh…

    yeah. we all need more money. ahh sh*t. this’ gotten ridiculous. -_-

  • Ki

    Do Superbowl acts usually do press conferences??
    I hope no one ever calls her private again because lately she has been the exact opposite.

  • Ana Maria

    Will she lip sync this one??

  • honest

    Don’t confuse overexposure with privacy. Beyonce is still private but at the same time she’s overexposed. She 100% business 100% of the time. She always shys away from answering things about Jay and her family. Even without using her personal life to attention (a la Kardashian) she still finds a way to hog airtime.

  • mira

    captions please! so I’ll be able to understand what she says.

  • deee


    Private people do not do interviews about a personal miscarriage. Private people do not have a tumblr to post their personal pics for the public.

  • random

    @deee: if you could have a million dollars for that lil loss you’d be a celeb too. ;)

  • Carter

    @Ki: She is private, she’s about to release a new album and she’s performing at the Superbowl! Do you expect her to not do press or anything such as that and let no one know about those things?! We still know nothing about her life all we’ve seen is this Superbowl promo and GQ!!! Not a stan just pointing out the obvious confusion with this comment.

  • Ladiesfashionsense

    She looks fabulous!

  • rikki

    her body looks amazing, just saying…..

  • Acosta Family

    She does not deserve to sing to the president or superbowl. She is overrated, fake and full of herself. No one cares about her and she looks more stoooopid now. To go to a presidential inauguration and giving all bunches of excuses why she couldn’t give her best says alot about her and who hired her. They should have given to the spot to someone worthy and honest.

  • gia

    People….you get it right for not having a Sign-In ….and definitely the most improved social media site out there in 1.5 yrs you all really made strides.

    Now getting to this topic….1st this entire marketing campaign is soooooo TACKY, CLASSLESS, POINTLESS, INSULTIVE TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AND NON-AMUSING, BORING

    Who uses the presidential inaugration ceremony of the USA as the back-drop for a marketing campaign…..just insultive! Presidents come and go….but the Inaugration Process is long-standing and representative of the American Political Process….this is a world-stage

    And then someone who really isn’t amusing enough to command such attention—-this is not Madonna circa 1987, 1991, 1992 or Elizabeth Taylor

    Nevertheless, this entire stunt is ridiculous!

    I can’t believe the media even wasted their time by attending this contrived event.

    Next, point—-Beyonce and her team, followers, etc. must really think that the American public is dumb, stupid, dimwitted, etc.

    How many Americans are members of choirs, take piano lessons, play instruments, are singers, study music???????????????

    The voice is an instrument just like a trombone, drum, saxophone, clarinet, flute that operates on a scale with notes, keys, pitch, tone, tuning, etc

    It is obvious that this person opted to sing acapella so that she would not have to match the ACTUAL NOTES COMING FROM THE PIANO…….because she cannot sing

    Singing is not belting out wind, singing at warped speed—to ignore holding notes

    This entire STUNT has IRRITATED the AMERICAN PUBLIC beyond!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last point…..somebody is definitely delusional and immature, self-serving, and ignorant

    Why put yourself in this position???????????????????

    Because this person actually thinks/believes that her presence is worthy of all of this fanfare and stupidity.

    What hits, classics will she sing, Bill, Bills, Bills, No, No, No, Bootilicious (did I spell that right), Freakem Dress…..

    Again, things speak for themselve…..NO SUBSTANCE, ORIGINALITY, REAL TALENT, AND SELF-ABSORBED equals…..unbelief

  • Marie

    Go Beyoncé, so happy for you.

  • mary

    This sounds horrible. No wonder she had to pre-record it.

  • Kaka

    I just hate Instagram Beyonce who posts ridiculous facial expressions, bangs and bunheads photos, but other than that I love her very much!

  • http://@theemuki David

    All these comments are embarrassing. Are the people commenting on this post representative of the people who read this blog? Sweet baby Jesus save us all if that’s true. The woman is an artist whether you love, like or dislike her. She fessed up to doing something that most artists do on a frequent basis. She obviously can sing. To question that makes you sound jealous, petty and childish. The fact that I’m scolding irrational strangers on this post is embarrassing within its self.

  • Bking

    WOW, she looks great . she lost so much weight prob from all the rehearsal and stress. She did an amazing job at the press confrence. I was not aspecting that. We all know that she can actually sing unlike famous lip-sync Britney who can’t sing for crap. Can’t wait to see her performance and Documentry.

  • sea

    Very proud of a fake performance?? It was just a song, not a concert, that’s ridiculous.

  • Lalique

    One thing is undeniable: Beyonce is a very talented singer. The U.S. national anthem is one of the trickiest, most difficult songs — and she sang it A CAPELLA !!! Check out a video of her singing Halo a capella. Beautiful.

  • Gypsy

    Wow, just wow…that was effing horrible!!!! They should have just let Kelly Clarkson sing it. The issue is not that she lip synched the performance, it is that she obviously thought we wouldn’t notice. She did somethign decpetive. The difference in other artists doign it and her performance is integrity. The woman cannot actually sing and is incredibly vapid.

  • Southsider1

    She made herself look foolish by doing that.

  • Anne

    Unfortunately for Beyonce, she is not familiar with the poem that goes; “I shot an arrow in the air. It fell to earth, I knew not where……….” There are two things in life that do not come back. 1) a spent arrow and 2) spoken words. There is nothing she can do to erase the damage. It will always be said that she lip synced for the President’s inaguration. No do overs in life. If it wasn’t found out, she would have said nothing, so the intent was to deceive. Had said before that she would be lip syncing, we would not be talking here.

  • karl

    jesus, why is this getting so much publicity?

  • Bal

    She is a wonderful performer, she has a great voice; however, she IS NOT genuine! There is something about here that is fake. She seems more like a beauty queen contestant, especially with the constant nervous giggle.

  • dr

    @Jane and other haters
    Girl….wow your hater fangs are out. You need to get a life if all you can do is focus on Beyonce’s life. I bet you she goes to bed on her “best money can buy bed because she earned an hones living” without being concerned about your comments. What are you doing to make anything positive happen in this world since you have so much to say? People have a right to like what they like and there is no need to bash it if you don’t. You don’t have to be a fan but you don’t have to be a hater either. You all would probably be the first in her face if you could.

  • harriet

    I heard that Alicia Keys was going to play the piano for Beyonce and that Destiny’s Child was going to dance with her background dancers so that Beyonce could just focus on singing…..who cares about the football game or something like the Inaugral Speech….it’s all about delusional people….I wish Jennifer A. was the emcee……did someone hire rihanna as a consultant for this show? some events are priceless

  • Johnny B

    Slay them al fakersl. Beyonce cheated at the presidential inauguration. She should refund the money spent on her untalented performance. Superbowl is not the same as presidential inauguration. I’m sorry Jennifer Aniston is like a mutt old dog looking like her 5cent Chelsea. There are real people out there and can outdo any of these fools. Booyah!

  • offtheproperty

    Not everyone has as big a heart as Kelly Clarkson.
    In fact, almost nobody does.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    U mean as fat as kelly clarkson.

    Big Heart = Fat

  • PB

    Go Bey! I am so glad Beyonce decided to put the whole ridiculous lip syncing issue to rest. As always, she’s a class act.

  • Posh, broke, bored

    There is something that is really disingenuous about her. I think the fake pregnancy made it all the more clear. This whole lip syncing while making the band “pretend to play” also made it clear. She should just offer a full fledged apology for being so deceptive. Leave the excuses at the door and take full responsibility. She f*cked up. She should have sang live at the inauguration. Her so called pregnancy is also questionable. You can fool some of the people, some of the time but it’s impossible to full all of the people all of the time.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    So Sexy!

  • fergie

    really people? she is a diva! and you all know that! there’s looooots of artists talentless that i bet you would defend so much! she is such a great performer and she did it amazing.


  • Lindsey

    I love her, she is always so pretty

  • ConnyR

    What’s with the hate. I don’t get it. Jealousy I understand, but the hate is a joke. She is a living legend and I bow down to her. Long live the legend Queen Beyonce. You have given us so much and you still do. With all that you have been through and you are still standing tall. Let them hate because they can’t stand that you are perfect.

  • Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

    Beyonce is just a perfect liar. Her fake pregnancy and her fake U S Presdiantial performance are too important to lie and fake about. Does say much about her and who she represents. Turn my back against her and her alliances.