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Katie Holmes: 'Real-Life Carrie Bradshaw' in New York?

Katie Holmes: 'Real-Life Carrie Bradshaw' in New York?

Katie Holmes goes pink while running errands on a windy day on Thursday (January 31) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress later stopped at the Godiva store at Rockefeller Center to pick up some Valentine’s Day gifts for Suri.

Katie reportedly has no plans to move away from the Big Apple anytime soon and her publicist has told the Huffington Post, “[New York] is her home.”

Katie is in love with this city. After being very isolated while married to Tom, she is now enjoying single life in New York,” a source told HuffPo. “She knows all the cool spots to eat, meet friends or hang out. She’s become a real-life version of Carrie Bradshaw as far as her love affair with the city.”

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes running errands in New York…

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    role model

  • wren

    Oh sad, laying it on a bit thick. Bad choice in publicists. Why can’t she just live for awhile, keep acting and see where that takes her.

  • Diane

    A real life “Carrie Bradshaw” raising a mini real life “Blair Waldorf”.

  • DB

    And this is a story why?

  • kiki

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  • Lip

    She should fired this publicist of hers, bad judgement of others, live on your life, you don’t need to pay some jaited to speak for you!,

  • Omg

    What the f….? She’s the Carrie Bradshaw? Is she blind, look what’s she wearing…

  • Shia

    After being very isolated while married to Tom
    The past years kh married TC, the most things she did was shopping and street snapping everywhere with her daughter and her parents. This is the fXXXing isolated life?

  • rubyz

    Isolated life with Cruise? She travelled the world, shopped in every luxury shop known to man, called the paparazzi every day on the hour to be photographed with her meal ticket. That’s isolated? Her publicist sounds like sour grapes. Holmes is on a losing streak: first her play, then her “fashion” line. Publicist needs to make this Cruise’s fault. Bad taste, Holmes, bad taste. Makes you look even more desperate than you are.

  • DB

    Is this story only up here because she’s trying to take advantage of any publicity surrounding that new “Carrie Diaries” series?

    Is she really, really, really that desperate?

  • iambebe

    Katie need to try acting lesson and by far, her acting is not up graded, she need to stop being designer, her clothes is not interesting at all.

  • Katie needs what not to wear

    She was a fashion maven and travelled the world while he was filming
    His movies.. When they separated that is when she isolated herself
    And moved to New York ..where Tom and Katie walked the stets 20000
    Photos of them coming out of their apartment!

  • K-FLOP

    “What I’m transmitting to my daughter [is] not to focus on looks,” Katie revealed to the British edition of Glamour magazine.

    “I mean, I enjoy dressing up and we will always have fun with lip gloss, but true beauty is about what’s going on in your heart and head.”

    Transmitting? …ODD K-FLOP, Seems very formal (pretentious?), with some K-FLOP AWKWARD thrown in. PASS ON or even CONVEY would have sounded more NATURAL and SINCERE.

    What’s going on in K-FLOP’s head? Hopefully, Jeanne Yang knows, because she may be looking for a job sooner rather than later.

    H&Y had 3 (K-FLOP, Jeanne and Heather), although Heather [was] quietly exited. Now it’s Jeanne and K-FLOP. How will Jeanne be quietly exited (by the K-FLOP team?) back to ‘Stylist’ for someone?

    “Who am I supposed to be again? Just be yourself. But who am I?”
    ― Candace Bushnell, The Carrie Diaries

    K-FLOP – Actress, Fashion Designer or Model? All 3? = NOT WORKING!

    You don’t want to peak in high school. If you do, the rest of your life is a disaster.”
    ― Candace Bushnell, The Carrie Diaries

    High School = Dawson’s Creek —->>>REST OF K-FLOP’s LIFE = Ex-Wife of Tom Cruise/Suri’s mom.

  • Amanda

    @Katie needs what not to wear:

    When they separated that is when she isolated herself?
    Since the famous divorce, Ms.isolated holmes appeared in NY city almost everyday with her daughter and her parents, so, it’s her ex’s fault?

  • K-FLOP – Cool Hot Spots

    …”she is now enjoying single life in New York,” a source told HuffPo. “She knows all the cool spots to eat, meet friends or hang out. ”

    [Page Six]

    “The former Mrs. Tom Cruise was spotted on a late-night outing with a male friend Wednesday night at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hell’s Kitchen. The twosome, who, spies told us, looked to be “just friends,” took over a private lane in the alley’s Luxe Lounge area, where they “enjoyed a few beers.” A witness reports that Holmes, dressed in floral overalls(!), and the “mystery man” were “decent bowlers” but that the actress won more games and put up a high score of 152 during the evening. The two stayed at Lucky Strike till 1 a.m. before leaving together.”

    —Floral overalls? That pic should should be worth some money!

  • http://@gildagray DarkEmpress

    She is more like the real life Charlotte.

  • Daretobehonest

    @rubyz: No. I see sincerity. I like it. Still think she needs to get 2-3 off broadway show under her built so she can come across as SERIOUS AND SINCERE.

  • Daretobehonest

    @DB: desperate or TENACIOUS !

  • Cece

    I don’t believe for a minute that she is teaching that kid that beauty is on the inside. The thousands and thousands spent on the wardrobe of such a young child would suggest the opposite. Jennifer Garner’s kids look like kids, Katie’s kid sports shoes, bags, and coats that would feed a family for a month.

  • Mia

    I DON’T UNDERSTAND why she talked about Tom Cruise ??!!! Why would she suddently say something like that ??? “..VERY ISOLATED WHILE MARRIED TO TOM ” …not very flattering statement for Tom. If you want to stay in good terms with your ex (and your kid’s father) you don’t say something like that publicly ! so why????? …is she mad at him ? …or is she looking for attention? …or neither …she just felt like saying it? I don’t get it !


    @Amanda:SHE WAS VERY ISOLATED DURING HER MARRIAGE…I see people forget easily… what Scientology is capable to do if you believe she wasn’t isolated during her marriage…anyway there were more pictures with her with friends in the last months than for the entire time of her marriage…out for lunch , her lawyer turned out friend , her brother, with the guy from on of her films , another guy who is an actor in the Phantom of the Opera, other female friends(sometimes with kids too) , Kevin Williamson, Judy Greer,,, she’s starting an entire new life..a free one…with Tom she was always alone, or Suri, his husband, his sisters( who followed her everywhere), his mother and her mother,,,,not to mention she was followed by CREEPY Scientologist in every single moment of her life..a guy who worked on a film with her said recently she was followed by these creepy scientologist everywhere they controlled her totally and they isolated her…

  • Susie#1

    Katie might benefit from some acting classes with a mentor who’s not afraid to tell her about her lack of technique, how to modulate her voice. She could also learn to stand straight and tall, and hold her head up while out and about. Now she’s walking at a slant, head down and looks like an accident waiting to happen.


    @Cece: I believe it ..Katie seems like a very grounded person with very good values(every person that have known her say this),,,I totally see her instilled her values in her daughter…

  • TSquared

    I don’t personally care for the outfit Katie is wearing, but according to the Daily Mail she was opening a Godiva Chocolate shop. They have pictures. Why would someone attend a professional event where cameras would be with messy hair and not run a brush thru it, minimal make up, and this outfit? She started out in the DM pics wearing those Isabel Marant booties (and unzipped on the inside–why?) and she changed to those awful suede heels she has been wearing for the event. Her pants, at least in the DM pics, are way too tight. You can tell the Godiva opening is a photo op since Katie isn’t wearing a hairnet as she rolls chocolate strawberries. And she has a t-shirt under the sweater that looks silly in the pictures.

  • cheeee

    man.. that’s so mean to say about the father of her child in public. no wander her child is so screwed up. Just shut up and focus your kids feeling. I know how it goes with divorced parents with children, kids reads everything on the net and talk at school and say sh..i..t..s.. doesn’t make your kids happy.

  • Jenny

    I love her style. She does have it all in the Big City! She loves to buy Romantic gifts for Women and herself at AthenaToysdotcom

  • TSquared


    Go back and read the article. She didn’t say it–or at least officially. A source said it.

  • Tired and Depressed

    She’s not even a good spokes person for her own company. It’s like she is reading from cue cards.

  • Sorry Godiva

    When I think about love, romance and happiness, i don’t think Katie.

  • Don

    katie likes attention. Tom Cruise never locked her up he probably was not around. but there were pics of suri & katie at the beach shopping just having fun every other day if not every day, katie had plenty of money to spend. plus Tom bragged on talk show about how smart his wife is, coming up with the idea of designing cothes and of course Tom help funded her line holmes & yang. Katie is really pushing it Tom should of never married her not quite sure what he expected? but I was so sure He would grow tired and divorce her 1st. Katie is a very lucky girl. Katie embraced scientology look it up she made comments on this religion now Katie is silent i think katie got what she wanted FAME and money. Katie will never go broke never not with Tom’s kid.


    “Katie is in love with this city. After being very isolated while married to Tom, she is now enjoying single life in New York,” a source told HuffPo. “She knows all the cool spots to eat, meet friends or hang out. She’s become a real-life version of Carrie Bradshaw as far as her love affair with the city.


    If she knows all the cool places to go why don’t we see her friends with her if she has any

  • Amanda


    Yes, kho didn’t say it officially, even she didn’t say officially that she want to divorce because of sci, always “A source” said blablabla. Why did you firmly believe about sci? Where is “A source” from? Who is “A source”?
    For me, a man who speak ill of others behind their backs especially her kid’s father, I called it bXXXX.

  • Avery4

    She’s constantly photographed with Suri. IF she actually had friends, she would be photographed with them. she doesn’t have any friends.

  • annie

    a source says this and that, she won’t talk about tom in public, and hasn’t up till now, and never will.
    can’t believe how you people come up with anything just to write something , even if it’s lies.

  • Daretobehonest


  • Daretobehonest

    @Don: To answer 2 of your questions: 1. He expected to be marrying an adult who spoke up for herself and didn’t pull a bipolar episode on him. 2. She grew up in the shadows of 2 very powerful male figures, thought marrying a super ego would have them look at her more seriously. She needs to face these demons if she wants to conquer them and grow. .. For Suri. I.e who gives a eats ass what any guy thinks of u? Let go and act!