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Kim Kardashian: My Baby Bump 'Popped Outta Nowhere'!

Kim Kardashian: My Baby Bump 'Popped Outta Nowhere'!

Kim Kardashian takes a pic showing off her growing baby bump in this new photo posted to Instagram on Thursday (January 31).

“Well hello there! #PoppedOuttaNowhere!!!” the 32-year-old pregnant reality star captioned the pic!

Kim‘s baby bump did seem to “pop outta nowhere” – we caught our first glimpse the night before when she headed to the gym.

On Thursday, Kim was spotted leaving the Tracy Anderson gym in Studio City, Calif. after her daily workout.

15+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian out and about with her baby bump…

Just Jared on Facebook
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 01
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 02
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 03
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 04
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 05
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 06
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 07
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 08
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 09
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 10
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 11
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 12
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 13
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 14
kim kardashian my baby bump popped outta nowhere 15

Photos: AKM-GSI, Instagram
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  • RupertSanders

    love her, beautiful and talented

  • AMY

    It’s a fake. No one’s belly pops out like that except the devil’s spawn!

  • SalineDijon

    I lost any respect I had for David Letterman and other people who continually put this no-talent attention wh o re and/or her family on their shows. Even though the media knows we are all sick of this entire sad exscuse of a family, they continue to pimp them. The entire family is a joke, and I can’t wait until their 15 minutes are finally over. It happend to Paris Hilton, and it will eventually happen to them. Eventually. And if anyone really thinks that her relationship with that ugly Kanye is real, they are either stupid or a moron.

  • no bueno

    damn already? she gone get real big

  • Elsa

    Huh…days ago there wasn’t even a baby bump,now she posts a weird photo with this bump.Is it me,or there is something wrong with her “pregnancy”?I’ve read days ago that she was faking this pregnancy…so i don’t know what to think anymore.I hope she didn’t become another Beyonce,with a fake belly…

  • Stephanie

    * I remember just last year, how thrilled I was to be carrying my beautiful little boy…. I think KK’s going about it the right way, by working out, I probably should have right around 6 months…. whew! Beautiful. :)

  • SalineDijon

    Kim is the true defintion of a wh o re. There is no other person living or dead who defines that role better than Kim. All that she is and ever wil be is a wh o re. That is her lot in life.

  • kENNY

    I bet that kid wants to kill itself

    momma’s a w,,h,,o,,r,,,e,

  • SalineDijon

    What’s truly sad is that if she really is having a baby, she is having it only to sell pictures to the tablods for money. She has no soul. She is evil. She is a wh o re. And I feel sorry for the chld if she really yhas one. The child will have a wh o re for a mom.

  • Susan

    Maybe she’s pregnant with twins. Imagine that!

  • :)

    @SalineDijon: Agreed. Hopefully, they disapper soon.

  • kk89

    She’s having a boy!

  • Den

    that’s cause her child is spawn by satan ..

  • Stan

    she got huge real fast! Wow!

  • Sophia

    wow she is fat look at those hips. I can just imagine how fat she will be after she gets birth. And I hope she stays like that so we wont have to see her ever again!

  • Ederh

    I wonder what that child will be like.

  • …….

    You’re all pathetic.
    Do I hate Kim? Hell yeah I do. But some of you people are ridiculous.

    Saying she’s evil and has no soul? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize she was convicted of any murder crimes…. And she’s much less of a whore than Taylor Swift. And you don’t know sh!t on whether her pregnancy is real or not. Stop acting all tough and mighty over the fuuucking computer.
    Don’t be jelly because she’s rich and beautiful and you’re not.

    Btw, I still don’t like her. Just telling the truth.

  • XYZ


    take ur medication

  • XYZ


    And u are better?

  • XYZ

    U bet shes using a surrogate? I do

  • XYZ


    a mongrel

  • Anya


  • Fletcher

    @…….: I thought your post was intriguing… until you said “jelly”. Now you have zero credibility.

  • Lynn

    She is pregnant with a child of kanye while still being married to Humphries… If this is not a defition of a W H O R E , I don’t know what is

  • Fletcher

    @…….: Oh and Taylor Swift didn’t start her career by lying on her back with her legs spread. No comparison between the two.

  • Aranka Paul

    I am not particularly jellous of her for being rich and famous. Having money never hurts and if I had her fortune I would be investing it differently. she is a slave to fashion, beauty etc. It must not be pleasant (at least it wouldn’t be for me) to have heavy make up on 24/7, to constantly change outfits (one uglier than the other, may I add) or to have cameras following you around wherever you go. I think I would go nuts to live like that. I couldn’t imagine my life with no privacy so open to public gossip and scrutiny. This woman doesn’t know what she is missing in life – she believes that all this shallow, superficial and mundane sh**it is stuff that life is made of. Poor girl. I have never seen her with a book, in the museum, at concert (and I don’t mean listening to KW). She is only in the public seeking attention (do you think that she didn’t get enough attention growing up?). There is something fundamentally wrong with her – her narcisism, attention seeking and her constant desire to expose her anatomy in public to public (her boobs, behind etc). A good therapist would have a field day with her (while on the couch) literally and figuratively.

  • Jensen B.

    I love how you all comment on here and talk as if you know her and her motives. I am NOT a fan at all of hers, but why waste my time and energy writing nasty comments about someone who has no effect on my life whatsoever. This world is so sad.

  • coco

    It’s pretty norma that the bump pops out of nowhere, since she’s about 4 months along and the 4 months mark is when the fetus starts growing exponentially..

  • Lulani

    Cannot stand the talentless whore

  • …….

    @Fletcher: Haha yeaaaah I’ve never said that out loud before. Bad move.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. How else did her awful voice get on the radio? Cooommee on. With all the men she’s been with, I’m sure her sex tape is bound to come out sooner or later. And don’t try to say she hasnt been with as many as everyone says, because shes been with at least 10 since her career started and she’s only 23. She’s probably been with more men than Kim! No hate towards Taylor, just saying. She gets around and she doesn’t have a good voice-at all.

    K done. Bye.

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    She is going to be a super-hog in a couple more months! LOL. She will not be happy with the way she looks. What a waste of humanity.

  • PureFab

    She isn’t the Mother type… She also looks like an ungrateful mother to be… Who is looking flabby and will need surgery to slim down.
    Honestly, she is making such a big deal about her physical changes she seems like a 20 year old twerp
    Grow up KK

  • Favour

    Americans who do u guys like self

  • Candice H

    I’m really excited for her to have the baby. Not because I care, but because I can’t take another 6+ months of daily pictures of her baby bump, what she’s wearing over her baby bump, what she’s craving, where she is going with her baby bump…….and I am a mother of two so I do understand the joys of being pregnant and of babies and they are a blessing, but come on!

  • oy

    She needed a counterweight.

  • jessica sayed

    Pls you guys shld stop the insult. Is too much pls am pleading thanks

  • Bored

    She’s the type that skips the cute baby bump portion of the pregnancy and moves right into fat, muu muu wearing housefrau. You know this woman is going to blow up like a house.

  • LooseLipz

    Thats going to be a hairy baby..hope it’s a boy.

  • Paula

    She’s so fake

  • Ana Maria

    Every single day there is at least one post about her and her pregnancy, it’s starting to get annoying.

  • ………=)

    u know how moms to be look gorgeous… shes going to be opposite.. she looks like a beach whale already….

  • Tina

    Wow! Some people are Harsh!
    She gets pregnant and everyone is shocked about how “fat” she is?! Geez I really wonder why women have low self esteem? Hmmm.. By the way. Whore? I am pretty sure Kanye did not pay her her for sex. Since that would mean she is a prostitue.

  • CoCo

    Haters!!!!!Haters!!!!!!Haters!!!!! this sums up all the negative things that some people of sayin….