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Alexander Skarsgard & Jack McBrayer: Oaks Gourmet Lunch!

Alexander Skarsgard & Jack McBrayer: Oaks Gourmet Lunch!

Alexander Skarsgard has lunch with his pal Jack McBrayer at The Oaks Gourmet on Friday (February 1) in Los Angeles.

While leaving the restaurant, Jack was seen displaying some of his signature funny faces while chatting with Alex. Perhaps they were talking about the end of his series 30 Rock?

In case you didn’t know, Alex and Jack have been friends for a couple of years. Jack has supported Alex at the premieres of True Blood and Melancholia, and also at his Calvin Klein event. Hollywood bromance!

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alexander skarsgard jack mcbrayer oak gourmet lunch 01
alexander skarsgard jack mcbrayer oak gourmet lunch 02
alexander skarsgard jack mcbrayer oak gourmet lunch 03
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alexander skarsgard jack mcbrayer oak gourmet lunch 05

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  • essie

    LOL what kind of question is that.. ‘do you think alex and jack make good friends’… no i don’t lol

  • anne

    unexpected friendship

  • East

    God he is so god damn hot and Jack is just too cute. He looks amazing.

  • Lisa

    What a silly question…..

  • xax

    @anne: agreed

  • http://wolfdreaming Kay Blood

    I think that Alex likes guys much more than gals. Nothing wrong with it, just saying…

  • melmel

    I wonder how they even met

  • Warped

    He’s got such fun friends. Between Jack and McMillz, parties at Alex’s house must be a trip.

  • Sarah.

    I didn’t know they are friends! Did not expect that.. Would love to see a conversation between them. Haha!

  • Lilla

    LOL, I love these two!!

  • bonna

    they must’ve realized what a dumb question that was, and now asked if we want to be friends with them…… ummm yeah

  • Girls

    @Kay Blood:
    It could be that every women Alex stand next to is his GF so just hang out with your Guy friends but it seems doesn’t matter what sex he stands next to it must be much more than that. Sigh

  • chelle

    OMG! THAT FACE!! Too funny.. Skarsy REALLY needs to quit with the too baggy in the rear pants

  • melmel

    @chelle: Why would you call a grown man Skarsy?

  • ohyeah


  • lotta

    yumm yumm i would eat that

  • lima

    @Kay Blood: I haven’t seen Keith for awhile

  • Jen

    So random that they hang, but I so approve! Adorkable!!

  • chelle

    @melmel: excuse the hell out of me. Ever hear of typo???

  • Strange

    I love these two together ~~ Alex has such good friends . I hope they are gonna do a movie together .Alex is hotter than ever . Oh how i love Jack face . It is hilarious .

  • hurr

    After this they went to see the gay movies Alex rented the other day

  • rina

    @lima: I hope Keneth introduces him to a nicer that heals his heart

  • rina

    *nicer guy

  • Marlene

    I would love to be their friend. lol. I bet they have a blast!

  • http://Joe Joe

    This friendship intrigues me.
    Also, why are some of the thumb up/down arbitrarily blacked out? This is the first I’ve been in this post, but it’s as if I’ve already up’d/down’d peoples comments. Just me?

  • just me

    gay gay gay

  • Canuck

    @Kay Blood: It’s pretty normal that he’s extremely comfortable hanging with the guys, he grew up in a house full of brothers. Just sayin…

  • Yes

    i bet they had hot sex with each other

  • WHat?!

    So eterosexual men should only hang with female friends?
    If you have a lot of male buddies you must be gay? That’s the first time I’ve heard this, this board has a very interesting logic LOL

    Plus from personal experience all my gay friends tend to have as many, or more female friends than male, I must tell them this means they’re not actually gay…

  • Jackie

    Cute couple

  • Lawrence

    Alex has such a sweet smile, its nice to see him with friends. :)

  • cute

    If Alex is with female friend – she must be his girlfriend, if he is with male friend – he must be gay, if he is alone – what’s wrong with this guy? no friends? … It’s tough be Alex … but I’m sure he isn’t care what the others think about him and I guess not once he laughed with rumors about him :)

  • ladybug

    @Joe: The thumbs issue is related to the commenting/moderation issue, the site’s been having commenting issues for a about a month.

    As for Jack, I didn’t know that he supported him at a Melancholia showing/Premiere, the first sighting of them was at a SNL after party in the fall of 2011.

  • Model GF

    He is dating a leggy hot young model keeping it out of the public for now, see it soon , iCK fashion event NY coming up his GF model with him in backgound . taken .now

  • Macy

    Yay! I love seeing these two hang out. I bet they have the most random, and hilarious times hanging out. Kenneth the Page is awesome! Haha!

  • Brit

    @WHat?!: McBrayer is gay, google him, as for askars I don’t know

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I think it would be fun to hang out with Jack.

    And it looks like Fares was there:

  • South

    @Strange: agreed!

  • Zoe

    I am such a big fan of Alex’s work, and such a handsome and down to earth guy – love him. And his personal life is none of my business – but…he does hang out with a lot of gay guys. I know he’s open minded and Swedish blah blah blah…but so long without a girlfriend, so many gay men in his life, i’m guessing he’s at least bi. Yes it would be bad for his career to come out – he’s such a sex symbol it could kill him getting good parts, that happens quite often it’s why a lot of Hollywood guys are closeted. Their families and friends may accept it, but they know the mass movie goers won’t…

  • Hmmm


    Is that Joel K looking in window? Looks like it from the back.

  • freya

    Yep, definitely Fares.

  • Lisa

    @Zoe: He hangs out at gay clubs too. The evidence keeps piling up yet his fans refuse to consider it. If you say he “might” be gay or bi these people will give you a thumbs down while insisting they are open-minded and accept all sexual orientations. I like his work and will be a fan no matter what.

  • Americanhomophobes

    @Zoe: lol just look at the thumbs down in your comment, that proves what you said it’s true

  • Raquel

    Look @ the thumbs down on post 34@ model GF that must be true as well

  • ladybug

    @Hmmm: I don’t think that’s Joel. It doesn’t really look like him and he’s only in one photo.

  • how many

    @Zoe: so how many gay friends is a straight person aloud to have?! i don’t want to go over the limit!

  • Macy

    I’m glad he’s spending time with his friends, ones that he’s had for a long time. He doesn’t seem to have those types of people who are friends just for a short people of time to get what they want out of him. He appears to put a lot into his relationships, and it’s given back by them too which is nice.
    On another note, I saw Fares in Zero Dark Thirty last week. He did a good job I thought.

  • Hmmm


    you’re probably right, the height, but the height and hairline do resemble Joel, oh, and the guns.

  • Le sigh

    @Zoe: I had my doubts since I saw him and Keith walking bosworth’s dog at the same time that she was effing that dude, I mean really? That relationship was fake as fudge

  • Candy

    What a Cute Couple. I’m sure they make a lot of women jealous. He buys his Girlfriend Romantic Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom