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Alexander Skarsgard & Jack McBrayer: Oaks Gourmet Lunch!

Alexander Skarsgard & Jack McBrayer: Oaks Gourmet Lunch!

Alexander Skarsgard has lunch with his pal Jack McBrayer at The Oaks Gourmet on Friday (February 1) in Los Angeles.

While leaving the restaurant, Jack was seen displaying some of his signature funny faces while chatting with Alex. Perhaps they were talking about the end of his series 30 Rock?

In case you didn’t know, Alex and Jack have been friends for a couple of years. Jack has supported Alex at the premieres of True Blood and Melancholia, and also at his Calvin Klein event. Hollywood bromance!

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  • ladybug

    @Hmmm: Joel is shorter, though not by much, than Alex, and this person looks to be even taller than Alex. And I think the hair is darker than Joel’s usually is.

    @Macy, he does seem to value and maintain his friendships, whether they be friends from Sweden who have nothing do with with acting, or the friends he has in the business.

    @Raquel , all ‘insider’ troll posts are true! Which is why there are Alex clones to maintain the lifestyles that the trolls have chosen for him, while the real Alex just works, and then goes home, watches videos of Hammarby games, and then sleeps.

  • Wtf

    I like them both, but to be honest were they even there together? It looks like McBrayer is just trying to get his attention and he doesn’t notice!

  • Hmmm


    We can just agree to disagree – no biggie.

  • Hmmm


    And I think he is just discreet in the lady friends dept. I hardly think that he is celibate.

  • Trish

    @Candy: wawawa even the spammer bot knows it lmao

  • ladybug

    @Wtf: Go to the line in the comment at #37, they were there together, Alex is hugging him goodbye at the end of the photoset.

    Here’s a pic of Alex and Joel from their Hammarby commercial from a few years back:—alexander-skarsgard-and-joel-kinnaman.jpg

    The man in the blue tshirt staring into the window doesn’t match height wise, Joel wouldn’t appear to be several inches taller than Alex unless he was much closer to the camera.

  • Lady boring

    @ladybug: if that’s all he does I would prefer he went chasing dudes in griffin park, at least he wouldn’t be so boring

  • ladybug

    @Hmmm: What, you don’t think he’s lived a monk-like existence since the end of the KB relationship! :)

    (oh JJ, please fix your commenting system!)

  • Hmmm


    I think that it is hard to tell height differential based on that picture and Alex is not standing up straight. Anyhow, like I said, we can just agree to disagree.

  • Hmmm

    I don’t think her is boring – at all. I would kill to hang out with him and Mcmillz…I’ll bet they are a blast. And James R. I can’t explain Bosworth, maybe a clinger he could not shake and he does seem rather polite.

  • Cough

    But where is Keith?

  • Lisa

    @Trish: LOL!!!

  • Average Jane

    @Zoe: What Zoe said. But dayum he is a beautiful specimen of a man regardless. All I want to know is why can’t there be anyone who looks like AS around where I live.

  • leelee

    Jack totally tapped that ass

  • jer

    @leelee: Ugh it makes me so jealous

  • jer

    @leelee: I know right, how is that even possible?

  • Beth

    @leelee: if those childbearing hips could talk

  • Nina

    Fares sure has a huge nose!!! LOL. He’s not Swedish, is he? Just wondering.

  • ladybug

    @Nina: He’s not ethnically Swedish, if that’s what you mean. He was born in Lebanon.

  • sour grapes


    Who are these other gay guys in his life? His co-stars? Like Ryan Kwanten (never saw him with anyone), Joe Manganiello (yes I know he had a showmance with an unknown model whom he quietly dumped and now he’s a new “girl friend” to show he isn’t gay, George Clooney anyone? And don’t forget, he’s also very good friend with Matt Boner ahem Bomer, who’s openly gay and they have great chemistry too). What about Stephen Moyer then? Methinks his marriage with Paquin is fake. AP strikes me as an lesbian. She has very little chemistry with any male co-stars and zero chemistry with Moyer: There must be something in the water in TB set; actors turn gay and/or have twins ;)

  • sour grapes

    @Le sigh:

    Actually it was Fares Fares, but maybe he’s gay too? *innocent smile*

  • sour grapes

    @Zoe: @Lisa:

    You and Zoe sound very much like some Moyer fans on TB pages. They so “like” and “admire” Alex even though they think he’s gay but if someone is hinting Moyer may not be completely hetero they get apesh1t crazy ;). I find Moyer very unmanly, he hasn’t any sexual chemistry with his female co-stars and his sex scenes are horrible. HORRIBLE!

  • mforman

    Like another poster said, if he is with a friend that is a girl it is his girlfriend, if he is with a male friend he is gay, can you trolls come up with anything new it really is just getting so tired and old with your same nonesense.
    Why not leave him and his personal life alone. Aside from being one of the most handsome man in HW he is also one of the most talented.
    Why not deal with that?

  • rere

    You got that right !!!! LOL

  • lisa
  • ziri

    omg. he’s at least bi, I love it!

  • Ialwaysknew

    This is so weird I don’t even know who is the bottom, Askars dude why are you so perfect, you are too precious for this planet and these mortals

  • Mini

    Did he broke up with the black dude? Haven’t seen him in a loooong time, makes me wonder