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Bar Refaeli: Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial - Watch Now!

Bar Refaeli: Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial - Watch Now!

Bar Refaeli makes out with a computer geek in this brand new 2013 Super Bowl commercial for!

The 27-year-old model portrays the “sexy side” of the company, while the male represents the “smart side” – when put together, they create one company:!

“There’s the sexy side represented by Bar Refaeli. And the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter. Together, they’re perfect” the commercial says.

“My @GoDaddy SuperBowl ad debuts tonight on @ETonlineAlert #PerfectMatch” Bar tweeted earlier in the day to hype up her fans. Check out the commercial below!

FYI: Bar is wearing a Pas Pour Toi dress.

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  • neverhasbeen

    perfect job for Bar….her whole career has been shopping,dating leo,rolling around in the sand,attending red carpet events for rich people (and still cant front their campaigns, LMAO) etc etc…this was the next step. is anyone surprised she was the model to do it? this is draft dodger. making viral videos for fame is more important to her. Especially since no one cares about her in the press since Leo dumped her.

  • hateful

    Poor guy. She looks at him revoltingly.

  • Poor Leo

    Pretty woman

  • Wizzer

    How very Kim Kardashian-esque of her!

  • LIKE

    its funny how bar fans made fun of erin all the time, but then bar goes and does this. lol at least erin has a job with a legit company and fronts campaigns for big designers. Bar does this. Erin does VS. I think erin wins the leo ex games.

  • laila

    one ugly jew kissing another ugly jew…whats new?

  • tinkerbell

    @@@@@: Wasnt me that guessed it… was all the other posters and they were at the same event together. Family is racist, period her mom used to come on here and call me “nappy head.” I’ll post link and comments soon. They’ve also called Michelle Obama “simian” and the Williams Sisters “Gorillas…”

    As for SI she was glad to get SOMETHING with them as they booted her for her snotty spoiled brat performance when Brooklyn Decker got the cover the year after her.

    She didnt have an affair with Maxwell. Supposedly he is gay anyway.

    Nice try anyway, I am not letting it die. She gets what she deserves for it.

  • tinkerbell

    @LOL: I dont try to sound smart on leo threads….but I guess you think so, which is funny because for me it is the equivalent on writing on the bathroom wall.

    Yes, I do enjoy hating on bar. You’ve supplied me so much mirth now for years. It’s not about liking Leo, you’ve managed to make me hate Bar all on her own. It’s fun to crack on racist money grubbing jerks like her and her crew.

    As for that being my entire life, hah if you only knew, but I am not getting in to my own career, business, relationship, family here, this is for me to make fun of the self-celebrated here—its so deserved and no matter what you have to say about it that ad is still sexist and embarrassing and most women I know would be offended by it. Most men I know would just think it was a dumb, cheap ad. Stupid, no brain concept and no one uses “Go Daddy” that I know of.

  • tinkerbell

    @You’re stupid: she needs to get paid a ton because all her other contracts canceled and hired Irina Shaykh this year. If she wants to continous a useless life of photo ops and shopping she needs cash…I am surprised she hasnt gone broke already. The undie line flopped too, as did her German TV show..

  • tinkerbell

    @Ewww: sensitive girl isnt she? she really believes she is something she isnt So fun to puncture her whenever possible.

    Adriana LIma wouldn’tdo this add because:

    A. She’s married with two daughters
    B. She is not dumb
    C. She’s a devout Catholic
    D. She made about 3-4 times what Bar did last year.
    E. She already did a Superbowl ad and she doesn’t need to do another one.
    F. She actually is beautiful AND a real SUPERMODEL. Discovered at age 15 and does the whole gamut from couture to VS. And the proof is in the pudding…you look at her and wonder how anyone could be that good looking…what accident of genes.

    Adriana didnt believe in sex before marriage—she said “love is about respect” and that if some guy just wanted to bang her and didnt respect her wishes then he didnt want her and she was all right about that…opposite strategem of someone who effed her way to the bottom of the middle.

    Whenever you see hookers or strippers asked about how they can do what they do, they always say it is about the money and having a gucci bag or some such crap, it is they only way they can make money.

  • v steve

    Women will do anything after all she picked the apple and ate it.

  • Frenchie

    That’s just like a Super Bowl commercial to ‘wow’ us all. If anything, this commercial will be stuck in the minds of many people tomorrow, and the advertisers of Go Daddy will have done their job. I for one love SB commercials because they’re always shocking on some level. I took the day off from my job at DISH just so that I could sit at home and watch the game and commercials. I want to save them both to my DISH Hopper just in case there are some amazing commercials that I’d like to watch over again. With the ability to save up to 1,250 SD or 450 HD hours on my DISH Hopper, I know that I’ll be able to save tomorrow’s events, and still have tons more room for my favorite movies and TV series.

  • ali

    what’s new ? she’s always been a Fame W**re

  • ali

    Leo , i cant belive you used to date this Bimbo .

    she is almost 28 years old , but looks 38 . she has a very manly body , chunky legs .

    she is over rated , over hyped by her money hungry mother -agent .

    she is not a super model . she is a super slut . i never bought her mother
    BS .

    she , and her stage mother from HELL Zipi are the most HATED women
    in Israel . her mother , place daily articles about her daughter for 10 years , i mean every day there is an article in the Israeli Gossip sites in Israel , i mean how much PR do you need ? that is why people there are soooooooooo Sick of her , her mother Zipi bombard the gossip sites with daily paparzzi photos / artilcles about her just to keep her Famous and Relevant . so ppl are tired of her . once a week is ok , but every day ???

    she also dodged the Israeli army , which is Mandatory , she did NOT serve
    in the Israeli army , which is a Big mistake and damaged her reputation for life . at 18 , she married a 45 years old man to avoid the 2 years service .

    she is snotty ,arrogant has an entitled “im better than you” demeanor ,
    very shallow childish , her parents treat her like a 7 years old , they live off of her . her dad does not work and was convicted for hitting a paparazzi .

    she is not rich like her mother wants u to belive . she is still in love with LEO . she used him to be famous .she is addicted to fame . she loves the attention . and she loves money . she never went to college and she did not even gradute high school . she really is an air head .

    she is just a cheap sleazy photoshoped panty model .

    her mother told her to always date rich famous people .
    she does not know anything about life . i feel sorry for her .

    she is a puppet of her mother .

    there are many beautiful models in Israel but nobody hates them like this one .

    pls do not be suprised if she would do playboy next or a porno movie .

    she does not have class or street smart .

  • @@@@


    The Bar /Chris Paul video makes it clear the blind item about her not working with someone because they are black is false.I seriously doubt the people making racist comments on here is Bar or her mother.Unless you personally see them making racist comments you shouldn’t accuse them of being racist

  • michelle

    The only thing I didnt like was the noises they were making. That was the worst part I thought.

  • Andrea

    So people who work on computers can’t be attractive? I actually know a guy who works for your company–he’s quite attractive. You guys are horrible for pushing terrible stereotypes.

  • Will cm.

    This is so sad. An event this big needs to be family rated. A lot of familys with kids are watching this event. I can’t belive the producers alloed this to be aired

  • gfttsuperbowln

    better than seeing rotten tooth neanderthal Adriana Lima.

  • tinkerbell

    @@@@@: I know for a fact it was them. Sorry, it was Tzipi who used to rant and rave here IN ALL CAPS and still occasionally surfaces and calls me a nappy head, as does bar herself. I know from her writing style. Or it was their flack Adi Ronen. Bar was also outed on lipstick alley by someone who knows leo (i still think it was rashida jones) as a matter of fact, and bar herself appeared on a black face costume with an afro rig as a “rapper” so nice try but they are right wing sickos. Refer to Ali’s post for more detail, The mom’s homophobia was outed by an Israeli journalist who taped her telephone calls and played them for the public.

    The Chris Paul video proves nothing, she was getting paid. She wouldnt have a drink with him or date him.

  • tinkerbell

    @gfttsuperbowln: Adriana is gorgeous, exotic stunning rare beauty. She does have a bit of an overbite, but it is actually exactly right for her…anyway, she gets paid a lot more than bar does for people to look at her or take her photo so the proof is in the pudding.

  • tinkerbell

    “neanderthal” hunh….gee that proves exactly what I have been saying

    michelle obama=simian
    serena williams=gorilla
    adriana lima=neanderthal.
    nappy head=me

    If you are dumb enough to start a diplomatic incident in the very tense Middle East which Bar’s comment actually did, dont talk to me

    Of course Hitler thought blacks were less developed than aryans, like apes or neanderhals. he thought jesse owens was like some kind of jungle cat like a cheetah, that is is why it is so great owens blew the aryans off the track at the 1936 Munich Olympics. Adriana is mixed race.

    You never fail to indict yourselves because you really are a bunch of pigs. And try to find some physical flaw is someone who is a far more successful model or is actually a great beauty, ie tranny giraffe, etc because Gisele has a beautiful long neck.

    By the way, thanks for not messing with the thumbs. I know you manipulate them so it never bothers me when I get thumbed down, Every once in a while I see the real count come through like in the old days when in one thread I’d be +700 and Bar et al would be down -800. Of course when I come back you’ll have back browsered them to your liking, but wha’ver. I dont have time and am not PAYING someone to do it for me like you.

  • tinkerbell

    @ali: ali I dont mind someone promoting themselves, but they way they do it is offensive. It’s like way down deep they really do know she doesnt have what it takes to really make it so they have to fake it or make it up out of whole cloth. If she and her crew really were nice peoople and knew how to talk and what to say in public, we wouldnt care so much.

    two things though, is it true she didnt even graduate high school and that her parents live off her…I know they have that “horse farm” but how much does that make? I heard her dad is ex-Mossad is that true?

    I see Bar did not make the JJ highlights of the super bowl commercials—but there is a nice picture of a very cute goal up there…I always though bar looked more like a sheep myself.

    The funny thing about the assault charges rafi was convicted on is that they wouldnt have been there if his own wife hadnt called them and lied and said a birthday party for bar’s brother was actually an engagement party for bar and leo. As if, Leo would have broken the land speed record out the door and into the hills.

  • LOL

    Poor Bar. Forever tainted with that commercial

  • moses

    Hmmm, Bar Refaeli care less about you guys with your comments.
    She is hearing only Ka-Chings!!!!


  • tinkerbell



    YOU SUCK !

  • tinkerbell

    @LOL: MUHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHA so being in a sexist tasteless ad does have a backlash…….if money is all you want you end up looking like a cheap whore of one kind or another…havent you learned yet?

  • ali


    tinkerbell , check out the REAL commercial that took place ,
    she is kissing him with the tongue . Ewwww .
    its the Original .
    many Israeli readers wrote she is sleay , and does not respect herself .

    this woman (and her Fat obese mother) would do anything for a buck .

    she is over rated , and the Most Hated woman in her country .

    If you could read Hebrew , you could see how they ALL trash her .,7340,L-4340712,00.html