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Orlando Bloom: Son of a Gun with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom: Son of a Gun with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom carries his adorable son Flynn after grabbing lunch at Son Of a Gun on Friday (February 1) in Los Angeles.

On the same day, the 36-year-old actor’s wife Miranda Kerr was spotted looking casual while landing at Sydney International Airport in Australia.

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The day before, Orlando was seen dropping by Little Dom’s in Los Feliz.

Orlando‘s two films Zulu and The Hobbit: There and Back Again are currently in post production.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom grabbing lunch with Flynn

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orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 01
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 02
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 03
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 04
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 05
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 06
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 07
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 08
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 09
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 10
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 11
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 12
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 13
orlando bloom son of a gun with flynn 14

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  • Dee

    Interesting how JJ cut out the tall, beautiful blonde who was getting into Orlando’s car in these pictures. You can see her on the DailyMail website under the article about Miranda.

    But yes JJ, you are most definitely partial to Miranda ;) I hope their marriage is not in trouble but at least you are working hard to preserve her happy, bubbly, “everything’s perfect” image.

  • hateful

    This family mess is all about the cute Flynn.

  • Bella

    What’s going on with his lunches with friends – three days in a row. The Daily Mail does show the blonde getting in the back seat. He’s always had a preference for blondes so is he shopping for a new nanny for Flynn and the blonde for him? His trousers if you can call him that are just stupid. Who wants to see a grown man of 36 acting like a jerk with pants falling around his backside. He may think its sexy but its dumb. Other than that, he looks ok. Poor Flynn.

  • @Dee

    If there were any king of inappropriate relationship between him and that blonde you talk about, which seems to be what you’re suggesting, do you really think he would show her to the paps and take his child to meet her?

  • Dee

    Actually, I’m sorry for my earlier comment. I don’t want to be one of those Internet haters who scrutinizes every aspect of a celebrity’s life. I used to adore Miranda but over the past few years (since the birth of her son), I think she’s become a little bit more narcissistic and dare I say, fake. But I don’t want to be an ugly person who gets worked up over all the rumours about her life. There are other models – Bianca Balti, Adriana Lima, Irina Shayk, Candice Swanepoel, Nina Agdal – who I adore and seem more authentic so I will focus on their positives and just not click on any Miranda stories from now on. Miranda and Orlando seem to have an unconventional marriage but maybe it works for them. If it doesn’t, I hope they find a way to move past it. Everyone deserves to be happy.

  • @Dee…#1

    As usual you “haters” will believe any rumour about Orlando & Miranda if it’s negative but if it’s a story or pic showing them happy & together then of course it’s “staged” or a “set up”

    Every week there is some made up BS story about them splitting up & they have all turned out to be FALSE.

    Now this is the latest, a woman getting into the back seat of his car next to Flynn MUST mean he’s cheating. Even though it’s in broad daylight, in full view of the public & papparazzi. Orlando doesn’t look like he’s trying to hide anything or is embarrassed, talk about jumping to conclusions.

    I’ve seen pictures of this woman with Miranda a couple of times before. I think she also featured in an article Miranda did about her family with her mother & grandmother, she’s either a cousin or a friend from kindergarten.

  • Nice blond
  • Mika

    And you want to say is that Orlando must have an ugly female friends? Or he must go on lunch, on walk or somewhere else just with male friends?Get a real life ass(holes!

  • @Dee

    LOL! You just can’t help yourself, can you. Lying about being a ‘forner fan’ about Miranda, when we ALL know that you are a hater from the Orlando Bloom fandom. You won’t fool anyone with your mea culpa now. You forget that we aren’t the same people from those idiot hater sites who believe anything handed them. We actually have brains, and can spot BS from a mile away.
    Oh, and I love how you include Candice in your group of models that you adore. Talk about idiotic double standards. Candice has not only done tons of n*de shoots, including some very raunchy ones, and a commercial where she implies m*st*rbation, she also has a delightful habit of tweeting pictures of her rear end to followers. Yeah, she’s soooo much more worthy of admiration than Miranda. You go for it. *eyeroll*
    And you seem to have forgotten that on the Daily Mail site, they clearly showed “the blonde” at the trunk of a black Mustang, which must be her car. So she isn’t getting in the back. She’s either saying goodbye to Flynn, or putting the bag she is carrying in the car. You also conveniently forgot the other two ladies in the pictures. It was a group of people, not just ‘the blonde’.
    But yeah. Sure. Orlando would definitely take a secret lover to a public place. In broad daylight. With his son. In front of the paps. Suuuuuure, he would.
    Since he’s not as stupid as your cronies, either. Anyone with even two functioning brain cells would recognize that she MUST be a friend, and not a ‘girfriend’.
    But I guess common sense and intelligence is just too much to ask for, for a hater. LOL!

  • tam

    Bye Dee! Don;t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!
    I miss her already..
    But I’ll be OK. I’m sure hat her other socks will stay behind to brng us joy.

  • steph

    Who cares about the hater.
    I’m dieing over the arm p0rn!!!
    And I love the fact that he is a good tipper

  • hateful

    I do think they love each other.

  • @6 @9

    Weren’t you just saying in the MK thread how “the blonde” was just some random woman who just happened to glance at OB as he was walking by and got caught in the same pic by the paps. Now she’s suddenly Miranda’s friend or relative or part of another group of women walking by, and she’s just saying goodbye to Flynn or putting a bag in the car – talk about jumping to conclusions!

  • @13

    You’re talking to two different people.
    I’m the one that said that she was just opening the bck door, and not getting in.
    And that isn’t “jumping to conclusions”, it’s just a common sense interpretation of the photos. She has her own car, so she can’t be getting in. So why is she opening the door? Well, Flynn is already inside, and she has a bag in her hand that she would not have taken into he restaurant if she had her own car. A good sense analysis is that the valet retrieved her car, she got the bag out of the trunk (since she is pictured at the trunk, raching down as if to unlock it), and then opened the back door of the car. Two sensible reasons are that she is either saying goodbye to Flynn, putting thebag in the car, or both.
    Have you idiots ever heard of common sense??
    Common sense is not “jumping to conclusions”. Claiming that this woman is anything other than a friend is “jumping to conclusions”.
    And you hater know all about that, don’t you.

  • @14

    “Common sense” = “spin,” just another theory when the previous “random passerby” excuse was proven wrong.

  • @15

    Spin what? In the worst case, #14′s biggest mistake could be thinking that a friend of Orlando’s was a random passerby. She doesn’t seem to have any kind of problem admitting that she knows Orlando.
    However, suggesting that he’s parading his secret lover in front of the paps and in the company of his kid is not a small mistake, but something completely absurd.

  • @15

    There isn’tanything here to spin. The person saying that he ws just walking by obviously didn’t realize that that was Orlando’s car.
    But everything else is spot on and AGAIN, common sense.
    You guys are claiming that she was “getting into” Orlando’s car, which just isn’t true, since if you had really looked at the pictures, you would see that she has her own car. So you haters made a mistake, too. And not only did you make tat mistake, you “jump to conclusions” about their relationship.
    How do you explain that Orlando is with her in public, in broad daylight, if she is ANYTHING other than a friend?
    Explain that one.

  • #14 here

    Again, you are talking to two different people.
    i never said anything about a “random passerby”. I’m the one who is challenging your common sense and interpretive skills. I don’t have to spin anything, because everything I said is proved by photographic evidence.
    My “theory” is certainly more plausible than your ‘secret lover’ stupidity.

  • Lou

    Gorgeous, gorgeous daddy!

  • Lou

    @Bella: I actually love the style of loose pants he usually wears on him. They would look stupid on most men but look sexy on him.

  • Sam

    Orlando looks hot. Flynn is the cutest kid. They are a beautiful family.

  • Cheerleader

    Count down to divorce…

  • Reba

    I agree. Get a pair of ants that fit well and are age appropriate!

  • Rox

    Count me in too. Faithful fan of OB since he rode into Rivendale. But he’s not a kid and neither are his fans.
    I’ve always just lurked everywhere, at his fan sites, etc for many years, but it seems like he might need to know he has fan support, so I’m adding my ‘voice’ to the fans.

  • Dee

    @@Dee: Do you think anyone actually reads the essays you write? You’re absolutely batshit crazy. And who cares if I like Candice or Bianca Balti or Irina Shayk? I like them. Not you. You’re infatuated with Miranda. I’m not. I don’t even think Orlando Bloom is hot nor have I ever. I was a former fan of Miranda and please don’t presume to tell me what I am, or who I like.

    The funny thing is you call people out for judging Miranda when you judge EVERY SINGLE PERSON who posts against her. You judge other models like Candice. You’re just up Miranda’s ass (or greatly wish you were) and a complete internet troll, psychopath. Who gives a damn what someone like you has to say?

  • @Dee

    If you aren’t obsessed with Miranda, then why do you post on every single thread? Often the first post, which means that you are stalking her.
    You whine about n*ude shoots that Miranda does, but claim to admire Candice, who does much nore raunchy shoots. That makes you a hypocrite.
    You complain about people judging you after we complain that you are judging strangers? Well, sweetie, there is a huge difference. You are judging them based upon your own perceptions. Even incorrect perceptions, like claiming that the blonde was “getting into his car”, even though the evidence disproves that theory.
    We are judging you based upon things that you actually say and do. See the difference.
    And everything that you say and do proves that you are an irrational hater, who is lying about being a former fan. Nothing that you say will convince us that you are not a liar and a hypocrite. Nothing.
    And “who gives a damn what someone like you has to say?” LOL!
    Evidently, you care about what they had to say. I mean, since you cme back from your self imposed exile. What happened to “…and just not click on any Miranda stories from now on”???
    Oh, never mind. We all knew that you were lying about that one, too. LOL!

  • @25

    If you don’t care about Orlando, then why did you click on his thread?
    You sound a bit disingenuous to me.