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Beyonce: Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show - Watch Now!

Beyonce: Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show - Watch Now!

Beyonce is absolutely fabulous during the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday (February 3) in New Orleans, La.

The 31-year-old rocked the house as the headlining act for the highly anticipated performance!

Bey hit the stage and sang some of her greatest hits including “Love on Top,” “Crazy in Love,” “End of Time,” and “Baby Boy” before her Destiny’s Child band mates joined her on stage!!! It was rumored that Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland would be joining Beyonce on stage.

Later, Kelly and Michelle left the stage, where Bey belted out “Halo.”

During her set, Beyonce danced her heart out, all while telling the audience to keep clapping their hands.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Beyonce’s half time performance??

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce at the Super Bowl…

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  • Latifah


    GURL love her as you like but don’t you dare, say that hot mess was better than Madonna. You don’t disrespect a queen like that.

  • Jane


    BeyoncĂ© wasn’t singing either. It was lip synced.

  • Brigette

    @Qiana: m@Qiana:

    Take your own advice “haters please leave.”

  • Moises Esteves

    6:18 in the video what is the name of the song?!!

  • dac

    Soft porn. Same slutty mess as usual.

  • Brigette

    @NYC chck:

    I couldn’t have said it better!

  • whitney

    shs just a sex symbole. shes NO whitney houston vocally! (well thats a given)

  • Terry

    The same thing? Correct me if I’m wrong, Michael Jackson did the same thing in most of his shows…yet he was the best entertainer to live. What do you guys expect her to do? She hasn’t come out with a new album yet. She performed songs that were hit singles. What’s wrong with that? He entrance and leaving was amazing. Her vocals were nice. She did that all in ten minutes…no six inch heels. If that isn’t talent, I don’t know what is. She hasn’t come out with anything new yet. And correct me if I’m wrong, again, but Madonna did the same thing she has done over the past thirty years. Not to mention the fact that this set up was genuis.

    Give her a break.

  • jenny

    She didn’t even sing. She danced and screamed in to the mic.

  • Canadachick

    It was horrible…and those two other has beens she brought on stage didn’t do anything to improve it! Worst show ever!

  • Qiana

    @Latifah: Madonna is washed up. She’s boring now. She was sexy a while back. To me a queen has to be a queen that reigns no matter what. Every time she steps on that that stage she has to be on point. I don’t get that excitement from Madonna anymore.

  • Nell

    Funny how her PR team giving positive remarks in the first comments. Beyonce must pay a lot to keep a lot of PR people employed. So funny and so stupid.

  • trinity

    I found Bey’s show boring…. She hardly sang …. A couple of lines of each song… Madonna’s show was 10 times better…. She had set changes and actually sung full songs.

  • carol

    Yes, beyonce didn’t sing much and does not have a great voice. She’s better of as a dancer.

  • Ledz

    The fact that she can dance her heart out AND sing perfectly shows she’s on another level! Sorry she’s not crazy like other performers and doesn’t feel the need to wear crazy outfits or do stupid things on stage. She absolutely killed it! QUEEN

  • Louise

    What a disappointment. Just a bunch of prancing. Why pay a big name to prance. They could have some less expensive dancers do a show like this. So wanted to hear some good singing.

  • hyttggg

    beyonce sucks. shes only cool because of jay z

  • vancity

    beyonce sucks. shes only cool because shes with Jay Z

  • Hunter

    To all those who are saying Beyonce has no/little singing talent, you’ve got to be kidding.
    There are very few people in pop music who can do as well as her.

    Stop denying this for whatever reason. Because in the end you just sound like a jealous hater.


    Beyonce killed her career when she lipsyched a few weeks ago at the Inauguration. No singer in history who has song at the presidents inauguration has done that EVER. She should be ashamed of herself. NO EXCUSES. Kelly Clarkson and the others song live. Beyonce through her earpiece off and acted like she was singing that live and did not think she would get caught but the marine corp band told on her. To her hardcore fans, Beyonce is FINISHED. She was not that great anyway and it was all hype. I am so glad, we won’t be seeing her stupid wind machine anymore and yes she performs the same tired routine over and over.

  • Norma

    She is beautiful she is a great entertainer she is talented but she isn’t great singing live they should have asked someone like p!nk she could of blown that place apart would have been a great night along with the perfect
    Miss Alicia Keys

  • Charlene Zo

    Guess she did not have to worry about the cold bothering her vocal cords this time…

  • tytee

    I think it was okay. Not a huge Bey fan, but it was entertaining. I do agree that the Madonna show was better. I felt like Beyonce just danced to a lot of her tracks. She didn’t really sing a whole lot. Loved the Destiny Child numbers though.

  • Jesse

    Excuse me.Who is Madonna?

  • Super Bowl 2013

    OMG she killed it! Loved it! She put on a great show! but u know the haters are coming…

  • Gina

    No artistic value. Madonna does it better.

  • jack

    She was horrible! ugh ppl get pleased by anything that shakes its stanky ass these days…

  • Kenny for Bey

    BEYONCE already proved to the world that SHE IS THE QUEEN. Madonna can’t barely sing notes above C5 HAHA. i love you beyonce. you will forever be the QUEEN!!

  • Disney Villainess

    I though the performance was so-so, but I did think it was funny how she kinda dismissed Kelly and Michelle off the staged like “b*tches I gave y’all a little shine, now off you go honey babies”, LOL……….

  • veeray

    I need a band. I turned it down and watched NIN on youtube.

  • veeray

    @jack: All she does is strut and pose. maybe sing ok. so what. The music world is filled with the deafenning silence that is the LACK of GOOD BANDS. she has 16 grammies? wuut?

  • http://no Ghasem yarahMADI BENEDICT


  • MRST

    My girl did her thang…God bless the Carters!

  • Jazz

    Wow, Beyonce looks like Carrot Top in that picture, it’s freaky.

  • liah

    I apologize to all the American decent people, families, young children and school age students who were subjected to watching the halftime show, it was not talent and it was not entertainment. For a show that is televised to hundreds of millions of people, its sad that the producers are so cluelessand stupid as to assume that all of us viewers want sex thrown at us a substitute for entertainment. Its just trash and smut and has absolutely nothing of any decent worth or value to me or anyone out there watching. Disgusting and disappointing but, consider the source of this, that is all we will ever get. It just makes me sick for all the decent people out there who innocently expect more.

  • pana

    It wasn’t bad but i don’t think is was all that either! She was trying too hard.

  • NOLADarling

    @NYC chck:

    No, the wind machine just couldn’t keep up with all her bouncing and gyrating.

  • Teach

    never heard her before, why would they have her do the half time show to begin with? she may have vocal talent and the body to go with it but she sang all of three words repeatively. she has no dancing talent, she just walks back and forth and poses or lays all over the floor. very disappointing show…

  • DLD

    There isnt anther known female artist on the planet that could do what Beyonce just did for Suoerbowl. She further just proved why she is the best performer and chic in the Game!

  • oy

    The costume looks like Thunderdome Meets Arsenic and Old Lace.

  • Anthony S

    What is the song when Beyonce says “Everybody put your hands together” Heeeeey ey ey?

  • Mykalia ram

    The same old beyonce , frist of all same routine of dance , she did not bring any difference in her performance ,,, I.lo dances more better she is more natural dancer j.lo moves sexyer , beyonce learn her dance routine pretty girl I don’t feel her performance , where j.lo kills her in a dance performance boring for me she looks silly twisting her hair looks like she try’s too hard to show off hey I’m the best !! I.lo loves and she’s gifted dancer and dances perffesional .. I.lo would kill her ….

  • anita word

    In my opinion she is the superstar of all superstars and her Superbowl 2013 performance was awesome ! I didn’t know who she was til my grandaughters told me about her song “To The Left” and now she is my favorite female artist and I think she is the best singer/entertainer of all time!

  • DtK

    Nice superbowl halftime show

  • Antoinete Sanchez

    I like Beyonce and I thought this was boring. Its the superbowl!!! You are suppose to up the ante. This look like a regular concert she always does – nothing new.

  • Lart

    Wanna know how to tell this generations role models from other generations role models? this generation they wear as little clothing they can get away with before they get a ticket for Public indecency

  • JasonGlam

    She seemed to spend a lot of time not singing. Good show but not a patch on Madonna’s last year.

  • Yeha

    I just wasted 14 min of my life watching Beyonce throw her hair around, scream a couple of words into a mic and use two talented ladies as her back up singers.

  • Gina

    Beyonce is so played out. No new material. No new dance moves. All she did was predictably get out there and shake her wide butt. Note to NFL. Next year put some real talent out there at halftime. The Eagles. The Zac Brown Band. Willie Nelson. How about bringing Kris Kross out there.

  • K-BYE2