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Beyonce: Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show - Watch Now!

Beyonce: Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show - Watch Now!

Beyonce is absolutely fabulous during the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday (February 3) in New Orleans, La.

The 31-year-old rocked the house as the headlining act for the highly anticipated performance!

Bey hit the stage and sang some of her greatest hits including “Love on Top,” “Crazy in Love,” “End of Time,” and “Baby Boy” before her Destiny’s Child band mates joined her on stage!!! It was rumored that Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland would be joining Beyonce on stage.

Later, Kelly and Michelle left the stage, where Bey belted out “Halo.”

During her set, Beyonce danced her heart out, all while telling the audience to keep clapping their hands.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Beyonce’s half time performance??

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce at the Super Bowl…

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  • rumbapassion

    Beyonce has real talent. No tricks just real singing and dancing at the same time. She is the best and I always know she is going to be the very best that she can be always. And she didn’t disappoint. I hate when stars come out with crappy get ups and pose. Beyonce looked sexy as and is just so beautiful. She and Michael Jackson for me are the best so far.

  • ConnyR

    If anyone is still talking negative about the King Bey after the super bowl, Its not hate anymore its pathetic. She is out of this world.

  • Reiny631

    Screw all the haters, I’d like to see all of you up against her, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Shut your mouths.

  • RDW78

    A good strip dance show . . . a terrible superbowl half-time show. ick

  • Elisa

    OMG! She is incredible… I only have one complaint: it was TOO SHORT!

  • tweeter

    @Jesse: under which rock have you been living?

  • Ian

    It was really boring , Madonna killed the last year and Bey didnt how to do a big show!

  • J

    For a singer she didnt sing much prob because she had to do it live.

  • Let them eat cake!

    How nice of her to invite Kelly and Michelle on stage and then give them mics that render them barely audible. B^tch move!

  • sweetsal


    I got 5 text that said it was horrible ~ not fit for prime time. But all the people of color love it because SEX sells to some people. Bring on Jennifer Hudson for me and Katherine McPhee

  • sweetsal


    I bet Obama enjoyed it.

  • erin

    I think that illuminati triangle was obvious as hell, but she killed it!

  • John Doe

    If prostitutes is todays moral standards, then the bitch hit the mark. But what a disgrace to the world and to think she’s a role model to our young woman. Then to top it off, she’s black. Could she trample on the character of her own race any more than she has already!!

  • John Doe

    What a WHORE!!

  • m.a.

    @atrl QUEEN:

    i agree… boring!

  • m.a.

    boring snoozefest.

  • Lame

    same garbage different venue. she also lip synced the beginning of Halo.

  • david wall

    half time show was amazing. beyonce looked absolutely amazing.

  • Linda Davis

    Nothing new here. Beyonce presented more sex, fake hair and a loud voice. This was extremely boring.

  • Susie46

    It sucked, my 11 yr old son got his first strip tease, we turned the channel about half way through

  • Linda Davis

    Take away her light skin and long blonde weave and she would not be successful. This woman can dance but so can many other women. America has placed her on a pedastel because of her cross over image not her talent. She is more hype than substance and it’s really pitiful that she is considered a top performer.

  • Linda Davis

    Give her an award for selling sex but not for her performance.

  • Allaboutjustice

    Wow, opinions are all over the place. I get the fact that she had to perform live given the recent lip sync issues and I realize that live singing is extremely difficult when the person is doing all that dancing. It takes a great deal of energy and even the best athlete would be out of breath to actually sing, but she is a performer and had to know that she needed to actually sing at some point. I loved her outfit (it is Beyonce and she always wears some type of body suit), I loved the reunion, and the stage set up, but first and foremost she is supposed to be a singer so she needed to actually sing at some length. I agree with others, this was the largest audience of her life and most likely will be the largest audience she ever performs in front of so the show needed to be Superbowl worthy and it just wasn’t. It is the Superbowl, 30 second commercials cost 4 million dollars so she really needed to step it up. Her performance was like so many of her concerts, but with added pryotechnics. It just wasn’t Superbowl worthy. On another note, she made a statement that she didn’t want to mess up on the President’s big day and so she used a pre-recorded track. In doing that, she denied every member of the Marine Core Band their opportunity to play for the President at for most of them would be a once in a life time opportunity. It wasn’t just her honor to perform. There was a whole band of people that were also part of that honor that got shut out because she didn’t want to perform live. I really like her, but she needs to think of the group and not just herself. This won’t stop me from buying her music and watching her videos. She is a great entertainer!

  • Hattie

    So many haters!!!But who cares she does not need to be validated by them such a talented beautiful soul and she gives 100%. singing and dancing together is not an easy task .Bey God gave you that talent use it and let the haters hate on.

  • RooMcGoo

    It was incredible! Be sure to watch: What Would Beyonce Do?

  • xoxo

    It’s always the same thing with her..that bleached weave flapping in the wind of five wind machines. She grabs the spotlight and relegates her former band members to the background as background dancers. Notice how she yanks them offstage when their little medley is done. She’s like Taylor Swift…hyped up by corporate America and the owner of a thousand gimmicks, over produced vocals, over produced and autotuned to death. Already sick about hearing about her and the tour hasn’t even started yet.

  • Dynamo

    BEYONCE SUCKED!! She was the WORST halftime show ever. Nothing new or exciting at all! Destiny’s Child huge disappointment. Nothing special about this performance

  • Dave

    All she did was dance alot and shaked her big butt no singing talent at all.

  • Dynamo

    @Hattie: You OBVIOUSLY would NOT recognize REAL TALENT if it bit you in the arse.

  • Deb

    It was ok, not much singing! It was a dance show in sexy underwear.

  • mz_linz

    You haters say all you want but Beyonce killed it last night and you know I’m right!

  • Hunter

    It’s a Strip Club performance.

  • Hunter

    Same old Strip Club act.

  • nitro

    What the hell is a Beyonce???

  • Linda

    This was a great show but it was not appropriate for a family event. We watch the game as a family and my children like football but are too young and do not need to see this. This is for a concert with grown adults only.

  • covergirl85

    I loved it! Take a listen to NEW R&B Vocalist, Amy Faithe’s rendition of The Star Spangled Banner!

  • http://@chelsea_dailey Chelsa Dailey

    I love it and it was very entrtaining. Thank you Beyonce!!

  • Sexyvincy

    @Melissa B: hey mellissa if u r not a beyonce plzz don’t say nothing think u wish u look like her hater

  • sweetychoriso

    b wats the d and she will get it

  • Pelush


    You should move to the UK…cause that’s what happens when you ask for boring old, family-friendly crap…do you remember anything about the olympics closing ceremony? nada!

  • bla

    same old same old – can people stop kissing her as<s already?

  • MEL

    Fabulous halftime! One the best… Beyonce can sing and dance! Whoa!

  • juampa

    It was good but this is the best show ever in superbowl:

  • hiedi

    I guess she had to prove she can really sing after her f-ck up for the president LMFAO!!!!! She also had work done on her face! definitely her nose!

  • Paul

    Meh. It was a bit disappointing. Friends and I were openly commenting during performance that if she hadn’t been pretty, she wouldn’t have been there last night. Not bad, but not interesting and songs didn’t sound that good either. The whole trio of Destiny’s Child was a much better sound and more interesting than Beyonce seems to ever be on her own these does.
    Again, Meh…

  • alene

    she sucked bring back u2 the best half time EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • alene t

    not that good every one thinks shes so amazing shes o.k PINK would have been better Bring back U2 best half time performance ever!!!!!!!!

  • anne

    WOW beyonce baby mama you havent changed still amazing! that was awesome. could not take my eyes off the screen.

  • Ginger

    Love her body. She has a lot going on. Her loving Husband buys her Romantic gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Jimmy Jett

    that was best half time show I have seen in a long time for a Super Bowl. B B C ( Bad Beyonce Carter )