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Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: 'Clydesdales Horses' (Video)

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: 'Clydesdales Horses' (Video)

Has a commercial for beer ever made you cry? Watch the Budweiser commercial that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl because it very well might make you tear up!

The spot features the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac and chronicles the bond a Clydesdale foal shares with his trainer.

The commercial was directed by Ridley Scott‘s son Jake and features a horse that was only born two weeks ago.

FYI: The actor portraying the Clydesdale trainer is Houston native Don Jeanes, who played Neil Armstrong in the movie Transformers.

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: ‘Clydesdales Horses’ (Video)
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  • Destiny

    aaw that made me tear up :’)

  • toriiw

    beautiful and touching

  • amy

    A HOLE! Why’d he give the horse away. I’m never drinking that beer!!!

  • Laura Montenegro

    Totally awesome. My vote is Big Hunk of Love.

  • Aubry

    I <3 that Bud commerical.

    Touching so touching.

  • Patti Radabaugh

    My vote is Buddy. They as anyone can see are best friends.
    So lets hear it for Buddy.

  • Mary Rodriguez

    I vote for Milagros

  • Judy smith

    Great commercials. Too bad they were much better than the game & all the problems in NO. Time to take NO out of the rotation. One of the worst half times & Super Bowls ever!

  • Buddy

    Buddy. Great name for new colt.

    The young colt from two or three years ago that wanted to grow up and be part of the Bud team really made it. He was at Michigan International Speedway also there was Dalmatian ” Brewer”. It is amazing to see the team in

  • Joe Fixit

    Yeah, it’s got our vote brought a tear to our eyes, Very touching, One of the Better ones. Thanks

  • Jackie Ann

    That was an Awesome Clydesdale commercial!!
    It totally made me cry!
    With having to just have had to put our horse down due to a broken leg it brought back so many wonderful memories of our horse & how we miss her so much & the tears just flowed!
    Clydesdales & horses are so Smart & definitely can be your Bestfriend whole heartedly!

  • Margaret

    Budweiser commercials featuring Clydesdales are always beautifully touching. The name America sounds good to me. She is being featured on a night that all Americans seem to celebrate, Super-bowl Sunday.

  • Clydesdale fan

    Love the Clydesdale commercials!!
    Great way to share them with the rest of the world.
    Thanks Budwiser!

  • Bamagirl

    Big Ole Baby Boy Buddy

  • Anne Dutil

    love the commercial, friendship between humans and animals is so precious! So my vote is amigo!

  • http://JustAred Thistle

    The Clydesdale commercial was EXCELLENT and has my vote 100% Everything else was a let down completely this year.

  • gayle haas

    The foal should be named remembrance on the Budweiser commercial!
    Budweiser commercials no 1

  • Colt haas

    I vote for remembrance.

  • Susan

    This is my favorite! <3

  • Lynn

    BEST COMMERCIAL! Without a doubt! Had to get on the computer to watch it again.

  • tasha

    buddy…just like everyone else is saying….best possible name for a Budweiser Clydesdale :)

  • whyarepeopledumb


    the point


    your head

  • Bren M.

    Absolutely loved this commercial! It was very touching!

  • Jenny

    I vote for Buddy! It has so many meanings… Buddy for a loyal friend and companion and Buddy as in Budweiser :)

  • Baby!

    The horse was his Baby! And it was his dream that his Baby be
    With the best Team!

  • Russ


    You don’t get it~~~ All of the Anheuser Busch clydesdales are raised and groomed to pull the Aneheuser Busch Wagon. This guy is one of the trainers at the horse farm. Get a life moron

  • maya

    LOVE the commercial. Watched it numerous times on the Internet this evening & I tear up every time. Great job! I also think the name Buddy is fitting – in more ways than one. As others have said, a true friend & as in Budweiser. This is by far the best commercial of the lot & the best one I’ve seen in a very long time. Kudos!

  • Leesa

    For the few that have u not every raised a child, I have two of my blood and my husbands (which now a days is rear). Children of god are all the same no mater what the mammal species, they all need love, guidance, and direction, to move on to the next level of life.

  • Gunay

    As a former employee of Anheuser-Busch, I’m proud to have affiliated with such a great and most fun company who produces great beer and one of the most memorable commercials, and this one with Buddy is no surprise.
    Good Job Anheuser-Busch as Always :)

  • Barbara

    American Buddy = so many American’s watch the super bowl and they were best buddies, anyone who has owned a pet can relate. Budweiser has the best commercials especially this year!!

  • lisa

    Name the baby Raven, for the winning team.
    As for the man giving him away, that is what farmers and trainers do. You raise them then let them go. That foal was destined for greatness, to be a Clydsdale for Budweiser.

  • Bill

    Brought a tear to my eye what a touching friendship that never will die

  • http://@marisabelle2981 mareesa

    awesome commercial, awesome song. Long live Fleetwood Mac!

  • Michelle

    I liked the commercial… New foal name…hmmm.

    How about “Dearheart” or “Amplified Dulcet” or “Heightened Treasure.”

  • Melina

    Once again another beautiful commercial by Budweiser featuring the Clydesdale. This one was especially touching, though….so sweet.

  • http://Mobilerehab Colleen

    I retired my horse 3.5yrs ago. Went to see her this fall. Had a very similar reunion. She was lying down in a field I went over to her and sat down she turned & put her head in my lap. Saw this commercial and LOST IT! Bought her when she was 8 retired her at 20. She is now 23, those 12 years together will bond us forever! I voted “Buddy” a few days ago. That’s all that needs to be said.

  • http://abduh1951 Helene Abdu

    I think you should name him “Sir Winston” based on a comment that Winston churchill said about the relationship between man and horse.

    He said “‘There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man’… Sir Winston Churchill

  • http://abduh1951 Helene Abdu

    ‘There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man’… Sir Winston Churchill
    based on this name him Sir Winston

  • bobbi

    First time ever a SB commerical made me cry. I thought I was the only one.

  • sheryl yeretsian

    beautiful commercial hurray for budweiser. the colts name should be faithful. if u have to ask then u have never had animals. only some one who has raised an animal from birth would know the meaning

  • Tracey

    “RAVEN”!!!!!!! Afterall he was featured in the superbowl, and they were the winner’s, so raven would be awesome!!!!!!! <3

  • alagisc
  • Frank Fama

    I think I will have a Bud tonight. My name Ameriabud

  • Frank Fama

    I think i will have a bud tonight. My name suggestion; Americbud

  • Brenda

    I agree. They were so close. BUDDY should be his name. They will be buddies for life.

  • Brenda

    Buddy. His name should be BUDDY. They will be long, lasting buddies forever.

  • Randy

    My vote is Buddy. If you watch this you will see they are buddies.

  • Terry

    My vote would be Buddy. It is the right name.

  • Terry K

    It’s got to be Buddy…..the horse and breeder are BFF…..and there is the connection to Budweiser

  • Rocky


    Amy, he didn’t give it away. He fostered it. He was raising it to be one of the most famous horses on the planet, and he became just that, but he didn’t forget his Dad. This commercial was the BEST. #1 BEST EVER!!