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Katie Holmes: Red Pancakes for Suri on Valentine's Day!

Katie Holmes: Red Pancakes for Suri on Valentine's Day!

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri leave the Georgetown Cupcakes bakery and head to a hotel on Saturday afternoon (February 2) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress was joined by her mom Kathleen and some other family members for the fun day out and about.

Katie recently stopped by the Godiva boutique at Rockefeller Center to get some Valentine’s Day treats for Suri and revealed her holiday tradition to reporters.

Katie said that she will be making red pancakes with Suri that morning, a tradition that she is continuing from when she was a child!

FYI: Katie is wearing a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière coat.

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  • Avery4

    Maybe Katie should try buying some fresh fruit. All that sugar is not good for Suri or her.

  • missy

    I’ve seen several photos of Suri with apples over the past couple of months. Nothing wrong with some sweets, especially around Valentine’s Day. Geez, I’m sure she’s capable of deciding what she and her daughter should eat.

  • http://Charter rdh

    It is so hard to judge what someone’s life is like by a few paparazzi photos. Katie seems like such an attentive mom that I can’t imagine her allowing anything that would hurt Suri. Red pancakes for Valentines Day sounds like a wonderful tradition.

  • TSquared


    Her mom and sister are in town so they are doing lots of “fun” things which includes cupcakes and chocolate for Valentine’s day. Nothing wrong with this. Suri obviously has a sweet tooth, but “missy” (poster 2) is right we have seen her with apples.

  • pali

    Do Tom or Katie have asian ancestry? That kid isn’t normal looking.

  • Running On Fumes

    Why is there this day after day PR about her Valentines Day? It’s only Feb. 3 and I’m sick of Katie’s Valentine weirdness. Her mother, her daughter, her red pancakes, her pink jeans, her sudden love for Godiva… Where’s the romance? Where’s the man? This year she is known for divorce. That’s it.


    First time I ever saw her sisters with her that’s new to me I hate that damn smirk on her face like to slap it off one of these days must be slim pickings for Katie all she does is work around like a total idiot she’s like here is Suri take a pic of me so I can get some work


    Who cares about what she does on valentine’s day


    I meant all Katie does is walk around like a total idiot like she is still lost

  • twinie

    @LONDON TIPTON STUPID SEA SCHOO: Oh, shut up and learn how to write. You are a Katie wannabe. Admit it coward!


    Can I please slap her

  • twinie

    @LONDON TIPTON STUPID SEA SCHOO: Why? She didnt steal your future husband. She doesnt even know who you are. Take your meds please.


    I don’t think so I don’t look clueless walking around having no idea where to go her time is up it’s been up I hope she walks into a wall and falls down


    @twinie: And yet you don’t know me either I think we can say what we what on here thank you little twit

  • twinie

    @LONDON TIPTON STUPID SEA SCHOO: you’re welcome big ho

  • Kissing Booth, LOL!

    For many recent divorcees, Valentine’s Day is a dreaded holiday. For Katie Holmes, it’s a time for family.

    The notorious sweet tooth – she and her 6-year-old daughter, Suri, are constantly photographed nibbling on cupcakes or sipping milkshakes – began celebrating early when she arrived at the Godiva Rockefeller Center boutique in New York City with her mother and her aunt on Thursday. As we soon learned, spending Valentine’s Day with her mom is an important part of the holiday for the 34-year-old.

    “My mom always made us red pancakes growing up,” she told omg! exclusively. “Growing up in Ohio, it usually was snowing a lot this time of year, so there were a couple of snow days that fell around Valentine’s Day. It made it extra special.”

    And that tradition continues for Katie and her family today. Now, “I make the red pancakes,” she said.

    Not surprisingly, another of Katie’s current Valentine’s Day traditions with her daughter includes fresh blooms.

    “[Suri and I] usually have friends over and make flower arrangements,” she shared. “I’m all about D.I.Y.”

    Apparently, this has always been the case. When asked about handing out valentines at school as a child, she confessed, “I always liked making my own valentines.”

    After tasting several truffles with her family, Katie couldn’t pick a favorite. “There’s a truffle for every mood you’re in,” she told omg! “So if you’re not really feeling chocolate, you could do the birthday cake truffle – the pink one – I really like that one. But then if you really just need a little hunk, there’s the praline brownie, which was amazing. And the cookie dough, which I also really love.”

    Looking as fresh-faced as she did during the “Dawson’s Creek” era, Katie made sure to dip some of her own fruit in chocolate to take home and share later. “It’s so exciting to get chocolate [as a gift],” she explained. Thankfully, she managed to avoid dripping any of the snack on her A.P.C. jeans or vintage sweater.

    “I like everything,” Katie said of her love of sweets. “I try to not overdo it. It’s amazing how your body just wants chocolate at this time of year.”

    Katie was celebrating the store’s special seasonal kissing booth as part of their campaign encouraging chocolate lovers to “Share the Love” of chocolate with their friends, which includes the chance to win a 19-piece Gold Ballotin… and up to 500 more to share with friends. “Like” Godiva on Facebook for more details.

  • @Kissing Booth

    Same dull interviews about nothing like when she was married to Tom, The husband with whom she had no valentine traditions.

  • Question

    Is she still acting? Shouldn’t she have a new project by now?

  • Dana

    So much of her press is about food, food, food, food. She seems a bit obsessed to me.


    @twinie: I am white so i am not a ho go away know


    @twinie: I can tell you are a twit


    Air head she is all empty god she can not talk she talks like a five year old

  • Maureen

    She did well to rid her daughter of a religious fanatic. Tom’s beautiful, is more evident by everything I’ve read he’s a freak. Katie is not holy, more, his daughter, who asked not to be born in this marriage wrought, is most important. see the example of Nicole: introduces two innocent in a game, the lever career, receives the money and some of their lives.

  • river phoenix

    @Maureen: learn how to write a normal sentence bitch

  • Maureen

    Another thing: I do not understand why there are more photos of Tom and Disney Suyri post. For me, these visits no longer exist. I believe in divorce settlement Katie Holmes threatened to tell that he is not the biological father, prefers to keep away from the religious fanatic who take risks what happened to Nicole. Secured the money and by Tom

  • Hamlet

    Right, #2 and #3.

    I’m sure they went out or did some things together, #17.

    There is no conspiracy, #26.

  • Dana

    Is Tom’s mother still alive?

  • Another Question

    How can she say that sheiks a DIY person when she can’t even make a cup of coffee?

  • Avery4

    Suri is 7 and I’ve only seen her with an apple once in those 7 years so don’t exaggerate about seeing her with fruit. Every picture is of them eating ice cream, cupcakes, candy etc. and not just around Valentines day. Every job Katie has they talk about how she brings cupcakes/sweets for the crew. All that sugar is not good. Probably why she can’t get rid of those thunder thighs.

  • Daretobehonest

    Loved NK in Moulan Rouge and that was right after the TC split so Maybe KH can head her direction. Maybe get an acting coach and strut HER stuff. No one likes a martyr or victim so I hope she pulls it off.

  • Daretobehonest

    Not a fan of the smirk…

  • good

    Maybe the next time, suri will take a fruit appear to publc, you know her p r is always looking at jj everyday :P

  • That’s Not Suri!
  • K-FLOP – No Glass Slipper
  • alagisc
  • Daretobehonest

    @@Kissing Booth: how can u fault for wanting her pre Tom Cruise personality back?

  • Daretobehonest

    Meant; how can u fault her for wanting her pe Tom Cruise personality back. Hate to break it to her but he IS a typical male. I think she has some daddy issues she needs to come to terms with if she is planning on revisiting the alter….

  • Daretobehonest

    Meant: pre Tom Cruise

  • Daretobehonest

    @rdh: Nice try. A picture tells a 1000 words. She’s putting herself out there so all u “protectors” need to dial it back a notch.

  • @KFLOP

    One is Suri and one is her “friend” the decoy. Look at the details.

  • @KFLOP
  • K-FLOP™ – @KFLOP

    “This is obviously not Suri”

    – agreed. thus my 2nd post with the grainy pic of K-FLOP with Suri.

  • Maria

    They consume A LOT of sugar….sign of depression. She is talentless. Living off Tommy’s child and name, still……with mommy and daddy in-toe. she is just sickening and her clothing line rots. She walks around NYC eating out and not able to hold a respectable job. She can’t act, sing or dance. She can still get away with modeling…..but she’s not super model by far. Me thinks she needs to go to school to learn a profession because actress she is not.

  • sugar pie

    Good to see her happy. She loves her girl and good mom.