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Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix - Oscar Noms Luncheon 2013

Amy Adams & Joaquin Phoenix - Oscar Noms Luncheon 2013

Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix walk the red carpet at the 2013 Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Monday (February 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress and 38-year-old actor were joined at the event by Joaquin‘s older sister Rain Phoenix.

Amy is nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for her work in The Master while Joaquin is nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for the same flick.

FYI: Amy is wearing a J. Mendel dress, Casadei shoes, and Amrapali earrings.

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  • nom

    Killer smile, Joaquin!

  • anonymous

    Rain looks like a female version of Joaquin.

  • ana

    Joaquin can be handsome if he try. I’d be happy to see him or Hugh Jackman win.

  • Jjiji Jooojojo

    Amy is such a great actress. I hope she wins the Oscar she deserves.

  • Why

    Oh god is he going back to that 2008 look he did? Please no!

  • sailorsue

    I’m probably the only person on here more excited to see Rain than Joaquin. I’m a huge Papercranes fan. She has the MOST beautiful voice. I like Joaquin too and we know from Walk The Line that he sure can sing also. Would love to hear them sing together sometime.

  • Barcelonablogger

    Joaquin and his sister look quite much Spanish! If you’ve ever been to my country, you can see.

  • Sarabelle

    What a hot couple. He is one lucky guy. He buys his Girlfriend Romantic gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Marcus

    The Papercranes are great! She was also a vocalist in her and River’s band Aleka’s Attic.

  • hello

    Where is his wife, Heather???

  • truth

    His girlfriend will come with him at the Oscars, don’t worry. They’re not married but they make such a beautiful item!!!

  • anonymous

    I read on RHCP forum that they broke up.

  • anonymous

    Haven’t read anything about Joaquin and Heather breaking up.
    Maybe, he just wants to keep the relationship out of the Hollywood crap but then she should be use to it since she is Anthony’s ex girlfriend.
    Of course, rockband events are different than the movie awards.
    Amy and Rain are dressed very classy. Love their dresses – very pretty ladies.
    Waiting to see who he shows up with for the Oscars. He is the best male actor today. He is pure raw talent at its best.

  • anne

    They’re still an item, never believe someone who said “i’ve read…”.

  • anonymous


    A poster named “alicia”. Looks like a legit info to me.

  • charlie



  • anna

    “He buys his Girlfriend Romantic gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom”

    a range of dildos?!

  • Sarah

    Joquin and his sister are part Jewish and Irish and they look more Jewish than anything. Joaquin was only born in Puerto Rico because his parents were missionaries there.

  • anonymous


    Actually both Rain and Joaquin look like their father who is NOT Jewish. Their mom is.
    Their father is of Irish and SPANISH ancestry. They might look Jewish alright but they definitely have a Spanish “vibe’ as well.

  • london

    Joaquin will be at the BAFTA this sunday and he’s going to bring Heather with him, youpiii!

  • anonymous


    they broke up before Christmas

  • anonymous

    pictures of them shopping in Jan

  • Ginger

    Wondering why she hasn’t been at any of the current events with him?
    Will have to wait to see who he shows up with in London.

  • anonymous


    the pics weren’t ffrom January, there was a mistake in dates. She’s dyed her hair brown in late December.

  • ilovejoaq

    She’s not with him for the spotlights and I like it. They’re still together upon me.

  • Sue

    She was in the spotlight in Vennice and Toronto.

  • Texas


    NOPE! Try again!!!

    Joaquin attended the BAFTA’s alone.

    He attended the Golden Globes with his mom.

    He attended the Oscar luncheon with is sister.

    He attended the Critics Choice Awards alone.

    He attended LA Film Critics Association Awards alone.

    Just to keep you up to date ;)

  • Sue

    It’snot because she’s his girlfriend that she MUST be with him everywhere, for crisis! Look at him!! He’s shining!! He’s in love, whatever you say, he’s still with her and I’m happy to see that she’s not like Aria

  • lin

    HAHAHAHA Denial is so funny Sue. Keep trying to convince yourself of what you say. If they were so serious, he wouldn’t be going to EVERY award show ceremony without her, including one that is in another friggin country (he arrived in London on the 7th).

    JP is sleeping with some random British chick right now ;)

    His “relationships” never last “Sue”. Makes you mad huh? Good. ;)

  • lin

    Oh and lol @ “For crisis”.

    Yup . Sue is the same uneducated idiot who speaks broken English, yet keeps changing her name to try and fool people into thinking she’s multiple people. Too bad you’re not smart enough to speak PROPER ENGLISH so everyone knows it’s you.

    How many British chicks do you think he is sleeping with tonight while Heather is at home in LA all alone? I bet tons ;)

  • anonymous


    Actually, she’s not alone. I follow her on instagram and looks like she’s having fun these days. Lotsa parties and male freinds. Of course, she and Joaquin are no longer together but it doesn’t mean he dumped her and she’s sad and lonely. Apparently it’s quite the opposite. They never looked like a good match to me and although he seemed very much in love in her in Toronto and Venice, I remember thinking it was not going to last and I was right. I know, “lin”, that you’re this chick that always posts terrible things about Joaquin under various nicknames. Giess what? he might be a bit of a dog, but he’s not your typical Hollywood playboy as you want us all to believe. I’m pretty sure he’ll find the right girl some day.

  • me again

    I meant “in love WITH her” of course

  • Anonymous


    When we saw Heather & Joaquin together, it was when they FIRST started dating! That is why he looked oh so happy. Because he began dating her about a month before he brought her there so his relationship was new and exciting. Then as always he got bored and began to distance himself.

    I don’t know if he is still ‘dating’ her or not. But I sure as hell know he is already displaying the signs of losing interest. Like ya know, partying in England when your alleged girlfriend is in LA. And going to all of these award show ceremonies without her when she lives in the area. That is the ultimate diss.

    Frankly I wish them both well I have no ill feelings towards either of them. But it is just so obvious this relationship was doomed from the start. I’m sure JP felt a lot of pressure at first to parade her around to impress her, because he knew that was exactly what Anthony did with her. Whatever happens now, in a year from now he will be dating someone else and the saga will continue.

  • 12345


    “he might be a bit of a dog, but he’s not your typical Hollywood playboy as you want us all to believe.”

    So explain to me, what made you draw this conclusion? How is he ANY different than your typical Hollywood playboy?

    1) Joaquin has never been in a relationship for longer than a measly 3 years and that was over a decade ago.

    2) He has been going from girl to girl for the past 10 years – all of which were short lived relationships of maybe a year at most (usually several months) and there has always been massive infidelity rumors.

    3) He has only dated models. Yes only dated models. Liv, Topaz, Josie, Teuta, Jessica, Inger, Heather, Katie Parfet- all of them are models. Some I’ll admit we can use the term loosely since they weren’t successful at it, but were still aspiring models.

    4) He has only dated women in their 20′s. Not a single woman we’ve seen him with has been even 30 years of age.

    So we have modelizing, infidelity, only dating girls in their 20′s, not having a single serious relationship in over a decade, going immediately from 1 girl to another. So tell me how exactly he doesn’t qualify as a typical Hollywood playboy. Because he actually has every single trait of a Hollywood playboy.

    These aren’t judgments just observations. I couldn’t care less what he does but don’t even pretend that he is any different from George Clooney or Leo Dicaprio. He is a Hollywood playboy. The only difference is he is less famous than the others so his womanizing goes virtually unnoticed by the public.

  • 12345

    ^^^He’s actually worse than George Clooney now that I think about it because even George has dated women in their 30′s

  • anonymous

    you’re a psycho, “lin”/12345
    which I knew long before, just got reminded now again.
    And FYI Joaquin and Heather started dating back in 2011 so in Venice and Toronto they were already a couple of 8/9 months.
    But it doesn’t matter, because you’re a psycho posting the same old song about Phoenix without ANY proof since 2006 or better. The fact that he hasn’t found the one yet, doesn’t make your chances any bigger, if you know what I mean. Get over it. Ciao ;)

  • anonymous

    P.S how is he “losing interest” in her if they broke up back in December? LOL Your attempts at making him look like the worst kind of man, ignoring facts, manipulating the scarse data you have and bringing up unconfirmed rumours make me think that you’re not only a person with serious issues but probably also someone who maybe got rejected by him? It’s probably hard to get over but try. Now ciao for real ;)

  • Broken English


    They were not dating in 2011. They began dating last summer in late 2012. They have been together for a few months.

    Get your facts straight. He filmed 3 movies back to back all last year, stated in an interview he was single while filming and she was nowhere in sight until September. He was photographed ALL last year and she was nowhere. Including when he went to a wedding in April 2012, ALONE. Twitter pics and sightings all prove this.

    Sorry you lose again. He’s back to his old ways!! HAHAHAHAHAAA

  • Broken English


    Speaking of facts, you claim he was dating her in 2011- where are the facts? He wasn’t.


    He was never seen anywhere near Heather until September 2012. He was photographed constantly all throughout 2011 and 2012 and he was always alone. There are 1000′s of candids of Joaquin in 2011, 2012 and no Heather.

    He went to a wedding in April 2012 to see a friend get married, and he went there alone. Had he been dating someone he would have brought them to a freakin wedding. He attended by himself.

    Your lies will not change the truth. He was dating Heather for a few months, and he is now womanizing again. Who says he broke up with her in December? You’re only saying that to make it seem like he isn’t a cheater. Whether he is still with Heather or not, the sure thing is that he isn’t ONLY with Heather.

    ;) Bye!!!!!!!! Wrong again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    Joaquin and Heather began dating in late July/early August 2012. He was most definitely not dating her in 2011. I know this for a fact.

  • Karen

    #36, I agree that the hate towards Joaquin is unwarranted and we shouldn’t judge him for what he does in his life. It is his life not ours and we don’t know him personally. I must add though that he wasn’t with Heather in 2011. He did actually start dating her this past summer. I just can’t believe people spend so much time criticizing his every move.

  • anonymous

    LOL my goodness you’re really having issues. I actually feel sorry for you. Believe what you want, you’re a very unhappy individual, lin/12345/karen. And I have candids of Joaquin and Heather from January 2012 posted on a czech site. Want me to send them to you? Probably not, because it will destroy your “theory” and make you even more psychotic than you already are. hahaha ciao

  • 12345


    Lies lies and more lies. Sorry hun but they were not together then. It is a frequent occurrence that the dates on pictures are wrong. In January 2012, he was not with her and there were no pics of them together. Any idiot can take new pictures, slap the wrong date on them and claim they were from January 2012 when they weren’t.

    FYI- I am not “Karen”. You are the same broken English retard PLOUF and every other name you’ve gone on. But who cares? Point is- YOU WERE WRONG JOAQUIN CHEATED AGAIN HE IS BACK TO HIS OLD WAYS AHAHAHAHAH YOU’RE WRONG YOU’RE WRONG YOU’RE WRONG HOW DOES IT FEEL!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAH :)

    BYE!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how many women he is going to sleep with before crawling back to Heather and pretending that he was faithful. She is used to being cheated on afterall since that is the reason why she and Anthony split.

  • Karen

    #42, Why the heck would you think I was the other poster on here when I was agreeing with you? 12345 is for some reason a Joaquin hater who is on a witch hunt to get him. All I said was that the date you claim they began dating was wrong. Other than that I agree that the other poser on here is out of line. So stop feeding the damn fire by arguing back and sinking to his level.

  • anonymous

    google a girl named stephanie sokolinski- rumor says this is someone he is messing with now. oh boy.

  • 12345

    I don’t care anymore who he is sleeping around with. I already know how he is and has always been. He will sleep with a girl, date her for a while if she’s lucky, then get bored and cheat and/or immediately break up and begin sleeping with someone else. I’m bored of this. I just figured out today- I already know I’m right, I can’t argue with a delusional fan who obsessively wants to believe Joaquin is this hopeless romantic animal loving vegan that she pretends he is. He is a typical Hollywood modelizer who trolls the playgrounds for his next young piece of ***.

    Like I said, I am over it. This is my final post on here and I will not be coming back to read Plouf’s broken English nonsense babble. Have her believe he is a saint. It won’t make it true just because she wants to believe it. Maybe once she actually gets a boyfriend of her own she won’t spend years on these forums trying to convince herself and others that Joaquin Phoenix is a God. He isn’t. And I can bet if you met him in real life you’d be disgusted by the amount of women he sleeps with in a given year, and how many times he has cheated on his girlfriends.

    Well I’m officially done with Just Jared.

  • Sue

    I know who Soko is. She is cute and suits him. Good match if it is true. Need pictures of the two of them together.

    He’s a single guy and what do single guys do? He is no different. Just a normal single male.

  • anonymous1

    Well I really hope he is broken up with heather then because if he didn’t then that means he is seeing soko and heather at the same time which really would make me sad. I know who soko is though she is a friend of rain’s! She is also a vegan and french so I can see him being into her.

  • anonymous

    He’s with Aria

  • anonymous


    lol too bad Soko is a lesbian