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Beyonce: Super Bowl Note for African-American Women

Beyonce: Super Bowl Note for African-American Women

Beyonce and her Destiny’s Child band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams jump for joy after their 2013 Super Bowl performance on Sunday (February 3) in New Orleans, La.

After the amazing performance, the 31-year-old songstress wrote a note celebrating African American women, highlighting the ladies that performed that evening.

“What a proud day for AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN!!!!” Bey wrote in a note posted to Instagram. “Kelly, Michelle, Alicia, JHud. You are all beautiful, talented, and showed so much class! It was an honor to perform at the Superbowl with you phenomenal ladies. Love, Beyonce

“Beautiful note from @beyonce!! Big Love 2 @KELLYROWLAND & @realmichelleW 1 of my Favorite parts of the show!!! Still on 10!! #SB47 ;-)” Alicia tweeted about the note.

Also pictured inside: a promo image for Beyonce‘s upcoming Mrs. Carter Show World Tour!

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  • Rocky


  • wow

    Geez, just go away already, if you think for one minute that the circus you did at the Superbowl will make history, you are so wrong…it was kind of embarassing actually not to sing just run around like a maniac and scream…just go, take a break, no one will miss you and your atemmpt at being an artist…

  • wow


  • Sal

    She is annoying.

  • Nancy

    Beyonce brought the house down! Could have done without Jennifer Hudson. The children’s choir from New York should have sang alone. If her skirt was any tighter it would have ripped off. Alicia sang the national athem the way it should be sung. Yes, she did emblish it a bit at the end, but she did a great job.

  • D

    Horrible! I just wonder what kind of back lash a WHITE :Artist: would expect if she thanked all the WHITE performers???? Way to keep racism alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wtf

    of course..HAD to throw RACE in there. STFU already with your lame performance.

  • cindy

    Beyonce can be annoying but she has the talent and the drive to back it up. She’s not one of those who talk about how great they are but have no real talent…side eye to Keyshia Cole.

  • wtf

    If you actually think HER performance was better then Madonnas way to prove you know NOTHING about true artistry, creativity and real performance.

  • Rebecca

    Why did she have to bring race into it? She could have said, “we are proud women” but no she had to bring in race.

  • hello20042

    that’s super racist. if a white person said that it would racist and I’m not even white.


  • Mikaela

    For someone who is always defending African American you are one racist person Beyonce. Enough of this! Nobody should be considered more or less talented because of RACE!!

  • lame

    i agree with the other guys here. f*ck that race seperation. all or nuts. why n*ggas begging for it to stay alive? feel better then? special?

    anyway. this is just once to feed sugar to her urban audience to stay on the hype train until her new music is out to sell.

  • CutTheBS

    I hope someday someone answers my questions…. why click on the post & read it if you hate her!!

    Anyway considering the fact that everyone who performed at the super bowl this time around was a black woman… this note is very appropriate & lovely… never has such a large event had only black female performers before… so last night was BIG for black women!! if you take offense to that.. then you are a fool!!

    U white folks r too damn sensitive… go ahead an wipe the tears from your eyes as u thumbs me down!! No love lost!!

  • CutTheBS

    @hello20042: You obviously do not know what racism is then… so i’ll help you..

    Racism means – “Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race.”

    What part of that note was she discriminating ANYONE?? #Stopit

  • CutTheBS

    @Mikaela: Where did she say anyone is more or less talented??? Or discriminated against anyone?? Ohhh my god…. go back to school Please!!

    Stupidity is overflowing on this post right now!!!!

  • beyatch

    so vacuous, uneducated… REAL talent, beauty has no race, ethnic boundaries… this piece of crap cares about nothing, nobody but her obtuse, grandiose self… stop quacking senseless as if you were a greatest role model for your African American… represent your “race… you are NOT… B.I.T.C.H!!!

  • Melissa B

    @CutTheBS: Okay. I’ll say what a proud day for white women next time we’re the only ones performing.

  • Rocky


    Well that’s kind of rude. Everyone has their opinion and for you to think someone else doesn’t just shows how ignorant YOU really are. True artistry, creativity and real performance? Let’s not forget how Madonna started, OK? Her sell point was ‘SEX’. She banked on that to make her career, and still does. Don’t insult other people because you don’t agree with them. Again, you’re an idiot!

  • CutTheBS

    @Melissa B: Good… do that. You should! :-)
    Love yourself!!

  • Rachael

    oh for god’s sake people. She gave a great performance and it WAS a great night for EVERYONE! Get over yourselves. Whether black/white/red/pink/gree/yellow/beige/lavender, who gives a s***!!??

  • Rocky



  • rachel

    beyonce looks like hooker and i guess that is talent.

  • Denise

    You all are crazy!! She did wonderful and the note is not racist you retards! What she said was correct, black woman are always marginalized by the media and society as a whole! We are made to feel devalued by American society, she wrote that for fellow black women and no one else! I never hear any of you say anything about white women being put on pedestal and made out to be gods gift to men! Everyday we’re bombarded with how white is so much better by the mass media! That is the reason the note was written to black women and not you! You don’t like it, then don’t listen to Bey are other black artist!! They will be fine without all you jealous, hating skanks! BEYONCE IS QUEEN!

  • wtf

    @Rocky: Cry me a river. Madonna does not shake her a*s and gyrate with crotch all over her performances and videos and make everything about herself. There is a huge difference but your blind a*s can’t see. Madonna is SEXUAL with a MESSAGE. To prove women should own who they are and not be afraid to be sexual in such a sexist double standard society. YOU FAIL my dear. You clearly proved my point – you know nothing. Beyonce is all sex no message, no substance, no creativity. You see one Beyonce performance…’ve seen them all.

  • hateful

    Her sexual performances are herself. She wants people to adore everything about her turning into a kind of ‘dictatorship’. She can’t stop her obsession because she’s always been overrated for being someone she isn’t.

  • Denise

    @Melissa B You white women already do that by being on every magazine covers, getting all the movie roles even though half suck at acting, being fond over for no reason other them being white and being put first over all other races of women for no good reason other then….you guessed it…being white! So don’t get mad when your not being put first for once! Don’t be mad because the media is saying Beyonce put on the best half time show!! BTW… Madonna was horrible, she is 2 seconds away from being in a nursing home!

  • Sarah.

    Ugh,why say african american?! Just say it was an incredible day or something. Anyway, she was amazing. She knows how to put on a show. Too bad it was nothing new. I mean, Madonna went all out!! And that’s what people want when it’s the Super Bowl.

  • Denise

    Why are you mad about her saying African American!! She can say what the she wants! She can praise who she wants, so get OVER IT!

  • Anne

    As an AA woman, I can see what she was trying to say but Beyonce seems to be more about hype and scream singing. She is a good performer and I can always count on her getting on her knees shaking her weave. Scantily dressed, showing her stuff and gyrating does nothing to uplift any race. I mean she wrote the song “Nasty Girl (put some clothes on)”. You know, Prince performed and there was none of this hoopla. I think he just said thanks to everyone. Madonna may have sucked but she had a multi cultural stage and therefore does not need to justify anything.

    This is just the crap I expect from Beyonce. She’s all hype and self promotion, why else would she have everyone’s mikes turned down and have Destinys Child sing back up to HER song and their mikes turned down as well? Promotion. Empower your audience so they will buy tickets. Who knows, maybe she is still on the Inauguration high? “I’m so proud of my President.” No Beyonce, we are All proud of OUR President, all people, cultures and races. Sheesh.

  • Rocky


    Oh, let’s see, faking masturbation on stage is talent? You’ve proved my point that if you think Madonna is talented, well then I guess you too must practice sucking d— with coke bottle. Now THAT”S talent. Madonna wishes she COULD move like Beyonce.

  • Meg

    @Denise: Shut the eff up already. You’ve had your say. Beyonce has no business bringing race into it, especially since she’s a superficial, self-absorbed no-talent who has whitewashed her looks so that she hardly looks black anymore.

  • Rocky


    Tell it girl!!

  • Tracy

    Whites hate it when african-americans are positive and proud of themselves. Just note the comments here.

  • Melissa B

    @Denise: How are bombarded by how white is better? BC there is more white in the media? you realize we make up the majority of the population and that will be reflected in the media, as we consume the majority of it.

  • Melissa B

    @Denise: Madonna’s was much better. Beyonce’s performance was nothing original. Not mad at not being put first. Not at all. However, if we said this we’d get attacked. You see us more du mb as s bc we make up the majority of the population. We consume most of the mass media. How do you not understand this?

  • Melissa B

    @Tracy: Whites are getting sick of double standards. THAT is what we hate. I hope the next time a white person is elected into an office, or only white people perfrom, someone who is famous and white takes note of this and mentions it. “It’s a proud day for White Americans!” I HOPE LIKE HELL THEY DO! I DARE you to say something then we’ll just try and shame you into daring to shame us for being proud of ourselves.

  • Nell

    Sure B show every black woman they should just fake a performance and shove their sleazy dance move behinds in the audiences face and than be proud of themselves. Ughh, just go away, go away please!!!

  • kimmie


    Beyonce should not have said African American women like it’s a revenge. She sounded very racist! Why bring color when not all viewers think that that was a great performAnce.

    Beyonce sang only a few lines and gyrating/strutting the whole time.

    Millions of people watch SuperBowl every year and nobody cares about performers because everybody wanted to see the game and excited to see what team will win.

  • kelly

    All Beyonce was trying to say was for the first time in SB history all the musical entertainment was done by AA women. This is another barrier that has been broken.
    Problem is I thought her performance was a statement for all women. Since it seemed only women (female dancers/singers/musicians) were on stage during the halftime. Just like Single Ladies, Beyonce was trying to say to all women; you can do it. Then this tweet is release. I intellectually understand what she was saying but it did not make me feel a little left out.
    Regardless, Beyonce’s performance was great.

  • kimmie


    Beyonce should not bring color in her superbowl performance. Because people don’t care. Millions of people watch Super Bowl yearly because of the game NOT about who will perform.


    She was talking about African American when she herself was trying so hard to look like WHite women complte with that fake blonde hair.

    If she’s proud of her color then why not show her real Afro hair? Why change it?

  • kelly

    *I intellectually understand what she was saying but it did make me feel a little left out.

  • kimmie


    I think it is Beyonce who has a big problem. She’s talking about African American women while wearing a fake blonde weave to hide her Afro hair.

  • kimmie

    The pyrotechnics and stage really nice but not beyonce’s performance.

    She just a few lines in each song and just gyrated on stage. Nothing new nothing special because that’s how she performs for years.

  • A

    You trolls are crazy

  • A

    @kimmie: African American women aren’t allowed to dye their hair like everyone else on this planet!? Changing your hair color doesn’t mean you want to change your “race” FYI. If you dye your hair pitch black and straighten it to death, do you want to be Asian?
    Second, not all black women have afro textured hair, you dumba*s

  • A

    @Melissa B: Actually African Americans make up a BIG majority of the movie going audience.
    Your whole “White people are the majority!!” doesn’t work anymore since you aren’t that big of a majority anymore, other so called “races” are catching up. Deal with it.
    Besides, with the rate of white men dating and marrying Asian women, there is a whole new “race” eurasians you’ll have to deal with it. I’m sure we will see plenty of Asian women on the big screen soon and you’ll probably have a nervous breakdown.

  • Kendall

    She totally spelled phenomenal “phenominal” and couldn’t bother to get a new piece of paper.

    That plus the random capitalization reminds me of an 8th grade girl’s writing…

  • liah

    She is an offense to God.
    She is an embarrassment to the human race.
    She is a racist . and thats just for starters

  • Michelle


    No Madonna just pulls out her old orangutan titties for the world to see at her non singing concerts, dude be serious. Don’t even go there, Madonna has an actual sex book out so don’t even compare her and bey when it comes to being “too” sexual. Anyways who gives a damn, yeah Madonna was a good entertainer back in the day but b*tch can’t sing a margine of the notes beyonce can hit.

    And to all u piece of sh*t racist a**holes calling beyonce racist, yeah and yes u are racist because until your ancestors have been beaten, raped, segregated, spit on, and mentally abused u can’t say sh*t, so shut the f*ck up. Double standard my ass, how about make that statement in the south side of Chicago or say that sh*t where I’m from in Brooklyn. If Beyonce is proud of her sisters then she can voice it, and yes her SISTERS because Africans were taken from there home to serve the white man and we actually don’t know if we are actual family.