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Diane Kruger Covers 'Glamour UK' Magazine March 2013

Diane Kruger Covers 'Glamour UK' Magazine March 2013

Diane Kruger graces the cover of Glamour UK magazine’s March 2013 issue, out on newsstands now!

Here’s what the 36-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her personal life: “When I turned 30, I realized how ignorant I really was. I always thought I had a very accomplished life. I lived on my own and I was financially independent since 16; I speak different languages, I traveled the world. I thought, ‘Oh, I’m so smart.’ I realized through my personal travels how little I know about certain conflicts, because I was too vain or self-absorbed to ask the questions. That’s been the focus while I’m in my thirties – to become an accomplished woman, rather than some actress.”

On her relationship with boyfriend Joshua Jackson: “We’ve certainly had our ups and downs. It’s not been easy, because he was in Vancouver [where 'Fringe' is filmed] for fives years, and now he’s finally coming home. Things that for people are normal are actually things that are really exciting to us at this point. What’s boring is travelling just to go and and see each other for two nights. They say it keeps the relationship spicy or whatever, and I’m sure it does to a certain extent, but it was getting old. I said to him the other day, ‘I’m really looking forward to being bored of you.’”

On her goals in life: “I feel like there’s a time for everything in life. I’m not married to my job and, with age, I realize there are many things I want to do in my personal life, so I can totally see myself not doing that forever. I love what I do and if it keeps coming, great, but it’s not something that if it goes away then I have nothing.”

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  • Yoda

    “how little I know about certain conflicts”

    Please don’t turn into another Angelina Jolie, or at least have the decency to keep it private.

  • Clarise

    ‘I realized through my personal travels how little I know about certain conflicts, because I was too vain or self-absorbed to ask the questions.’

    I can’t believe this as I can’t imagine Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift give the credibility you give in your interview when they hit their 30′s. The comparison is awful but they are young girls as you were.

  • lily

    @Yoda: Angelina uses her fame and name for causes that no one cares for or have heard of. Everybody knows about starving children, aids problems but I bet not many people knew there were still so many refugees all around the world. Those aren’t subjects that should be “kept private”.

  • Kylie

    Refreshing to hear an actress talk about something other than food or her workout regime. She seems pretty normal and intelligent. Seems hard to believe that Joshua Jackson was ever with a woman like Katie Holmes. Diane Kruger and Katie Holmes seem like opposites.

  • Marla Richards

    Totally agree with lily. Very, very well said!

  • deadbee

    Her way of thinking also reminds me of someone I havent seen in a while.

  • Nightwish

    How beautiful is this woman

  • Emma

    I really like the way Diane expresses herself in this interview, she appears direct, beautiful, normal, kind and smart…
    Before, I don’t know why, at least to me, she used to come across as someone a bit self-absorbed, distant, cold and aloof… But then again we don’t really know her, do we, and it’s merely and impression we have or the image she subconsciously chooses to give out to the public….
    It’s refreshing hearing her talk about other things which aren’t related to fashion or her carrier… She realized those aren’t only things in life so she has matured a lot. :) Love how she’s mentioning Josh. :)
    She is hinting she’ll be spending more time with Josh. :) I am happy for him. He is positively glowing around her. :) Hope their relationship will continue to be as stable as it was up till now and that Josh will land a new role soon.
    I didn’t understand the part where Diane says Josh is finally coming home from Vancouver, is she referring to LA or to Paris?
    Probably LA, seeing how he was moving recently…
    Best of luck to them both, they appear to really complement each other and make one another happy…

  • james

    it’s kind of rude for Diane to say that Joshua is finally coming home (she probably means LA) when he was working in Vancouver, the city he was born and raised in.

  • Elinor

    It’s so nice finally to read normal comments here without trolls and haters.

  • Amber

    I’m not a troll or a hater, but I find this interview for self promoting on Ms. Kruger’s part. If she really did care about conflicts going on around the world, she would be the first yelling from the rooftops that she is doing something to help others. Let’s take global warming for example, all the flying to attend red carpet events, vacations and self promotion are leaving an awful big carbon footprint. This woman will only promote a worthy cause if there is some type of benefit for her.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think this woman is gorgeous on the outside. It’s the inside that may need a little work.

  • Bernie

    Can we all give a ‘hell ya’ for airbrushing and photoshop. It’s amazing what it can do for any man or woman, sometimes life’s little imperfections can be so daunting. Photoshop works miracles, good for Diane in accepting and welcoming this miracle. This doesn’t even look like Diane, miracle do happen.

  • Nancy

    it’s crazy that they have been together for six years, yet they barely see each other. Chances are that Diane will see her new kitten more than she sees Josh. With age, I think she will take just about any role offered to her. For example, her role in the host. Let’s get real, this is more of a teen movie, not something serious like “Rust and Bone’.

  • flora


    She’s not saying that she’s involved in causes, though. If you read her quote, she’s saying that she felt uninformed about a lot of what was going on in other cultures because she was too self-absorbed to ask difficult questions and she’s trying to change that about herself now. That takes some introspection and humility to be willing to say that. I don’t see how that’s self-promoting at all actually, because she’s opening herself up to a lot criticism by admitting how she used to be. Also, it’s pretty presumptuous to assume that she’d “shout it from the rooftops” if she was involved in a cause. For all we know, she could be involved in several causes, giving both time and money. It’s one of those Catch 22s celebrities face. If they’re vocal about their involvement in something, than they’re seeking publicity. If they never say anything about their involvement in whatever charity or cause, they must not be charitable at all.

  • Sarabelle

    Josh is an AMAZING BOYFRIEND who spoils her with gifts. He buys her Romantic Gifts for Women from AthenaToysDotcom

  • flora


    Why should she have to do strictly “serious” movies? Her filmography lists a wide variety of projects and I think she likes being able to switch from mainstream movies to smaller indies. They present different challenges and I’d think most actors would want to be able to experience the entire spectrum of what the industry has to offer.

  • Alex

    Does anybody else find it funny that she’s on the cover and Josh’s old DC co-stars are mentioned? Let’s not forget his ex-girlfriend Katie Holmes. Maybe the cover is a tribute to Joshua Jackson.

  • Alex

    This woman may have a pretty face, but she comes off as vain, vapid and ignorant. People should read the rest of this article, it’s absolutely laughable. She paints a pretty horrible picture of her relationship, I feel sorry for the boyfriend of this woman.

  • CF98


    Err like they’re sincere about these things as well? Please its best to talk inane topics I prefer it seeing as how I don’t follow these people for their politics etc I make that up on my own.


    We go behind the scenes on Diane Kruger’s gorgeous new cover shoot:

  • fansite
  • clark

    She is so damn sexy.

  • leonie

    I love it! Diane is such a beautiful, classy lady and a great actress.

  • moss

    Her features are amazing and she never fails to look fantastic, no matter where she is, what she is doing and who she is with. I envy her – but in a good way.

  • mai

    I’m prettyyyy sure Diane Kruger has no flaws

  • perez hilton
  • mirren

    She seems like a class act. Also, she is quite a talented and beautiful actress.

  • jess

    She’s such a beautiful woman. Diane and Joshua make a great couple

  • ursela

    A very pretty lady.

  • tracy

    Diane looks BEAUTIFUl on the cover. Joshua, you lucky man!!

  • fashion
  • shen

    diane kruger is so hot

  • heidi

    she looks amazing. I’d give her that.

  • gretal

    Gorgeous perfect woman!!

  • honey

    She really is a very attractive lady.

  • paul

    Diane is absolutely gorgeous! Really stunningly pretty.

  • nate

    Love her! she is so elegant.

  • kailee

    I love her interviews. She seems like the most normal person. She’s pretty and really talented.

  • steven

    Diane Kruger <3

  • negal

    one of my favorite actress.

  • lceline

    Trés jolie!