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Gerard Butler: Miami Beach Stroll with Friends!

Gerard Butler: Miami Beach Stroll with Friends!

Gerard Butler goes for a walk along the beach with his buddies on Monday afternoon (February 4) in Miami, Fla.

The 43-year-old actor was spotted hanging out with his new friend Mel Gibson over the weekend just days after they had dinner together with some pals.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

In case you missed it, check out the latest trailer for Gerard‘s new film Olympus Has Fallen, which will be hitting theaters everywhere on March 22. We can’t wait to check it out!

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  • SalineDijon

    Gerry is a hot man, but he always looks like he smells of a s s and d i c k cheese.

  • SalineDijon

    Later, Mel left to go Jew-bashing.

  • Helene

    Has Gerry finished his bromance with Mel?. Gerry still doesn’t look happy. Is he smoking and doing other stuff again? Normally this past year he runs back to the “gf”.

    Prior years, he paired and hung out at award and fashion shows to create more work and play.

    Is he hitting rock bottom?

  • sarcasm to follow

    Hello staged photo op. Tonight, more epic partying with the Mel boy-band, I presume.

  • bitly


    you are trying to hard… relax

  • Kathy

    How happy is he supposed to look listening to someone talk to him? Should he be wearing some big smile all the time or something? Do you?
    He looks terrific. Glad he’s still down there. Says a lot.

  • Clamsie

    And there he is with his bff Freddy. Wonder if they’ve had some private time to catch up. Not sure who the other guy is. Ariel was also in Miami and with Mel and Gerry. Hey, Ariel’s Jewish, no? If he can forgive Mel, what’s the problem?

    It’s not like Gerry was hanging out with pedophile rapist Polanski or some other t/urd like that. Mel’s committed no crimes.

  • new pics


  • Kathy

    If he’s hit bottom his millions make for a soft landing!

  • Kathy

    Their whole tactic has been to keep him so confused, distracted, to keep him away from me. Again, I keep asking… why?


    who doesn’t know why but that everything, everywhere, was so much better than it is now and that’s a common fact!

  • Kathy

    Which one is Freddy? The over-dressed due in the vest with the hair? (slinking away)
    You know what? Him being with his band of brothers makes something else seem even the more likely, as expected, predicted.

  • Kathy

    #10 is not me. I smell what could be a Nox.
    Some people’s abusive wounding needs are control-based including mental and emotional mind games, emotional, mental even physical manipulation, ridicule, demeaning, mocking or embarrassment, intimidation, stalking, along with other subtle pressures to obtain their high. Their control escalate with fear. Their needs are desperate attempts to dominate thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions. Most controlling behaviors are motivated by fear.
    who is making this my last post today/tonight and if I show up here it is not me…

  • Roobee

    @SalineDijon: on a positive note he has a lovely neck and shoulders! Smelling of whatever, I would…………. LOL

  • Helene

    @bitly: Are you the Gerry happy meter police?

    From what I see you think he is unhappy if he is with MG because that shoots down your dreamworld that Ger is not a free man for you.

  • Amanda

    It’s definitely your exact quote, Kathy and you know it. What goes around, comes around. Despicable behavior creates dislike and mistrust.

  • Helene

    @bitly: I can read auras via photo or not and this man’s happy factor is low. Call me a lunatic. I do not care!

  • Kathy

    It is not me. I love Gerry too much to be unfocused. If I focus, he will come to me soon. That devil gf is gone because I focused on it!

  • The Noise in The Walls

    I saw the trailer to OHF…looks epic :) ..I wish only the best for Gerry…The world can be so cruel and hateful..people jumping on bandwagons only when their person is “up”..and not when the chips are down…

    On a brighter note….Celtic won!! :)…Niners..Lost….:(..too many bad calls..

  • Kathys Truth Detector

    Ms. Noxious does not post here but nice try Kathy. You’ve posted too many times that you are the true love of his life for us to believe you didn’t write that. Too late to try and be the perfect harmless fan.

  • Annie Mouse

    Wow! I’m away for a while and try to catch up and find the same ol same ol, over zealous speculation and guessing. Hey, what are we all here for, right? I do TRY to take everything posted here with a grain of salt. Even, links and photos can be interrupted according to individual perspective and intent. We see what we want to see, be it positive or negative. I do like Butler as an actor and check in here for news, but don’t understand those that follow his career out of a pure desire to be mean-spirited and spiteful. Why bother if you don’t like the dude? A prime example is Manny. she can’t be positive where Butler is concerned without causing pain to herself with the effort. I guess it’s her way of getting rid of the pain inside her spirit. Is life so boring that people have to get their jollies from slamming an actor? Then there are the over-the-top, he’s so wonderful, types like GFW, extremism to the max, to defend and attack anyone that says anything negative about Butler. He’s a man, human, flawed and living his life his way, like most of us.
    He just happens to be an actor with his life placed under an microscope, non stop. To each his own, I guess. Fun for all here at JJ’s

  • me too

    Cassie and CeliaD,

    Ran into Movie Star Gerard Butler! He invited my roommates @AlinaKravchenk0 @mariakrystyna and I out with… him tonight!! No big deal!!!

  • littlebirdie

    @Annie Mouse:

    And I’m sure you know EXACTLY how that smells, too! You show real class!

  • b

    If anyone is true to their heart you can see Gerry is going through something, esp if he has his man-team around to support him. He looks like he’s pulling through it!

  • What up?

    Butler’s still in Miami? I heard that his parents have a place somewhere down there but I believe it’s further inland. He doesn’t look happy in these pics, kind of agitated really. Obviously he’s spotted the photog. He should be happy for the exposure before OHF comes out and smile a little bit for his fans. That guy in the vest looks familiar but can’t place him. A rocker of some kind?

  • What up?

    @me too: Here we go! Typical Butler! Already flirting with the ladies. Is the Madi thing over?

  • me too

    @What up?:

    Who knows? But if you look at the pics of those girls… if I were still his gf, I wouldn’t be so smug.

  • What up?

    @b: Well it will be confirmed when we see him and his parents walking around Miami. Seems the appear on the scene too when he’s going through a bad patch. Hope that trolop didn’t break his heart.

  • monday monday

    @What up?: He never really stopped, you forgot about the last time he was in Miami doing press for PFK.

  • What up?

    @monday monday: Never stopped what?

  • What up?

    @me too: She is beautiful but another aspiring model! Can we safely say that Gerry is def a ‘MODELIZER”?

  • me too

    @What up?:

    Oh heck yeah. Not saying this behavior is any better, dude’s got issues. But… I’m tired of the immature posting and the straight out attacks on people here on jj, who have a right to their opinions, as crazy as they might be. The thing is, Cassie and CeliaD, if you jump into the arena, you better be ready to fight.

  • What up?

    @Annie Mouse: Don’t you ever get the feeling, however, that he loves the perks but isn’t so fond of the rest of his fame? Everything has it’s good and it’s bad side and most of us regular folk get just the bad side sometimes. He should count his blessings.

  • me too

    @What up?:

    Oh and sorry if there was any confusion, What’s Up. Most of the post was a reply to your post, I just added a personal message in at the end.

  • miami

    So nice to see some pics of GB…long walks on the beach are so relaxing…looks like a business and pleasure trip. Hope it’s going well! GB always with the beautiful women…that’s Miami. Hope he is having positive experiences…all I can do on this thread are offer words of support.

  • What up?

    @me too: I’m surprised he wasn’t at the Super Bowl. I think most of his 1Oak friends were having a party. That’s probably where Freddie was and just flew in to Miami. G needs his own reality show.

  • cupcake

    Hello everyone. Gerry is looking good on the beach.

  • me too

    @What up?:

    Oh good point. I didn’t even think about it, but there were no pics of his friend Fredward during the weekend of Mel-gate, were there?

  • monday monday

    @me too: You can see Freddy if you look in the earlier photos with Mel and Gerard. No thread on that though I think,@What up?: Flirting with women, what else. It is too deep in the DNA.

  • salutorylesson

    Yet another cliche. How many times before have we seen the arranged guy gang walking the beach photo set up?? Sometimes with lolita. Usually means there’s some bad PR to distract from. Or a lack of press interest, either way something’s up if they resort to this.
    Will anyone Ever have an original idea

  • Another Opinion

    What a generous spirit Butler is! He is inviting for dinner another aspiring model and her roommates! May be he can help them get in touch with the Ischia crowd, who have done wonders for MG careerwise. Next year they could be all together at APJ’s gala in Cannes.

  • CeliaD

    @me too: Been pretty busy today. What would you like to fight about?

  • me too


    Oh, your choice. I’m open.

  • CeliaD

    @me too: What a tease.


    @ me too, @ CeliaD:

    hmmmm, this is slow starting, and alas I have to leave…

    remember be nice ladies and have a great night : )

  • me too


    LOL. If you say so. Engaging the people on this board in useless arguments should really be beneath you. But, if you feel that it’s not, just know that I don’t have any problem engaging you.

  • Clamsie

    Just a question, but are all Gerry’s fans young and beautiful models? Why won’t JJ post the pics of him with his old middleaged and senior phannies who stalk him from place to place?

    LOL. The old hags wouldn’t be caught dead on Miami Beach.

  • ThinkAboutIt

    Butler appears with his real girlfriend and get rid once and for all that Romanian backrest

  • Fight About This LOL
  • CeliaD

    @me too: No desire to argue here, was just responding to your comment from an earlier post.

  • me too

    @Fight About This LOL:

    Yawn. Nothing to fight about until someone outside the Romanian tabloid press buys those pics.

    Maybe someone can convince JJ to do it; he likes to pick up the bargains.

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