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Gerard Butler: Miami Beach Stroll with Friends!

Gerard Butler: Miami Beach Stroll with Friends!

Gerard Butler goes for a walk along the beach with his buddies on Monday afternoon (February 4) in Miami, Fla.

The 43-year-old actor was spotted hanging out with his new friend Mel Gibson over the weekend just days after they had dinner together with some pals.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

In case you missed it, check out the latest trailer for Gerard‘s new film Olympus Has Fallen, which will be hitting theaters everywhere on March 22. We can’t wait to check it out!

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150 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Miami Beach Stroll with Friends!”

  1. 1
    SalineDijon Says:

    Gerry is a hot man, but he always looks like he smells of a s s and d i c k cheese.

  2. 2
    SalineDijon Says:

    Later, Mel left to go Jew-bashing.

  3. 3
    Helene Says:

    Has Gerry finished his bromance with Mel?. Gerry still doesn’t look happy. Is he smoking and doing other stuff again? Normally this past year he runs back to the “gf”.

    Prior years, he paired and hung out at award and fashion shows to create more work and play.

    Is he hitting rock bottom?

  4. 4
    sarcasm to follow Says:

    Hello staged photo op. Tonight, more epic partying with the Mel boy-band, I presume.

  5. 5
    bitly Says:


    you are trying to hard… relax

  6. 6
    Kathy Says:

    How happy is he supposed to look listening to someone talk to him? Should he be wearing some big smile all the time or something? Do you?
    He looks terrific. Glad he’s still down there. Says a lot.

  7. 7
    Clamsie Says:

    And there he is with his bff Freddy. Wonder if they’ve had some private time to catch up. Not sure who the other guy is. Ariel was also in Miami and with Mel and Gerry. Hey, Ariel’s Jewish, no? If he can forgive Mel, what’s the problem?

    It’s not like Gerry was hanging out with pedophile rapist Polanski or some other t/urd like that. Mel’s committed no crimes.

  8. 8
    new pics Says:


  9. 9
    Kathy Says:

    If he’s hit bottom his millions make for a soft landing!

  10. 10
    Kathy Says:

    Their whole tactic has been to keep him so confused, distracted, to keep him away from me. Again, I keep asking… why?


    who doesn’t know why but that everything, everywhere, was so much better than it is now and that’s a common fact!

  11. 11
    Kathy Says:

    Which one is Freddy? The over-dressed due in the vest with the hair? (slinking away)
    You know what? Him being with his band of brothers makes something else seem even the more likely, as expected, predicted.

  12. 12
    Kathy Says:

    #10 is not me. I smell what could be a Nox.
    Some people’s abusive wounding needs are control-based including mental and emotional mind games, emotional, mental even physical manipulation, ridicule, demeaning, mocking or embarrassment, intimidation, stalking, along with other subtle pressures to obtain their high. Their control escalate with fear. Their needs are desperate attempts to dominate thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions. Most controlling behaviors are motivated by fear.
    who is making this my last post today/tonight and if I show up here it is not me…

  13. 13
    Roobee Says:

    @SalineDijon: on a positive note he has a lovely neck and shoulders! Smelling of whatever, I would…………. LOL

  14. 14
    Helene Says:

    @bitly: Are you the Gerry happy meter police?

    From what I see you think he is unhappy if he is with MG because that shoots down your dreamworld that Ger is not a free man for you.

  15. 15
    Amanda Says:

    It’s definitely your exact quote, Kathy and you know it. What goes around, comes around. Despicable behavior creates dislike and mistrust.

  16. 16
    Helene Says:

    @bitly: I can read auras via photo or not and this man’s happy factor is low. Call me a lunatic. I do not care!

  17. 17
    Kathy Says:

    It is not me. I love Gerry too much to be unfocused. If I focus, he will come to me soon. That devil gf is gone because I focused on it!

  18. 18
    The Noise in The Walls Says:

    I saw the trailer to OHF…looks epic :) ..I wish only the best for Gerry…The world can be so cruel and hateful..people jumping on bandwagons only when their person is “up”..and not when the chips are down…

    On a brighter note….Celtic won!! :)…Niners..Lost….:(..too many bad calls..

  19. 19
    Kathys Truth Detector Says:

    Ms. Noxious does not post here but nice try Kathy. You’ve posted too many times that you are the true love of his life for us to believe you didn’t write that. Too late to try and be the perfect harmless fan.

  20. 20
    Annie Mouse Says:

    Wow! I’m away for a while and try to catch up and find the same ol same ol, over zealous speculation and guessing. Hey, what are we all here for, right? I do TRY to take everything posted here with a grain of salt. Even, links and photos can be interrupted according to individual perspective and intent. We see what we want to see, be it positive or negative. I do like Butler as an actor and check in here for news, but don’t understand those that follow his career out of a pure desire to be mean-spirited and spiteful. Why bother if you don’t like the dude? A prime example is Manny. she can’t be positive where Butler is concerned without causing pain to herself with the effort. I guess it’s her way of getting rid of the pain inside her spirit. Is life so boring that people have to get their jollies from slamming an actor? Then there are the over-the-top, he’s so wonderful, types like GFW, extremism to the max, to defend and attack anyone that says anything negative about Butler. He’s a man, human, flawed and living his life his way, like most of us.
    He just happens to be an actor with his life placed under an microscope, non stop. To each his own, I guess. Fun for all here at JJ’s

  21. 21
    me too Says:

    Cassie and CeliaD,

    Ran into Movie Star Gerard Butler! He invited my roommates @AlinaKravchenk0 @mariakrystyna and I out with… him tonight!! No big deal!!!

  22. 22
    littlebirdie Says:

    @Annie Mouse:

    And I’m sure you know EXACTLY how that smells, too! You show real class!

  23. 23
    b Says:

    If anyone is true to their heart you can see Gerry is going through something, esp if he has his man-team around to support him. He looks like he’s pulling through it!

  24. 24
    What up? Says:

    Butler’s still in Miami? I heard that his parents have a place somewhere down there but I believe it’s further inland. He doesn’t look happy in these pics, kind of agitated really. Obviously he’s spotted the photog. He should be happy for the exposure before OHF comes out and smile a little bit for his fans. That guy in the vest looks familiar but can’t place him. A rocker of some kind?

  25. 25
    What up? Says:

    @me too: Here we go! Typical Butler! Already flirting with the ladies. Is the Madi thing over?

  26. 26
    me too Says:

    @What up?:

    Who knows? But if you look at the pics of those girls… if I were still his gf, I wouldn’t be so smug.

  27. 27
    What up? Says:

    @b: Well it will be confirmed when we see him and his parents walking around Miami. Seems the appear on the scene too when he’s going through a bad patch. Hope that trolop didn’t break his heart.

  28. 28
    monday monday Says:

    @What up?: He never really stopped, you forgot about the last time he was in Miami doing press for PFK.

  29. 29
    What up? Says:

    @monday monday: Never stopped what?

  30. 30
    What up? Says:

    @me too: She is beautiful but another aspiring model! Can we safely say that Gerry is def a ‘MODELIZER”?

  31. 31
    me too Says:

    @What up?:

    Oh heck yeah. Not saying this behavior is any better, dude’s got issues. But… I’m tired of the immature posting and the straight out attacks on people here on jj, who have a right to their opinions, as crazy as they might be. The thing is, Cassie and CeliaD, if you jump into the arena, you better be ready to fight.

  32. 32
    What up? Says:

    @Annie Mouse: Don’t you ever get the feeling, however, that he loves the perks but isn’t so fond of the rest of his fame? Everything has it’s good and it’s bad side and most of us regular folk get just the bad side sometimes. He should count his blessings.

  33. 33
    me too Says:

    @What up?:

    Oh and sorry if there was any confusion, What’s Up. Most of the post was a reply to your post, I just added a personal message in at the end.

  34. 34
    miami Says:

    So nice to see some pics of GB…long walks on the beach are so relaxing…looks like a business and pleasure trip. Hope it’s going well! GB always with the beautiful women…that’s Miami. Hope he is having positive experiences…all I can do on this thread are offer words of support.

  35. 35
    What up? Says:

    @me too: I’m surprised he wasn’t at the Super Bowl. I think most of his 1Oak friends were having a party. That’s probably where Freddie was and just flew in to Miami. G needs his own reality show.

  36. 36
    cupcake Says:

    Hello everyone. Gerry is looking good on the beach.

  37. 37
    me too Says:

    @What up?:

    Oh good point. I didn’t even think about it, but there were no pics of his friend Fredward during the weekend of Mel-gate, were there?

  38. 38
    monday monday Says:

    @me too: You can see Freddy if you look in the earlier photos with Mel and Gerard. No thread on that though I think,@What up?: Flirting with women, what else. It is too deep in the DNA.

  39. 39
    salutorylesson Says:

    Yet another cliche. How many times before have we seen the arranged guy gang walking the beach photo set up?? Sometimes with lolita. Usually means there’s some bad PR to distract from. Or a lack of press interest, either way something’s up if they resort to this.
    Will anyone Ever have an original idea

  40. 40
    Another Opinion Says:

    What a generous spirit Butler is! He is inviting for dinner another aspiring model and her roommates! May be he can help them get in touch with the Ischia crowd, who have done wonders for MG careerwise. Next year they could be all together at APJ’s gala in Cannes.

  41. 41
    CeliaD Says:

    @me too: Been pretty busy today. What would you like to fight about?

  42. 42
    me too Says:


    Oh, your choice. I’m open.

  43. 43
    CeliaD Says:

    @me too: What a tease.

  44. 44

    @ me too, @ CeliaD:

    hmmmm, this is slow starting, and alas I have to leave…

    remember be nice ladies and have a great night : )

  45. 45
    me too Says:


    LOL. If you say so. Engaging the people on this board in useless arguments should really be beneath you. But, if you feel that it’s not, just know that I don’t have any problem engaging you.

  46. 46
    Clamsie Says:

    Just a question, but are all Gerry’s fans young and beautiful models? Why won’t JJ post the pics of him with his old middleaged and senior phannies who stalk him from place to place?

    LOL. The old hags wouldn’t be caught dead on Miami Beach.

  47. 47
    ThinkAboutIt Says:

    Butler appears with his real girlfriend and get rid once and for all that Romanian backrest

  48. 48
    Fight About This LOL Says:

    *** MG WARNING *** *** MG WARNING ***

  49. 49
    CeliaD Says:

    @me too: No desire to argue here, was just responding to your comment from an earlier post.

  50. 50
    me too Says:

    @Fight About This LOL:

    Yawn. Nothing to fight about until someone outside the Romanian tabloid press buys those pics.

    Maybe someone can convince JJ to do it; he likes to pick up the bargains.

  51. 51
    me too Says:


    That’s fine with me. And honestly, this is beneath you. Let them post; at the moment, it’s confined to JJ and it’s not doing you any harm.

  52. 52
    ThinkAboutIt Says:

    That’s fine with me. And honestly, this is beneath you. Let them post; at the moment, it’s confined to JJ and it’s not doing you any harm.

  53. 53
    ThinkAboutIt Says:

    appears with his real girlfriend and get rid once and for all that Romanian backrest

  54. 54
    me too Says:


    Um, was that an accident or did you just like it so much that you decided to repeat it? LOL.

  55. 55
    wedding ring! Says:

    Maybe JJ will pick this up

  56. 56
    me too Says:

    @wedding ring!:

    Good for her if it’s true. Sad for her if that’s the only way she can raise anybody’s interest.

  57. 57
    wedding ring! Says:

    Looked like she was trying to hide it in the other pictures or else she was playing with it because it might feel weird on her finger.

  58. 58
    Another Opinion Says:

    MG is the protégé of Pascal Vicedomini (the guy in the getty images photos). Vicedomini who was the presenter at MG’s conference in Rome, is the founder and producer of the Los Angeles Italia festival. Among the honorary board members of the festival are Avi Lerner, Ryan Kavanaugh and Paul Haggis. It takes some nerve to put actors of the caliber of Michele Placido and Giuliano Gemma who are critically acclaimed and have more than 40 years of experience next to MG who has had minor roles in two movies.

  59. 59
    me too Says:

    @Another Opinion:

    I think protégé is a very nice way of putting it, An Op. Well done.

  60. 60
    malarky Says:

    Everyone wave to Maddie!!! It’s pretty official that she reads here (pathetic imo). She’s just posted the music video “Guuuurl” that was linked here on JJ in the previous thread.
    Wow. Just wow. There has been a lot of joking about whether she reads here or not, but this seals it for me. And I can’t believe she wants to. It really says to me that she has zero self esteem that she subjects herself to the comments about her left here. She can say all she wants that she “doesn’t care” what’s said, but she does. If she didn’t, she’d have stopped reading gossip site comments a long long time ago.
    Oh, and I don’t believe she’s pulling the left hand on the cheek to show off the “wedding rings” trick again. She’s got on her fb a recent photo that was taken by friends (you can tell it’s not professional because it’s got a serious blurry spot) of her dancing in the street or some stupid Maddie move like that and her hand is empty of rings. I’m telling you, she only wears them when she knows she’ll be photographed.
    gag aaaannnnd puke. :(

  61. 61
    Whatever Says:

    @Another Opinion: Exactly. There are cozy photos of her with PV going back several years. Do you people need to be sla/pped upside the head to see what’s happening here?

  62. 62
    me too Says:


    And she posts here, too.

  63. 63
    wedding ring! Says:

    @malarky: Where is the alleged dancing on the street picture?

  64. 64
    malarky Says:

    @wedding ring!: It’s her in a yellow dress. Her back is to the camera. She’s holding her dress up in the air on the left side. You can see her left hand is bare of rings. Her bff Angelina also posted the photo the same time.

  65. 65
    Josephine Says:

    Iss he having a bachelor party in Miami? All his buddies are in Miami. Are they engaged?

  66. 66
    wedding ring! Says:

    @malarky: That’s from a professional fashion shoot. Models do not wear their personal jewelry during photo shoots.

  67. 67
    malarky Says:

    @wedding ring!: Not going to argue further, but I’ve never seen a professional release flawed photos. Her right hand is seriously blurry. And where are the rest of the yellow dress photos from the shoot? Never seen these ones before and MG rarely leaves a photo shoot unpublished on her fbook. I’m skeptical but whatever you say… You’re the Maddie fan, so you must know right?

  68. 68
    wedding ring! Says:

    @malarky: Fan has nothing to do with it. The blurs are from a motion filter as she is twirling the skirt. Her image is also contrasted in the forefront with a slight gaussian blur of the background.

  69. 69
    Amanda132 Says:

    Hoping Gerry does focus on getting well through both physical treatment at a health spa and also slowly re- focusing on his inner health too by seeing a trained therapist.

    The state of the mind is important to someone like Gerry as he needs to find that inner contentment and peace too

    True happiness, on the other hand, can never be found through looking for it. It is a state of being and just happens. In fact, the greatest barrier to achieving true happiness is trying to find it!

    The most effective way of achieving true happiness, however, is through regular meditation. Meditation helps us to detach from our thoughts and to anchor ourselves in the present moment. In the absence of thought, everything we seek is already there.

    The reason we don’t normally experience the happines and joy which is our true nature is that we are rarely still enough to enjoy the joys of happiness.

    Without trying to change anything, everything changes. Without trying to achieve anything, we receive everything …as the light of our presence begins to shine through the cracks!

  70. 70
    Amanda132 Says:

    He needs to look after himself more and focus on his health rather than constant partying!

  71. 71
    SUNKIST Says:

    I really hope Madalina, or at least someone close to her does read here. She needs to understand that all the stupid nonesense she has pulled on G’s fans will NEVER be forgotten, no matter how many rich and powerful men in HW she pretends to be “nice” to. The people who set their money down on these films won’t spend one penny if she’s associated in any way. Word will get out. She has ruined herself before she’s even begun. Let her stay and thrive in Europe. She can thank Esme, and her handlers. That sort of Business may be old school there, but it will get you nothing in the US. The power is with the money. The audience has the money. None for You.

  72. 72
    Seriously Says:

    @SUNKIST: You really are a crack-up. I could care less who an actor is dating/married to/whatever if I want to see the film he/she is in. There are certain people in film that I boycott because they were convicted pedofiles, spousal abusers or anti-American. Pictures, songs, cryptic messages are nothing but fun, everyone I know does them. If Gerry’s fans don’t like her page, then stay the hell out of it.

  73. 73
    Bad Fiction Says:

    @wedding ring!:

    “Maybe JJ will pick this up

    If he considers it, I hope JJ does a lot more investigation than you did. Y’all apparently glom onto the first image you see, just to prove your point. MG is now up to six pages of pics with Getty Images (opposed to the four pics she had in May 2012). If you look through all six pages, you will see the “wedding ring” on both hands on different fingers throughout. The “engagement ring” goes back to Cannes 2011 (Amfar).

    The “necklace” she sometimes wears as a bracelet, once in a while a necklace. She was wearing it in the current pics. (Guess GB took it off in Miami so he could Fed Ex to her for her big announcement). lol

    As far as the article about her hosting the Italian FF in HW, it was written by Christian Stan who manages a PR firm and is, along with MG, bff with Angelina Land. He usually dishes out the BS to the Romanian rags. This woman has her Romanian buddies and a bunch of old, rich Italian men promoting her, and y’all are reaching for anything you can to make her and GB bride and groom.

    I don’t know which is worse, the Scottish lass pining her big tatas away for 15 years or MG’s jewelery determining her marital status. Anyway, none of you has to worry about the Pulitzer.

  74. 74
    wedding ring! Says:

    @Bad Fiction: Really, link us please.

  75. 75
    Bad Fiction Says:

    @wedding ring!:

    Link you? You posted the Getty Images link and I reposted it in my reply to you. There are various and sundry pics of her left hand in the six pages of pics. Enlarge them.

  76. 76
    wedding ring! Says:

    @Bad Fiction: As was mentioned before today, and before that, not the same ring. So sorry.

  77. 77
    Costello Says:

    She knew their relationship was a sham but both pretended to be more. Neither look happy in these recent photos. She goes back to her empty life giving b&js to old Italian men. He goes back to the superficial chase.

  78. 78
    SUNKIST Says:

    @Seriously: Seriously? You claim to “care ” enough to boycott films of actors you take issue with. How do you define “care”? Do you count using someone, manipulating them, constantly berrating and taunting their friends(fans), and not caring that they look Awful when they are in a constant spotlight, just to gain your own “celebrity”? And it’s everywhere, not just her private world on fb. I am glad you recognize within yourself, the shallowness of your “caring”. Real Caring does not have to make someone a “crack-up”, or a cyber-stalker, or a phannie hag. Maybe it just means we take Gerard Butler seriously.

  79. 79
    Seriously Says:

    @SUNKIST: Sorry to break it to you sweetheart, but fans aren’t friends. Not even a little bit. As I said before, sharing jokes, comments, photos, songs, videos, whatever on your FB page is completely normal. If people who aren’t your real friends visit and take issue because they can’t stand the fact that you are involved with their idol, tough titties. And you mention “everywhere”. I could swear you posted previously that she is a nobody anywhere else. Make up your poor deluded mind and until then, go bug someone else. ‘kay?

  80. 80
    Margaret Says:

    NEVER again don’t wear and don’t carry on themselves devilish GYPSY A/M/U/L/E/T! It takes away your energy and gives only the negative. This amulet will bring you a lot of grief! Throw it away, so he did not get into the hands of anyone.
    Margaret! Help your son! He’s in trouble!

  81. 81
    Costello Says:

    @Margaret: Do not know about any amulet. But I do think he needs help.

  82. 82
    Abbott Says:

    Margaret needs the help.

  83. 83
    Costello Says:

    She is in LA and he is not running to her. The best vaca ever was not.

  84. 84
    Costello Says:

    @Abbott: Hey Abbott!!!!

  85. 85
    Abbott Says:

    @Costello: She’s in Rome.

  86. 86
    Rita Says:

    @Annie Mouse:

    I agree. I could not imagine not being able to do a da/mn thing without someone picking apart every detail. I smoke the occasional cigarette with my girlfriends (gasp!). I also love burlesque (clutching pearls!). His life is micro managed pretty much all the time, to the extreme. NO, he doesn’t have to explain his personal life. Gerry does however, have fans wanting him to utilize his talent to their advantage. Understandably so.(!) He got into this, I’m assuming (don’t you just love assumptions?) from past observations…..for fun, for lays, for money. Then, of course, a love for the art/craft of it (maybe not in that order, and the man does have talent). But now he is…… going in reverse(?), if my order is correct. What p/isses me off is…. reading and hearing his fans dismay and disappointment. We are not in Gerry’s life, we have no idea what is going on with him or what he is thinking. I’m also sorry to break it to him, (I’ve stated this before on JJ), put 100% into this or do some character acting, get back into theater. Show these fans what you are made of. Professionally. Also tell the ones judging every single aspect of your personal life, where they can stick their judgmental opinions.

  87. 87
    Annie Mouse Says:

    @What up? yes, I’m sure he loves all the perks of his celebrity and hates the razzies and other lack of privacy. He’s a kid in a candy store when it comes to the perks and has had no problem indulging his ego. Naturally we here @ JJ’s and other sites like it, have allowed our freedom of speech to run rampant and because of that it’s very easy to show our bad sides along with Butler. If you are a nice decent person in your every day life and then come on a gossip site and let it all hang out, both barrels and a sling shot firing at once. How does that translate to us as people? As you pointed out, “everything has it’s good and bad side.” Butler’s bad side as you call it, is what news media print to sell. It’s more interesting to read the bad stuff than the good stuff as it has been that way forever. Ask any news paper or journalist. Unfortunately he’s his own worst enemy. He’s got, “caught with your hand in the cookie jar, syndrome.” I’ve no doubt some of it is set up to draw attention to him. These PR people think the general public are stupid, I guess. That’s why I think it’s safer to take it all with a grain of salt or sea salt if you prefer. Have your fun speculating and guessing, but don’t take it seriously. Just my two cents. That’s about all it’s worth in this economy.
    @Little birdie, What am I smelling, pray tell? Bird droppings? ;) Sorry couldn’t help myself. Bad Annie! Bad Annie!

  88. 88
    TeaCakes Says:

    @SUNKIST: Does this mean you’ll boycott OHF since Maddie has a role in it?

    How great is that for Gerry?

  89. 89
    littlebirdie Says:


    I second the WOW! I posted the link to that video on youtube and it was pretty obscure without her name on it. So I would say she definitely reads here or at least someone close to her does. How interesting!

  90. 90
    Annie Mouse Says:

    @ Rita, I can agree with you as well. As some have said here, Hollyweird is an industry run by those with the money and the power to make or break a career depending on the agenda. I think Butler has learned some hard lessons in the past year or two. What may have been a great story to tell for him at the time, may not have generated the interest at the box office. It may have been better as art house fair. I referring to MGP. The general public want to be entertained and not have to think too much. Unfortunately the films that make us think more are the Oscar winners not always the block busters. I agree that most of us here want him to find the right script at the right time that will challenge him and show his strength as an actor, but like hundreds of actors out there fighting for their place in the sun it doesn’t always happen when we want it. Some times it’s just a question of timing. I’m also a big fan of Colin Firth and I’m so glad he found an Oscar winning script to show case his talent as an actor. All actors do light films just for the money and to stay relevant. I think Butler needs to start looking for scripts with ensemble parts with strong directors and give up on making his own films for a while. But, no matter what WE think, it’s his life and as you say it’s hard to watch while still hoping. Some times we benefit from the hardest lessons learned. Here’s hoping he’ll find the benefits from his failures.

  91. 91
    GH. Says:

    @Bad Fiction:

    Please don’t mention the Scottish lady and MG in the same breath. The former is, by all accounts, a lady while the latter is……….well, definitely no lady.

  92. 92
    tur.d Says:

    did our Scottie set his phaser to stun and kill off a clingon?

    are angels weeping?

    looking at the recent Miami tweets he’s oogling and inviting a new bunch of barely legal brunettes to his forever a bachelor party.

  93. 93
    tur.d Says:

    in moderation purgatory

  94. 94
    tur.d Says:

    looks like our Scotty set his phaser to stun and rid himself of a clingon

  95. 95
    golddiggin Says:

    @TeaCakes: if mg has a role in OHF, that is awful. she really is only getting work because of who her bf or ex bf is. that is disgusting. and we know she is so stupid to deny it would have anything to do with him. what a ho.

  96. 96
    tacky vid Says:

    @littlebirdie: she probably made the video herself.

  97. 97
    bright Says:

    This girl is amazing and runs rings around tacky madalina. she is from Romania but has class, is naturally beautiful, has an incredible personality and is a breath of fresh air compared to the serious, contrived, fake image of mg.

    * watch and learn madalina, you could never have as much spark as girls like this –

  98. 98
    golddiggin Says:

    it’s a sad day and a reflection on your lack of talent and star quality when you have been on the scene for 10 years unnoticed and you only get some attention and big work once you start dating high profile actors. mg has nothing to be proud of. the recent interest is due to her connections and her fake breasts/image. no natural beauty inside or out.

  99. 99
    tur.d Says:

    don’t say the k word, you spoiled my comedic timing JJ,

    you and your stupid moderation

    anywhoot, the boob sqeeze that was felt around the world has ended this affair, i see the itty bitty necklace is gonzo too.perhaps you should have made it a ball and chain. or a retractable lead to that dog collar he was sporting a few months back. oh well. order one now for your next daddy.

    i’ll kinda miss her cryptic facebook posts though,they reminded me of an old pal of mine named Guido and his secret hand signals that signaled Gerard’s undying love for Anu.stain. those were the days eh manny?

    I see my favorite fansite has pulled out their pickles again, back to fantasy island they all go, its a little easier to get your groove on without the MOST beautiful girl in the world va.jay blocking you

    toodles mads, enjoy lala land, if you can, you may need to hock that ring for your return flight to Milan though

    just wanted to add we are all happy happy happy for you

  100. 100
    Amanda132 Says:

    Gerry needs to reconnect to his Mum, Stepdad, sister and brother.
    He will feel better rather than letting any rift continue!

    He also needs to go to a health spa and seek other treatments for conditons and continue his friendships with Ari and Freddie as this will assist Gerry tremendously because it is all positive re-enforcement of self and becoming more proactive within his life.

  101. 101
    Tula Says:

    I think ladies like MG need to understand that if your talented & have something raw to offer you don’t need to do these cheap antics & please various men its a big question mark why these men are helping her out! She’s very stupid tarnished her own image & creditbilty if she had any brains she would’ve worked hard at her craft n maybe start off in tv to get noticed but girls like her rub ppl up the wrong way & want short cuts only to realise later in years that it was a dead end route! Even if her thing with GB doesn’t work how are ppl possibly gona like her after the way she’s behaved! She can post as much PDA pics, sell stories, and play cat & mouse on FB if she was really truely content & happy she wouldn’t feel the need to do all this trust me!

    Image & reputation is everything in every walk if life takes years to build & seconds to damage she should’ve played her cards right as to me she gives off zero appeal or likeable factor n pls I would say same if she was my neighbour

  102. 102
    reveal Says:

    Romania should be disgusted at her for the way she represents their country as gold diggers and ho’s. this is a stereo type that has plagued Eastern Europe for century’s and girls like madalina just propel this idea. take away the lies, plastic surgery and connections to men and you have a very silly woman who is essentially a p*ostitute .

    Madalina lies about her age, background will ALL come to light if she did get any where in HW. she would be ripped apart. that will be the undoing of her. the fact is that the only things that are remotely interesting about madalina are her lies once they are exposed she has nothing left. the real bore underneath is clearly a strange person. she better hope and prey that she doesn’t make it anywhere in HW because she would be exposed. with the lies she’s told, if she was intelligent she would stay in Italy. i think she’s deluded and believes her own lies. her obvious self obsession and cosmetic work is weird to say the least.

    of course she knows this better than anyone and is in denial about her rise to small fame. she makes up the most ludicrous lies to try and paint herself as an intelligent, modest and natural girl, lies that are easily taken apart and it all makes her look insane and out of touch with reality. in Italy she may get away with this farce but in the US no way. she is in denial and clearly deluded. if people stopped enabling idiots like madalina we would see more true talent on our scenes and in our magazines.

  103. 103
    Seriously Says:

    @Amanda132: Wow, either you are ~Kathy or a minion spouting off the same old lines. It’s Ariel, btw, not Ari. If you are going to copy her words, at least correct the mistakes.

  104. 104
    reveal Says:

    if she got well known on Hollywood people that know her to be older will sell their stories and they’d be snapped up. all the lies would be brought up. if she had other things going for her, it would be excused but she is all lies and plastic. so the spell is broken once you know her breasts and lips are fake. she isn’t a ballerina, she wasn’t born on 8/8/88, all her breaks came from men she was dating, she cant play piano properly (i remember the video of her tapping the piano with one finger very badly. funnily enough that didnt appear on her facebook page like all other promotional videos she can’t wait to upload, wonder why?) her fans are stupid and mostly pervy men who follow most young women on fb. she will get a surprised if she becomes better known. annoying gerry’s fans was a BIG mistake because they will plague her career now. women in general can be jealous but once they realise she is fake and is essentially a gold digger they will have a field day with madalina. she has really set her self up big time to fail. that’s not the work of an intelligent woman.

  105. 105
    Rosa Says:

    @Seriously: Agree. GB’s Fantasy Island is open and taking reservations. Book now!!! LMAO.

  106. 106
    Viva Says:

    To be quite honest models, supermodels, & lingerie models hardly ever make it to the big screen, they may get sidekick roles here & there but nothing like black swan type it’s never happened! Beauties like angelina jolie, Charliez theron, Kate beckonscale all could’ve easily got onto modelling but knew they had talent so they didn’t go down that route!

    So shel have to make do with few photoshoots here and there & lets be real she hardly models for high couture or walks ramps regularly just a Z-list model

  107. 107
    mardi gras Says:

    @golddiggin: bigger and better actors have found their small roles sitting on the editng room floor- let just say she wasn’t on the most recent cast list for the movie and knowing this one she may have just been playing with props to mitigate her boredom in Shreveport

  108. 108
    mardi gras Says:

    Fantasy Island is that Miami?

    Yes these poor exhausted actors taking yet another break, it is a wonder they have the strength to party so hard,

  109. 109
    Connie Says:

    @me too:

    And I suppose Gerry is honoring his “bride to be” by takingthose hot beautiful young twtter girls to dinner/drinks? From the look on her face Maddie displaying that ring is trying to convince herself more then others.

  110. 110
    Rosa Says:

    @mardi gras: Actually my reference is for the phannie spun remedies and bits of advice to fix an ailing GB. It’s sarcasm. Yeah, poor GB. :)

  111. 111
    salutorylesson Says:

    Did anyone else watch the UK documentary about the king in the car park?
    I was struck by the parallels to GB fandom. The Ricardians (sp) are abnormally invested, overly obsessed with this man and out to prove he was a wonderful man and king, and not a hunchback child killer of the princes in the tower. They have a worldwide website promoting their cause.
    When he was indeed revealed to be a hunchback their leader was visibly uoset to be found mistaken. Overseas Ricardians even dared to challenge this, although the exchange wasn’t shown in full. Their delusion was evident.
    Their ‘fandom’ has achieved something, even I’d it wasn’t the positive outcome they hoped for. How could they prove his innocence if at least one element if folklore, the hunchback, was factual?
    Jj, WO, Gals, RU posters, including me, are also over invested, abnormally obsessed, with GB. And I include me. But what do we hope to achieve? To convince the world he’s a perverted manwh*re and bring his career down? To influence his choices and raise him up to acting Oscar-worthy royalty? To marry him off to girl both we and his mother would approve of?
    I’ve news for you. Those are all his choices, not ours. And he’s managed to make a successful career and bring it down all by himself. And ge certainly doesn’t need our help with his lovelife. So what us the purpose of being in here?
    Well, there is none, other than to massage the mentally ill, distract from the stuck in a rut, and amuse the humdrum lives we must lead if we were fulfilled people we wouldn’t be here 24-7. Seeing it on screen last night was uncomfortable.
    From phannie to hater, we are a pathetic lot. Including me.

  112. 112
    tuesday Says:

    I come here to check out the latest pics of GB and to express my unending love :)…while other women are actually out in the real world conversing with him. Ah, such is life.

  113. 113
    Rimini Says:

    Don’t be silly guys eerrrmmmm he was just inviting them girls bcoz he was prob doing research for his next role or even asking their advise on what to get his girlfriend for valentines day! He’s so committed & loyal that he would never eye or be interesting in 20 something year old I mean what romanian women like her must have us mere mortals can not come close

  114. 114
    Kathy Says:

    I have a special mind soul connection. He will turn it around because I will it.

  115. 115
    Banter Says:

    @Rimini: This is like watching a soap opera for me with Gerard as the leading man. His obsession with physicality and youth is so superficial. Intelligent and high self-esteemed women are entertained yet bored at the same time.

  116. 116
    YouNeedHelp Says:

    @Kathy: You really are obsessed with GFW. I don’t know what she ever did to you, but you are so obvious in your attempts to make her look bad. All you do is make yourself look completely ins.ane. Everyone knows GFW’s writing style, and you are terrible at faking it.

  117. 117
    mm Says:

    Leo is HOOOOTTTT!!!

  118. 118
    GFW Says:

    Stop it imposter #114.

    That is not me.
    who is reporting your post, get it? Now back the f off. It isn’t funny.

  119. 119
    GFW Says:

    Thank you I.
    Just “flagged” #10, #17 and #114. They’re frauds. And lonely and want me here. I won’t play. If you see me here after this, it’s not me. Enough is enough.
    And the Amanda on the first page isn’t the real Amanda either.

  120. 120
    Banter Says:

    @bright: Antonia Iacobescu has self-esteem and grew up in the USA. She is not begging to move out of a country with little opportunity. You can’t compare just because she is Romanian.

    Oh, Gerry, she is another one tht is your type. But she may not put up with your b$$))s.

  121. 121
    Seriously Says:

    @GFW I think they really want you out of here. You don’t deserve the abuse any more than Maddy does. Might want to think about that during your sabbatical.

  122. 122
    gigibee Says:

    @ salinedjon He smelt gorgeous when I met him at The Lowry Hotel during Soccer aid.No cheesyness whatsoever!:-)

  123. 123
    Clamsie Says:

    @salutorylesson: The main reason I come here is for gossip re Gerry. And of course, to stir the pot haha. I believe he thinks he’s in love but of course I don’t have any way of knowing for sure. No one else does, either.

    I find it hilarious that so many phannies are so upset over his choice of women to hang with. Who else is he going to date? He’s never gone for nice girls. He prefers porn stars and actresses of questionable virtue. Let’s be realistic. He doesn’t hang with doctors and librarians and he never will.

    I was a fan but years and years ago. I gave up on him around the time of 300′s release when I realized he didn’t have anything new and thrilling ahead. It was all lies. Burns was never to be and over half the projects he was rumored to be part of never materialized. Then came the craptastic films. It was clear to me 5-6 years ago that his career was on the skids.

    I don’t hate him and keep hoping he’ll pull himself out of his rut but he never does.

  124. 124
    gigibee Says:

    When I say met him at the Hotel I meant at the bar with all the rest of the players too…..not some sleazy hookup!!!Sounded dodgy after re-reading it.

  125. 125
    bright Says:

    @Banter: madalina apparently moved out of Romania when she was 14?? she left there and has lived in Milan for years. what do you mean she’s trying to leave a poor country? she wasn’t poor anyway, her mother is a vet and her father was a professional footballer and works for a construction company. Antonia has a great personality isn’t a massive liar and is very likeable unlike mg. Antonia is also a lot more beautiful than madalina and naturally so. madalina screams desperation. i’ve never seen a video or quote from madalina that has made me laugh or smile she has no personality at all.

    what i’m saying is that Romania has far more beautiful and likeable women with star quality in the world of entertainment to offer, but i guess they don’t bed hop like madalina does. if you believed mg’s pr, you’d think she was Romania’s star, she isn’t even in the top 10 if you look at who else is out there. all lies and sleaze.

  126. 126
    Hello Says:

    @Clamsie: I don’t hate him and keep hoping he’ll pull himself out of his rut but he never does.
    Could have fooled me. As far as I can see, his life isn’t over yet. All you do is try to insinuate that he is gay every chance you get. Yes and stirring the pot for what reason, certainly not because you admire him for his Shakespeare role in Coriolanus or MGP and haven’t even seen OHF yet.
    You don’t see him hanging with doctors?? Who do you think he is walking the beach with?..Apple Bob is a fine doctor and a great reputation besides. Freddy and AV are very good people and close and loyal friends.
    Burns is a financial problem as are many films these days. His life isn’t over by any stretch, God willing. I look foreward to see what he will do next. Perhaps a viking movie with mel directing. Willing to wait and see.
    So, you have been hanging around here all these years since “300″ because you gave up on him after seeing it? What’s wrong with that picture?
    You said you don’t know if he is in love and nobody else does either, and you know that the people he dates are not nice people. I give up. Glad that everything was so clear to you 5 or 6 years ago.

  127. 127
    Clamsie Says:

    @Banter: I don’t think you or anyone here is qualified to know what “type” he likes. I bet he doesn’t know himself. He knows what he likes temporarily, IMO. But who knows what’s ahead? He doesn’t so how can YOU think you know?

  128. 128
    DocP Says:

    Okay I have to say something, for those of you who have read my comments you know I’m not a Maddie supporter . And though I agree with your philosophy regarding career advancement, I do think you guys are to harsh on this girl. This thread is about Gerry yet some here just want to constantly bash MG. I do agree that you should work at perfecting your craft when it comes to getting ahead in life, I don’t believe in using others however I was aught that. My father let me know that I could do anything if I worked hard enough for it. Most of us have either been taught or learned through experience that in order to succeed in life you have to do it yourself. We don’t know what this girl was taught, no doubt others have told her things and she believed them. As far as having implants and lip injections? Well from what I understand that’s pretty much the norm for Hollywood so she should fit in just fine. We the public have accepted this from Hollywood by supporting actors/actresses who feel the need to do these things. It’s a superficial world and sadly so many buy into what Hollywood and the media is trying to sell us. I do think that more and more people are speaking out and it’s getting better but it will lays be tha case in Hollywood that the more attractive you are to the public the better chance you have in succeeding. I just wanted to say I don’t see the need to constantly bash this girl. You actually make me feel sorry for the girl. As far as Gerry, his face looks puffy. He leant look to happy in these pics from Miami. Perhaps MG put the scr/Wes to him to get married or maybe she is realizing he’s getting older and there are better looking younger guys out there that she likes better. Who knows, I do hope he and Mel can get together to do a really great epic movie. It would definately give both their careers a much needed boost.

  129. 129
    Hello Says:

    @Clamsie: Well in your last post, you sure seem to know exactly what type he likes. Make up your mind dear. You don’t know squat but spend a lot of time telling us all what you don’t know.

  130. 130
    Farah Says:

    His career starting going downhill when he started doing stupid rom coms and the lowest point is when he hooked up with Brandi not that I have anything against her but have you ever heard of a leading an A-list actor hook up with a reality tv star c’mon if that’s not career suicide the cherry on the icing was being a marriage wrecker how does one re-build their image after that! He only went to rehab straight after them scandals as ppl would think he did those as he wasn’t in his senses! he should’ve checked into rehab ages back n for a full course!

    I hope for his sake the OHF does well otherwise his career is almost over no one will want to bank money on him! Can’t believe how stupid he can be for some cheap thrills would risk his value bring on the red arrows

  131. 131
    New Thread Says:

  132. 132
    @clamsie Says:

    @Clamsie: I think Banter means that Antonia has arms and legs and is living and breathing = therefore she has a chance with Gerry. in all seriousness, after watching a vid of Antonia she seems really funny as well as beautiful so I think Gerry would love her. He’d have more of a good time with her than with Miss Serious Face AKA I take myself too seriously Madalina.

  133. 133
    casandra Says:

    Antonia was named sexiest woman on 2012 by FHM Romania and she is a singer.Of course she is beautiful, but she is married and has a little girl.She’s also a career woman and I don’t think Gerry would prefer her over MG who is a sexier beauty.

  134. 134
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10

  135. 135
    Clamsie Says:

    @Hello: Here’s what I said and BTW, pull in your claws. There’s no need to get snippy.

    I said: “find it hilarious that so many phannies are so upset over his choice of women to hang with. Who else is he going to date? He’s never gone for nice girls. He prefers porn stars and actresses of questionable virtue. Let’s be realistic. He doesn’t hang with doctors and librarians and he never will.”

    Please prove me wrong. That he’s dated many great women who aren’t porn stars or s l u t t y actresses like A n u s t o n and Brandi. Who is Apple Bob?

    Do you know for an absolute fact that he isn’t gay? No. You can’t possibly know. No one knows who he is except him and his closest friends and family. The rest of us, including me, are only guessing. All I can guess at is what I see in pics and vids. You certainly don’t know anything more than I do. He doesn’t appear to be the epitome of class and in no way could he be considered a gentleman with manners. He’s crass and crude and that’s been obvious for years. Again, what kind of decent woman (or man) would put up with that?

    The final two thirds of your post is gibberish and offtopic so I won’t address it because it makes no sense.

    You presume to know far more than I do about who he is. Good luck with that. I’m sure it keeps you warm at night.

  136. 136
    Clamsie Says:

    @@clamsie: You could be right. If she’s married, it hasn’t stopped him before, LOL!

  137. 137
    bright Says:

    @casandra: Madalina has cosmetic surgery to thank for that.

  138. 138
    mardi gras Says:

    @casandra: ha ha you set yourself up – why don’t you rephraseto what you really meant, that Gerry would prefer a subservient woman who will cater to his every whim

  139. 139
    ??????? Says:

    @mardi gras: her comment was altogether confusing-Antonia won sexiest woman 2012 and is a career woman…so therefore gerry wouldn’t want her and would prefer maddy because she is sexy ???

  140. 140
    Seriously Says:

    @bright: She’s in the Top 5

  141. 141
    C'mon Says:

    @Seriously:hahaha well if Lucy who says so. ..

  142. 142
    littlebirdie Says:


    Gerry’s not a homewrecker. The only one who can wreck a home is the married person who knowingly cheats. Gerry broke no vows and I feel the a person who cheats gets what they deserve. They were grown ups and the woman had to know of his reputation so I don’t see how he wrecked anyone’s home. She wrecked it and the same goes for a husband who cheats.

  143. 143
    Please No More Says:

    @Seriously: Pleasssse, no more on MG…(eyes rolling) this is a Gerard Butler thread…

  144. 144
    GH Says:


    “Gerry needs to reconnect to his Mum, Stepdad, sister and brother.
    He will feel better rather than letting any rift continue!”

    If only his dad and brother would have a good talk with him.

  145. 145
    guesss Says:

    Does he ever like doing anything alone? he’s always surrounded by ‘friends’.

  146. 146
    Sarah Lorence Says:

    He is such a Ladies Man. He keeps his Girlfriend happy with Lovely and Romantic Gifts for Women from AthenaToysDotcom

  147. 147
    TJ Says:


    Gerry has had many problems in his life and is prone to depression so being with people is probably his way making sure he doesn’t get depressed.

  148. 148
    didi Says:

    he ‘s dressing like askars

  149. 149
    Viktor Says:

    what Ray implied I am impressed that some people able to earn $9727 in one month on the internet. did you read this page, Run70.ℂOℳ

  150. 150
    TV critic. Says:


    “If only his dad and brother would have a good talk with him.”

    Agreed, it’s one thing his mother having a go at him but he could just put that down to mum being mum but he’s very close to his dad and brother and a man to man talk is just what he needs and he would probably listen to them.

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