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Gerard Butler: Miami Beach Stroll with Friends!

Gerard Butler: Miami Beach Stroll with Friends!

Gerard Butler goes for a walk along the beach with his buddies on Monday afternoon (February 4) in Miami, Fla.

The 43-year-old actor was spotted hanging out with his new friend Mel Gibson over the weekend just days after they had dinner together with some pals.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

In case you missed it, check out the latest trailer for Gerard‘s new film Olympus Has Fallen, which will be hitting theaters everywhere on March 22. We can’t wait to check it out!

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  • Tula

    I think ladies like MG need to understand that if your talented & have something raw to offer you don’t need to do these cheap antics & please various men its a big question mark why these men are helping her out! She’s very stupid tarnished her own image & creditbilty if she had any brains she would’ve worked hard at her craft n maybe start off in tv to get noticed but girls like her rub ppl up the wrong way & want short cuts only to realise later in years that it was a dead end route! Even if her thing with GB doesn’t work how are ppl possibly gona like her after the way she’s behaved! She can post as much PDA pics, sell stories, and play cat & mouse on FB if she was really truely content & happy she wouldn’t feel the need to do all this trust me!

    Image & reputation is everything in every walk if life takes years to build & seconds to damage she should’ve played her cards right as to me she gives off zero appeal or likeable factor n pls I would say same if she was my neighbour

  • reveal

    Romania should be disgusted at her for the way she represents their country as gold diggers and ho’s. this is a stereo type that has plagued Eastern Europe for century’s and girls like madalina just propel this idea. take away the lies, plastic surgery and connections to men and you have a very silly woman who is essentially a p*ostitute .

    Madalina lies about her age, background will ALL come to light if she did get any where in HW. she would be ripped apart. that will be the undoing of her. the fact is that the only things that are remotely interesting about madalina are her lies once they are exposed she has nothing left. the real bore underneath is clearly a strange person. she better hope and prey that she doesn’t make it anywhere in HW because she would be exposed. with the lies she’s told, if she was intelligent she would stay in Italy. i think she’s deluded and believes her own lies. her obvious self obsession and cosmetic work is weird to say the least.

    of course she knows this better than anyone and is in denial about her rise to small fame. she makes up the most ludicrous lies to try and paint herself as an intelligent, modest and natural girl, lies that are easily taken apart and it all makes her look insane and out of touch with reality. in Italy she may get away with this farce but in the US no way. she is in denial and clearly deluded. if people stopped enabling idiots like madalina we would see more true talent on our scenes and in our magazines.

  • Seriously

    @Amanda132: Wow, either you are ~Kathy or a minion spouting off the same old lines. It’s Ariel, btw, not Ari. If you are going to copy her words, at least correct the mistakes.

  • reveal

    if she got well known on Hollywood people that know her to be older will sell their stories and they’d be snapped up. all the lies would be brought up. if she had other things going for her, it would be excused but she is all lies and plastic. so the spell is broken once you know her breasts and lips are fake. she isn’t a ballerina, she wasn’t born on 8/8/88, all her breaks came from men she was dating, she cant play piano properly (i remember the video of her tapping the piano with one finger very badly. funnily enough that didnt appear on her facebook page like all other promotional videos she can’t wait to upload, wonder why?) her fans are stupid and mostly pervy men who follow most young women on fb. she will get a surprised if she becomes better known. annoying gerry’s fans was a BIG mistake because they will plague her career now. women in general can be jealous but once they realise she is fake and is essentially a gold digger they will have a field day with madalina. she has really set her self up big time to fail. that’s not the work of an intelligent woman.

  • Rosa

    @Seriously: Agree. GB’s Fantasy Island is open and taking reservations. Book now!!! LMAO.

  • Viva

    To be quite honest models, supermodels, & lingerie models hardly ever make it to the big screen, they may get sidekick roles here & there but nothing like black swan type it’s never happened! Beauties like angelina jolie, Charliez theron, Kate beckonscale all could’ve easily got onto modelling but knew they had talent so they didn’t go down that route!

    So shel have to make do with few photoshoots here and there & lets be real she hardly models for high couture or walks ramps regularly just a Z-list model

  • mardi gras

    @golddiggin: bigger and better actors have found their small roles sitting on the editng room floor- let just say she wasn’t on the most recent cast list for the movie and knowing this one she may have just been playing with props to mitigate her boredom in Shreveport

  • mardi gras

    Fantasy Island is that Miami?

    Yes these poor exhausted actors taking yet another break, it is a wonder they have the strength to party so hard,

  • Connie

    @me too:

    And I suppose Gerry is honoring his “bride to be” by takingthose hot beautiful young twtter girls to dinner/drinks? From the look on her face Maddie displaying that ring is trying to convince herself more then others.

  • Rosa

    @mardi gras: Actually my reference is for the phannie spun remedies and bits of advice to fix an ailing GB. It’s sarcasm. Yeah, poor GB. :)

  • salutorylesson

    Did anyone else watch the UK documentary about the king in the car park?
    I was struck by the parallels to GB fandom. The Ricardians (sp) are abnormally invested, overly obsessed with this man and out to prove he was a wonderful man and king, and not a hunchback child killer of the princes in the tower. They have a worldwide website promoting their cause.
    When he was indeed revealed to be a hunchback their leader was visibly uoset to be found mistaken. Overseas Ricardians even dared to challenge this, although the exchange wasn’t shown in full. Their delusion was evident.
    Their ‘fandom’ has achieved something, even I’d it wasn’t the positive outcome they hoped for. How could they prove his innocence if at least one element if folklore, the hunchback, was factual?
    Jj, WO, Gals, RU posters, including me, are also over invested, abnormally obsessed, with GB. And I include me. But what do we hope to achieve? To convince the world he’s a perverted manwh*re and bring his career down? To influence his choices and raise him up to acting Oscar-worthy royalty? To marry him off to girl both we and his mother would approve of?
    I’ve news for you. Those are all his choices, not ours. And he’s managed to make a successful career and bring it down all by himself. And ge certainly doesn’t need our help with his lovelife. So what us the purpose of being in here?
    Well, there is none, other than to massage the mentally ill, distract from the stuck in a rut, and amuse the humdrum lives we must lead if we were fulfilled people we wouldn’t be here 24-7. Seeing it on screen last night was uncomfortable.
    From phannie to hater, we are a pathetic lot. Including me.

  • tuesday

    I come here to check out the latest pics of GB and to express my unending love :)…while other women are actually out in the real world conversing with him. Ah, such is life.

  • Rimini

    Don’t be silly guys eerrrmmmm he was just inviting them girls bcoz he was prob doing research for his next role or even asking their advise on what to get his girlfriend for valentines day! He’s so committed & loyal that he would never eye or be interesting in 20 something year old I mean what romanian women like her must have us mere mortals can not come close

  • Kathy

    I have a special mind soul connection. He will turn it around because I will it.

  • Banter

    @Rimini: This is like watching a soap opera for me with Gerard as the leading man. His obsession with physicality and youth is so superficial. Intelligent and high self-esteemed women are entertained yet bored at the same time.

  • YouNeedHelp

    @Kathy: You really are obsessed with GFW. I don’t know what she ever did to you, but you are so obvious in your attempts to make her look bad. All you do is make yourself look completely ins.ane. Everyone knows GFW’s writing style, and you are terrible at faking it.

  • mm

    Leo is HOOOOTTTT!!!

  • GFW

    Stop it imposter #114.

    That is not me.
    who is reporting your post, get it? Now back the f off. It isn’t funny.

  • GFW

    Thank you I.
    Just “flagged” #10, #17 and #114. They’re frauds. And lonely and want me here. I won’t play. If you see me here after this, it’s not me. Enough is enough.
    And the Amanda on the first page isn’t the real Amanda either.

  • Banter

    @bright: Antonia Iacobescu has self-esteem and grew up in the USA. She is not begging to move out of a country with little opportunity. You can’t compare just because she is Romanian.

    Oh, Gerry, she is another one tht is your type. But she may not put up with your b$$))s.

  • Seriously

    @GFW I think they really want you out of here. You don’t deserve the abuse any more than Maddy does. Might want to think about that during your sabbatical.

  • gigibee

    @ salinedjon He smelt gorgeous when I met him at The Lowry Hotel during Soccer aid.No cheesyness whatsoever!:-)

  • Clamsie

    @salutorylesson: The main reason I come here is for gossip re Gerry. And of course, to stir the pot haha. I believe he thinks he’s in love but of course I don’t have any way of knowing for sure. No one else does, either.

    I find it hilarious that so many phannies are so upset over his choice of women to hang with. Who else is he going to date? He’s never gone for nice girls. He prefers porn stars and actresses of questionable virtue. Let’s be realistic. He doesn’t hang with doctors and librarians and he never will.

    I was a fan but years and years ago. I gave up on him around the time of 300′s release when I realized he didn’t have anything new and thrilling ahead. It was all lies. Burns was never to be and over half the projects he was rumored to be part of never materialized. Then came the craptastic films. It was clear to me 5-6 years ago that his career was on the skids.

    I don’t hate him and keep hoping he’ll pull himself out of his rut but he never does.

  • gigibee

    When I say met him at the Hotel I meant at the bar with all the rest of the players too…..not some sleazy hookup!!!Sounded dodgy after re-reading it.

  • bright

    @Banter: madalina apparently moved out of Romania when she was 14?? she left there and has lived in Milan for years. what do you mean she’s trying to leave a poor country? she wasn’t poor anyway, her mother is a vet and her father was a professional footballer and works for a construction company. Antonia has a great personality isn’t a massive liar and is very likeable unlike mg. Antonia is also a lot more beautiful than madalina and naturally so. madalina screams desperation. i’ve never seen a video or quote from madalina that has made me laugh or smile she has no personality at all.

    what i’m saying is that Romania has far more beautiful and likeable women with star quality in the world of entertainment to offer, but i guess they don’t bed hop like madalina does. if you believed mg’s pr, you’d think she was Romania’s star, she isn’t even in the top 10 if you look at who else is out there. all lies and sleaze.

  • Hello

    @Clamsie: I don’t hate him and keep hoping he’ll pull himself out of his rut but he never does.
    Could have fooled me. As far as I can see, his life isn’t over yet. All you do is try to insinuate that he is gay every chance you get. Yes and stirring the pot for what reason, certainly not because you admire him for his Shakespeare role in Coriolanus or MGP and haven’t even seen OHF yet.
    You don’t see him hanging with doctors?? Who do you think he is walking the beach with?..Apple Bob is a fine doctor and a great reputation besides. Freddy and AV are very good people and close and loyal friends.
    Burns is a financial problem as are many films these days. His life isn’t over by any stretch, God willing. I look foreward to see what he will do next. Perhaps a viking movie with mel directing. Willing to wait and see.
    So, you have been hanging around here all these years since “300″ because you gave up on him after seeing it? What’s wrong with that picture?
    You said you don’t know if he is in love and nobody else does either, and you know that the people he dates are not nice people. I give up. Glad that everything was so clear to you 5 or 6 years ago.

  • Clamsie

    @Banter: I don’t think you or anyone here is qualified to know what “type” he likes. I bet he doesn’t know himself. He knows what he likes temporarily, IMO. But who knows what’s ahead? He doesn’t so how can YOU think you know?

  • DocP

    Okay I have to say something, for those of you who have read my comments you know I’m not a Maddie supporter . And though I agree with your philosophy regarding career advancement, I do think you guys are to harsh on this girl. This thread is about Gerry yet some here just want to constantly bash MG. I do agree that you should work at perfecting your craft when it comes to getting ahead in life, I don’t believe in using others however I was aught that. My father let me know that I could do anything if I worked hard enough for it. Most of us have either been taught or learned through experience that in order to succeed in life you have to do it yourself. We don’t know what this girl was taught, no doubt others have told her things and she believed them. As far as having implants and lip injections? Well from what I understand that’s pretty much the norm for Hollywood so she should fit in just fine. We the public have accepted this from Hollywood by supporting actors/actresses who feel the need to do these things. It’s a superficial world and sadly so many buy into what Hollywood and the media is trying to sell us. I do think that more and more people are speaking out and it’s getting better but it will lays be tha case in Hollywood that the more attractive you are to the public the better chance you have in succeeding. I just wanted to say I don’t see the need to constantly bash this girl. You actually make me feel sorry for the girl. As far as Gerry, his face looks puffy. He leant look to happy in these pics from Miami. Perhaps MG put the scr/Wes to him to get married or maybe she is realizing he’s getting older and there are better looking younger guys out there that she likes better. Who knows, I do hope he and Mel can get together to do a really great epic movie. It would definately give both their careers a much needed boost.

  • Hello

    @Clamsie: Well in your last post, you sure seem to know exactly what type he likes. Make up your mind dear. You don’t know squat but spend a lot of time telling us all what you don’t know.

  • Farah

    His career starting going downhill when he started doing stupid rom coms and the lowest point is when he hooked up with Brandi not that I have anything against her but have you ever heard of a leading an A-list actor hook up with a reality tv star c’mon if that’s not career suicide the cherry on the icing was being a marriage wrecker how does one re-build their image after that! He only went to rehab straight after them scandals as ppl would think he did those as he wasn’t in his senses! he should’ve checked into rehab ages back n for a full course!

    I hope for his sake the OHF does well otherwise his career is almost over no one will want to bank money on him! Can’t believe how stupid he can be for some cheap thrills would risk his value bring on the red arrows

  • New Thread
  • @clamsie

    @Clamsie: I think Banter means that Antonia has arms and legs and is living and breathing = therefore she has a chance with Gerry. in all seriousness, after watching a vid of Antonia she seems really funny as well as beautiful so I think Gerry would love her. He’d have more of a good time with her than with Miss Serious Face AKA I take myself too seriously Madalina.

  • casandra

    Antonia was named sexiest woman on 2012 by FHM Romania and she is a singer.Of course she is beautiful, but she is married and has a little girl.She’s also a career woman and I don’t think Gerry would prefer her over MG who is a sexier beauty.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10

  • Clamsie

    @Hello: Here’s what I said and BTW, pull in your claws. There’s no need to get snippy.

    I said: “find it hilarious that so many phannies are so upset over his choice of women to hang with. Who else is he going to date? He’s never gone for nice girls. He prefers porn stars and actresses of questionable virtue. Let’s be realistic. He doesn’t hang with doctors and librarians and he never will.”

    Please prove me wrong. That he’s dated many great women who aren’t porn stars or s l u t t y actresses like A n u s t o n and Brandi. Who is Apple Bob?

    Do you know for an absolute fact that he isn’t gay? No. You can’t possibly know. No one knows who he is except him and his closest friends and family. The rest of us, including me, are only guessing. All I can guess at is what I see in pics and vids. You certainly don’t know anything more than I do. He doesn’t appear to be the epitome of class and in no way could he be considered a gentleman with manners. He’s crass and crude and that’s been obvious for years. Again, what kind of decent woman (or man) would put up with that?

    The final two thirds of your post is gibberish and offtopic so I won’t address it because it makes no sense.

    You presume to know far more than I do about who he is. Good luck with that. I’m sure it keeps you warm at night.

  • Clamsie

    @@clamsie: You could be right. If she’s married, it hasn’t stopped him before, LOL!

  • bright

    @casandra: Madalina has cosmetic surgery to thank for that.

  • mardi gras

    @casandra: ha ha you set yourself up – why don’t you rephraseto what you really meant, that Gerry would prefer a subservient woman who will cater to his every whim

  • ???????

    @mardi gras: her comment was altogether confusing-Antonia won sexiest woman 2012 and is a career woman…so therefore gerry wouldn’t want her and would prefer maddy because she is sexy ???

  • Seriously
  • C’mon

    @Seriously:hahaha well if Lucy who says so. ..

  • littlebirdie


    Gerry’s not a homewrecker. The only one who can wreck a home is the married person who knowingly cheats. Gerry broke no vows and I feel the a person who cheats gets what they deserve. They were grown ups and the woman had to know of his reputation so I don’t see how he wrecked anyone’s home. She wrecked it and the same goes for a husband who cheats.

  • Please No More

    @Seriously: Pleasssse, no more on MG…(eyes rolling) this is a Gerard Butler thread…

  • GH


    “Gerry needs to reconnect to his Mum, Stepdad, sister and brother.
    He will feel better rather than letting any rift continue!”

    If only his dad and brother would have a good talk with him.

  • guesss

    Does he ever like doing anything alone? he’s always surrounded by ‘friends’.

  • Sarah Lorence

    He is such a Ladies Man. He keeps his Girlfriend happy with Lovely and Romantic Gifts for Women from AthenaToysDotcom

  • TJ


    Gerry has had many problems in his life and is prone to depression so being with people is probably his way making sure he doesn’t get depressed.

  • didi

    he ‘s dressing like askars

  • Viktor

    what Ray implied I am impressed that some people able to earn $9727 in one month on the internet. did you read this page, Run70.ℂOℳ

  • TV critic.


    “If only his dad and brother would have a good talk with him.”

    Agreed, it’s one thing his mother having a go at him but he could just put that down to mum being mum but he’s very close to his dad and brother and a man to man talk is just what he needs and he would probably listen to them.