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Jessica Chastain - Oscar Nominees Luncheon 2013

Jessica Chastain - Oscar Nominees Luncheon 2013

Jessica Chastain is fabulous in a floral dress at the 2013 Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Monday (February 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The Zero Dark Thirty actress is nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her work in the riveting film.

Jessica is nominated against Silver Linings Playbook‘s Jennifer Lawrence, Amour‘s Emmanuelle Riva, Beasts of the Southern Wild‘s Quvenzhane Wallis, and The Impossible‘s Naomi Watts.

After the luncheon, Jessica will head back to New York for the final week of performances in her Broadway play The Heiress.

FYI: Jessica is wearing an Erdem lace dress.

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Courtney

    Eh.. I’m rooting for Jennifer Lawrence

  • ben

    she looks so old this dress SO ugly floral WTF?

  • talia

    @Courtney: jennifer lawrence’s performance is overrated in SLP, bradley cooper is the only reason I forced myself to finish watching the film cos it was soo boring.

    Jessica Chastain or Emmanuelle Riva for oscar win although I’d love to see Naomi Watts win

  • Anya

    Beautiful woman.

  • Czarina


    I keep reminding myself that I’m on Just Jared, so of course majority of posters are going to be Jennifer Lawrence fans… but I think performance wise, hers was the least challenging of all the other performances as she’s already outspoken and witty.

    I have yet to see Amour, but I’d be happy to see Chastain or Watts win.

    Jessica is looking mighty elegant.

  • Girlfriend please

    She’s a real actress! She’s not being supported by that machine Weinstein!

  • ana

    She deserved oscar for “Help” she was amazing in it. In ZD30 she was great too, but to me best performance gave Naomi Watts. Jennifer Lawrence is overrated and her oscar campaign is so annoying, In Letterman she was showing her pictures whithout make-up or in bikini, but no clip from her movie cause SLP was already out for 2 months. She attendet some program just to talk about her dress malfunction and now Jimmi Kimmel what she promote except herself? She has no movie out. And her SNL was horrible.I hope Jessica Chastain or Naomi Watts will win.

  • nina

    well its picture of jessica and everybody talk about jennifer well i guess y are obsessed WITH here so many jealous OMG

  • Tomesa

    @ana: I agree. She and Anne Hatheway are running the worst Oscar campaign this year.
    People who call Jessica a famewhore are dumb. How can she be a famewhore when she is only papped at one location ie the theatre she works at? Other then that she only get papped at these award things like this one.
    Jennifer is still promotong Sliver Lining playbok, which came out over 3 months ago. Lame. Her SNL was disateruous. Many non-comdiec actors have done well on SNL, why not her?

  • Tomesa

    And Anne Hatheway did the same thing as Jennifer, publiclly talks about her dress malfucntion to. I remember she was the one that brought it up when she was promoting Les Mis.

  • Cate

    She looks so beautiful. The dress compliments her.

  • Czarina

    That is what’s so admiring about Chastain, her conscious decision to keep her private and professional life separate. And when she is confronted with questions about her personal life she handles it with grace… no walk-outs or tantrums or diva moments during interviews.

    A sense of mystery in a person makes them that much more attractive and appealing!!!

  • lily

    One of the most reliable and versatile actress I’ve seen on the silver screen lately. I’m glad she gets public recognition.

    The competition is gonna be tough! I’m rooting for her but Lawrence, Watt & Riva may all get a chance at having the Oscars. They all deserves it, I loved all these performances. But my heart goes to Chastain and it’s ok if she doesn’t get it because something tells me that it won’t be the last nomination she’ll get.

  • truth

    fresh, beautiful, real talent

  • Jill

    That Oscar belongs to her. Im gonna be mad if Jennifer wins, no hate on her but Jessica did an amazing job

  • Frozoid

    She’s getting too skinny.

    At first I was underwhelmed by her performance in Zero Dark Thirty. Then I saw her in Mama and realize that she’s very, very versatile.

    Hope she wins the Oscar.

  • Yohji

    Don’t understand the sudden Jennifer Lawrence backlash, but it happens to every popular actress. I don’t personally think she should win, though. Out of Lawrence and Chastain, I would give it to Chastain though a lot of people seem to think her character was underdeveloped. I can see that criticism, but I personally thought she knocked it out of the park.

  • lily

    @Yohji: it happens when the actor/actress tries too hard. The public sees it and rejects it. I love Lawrence, I think she’s a very talented young actress but like Portman, Hathaway or Cotillard – she shows a little too much that she wants the Oscars. These women were/are in full campaign mode. Doing each and every TV shows in the us, talking about personal stuff rather than their craft. And it gets on people’s nerve.
    That’s why i’m glad Chastain has her commitment w/ the Heiress, we didn’t get to see her as much but she’s there.

  • ha ha

    Eh.. I’m rooting for Jessica Chastain.

  • Czarina


    I don’t think Mama is the best showcase for her versatility. If you want to see Jessica’s versatility, I recommend you see The Debt!

    Multilingual – she speaks both German and English with a descent accent. She showcases both vulnerable and emotionally disconnected sides to her character, and not to mention she kicks serious ass in the film.

  • Arnold

    @lily: Marion did not campign hard like Natalie or Anne! Natalie Portman didn’t deserve the Oscar sorry. And I am a fan of hers. I think she showed her true colours during the 2011 Award season. Her husband is a fugly nobody and she is stuck with that loser. The Oscar didn;t really do wonders for her. Same goes with Anne. I bet she will win but it won’t do wonders either.
    Jennifer and Jessica should stay away from the Oscar. It wont help them.

  • Giorgio

    I really like her looks. Especially hair, lips and eyes of course.

  • Rose

    You idiots FAKEstain fans talking about Jennifer Lawrence and Harvey Weinstein campaign are blind or what? Jessica is campaigning harder than Jennifer, posing for paparazzi everyday, not only in front of the theather you A$$HOLES!, there’s lots of pics of her in JJ posing for paparazzis in the middle of the street, in the airport, at famous restaurants and many other places. Why do you think she posed half-naked for GQ during this awards season? or did multiple magazines covers giving silly interviews to talk about her hair, pretending to be a saint and playing the victim? of course she wants to show up! OPEN YOUR EYES!
    Btw, JJ is the only site that cares about her and keeps posting her annoying staged pics everyday, it’s pretty clear that she is paying Jared for her non-stop campaing here.
    And before some stupid teenager The Help fan appears here calling me “JLaw fan”, I’m saying now that both Jennifer and Jessica are MEDIOCRE AND OVERRATED ACTRESSES who will dissapear soon! none of them deserves not even a nomination for the worst performances of this awards season! but the lobby and the stupid american pride bought this for them.

  • Lozi

    Rose is the one commentor who likes to bash Jessica Chastain under diffrent names. Go away nobody.
    You are talking about when she went out for dinner 2 days ago? When she was walking down the street last week?
    Jennifer Lawrence is featured more on JJ but would you call her a famewhore? She has been papped walking down the street, going to eating places too,etc. You also said Jessica made racist comments but I saw the interviews and see her saying any racist remarks.
    Jessica is not campiging for the award like Anne Hatheway.
    That is the only actress who looks really desperate this time.
    Go away you foolish little 12 year old cunt.

  • Czarina


    Getting dubbed names like Brangelina, TomKat and now J.Law immediately screams famewhore in my books. You get talked about so much that people have to chop your name in half! LOL….

    Whatever your frustrations are, there’s no denying that Jessica Chastain is RELEVANT to the media right now… embrace it… I’m glad she’s getting the coverage she’s getting because I’d be happy to see posts of her any day.

    If you’d rather read “news” of the different sort, you can read up on crap like “Kim’s manicure Monday!” because to some I’m sure it’s very very VERY relevant to know such things. LOL!

  • Rose

    @Lozi: Anne Hathaway is the only actress campaigning in this awards season? FAKEstain is not campaigning? LOL
    Do you believe in Santa Claus too?
    Isn’t Jessica the one who is giving daily interviews saying how much she cried everyday on set watching torture scenes?, whining about the fact that she doesn’t have a boyfriend because she is too shy with guys?, whining about being a redhead in Hollywood and pretending she lost roles because of the color of her hair?, saying how honored she feels playing a (fake) character in a crap movie who represents one of the worst things americans teach to the world: the prejudice and hatred against Muslims?, and she is not posing for paparazzis everyday? REALLY?
    No, she is not doing any of those things in this awards season and is not desperate for an Oscar, my grandma is!
    Who do you think you are to talk about racism? JJ is deleting all the racist comments you leave here, shut up!

    @Czarina: JessFAKE is a famewho-re just like the others you mentioned, I can’t see any difference between them. And you prefer read crap news like “Jessica is walking down the streets with a stylish bag smiling to the cameras again” like JJ puts here EVERYDAY, I’m sure this is much more relevant for you Lozi/Czarina/Tomesa/Whatever you are!
    JessFAKE really deserves this kind of fans! She will never be on the same level of truly talented actors like Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett and Daniel Day-Lewis, actors who didn’t have to do stupid and desperate things to win an Oscar because they can get it only by their TALENT, but JessFAKE only knows lobby and c@cksucking, not talent!
    Now go back to watch her “amazing” movies Mama and The Help that were specially made for stupid kids who believe in Santa Claus like you! =D

  • S

    Chastain has talent, but the way she cultivates the “I’ve worked my a$$ off and gotten where I am today from scratch, the good, old-fashioned, wholesome way” public image is a bit overdone and not altogether true.
    She has worked hard in comparison to, say, the offspring of famous celebrities, or actresses who have shamelessly slept around to get cast.
    But she absolutely did have influential connections who opened A LOT of doors for her in Hollywood. Connections without whom she may not have been enjoying the level of opportunity and success she has recently garnered. There is a reason she catapulted from no-name to award-nominated film actress in such a short time — she had help climbing that precarious Hollywood ladder.
    She’s ambitious, and that’s admirable. But regardless of what she claims, she has always wanted this level of recognition, and the fame and money that comes with it. This would be fine if she didn’t try so much to make it seem like she’s not in showbiz for the extra perks. It’s the feigned naivete that grates.
    She still seems pretty grounded right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, with a continued success streak, she lets things go to her head eventually.