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Katie Holmes Celebrates with Suri, Gets Breakfast with Lawyer

Katie Holmes Celebrates with Suri, Gets Breakfast with Lawyer

Katie Holmes and her lawyer Jonathan Wolfe head out for breakfast together on Monday morning (February 4) in New York City.

The day before, the 34-year-old actress and her daughter Suri left their apartment en route to a birthday party.

Katie let her little one carry a big present from Alice’s Tea Cup, a cute tea shop and cafe in various locations around the Big Apple.

It was recently announced that Katie will be skipping New York Fashion Week, which begins this Thursday (February 7).

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri heading to a party…

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katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 01
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 02
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 03
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 04
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 05
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 06
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 07
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 08
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 09
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 10
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 11
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 12
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 13
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 14
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 15
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 16
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 17
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 18
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 19
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 20
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 21
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 22
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 23
katie holmes celebrates with suri gets breakfast with lawyer 24

Credit: Zelig Shaul/ACE, Elder Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Nola Bee

    Pretty child. You can see a bit of Tom in her in these shots.

  • K-FLOP – No Glass Slipper

    katie is beautiful and will return to make success as an actress. She has my respect and admiration for her fight for her daughter and away from a religious fanatic (unfortunately, his adoptive father). I feel for the children, the oldest of three abandoned mothers, the youngest, used to leverage fame and hide something ….. and never know who your real father.


    She needs to just let it go your 15 minutes are up sick of seeing her and looking at her can’t you people come up with anything else but the ex wife of Tom Cruise who cares I bet she called the paps on this photo op look at me in your face Tom

  • Suri’s Hands?

    What’s up with Suri’s hands? That’s not a normal or comfortable way to carry a box.

  • Daretobehonest

    @LONDON TIPTON STUPID SEA SCHOO: No! We want her to succeed. I think even the naysayers are cheering her on. It’s just the fear of failure or success or succeed complex. She represents every woman who gets herself out because she wants more for herself.

  • SalineDijon

    The walking dead.

  • Question

    Why do we know where the gift was bought and that they are going to a birthday party?

  • Lack of Class

    @Suri’s Hands?: Are you phucking kidding me?? Normal, as opposed to the abnormal way of carying a box which your way is to place your hand inside your box

  • Lack of Class

    yes, I know carry has TWO Rs.

  • http://justjared saira

    Skipping NYFW?!? I read that Holmes-Yang wasn’t invited.

  • @saira

    Exactly! Just like her management dropped her, not the other way around.


    Have you seen her inmdb there’s nothing on it I wonder why

  • Avery4

    I hope that’s a gymnastics outfit Suri is wearing. If it’s a dress, it’s about three sizes to small.

  • Sarah

    @Avery4: She’s wearing a sweater with leggings. What are you talking about?

  • Ginger

    Did Tom Cruise completely abandon Suri? He never visits her and she never goes to his film sets. Its such a shame. Katie needs a boyfriend to buy her Romantic gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • K-FLOP™

    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” ….eh! whatev, the sentiment of the aspirant K-FLOP is not shared by the original moi.

    But on to the subject of the post.

    The media documented outings of K-FLOP and her lawyer –

    There is the one where most of the media pics attempted to crop his wife Renee out –

    And then there is the 2012 Broadway Dreams Foundation Champagne And Caroling Gala where Renee seemed totally MIA –

    Another lawyer-friend or just business?

  • dani

    Mmmmm. she absolutely beams whenever she with him. Mmmmm.

  • K-FLOP™

    “Our collection embodies the minimal-luxe Holmes & Yang aesthetic: a feminine approach to classic men’s wear.” — Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang, Holmes & Yang”

    “The inspiration of the line is real people ‘mixed with Diane Keaton,’ says Holmes.”

    Diane Keaton/Annie Hall/Ralph Lauren = Been Done —->>>Next

    Nothing new in H & Y version of Annie Hall style; besides from the pictures of their designs their version looks very amateur.

    Imitation [in this case] is the sincerest form of half-@$$-ed.

  • annie

    I think K-Flop shoud be our resident detective, she comes up with all this stuff.
    Well , I just saw some pics of Bobbi Brown in the UK, WITH A BACKDRPO OF LOTS OF PIS OF HER DOING kATIES MA

    I think K-Flop should become our resident detective, she finds all these links to everywhere….so I’m going to ask K-Flop for a favour if I can.
    This morning I came across a pic of Bobbi Brown in the UK, with a backdrop of, I’m sure lots of pics of Katie(not totally sure) and some models wearing Holmes / Yang, but can’t find other info about it.
    Do you think you could do some investigating please. I’m serious.
    Thank You.

    I’m mmmmmmmm too about her lawyer , have been from the very first time they had dinner with the wife .
    At that function he’s very , very attentive, they might be be just good friends, Katie loves her male friends, but……

  • annie

    wow, i’m sorry about that…….I meant to say a backdrop of lots of pics of katie, with bobbi brown doing her makeup.

  • Suri Is Stimming!
  • Suri Is Stimming!
  • Katie and her current BFF
  • Amanda


    Wether he visited his daughter need to let you know? Who do you think you are?

  • Daretobehonest

    I just want her acting career to blossom. Screw all this husband snatching. U people are a bunch of hens on a witches hunts.

  • Daretobehonest

    @K-FLOP™: And meanwhile back at the homestead; in my night stand, my “Things that I am Greatful For” list: No one to undermine me when I set limits for my child. No one to undermine me when I chart out my day. No one to undermine me when choosing acting gigs. No one to steal my thunder when I am being adored or bonding with my child. No one to interrupt me if I need to sleep till noon. No one to try to satisfying the needs Of a middle age menopausal man. (Let’s face it. At 34, she is still in her prime. Wiser and not depleted.) I really think she needs to get off those stimulants and get an acting coach and revisit what she set out to do. A little yoga, a dance class. My God, a Sagitarian loves adventure. Just channel it so u don’t come across as an airhead: u know, “maybe I’ll try fashion today…”

  • Daretobehonest

    @Daretobehonest: if that isn’t a green +10, I JJ is either a trouble maker, bought out by Tom Tom, the piper’s son or people r too selfish.

  • Reality Bites

    Katie knew she would lose a lot in the divorce including the fashion line. This is not a surprise to her.. all part of purging Tommy Boy from her life and moving on.

    And the damage he did to her acting career will take time to rebuild as well. It takes time.

  • Hamlet

    Cruise made her as famous as ever and her acting career isn’t damaged, #28.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Hamlet: if I recollect correctly she hooked up with Tom AFTER Batman Begins; her career was just taking off and THAN along came Tom. I hear she turned down the next Batman sequel because of Tom. I know there r no regrets but she would be a fool to continue to sacrifice herself for him.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Daretobehonest: Completely agree. She has the talent. Just need to let go let God and stay away from all those stimulants and focus.

  • K-FLOP™ – Meeting w/Manager

    Although K-FLOP switched talent agencies (CAA -> ICM) she is still being managed by John Carrabino (here in 2011 –, who she was photographed with today outside of an office building in NYC –

    Planning the next K-FLOP project? Anyone biting? Mid-season show guest appearance?

    Well there is still the screening of the “Untitled Christian Camargo Project” in New York City tentatively scheduled for March to early April. [K-FLOP ***FINGERS CROSSED***]

    K-FLOP wearin’ those suede booties out!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @K-FLOP™ – Meeting w/Manager: How the heck do u have access to all this information? Be careful, u could get it for stalking. She does OCD on things (re: the shoes/boots)

  • annie

    See we have K-Flop, to do the research on Katie, but Loving Katie Holmes had it this morning, they’re pretty up to date with things and extras, which a fun.

    @ daretobe honest.
    you mentioned that as saggi girl she likes adventure
    yes that’s true, but, here i go with my little astrological insight again.
    Katie has no air signs (communication) in her chart. you need a bit of everything, fire water, air and earth
    Sagittarians get very enthused about things, have a great vision, about things, but get overwhelmed about everything, in Katies case things get overlooked , like details, because they get so excited and have a very restless mentality, but if somebody doesn’t have something in their chart to overcome this, and to rationalise it out, they are all over the place, it’s hard for them to put boundaries to things, like in Katie case, it’s more than just being Saggittarius.
    Katie has 5 planets in fire…..she’s very intelligent and smart, but because she doesn’t think things through, she makes rash decisions that are not always beneficial to her, and she probably doesn’t take advice too well either, she’ll listen, but the end result will always be what she thinks and wants.
    As you can see, I love astrology, been my hobby for years, it’s just that you can tell so much about a persons character, love it.

  • Obsessed Annie

    get a life

  • Daretobehonest

    @Question: +9 for that post?!?! OK Jarod; what’s up?

  • Daretobehonest

    @annie: Me too…. Never thought it was good for sag and cancer to hook up. Much less a lefty. Those right brain dominant people are a species of their own and if u don’t know what u ‘ve got…. SAD. Nicole is a lefty and both Brad and Angilina r ( as r Obama, Bush jr., Clinton, Obama, Einstein). I only know this cuz I have to live with 1; my dtr. And if u don’t know what u have ..Not Good – hence Tom Cruise)

  • Amanda

    @Reality Bites:

    kho think she can get a lot of jobs using divorce and her daughter, using stabbing in the back of her kid’s father(she even dare not say something offically). kho is just a despicable.

  • Daretobehonest

    @LONDON TIPTON STUPID SEA SCHOO: she needs to be more wise in who has her back: all sag’s – Brittany Spears, country singer who hooked up with Kennedy kid, Penny from Big Bang. When they r on fire . Get out of there way. I believe that if they don’t listen and know who has their they WILL crash and burn

  • Daretobehonest

    @Daretobehonest: She needs either an Aries or an Aquarious

  • dani


    Yes Hammie, her acting career is damaged. Whether it is because of marrying Tom or her poor choices in choosing roles. Almost every film she has done since Batman has flopped BIG TIME. If she hadn’t been Mrs. Tom Cruise her film career would be dead. Not many can recover from the financial showing that she has had in almost every film. Even the ones that were successful were less successful than the director or star actors previous films. Do your research Hammie. Katie is getting old by Hollywood standards. If her acting career is to go anywhere she needs a huge hit and needs one now. Unfortunately if you look at IMDb, one doesn’t seem to be one on the horizon. And although she has consistently been in low budget, indie types, her reviews for the most part have been lukewarm. Not a good combo–losing money/less-than-stellar-reviews to keep one’s career afloat in Tinsel Town.

  • Daretobehonest

    @dani: NO! Now more than ever is her chance: 1. People r suckers for the truth, the brave etc. 2. She is wiser, more mature and therefore more depth. She has one chance though, unless she does some off broadway 1st. Whatever comes up though, she needs to bring her A game. I.e acting coach. I could see her doing something dark and twisted like ….The Jodi Arius Story. .. But big screen material

  • annie

    a gemini would be good- opposite to sag and friendly to all her leo planets.
    An aquaruis would go down ok with the sag side , maybe not so much with the leo and scorpio side to her.
    Aries would go down well with her sag/leo.
    Still the Romantics movie puzzles me- it made 45, 000 in 2 cinemas,on a weekend, i know it was an indi, but others open in more, maybe at least 10. just saying.
    Look I like Katie a lot, and her best work is really coming , but she’s not going to have fire at the box office.
    She was offered a lot of roles when she was in DC, that she had to pass up, but made movies in her breaks.
    She also has a certain look.
    Maybe television is the way to go, and if she models, has her clothing line, and her business beauty endorsements, she should do well.
    Again you can see how much she has going on.
    I like a lot of stuff from Holmes/yang, it’s wearable, as opposed to a lot of others, but too expensive, and needs more fitted designs.
    She needs to make a movie with Leonardo di Capprio.

  • K-FLOP™ – VB, “ICON”

    “Busy Victoria Beckham gives us a sneak peek at her new collection as she gets ready for New York Fashion Week”

    Despite throwing herself into work since arriving in the Big Apple two days ago, Beckham has still found time to tantalise fans with a behind-the-scenes look at her new collection.

    Although Beckham is a relative newcomer her catwalk shows are one of the hottest tickets in town – and it’s not just because of her A-list status.

    Despite early misgivings, her collections have met with critical acclaim and have gone from strength to strength with even the Daily Mail’s notoriously hard-to-please columnist Liz Jones declaring herself impressed.

    Also giving Beckham the fashion world’s seal of approval is American Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, who has made a habit of attending Victoria Beckham presentations.

    Read more:

    ***Brand Expansion*** VB plans to launch a new clothing collection, Icon, which will be available on the brand’s new e-commerce platform scheduled to launch by the end of the month.

    HOLMES & YANG? @_@ ****CRICKETS****

    VB vs K-FLOP – “Certain shades of limelight wreck a girl’s complexion.”
    ~Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1958, spoken by the character Holly Golightly


  • Daretobehonest

    @K-FLOP™ – VB, “ICON”: I’m good with Kohls. I.e A-list is in the eye of the beholder

  • K-FLOP™ – There she is


    Ahhh, there she is..her lawyer’s wife [Renee] that is –

    The media [via K-FLOPs PR and Manager?] have a habit of cropping her out of the most viewed and circulated pics.


  • annie

    What I like about VB is she works at what she does, you can’t take that away from her, and excells at details, yes I magine it takes her hours to get ready all the time, but she has help in every aspect of her life, so I guess it’s not a big deal. She has something to sell , and she sells it, and I like a lot of her clothes.
    I have always said that to succeed you have to play the game, the dressing up, put yourself out there, sell your goods.
    As much as I like Katie, she doesn’t do this, even tho she has more natural attributes (that become stunning with a little effort) than a lot of them.
    For me , even as a major fan I can see it, and she really needs to do something about it, otherwise people won’t take her seriously enough.
    Even tho she is somebody who has a lot going on at the same time in her life, she’s very laid back.
    I remember an interview she did for Abandon, where she said this about her co star Benjamin Pratt.
    She said she felt like he was her brother, he told her always to be herself, and never let Hollywood suck her up.
    Katie did 1 topless scene in the Gift and she never heard the end of ”why did you do it” don’t let them do this to you. Well she never did it again, and stuck to nice bland roles .
    So for me , again, it’s like she can’t figure out, how to deal with things, how to incorperate, all aspects of her profession, to prove herself in all areas. Half of her has confidence-the other half lacks it, and she doesn’t seem to have people in her life to tell her, well this is how you have to do it, everyone seems to tell her just be yourself, I don’t think it works, in the ares she’s chosen to do.
    Still think she has what it takes to be the best in all she has chosen

    @obsessed annie
    don’t tell me to get a life!

  • Raquel C

    Annie I agree with you. Victoria Beckman knows how to market her brand, clean, well groomed, tailored, elegant, basic, etc. that celebrities wear her clothes. Victoria gets “it.” When Katie was with Tom Cruise, like it or not, she had a lot of help (nannies, bodyguards driving her to and from her Broadway show, etc someone paying the bills, mortgage, buying the grocercies, cooking, cleaning, etc. All those things that everyday folks do now Katie had to, not do it all but take more responsibility. By the time Katie gave birth to Suri, she was already with Tom Cruise so she didn’t know what it was like to have to cook and clean and do everything for Suri. I think she had a lot of help. When they split up, that was the first time in Katie’s life she was now responsible for another human being, her daughter. Made me think of the time when Cruise said in an interview once, when he met Katie she was driving a BMW and he had it washed and cleaned for her because it was messy inside. Makes one think that Katie is not one of those super organized, domestically clean persons. I say this because Katie goes through fazes, she is not consistent, some days she is looking nice and her hair beautiful and chestnut brown and healthy, nice makeup (probably going or coming from an photoshoot) and other days looking like a very plain janer (not good for her brand at all) and right now she’s is very much into the selling of her image (Bobbie Brown cosmetics and Altherner hair care. Katie is one of the few celebrities that is seen in public looking sloppy, its almost like she’s rebelling against the industry. And this is simply going to backfire because she is going to look ordinary, less than ordinary and people will lose interest in buying whatever she’s selling. Katie is not going to like that feeling NOR is Suri (even though she seems upset when the paparrazi are after her). We are fascinated by celebrities because they are famous, some are talented but take the fascination away and what do you have? Another oridinary person. I hope she figures it out. Like the New York Times said about her recently, she didn’t succeed in fashion, on Broadway, television, movies, etc., maybe Katie is really just another pretty girl from Ohio.

  • annie

    @ RAQUEL C
    Let me tell you about dark haired girls, this happens to us, when we go natural. Mila Kunis is pretty bad at looking natural.
    But I agree one thing about Katie…she
    s not consistant, I have always said that, always.
    I just saw a new pic of Katie with Bobbi Brown, and she looks so pretty, so yes things have to change if she wants success.
    You are right , she is rebellious, just by being herself, she doesn’t even have to try. I’ll be honest in that she probably drove TC a little crazy sometimes. But that’s another story.

  • Raquel C

    Annie, I also was at Macy’s the other day and saw a huge picture of Katie as the face of Bobbie Brown and she looked very nice but I did not relate that picture to Katie Holmes, I related it to someone that was hired and had face paint on and professional stylist. That’s what I thought of when I saw that picture. Why can’t Katie make an effort to be consistant or shabby chic. Most of the time she looks like an oridinary pretty girl and there are a lot of those in Hollywood waiting to bump someone over. Katie is deluded if she thinks going out like that will win over more fans, the opposite will happen and when she realizes it it might be too late. But maybe that’s just her. When she first got together with Cruise and she got the okay to spend to her hearts delight at Barneys New York one day she was shopping all dressed up and looked like a little girl playing dress up, she was clunking around in high heels. Definitely not the Jeans Katie. She looked like she was out of her league. Like him or not, through her marriage to Cruise she got to travel the world, met people, see things, and even go deep into her soul and question her beliefs, wear expensive clothes, etc., things she might not ever see again. But I think all that for her felt like a little kid looking inside the window of a bakery. She saw all the beautiful people
    (bs each other and she probably realized that have as much problems as middle class and poor people). But I doubt Katie will be an A list star she has too many talented actresses to compete with that don’t carry her baggage. At least she doesn’t have to worry about paying the rent.