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Rihanna: Don't Call Me a Bad Role Model

Rihanna: Don't Call Me a Bad Role Model

Rihanna steps out of her car in style as she heads into Greystone Manor Supperclub for a fun night out on Sunday (February 3) in West Hollywood, Calif.

That evening, the 24-year-old singer tweeted a picture with the saying “Don’t call me a bad role model then act surprised when I do some bad role model type sh*t.”

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In case you missed it, check out Rihanna on the cover of Rolling Stone‘s latest issue.

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna at Greystone Manor Supperclub…

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rihanna dont call me a bad role model 01
rihanna dont call me a bad role model 02
rihanna dont call me a bad role model 03
rihanna dont call me a bad role model 04
rihanna dont call me a bad role model 05
rihanna dont call me a bad role model 06
rihanna dont call me a bad role model 07
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  • SalineDijon


  • Rae

    Well, I certainly wouldn’t call her a “good” one.

  • Penny

    Whoever chooses Rihanna to be their role model is out of their mind, but I’m sure many girls got back with abusive ex-boyfriends because of Rihanna.

  • Lindsay

    This is a joke right?!

  • TSquared

    She isn’t a role model. She is the daughter of a crack addicted father, the product of a bad marriage and apparently is doing her best to emulate her father with alcohol and drug addiction. She could be a role model for a lot of different reasons, but she has chosen to drink, take drugs, hook up with an abuser and apparently if rumors are to be believed sleep around with anyone available. Is this really the role model you want to have for someone? NOOOOO. And it is such a shame because she has talent. Another Lindsay Lohan! Talented when young, wasting their late teen years and twenties on decadence. Sigh. To quote Peter Paul and Mary “when will they ever learn?”

  • SalineDijon

    This ghetto moron won’t be laughing when Chris Brown beats her up again. Girl is dumb. Dumb.

  • OhCramJam

    Special snowflake alert.

  • Love The Shoes

    @SalineDijon: Brava!!!

  • XxXxX

    OMG. Is she serious!? If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t even open her mouth on the subject. Ugh. B!tch PLEASE. …. People are scrutinizing Beyoncé for lipsynching ONCE but let me tell you that Bey is much more talented than this beating-loving hoe will ever be. They’re both coming to my town for their world tour … and I am so proud to say that I’m gonna see Beyoncé! #QueenBee

  • Sal

    OK, you’re no role model.

  • Kathy Murray

    Ok…well then we’ll call you what you really are…stupid, self absorbed ho.

  • Alaia

    Now she has long hair? I can never really keep up with her. It seems like she’s afraid of people being bored with her so she changes her image every five minutes. No consistency.

  • Elherbie

    Yes you’re a bad role model but nobody’s surprised by your shit honey!

  • snore

    irrelevant. there’s nothing rolemodel on her anymore. not even the bad. it’s all a casual thing. what’s it?

    brown? blah. old. no story anymore. and they still just do it!

    her exhibitionism? badass posen sh*t? weed? almost every photo has some of that.

  • thema

    who says we re surprised missy, ur so predictable

  • Mara

    Very eloquent, Rihanna… Do you realise that you – in effect – just called yourself a bad role model, thus affirming their judgement?

  • Roman

    sex tape please.

  • Notafan

    I don’t know what’s up with many of these ‘celebrity/singers’ nowadays. They sure are in desperate need of a huge dose of humility.

  • MrJetSet.

    Just shut up.

  • Kim

    Dear Rhiannon:

    “Don’t do bad role model type sh*t and then act surprised/annoyed when people call you a bad role model”

  • Michelle

    LMAO, I just noticed going through this website that theirs a huge Troll problem. A lot of hate against black women…u mad….stay MAD. Seriously, Rihanna (which some things I can agree on), Beyonce, Halle berry, Michelle Obama, even Kerry Washington who is practically a saint. It’s ok though, some people just can’t handle black women on the top…well get used to it cause there not going anywhere.

  • Qiana

    Well, It’s true. The media calls every celebrity a “role model” but then when they make a mistake, or do something unorderly they are like “oh wow, why is she/he acting out, they are supposed to be a role model”. Don’t give someone a label that no one knows they are going to live up to. That goes for any celebrity, not only Rihanna.

  • HelenaSK

    I LOVE RIHANNA. She is my role model, even tho she smokes, party and do some things that i don´t want to do with my life. But i love her so much, and will be her fan forever.

  • Jessi

    She’s offended that people call her a bad role model? You are a bad role model Rihanna and I hope women and men everywhere tell their children, but especially their daughters that. Do what you want, but don’t be surprised when people will call you out on it!

  • xoxo

    One day she’ll look back at all this when she’s older with kids and regret some of the things she’s done. Your children would be ashamed of you Rihanna.

  • Marie

    LOL. As if she did anything good in the past years of her exhibitionism, alcohol, etc … And if she thinks she sounds intelligent too in the mean time, she is even a much bigger joke.
    That girl should be forbidden to appear in public. I wonder what would remain of her then?

  • just sayin’

    Why does she keep talking about this stuff? I thought her bad role model type sh*t was Nobody’s Business?

    Dear Riri, no one’s surprised anymore or even acting it. We all know by now you got issues. If you honestly want people to start leaving you alone with them, then you would shush already. But I guess you can’t live (or sell records) without that kind of attention.

  • rikki

    rihanna we just call you what you are. a dumb, ghetto chick from Barbados who got lucky.

  • Toni

    @Michelle: I see people being hrd on all women here, it doesnt seem racist to me, it seems to me that trolls attack all the women.

  • Ms. O

    but you are a bad role model. I would never want a celebrity like you to advise my daughter or son on relationships. Please sit your A** down and women UP.

  • bla

    “Don’t call me a bad role model then act surprised when I do some bad role model type sh*t.” — WTF?

    how about you act like a grown fuc<king woman & stop sucking chris browns d<ck

  • jeremy

    she said before that she doesn’t want to be a role model. and i dont know why anyone should be a role. specially celebrities. it hollywood people

  • Ginger

    She has an amazing body. Her boyfriend is very lucky. He buys her Romantic gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • bea

    Keep on hating haters. She just keeps getting more famous and richer so keep the hate alive.

  • http://website Nyiko

    All this hate…..if you think she is so bad, why do you keep looking up every story written about her…….Rihanna, you are a beautiful and an intelligent woman, and keep living your life the way you see fit…….I love you!!!! people must raise their kids according to their right and wrong… is certainly not your responsibility

  • uh huh

    Type shit? I don’t think that is grammatically correct.

  • *

    She really talks out of her own butt sometimes.

  • Dirkstar

    Ri, you are NOT a bad role model.
    Your talent is to sing fine songs!

  • Kyla

    Rihanna is the definition of a “niggerish hoodrat”…Look it up, you might find Rihanna’s picture next to Chris Brown (and Felicia from Friday). If she ever wants to be the Black Madonna, she needs to respect herself, B/C right now, she’s not the Black Madonna, she’s Whitney Houston…and we all know how that story ended.

  • Jennifer

    @bea: Have you heard of the word “Infamous” or have you heard of Lindsay Lohan? Rihanna may not be hard to forget, but trust me, when people stop going to her concerts, she loses fans and can’t sell records like she used to…She won’t have the same bank account as she did. And in case you forget, her entire image is based on Chris Brown. You can’t have one without the other and her life with always be entertwined with his…even if they break up, she will most likey go back to him. And if she gets beat again, we may never know it since abuse happens behind closed doors.