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Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross: Separate LAX Sightings!

Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross: Separate LAX Sightings!

Rupert Sanders makes his way into LAX Airport on Monday afternoon (February 4) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old director was spotted for the first time since his wife Liberty Ross filed for divorce from him and he was not wearing his wedding ring.

Liberty was seen at LAX Airport as well the day before, where she wore a fur coat.

Liberty was recently interviewed for the latest issue of Love magazine and talked about all of the media attention surrounding her. “I feel like recently I am finding out who I am,” she said.

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# 1

Hes so handsome!

# 2

Rupert, you never miss your water ’til the well runs dry. Cheat on your wife and then claim you love her. It’s a good thing Liberty isn’t weak-minded.

# 3

Rupert is a PIG

# 4

OMG i’m so sick of these women wearing fur!! Why wearing fur when it does not even look good ? It’s horrible !

Wearing fur is wearing death.

# 5

i wondering if there going to move back to london…or at least liberty, yah know, fresh start far away from him

# 6

who cares about this two..

# 7

that is, without a doubt, the ugliest fur coat. in the history of fur coats

# 8

He stole that shirt from R-patz on his way out from visiting kristen :)

# 9

there is nothing appealing to me about wearing an animal carcass. i don’t know whats wrong with these women(& kanye west)

Her name should be Cruelty, not Liberty. B*tch!

i wonder how much their pictures go for?…jared want to fill us in?

never noticed this before but they kind of look like they could be related

From what I heard….Rupert has a small *****. Liberty was really unhappy with that **** and that is why Kristen wouldn’t sleep with him. After she saw that tiny **** she drove that muther f*cker home and went back to Rob’s big ****. Yep…that is what I heard.

Diliana von Bork @ 02/04/2013 at 6:05 pm

Two pics?
Her outfit is horrible. Nothing looks good. Throw the sneakers in the garbage, Liberty.

I read where they said she has put her kids first and has gone though this whole thing with grace and dignity…..WHAT???
She has posed nude !! How is that dignity?? How is that thinking of her kids?

I didn’t notice til now, he’s pretty goodlooking…

awww……..he looks sad. I’m surprised Liberty has clothes on, where are her kids? She seems to travel alot without them. Yeah, great mom!

He’s gross…eww…Pattinson too but at least he’s Kirstew’s age…
Liberty Ross was a high fasion model. Those high fashion types love to think they’re above everything, including any arguments for animal rights…or plain ugliness posing as ‘high culture’.

animal cruelty, take of the fur and hide for a while we are tired of seeing you so much please

wow. Doesn’t Rupert look so heartbroken and full of regret. not

Glad to be rid of them, isn’t that right, Rupert? Jerk.

CRUELLA DEVILLE ugly ass fur *****

I really do wonder who is raising their kids?? Poor children! Nasty parents!

I do not think these people have any fans at all or that anyone actually cares about pictures of them at an airport!!! Please Please stop printing them! No one likes either of them!

Good riddance. They are both horrible.

Wonder if his affair was worth it? He lost his wife, his kids and if she’s smart, his money….hope she was a good lay.

@anon: Considering what he did to his former wife and kids, I’d say he’s only worried about losing whatever money he has. Maybe he’s upset about losing KStew?

Loosing KStew???That trash isn´t worthy even for Rupert douchbag.

@shannen: hahaha you wish! KStew sucked his d*ck hard and the whole world knows that now! hahahahahaha

@jen: THAT is called being in the modeling business KStew fan, what’s ******** your boss in your car in broad daylight called again..?!

@Nora: only KStew fans don’t like them!

I hope he gets back with K-Stew. She needs a mature man!

I wonder if he’ll continue his affair with Kristen now maybe not cuz KS is busy pretending to be a faithful gf lol

he’s bad for cheating but read her pre-cheat interviews…she’s a totally embarrassing wife, talking down her husband and saying that she used to be much more famous. ewww

Rupig! Ruperv! He is gross. Let him go through his mid-life crisis.

Didn’t recognise Liberty with her clothes on, until i saw that ugly coat! All these photoshoots and interviews she is doing… talk about attention seeking and trading off of her private life. At least he has stayed out of the public eye and let things die down. Liberty seems determined not to let it happen. Remember when she said she was a ‘very private girl’?? lol

@nina: what? becoming quasi relevant after your husband macked on a 22 year old famous actress? Yeah, that’s really what being a model is lol

Their marriage was in trouble for a long time, she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring at the swath premieres either but people seem to have missed that. I just don’t get why they are still being pictured? She’s not famous yet i see her in tabloids way more than Kristen Stewart. At least Rupert is trying to let it go away by not going to showbiz parties etc. Liberty sucks, but mostly for wearing a dead animal. She probably paid thousands or else her new sugar daddy got it for her.

@Lorri: She had her ring on at the LA swath premeire. I don’t wear my ring all the time either.

Remember when Kslut said she was a private girl and boinked her boss in broad daylight? At least Ruperv and Kslut can now boink in peace.

why this two are news, ooo yeah fame at the expense of kristen stewart name

Sarah Lorence @ 02/05/2013 at 6:02 pm

He is an Amazing guy. He treats his girlfriends to the best Romantic presents for Women from AthenaToysDotcom

Dear C$nts @ 02/05/2013 at 7:25 pm

The furs are harvested with out cruelty, the animals are put to sleep 1st.
however that can’t be said for how they kill cows, sheep or pigs.
which are killed by cutting their throats after they have been hung up on a hook.

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rupig and kslut deserve each other. They are both nasty, selfish and low lives. Robert and Liberty deserve much better than those nasty people. Where’s kslut?is she hiding now?

@jen: What kslut did is much worse than that, are you trying to forget that?Kslut fans always look for excuses for her idol by vilifying others especially Liberty.

Recall the Facts? @ 03/02/2013 at 2:49 am

Why the hate on Liberty? It was Rupert Sanders (married, father of two) and Kristen Stewart (live-in “committed” girlfriend of Robert Pattinson) who were photographed grinding together, and later making out in Stewart’s Mini Cooper. Liberty had nothing to do with their infidelity.

Whoa! Hold up a minute. @ 03/02/2013 at 3:10 am

@Lorri: Just wondering, while I also despise real fur coats (however, would not bet $ that the coat was absolutely not faux) do any of you girls expressing outrage over wearing fur, do you or do you have a close friend or family member who: wear leather shoes — athletic, casual or dress? Perhaps a pair of leather gloves? Handbag? Anyone have a leather couch or chair? Or an iPad leather case? Know anyone with a leather jacket? Leather leash or collar for your pooch? I won’t even get into do you eat meat…

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