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Gerard Butler: Good Morning, Miami!

Gerard Butler: Good Morning, Miami!

Gerard Butler takes the day by storm as he heads out and about on Tuesday morning (February 5) in Miami, Fla.

The 43-year-old actor has been in sunny Florida for several days now, and reportedly hung out with some celeb pals last week.

Gerard, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill, and Mel Gibson all stepped out together at Story night club in Miami this past Friday, according to the New York Post.

The five guys have reportedly been hanging around together as they hit up several Miami hotspots!

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187 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Good Morning, Miami!”

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  1. 51
    kelly Says:

    ok ok lets calm down im not going to bash the ex or current girlfriend/golddigger im just want everyone to think if gerry walked in front of them how fast you would run to him and talk to him get a pic and offer your panties to him…. or would you take the high road and shake his hand and tell him how much you love his movies … I would freak out if he walked buy me and forget i was a lady lol…..

  2. 52
    How sad Says:

    @kelly: You must be very young. He’s just a person. Just like everyone else on the planet.

  3. 53
    To Bad So Sad Says:

    You poor man, you are into some deep garbadge with that one. In the US we like them clean and wholsome, the lady next door sells. Trash is in every city, on every street corner. Sorry for your choice, I really like you for an actor but ……….

  4. 54
    Seriously Says:

    @mardi gras: Not sure if I’ve heard a dumber line than this ever. Believe it or not, people in love actually do stay faithful. I hope your experience isn’t otherwise.

  5. 55
    dumdums Says:

    I think this is all just a bunch of PR garbage. They’re probably still together; he’s just thinks that all his phannies will come out to see OHF if he pretends they’re not. And this means he gets to have his cake and eat it too. “Oh no baby, I’m not really sleeping with all these young girls. It’s just so my fans will think I am.” Ugh. Everything about this guy and his gf is bs from start to finish. They both play their little games. Here’s hoping nobody buys it.

  6. 56
    Fan Pictures Says:

    We see fan pictures everywhere he goes when he’s in public, old men, young men, kids, gorgeous women, grandmothers, etc. There is nothing more to it than him being kind to fans.

  7. 57
    Banter Says:

    @Fan Pictures: He has a sour face in these past few days. Whatever the relationship, he had consistency for 9 months. It has changed him in some way, whether they were real or not.

  8. 58
    Fan Pictures Says:

    @Banter: Or maybe he is seriously missing her.

  9. 59
    DocP Says:

    @Fan Pictures:
    Do we know what was o important that he had o be in Miami while she was on LA? Was there a film festival or something going on? Seeing how there were o many actors there. The only thing is that he didn’t have a film showing anywhere that I read about. If he was there to support a friend that seems rather childish since most men would know to support their wife or girlfriend over a male friend. Something definately smells rotten in Denmark or in this case Miami.

  10. 60
    CeliaD Says:

    @DocP: She’s not in LA; she’s in Rome.

  11. 61
    DocP Says:

    Then why do the Getty images say Los Angeles ?

  12. 62
    What now? Says:


    Because the festival will be held in LA. It hasn’t started yet.

  13. 63
    DocP Says:

    @What now?:
    Okay now I see in the description this is the photo call. Well then it’s no big deal that Gerry’s not there, he should be with her in LA though, I would think.

  14. 64
    CeliaD Says:

    @DocP: 04 Feb 2013
    ROME, ITALY – FEBRUARY 04: Madalina Ghenea attends the ‘Los Angeles, Italia – Film, Fashion and Art Fest’ photocall at Capranichetta Cinema on February 4, 2013 in Rome, Italy.

  15. 65
    DocP Says:

    Yep I got it, I went back and looked closer.

  16. 66
    Side Note Says:

    Angelina Land is trying to score nine dresses for MG to wear in HW, and her fb pals are trying to promote unknown designers, instead of helping AL obtain the dresses.

  17. 67
    DocP Says:

    @Side Note:
    Where did you hear this? I take it by “landing” you mean having designers donate the dresses?

  18. 68
    What now? Says:

    @Side Note:

    The festival goes from Feb 17-23 that is 6 days. Hope she doesn’t need one for the Oscars!!

  19. 69
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    The Italia Film Festival is running from Feb. 17th-23rd. The Academy Awards are on Feb. 24th. I do hope that Gerry will be invited to present. He has a very importand film coming out March 22 and for his sake, sure hope he goes in either case. Bit of a sticky wicket no matter how you look at it. Seems someone else will be getting more exposure that week….no pun intended.
    One site said that he was going to his car today [above pictures]. It’s about 250 or so miles to his folks place in Fa. Hope that is where he was heading. It would be good if he spend some time with them imo.
    I know that people said he looked relaxed this past weekend, but I think he looked awfully stressed. Glad he was in the company of friends. Just can’t help but think that something is in the wind. Maybe I’m just getting tired. ha. and a little paranoid. Ducky

  20. 70
    Side Note Says:


    It’s on Angelina Land’s facebook. I didn’t say “landing” and don’t know what she means, other than she says that she needs to physically have 9 dresses in her possession. Maybe GB will fly to Europe and take her shopping again.

  21. 71
    Xanadu Says:

    Foreign women never do well in America. Tons have tried. Only English and Aussies manage to.

    And he is a louse. Some dolt Twittered that he invited her to fashion week and would pay for everything, she around 19. He can’t stop himself.
    Such a lecher.

  22. 72
    DocP Says:

    @Side Note:
    I guess we will see, if he doesn’t show up for her big moment in LA then we will know that something is wrong. Did he take Bianca to the Oscars or to the Golden Globes?

  23. 73
    Violet Says:

    If the festival is on from the 17 to 23, that’s actually 7 days. Likely, MG would need to change dresses between a daytime event and an evening event. But who knows.
    Teodora Burz (the Romanian image consultant) wrote this on her FB:
    “I NEED 9 (nine) DRESSES!!!! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL!!!! HELP!!!”

  24. 74
    Violet Says:

    If you look at comments under the post, Teodora is getting really desperate and b.itchy with her FB friends. She says she’s looking for “hollywood gowns”.

  25. 75
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    Maybe David Meister can help [Alan's companion],

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