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Henry Cavill & Gina Carano: London Lovers!

Henry Cavill & Gina Carano: London Lovers!

Henry Cavill and his girlfriend Gina Carano get into an elevator after arriving at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday (February 5) in London, England.

The couple split apart when they walked through the terminal so that they wouldn’t be photographed together.

Henry and Gina made their debut as a couple at the 2013 Critics’ Choice Awards when they hit the red carpet together at the event where Gina was nominated for her film Haywire.

It has been rumored that Gina will make a surprise appearance as Wonder Woman in Henry‘s upcoming flick Man of Steel.

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  • helly

    she is a boxer

  • Yohji

    Who knew they were dating? I sure as hell didn’t.

  • Kate

    WHAT? That’s his girlfriend? I see this all the time, can someone explain to me why really hot guys date unattractive girls?

  • kris

    sure he is very hot but something about him just no.i don’t know maybe his style.

  • patri

    Lucky bitc h

  • Jeannie

    He’s gorgeous! Lucky, lucky girl.

  • http://fb connie


  • Lucy

    he is SO PERFECT and she is SO BLAH!!! Open your eyes Henry!!!!!!

  • whocaresidont


    Because he is known to be gay, and it is most likely they are both bearding for each other. Don’t worry, I’m sure he gets his share of hot GUYS.

  • Leah

    @Kate: That’s what I’d like to know!

  • Viktor

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  • Chi

    She may not look that great here but that’s because she’s not wearing makeup and she’s just hanging out with her man. But she was on American Gladiators and I believe she’s an MMA fighter, and I think she’s actually incredibly beautiful and strong. So I’d say he’s the lucky guy! Congrats to the happy couple!

  • Marylane

    excuses = she’s ugly… (especially his side!)

  • Michelle

    I think she’s lovely and curvy. Go Henry! I’m so jealous cause he’s a BEAUTIFUL man! Congrats to them! :)

  • Michelle

    Did I mention he’s beautiful?!

  • brittany

    I always find it ironic when it’s another woman criticizing another woman’s appearance. Gina looks absolutely fine! Just because she doesn’t fit the beauty standard that you wish she looked like, doesn’t mean she’s not “good enough” for Henry.

  • Michelle

    @brittany: you are sooo right! :)

  • Tesler

    Oh god, another set up romance. Henry, you can come clean, we’ll still love you!

  • Hanna

    poor Henry. they hire him a girlfriend when all he really needs is a good stylist

  • Marianne

    she’s nice but looks 10 years older than him
    You can do it better Henry! lol

  • chockie

    @Yohji: Its rather old news that they are.. But I don’t get why they don’t want to be photographed together… why?? is it because they are not in love?? What are they hiding?? Seriously its getting a bit stale.

  • chockie

    @brittany: Agreed.. Though I have been saying it for months – something is off. I am a huge fan of Henry’s but I don’t see it with these two… they look more like best friends.. It does feel like a set up… I don’t know what the fuss is about his style for heavens sake.. At least he isn’t GQed up again.. though that might make sad 50shader

  • avant

    Its Superman & his Amazonian bodyguard!

  • jammy

    She looks like his STEPMOM!

  • Renata

    I get the impression that she is hypocrite like you have that thing back oculta but is a perversion

  • Renata

    I meant hidden

  • uh huh

    She looks like a dude

  • Jane

    to those ones who say ‘he´s know for being gay, etc’ Show a picture, an article, something REAL to demostrate your ‘theory’ non only mean words!

    and yes, she’s ugly!!!

  • Kim

    She is manly looking. Btw, look at the way she’s wearing her shoes, LOL.

  • Druzy

    Henry obviously sees something in Gina. Give it a rest for Gods sake! He is with her,get over it. I think they separated because they didn’t want to get hounded by happens all the time,when couples want to keep some sense of privacy,it never works, but at least they can try. It’s amazing if Henry is in a set up romance,that he is with her everywhere,even when there are no cameras around!(ie,when he and Gina where in Reno, until some guys spotted them,he said nobody in the room even noticed him or her) So if it’s set up,that’s an awful lot of work for nothing. It may come as a shock but not everything revolves around Superman! I doubt highly she will even be WW. Every negative comment about her,or him,comes from jealous people. I hardly if ever say something like that,because it’s so cliche,but in this case,I believe it’s true.

  • Irina

    Who said the looks like his stepmother hit the spot stop fooling around Henry can do much better

  • Michelle

    @Druzy: I know that’s right! :)

  • Camden

    I LOVE, LOVE these two together.
    Gina Carano is very and I mean very successful in her profession, I don’t understand why everyone is so malicious towards her.
    I also think its highly commendable of Henry to defy the perceived “normal” tradition and date a stick-thin model or actress. Gina IS actually quite gorgeous.

  • Camden


    Totally Agree.

  • cleo

    Well , I am happy for Henry , Gena is so pretty but I have Question :
    Why does always time Henry love athletic women ?
    He engaged before Show jumper Ellen Whitaker , and before , I heard some news about Henry dated the biggest loser trainer Jillian Michaels ,Maybe it is rumor ,i don’t know .

  • Jane

    what? Ellen has not an athletic body. Her face is ugly but has a nice body.

  • Jane

    I forgot… before Gina he dated this woman: ( (

    btw very pretty. Jealous! lol

  • Bf

    @Hanna: So true hahaha

  • Crica

    @Druzy: She’s ugly!

  • Druzy

    @cleo: @Crica: You think she is ugly,…Henry does not. What ever you think,you think,but,apparently Henry doesn’t give a rats ass what other people think.

  • Nes

    I actually think she kinda looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones, brunette, nice smile with her eyes smiling along, big boobs, curvy figure

  • Marianna

    I’d love to know what Henry’s mom thinks about this ‘lady’!!!!

  • Irina

    Totally agree with Marianna

  • Druzy

    @Yohji: pretty much everybody.

  • Delfina

    Very strange night overmight shown with this woman or not waste time or you nail a good pair of horns on Ellen…..

  • Troy

    @Jane: I think people are referring to the fact that before Henry was as well known as he is now, he often spent time in gay bars with gay guys. There are old photos online that you can probably still find. Who knows what the deal is, but it’s unlikely that anyone can prove he is gay or straight. Only time will tell.

  • Dani

    @Druzy Hounded by photographers?? LOL!!! The paps were called baby. These two need publicity badly.

  • Jane


    give me those websites. As you say time speaks, and several years have passed and he has had several dates with girls, relationships with girls. I don’t see something wrong or bad if he has gays friends, it is more normal- frequent in most European countries than american countries

  • Ambar

    Henry stop fooling around a fat woman is enhanced to the nth degree

  • Maria

    That under Henry noticed you fell need promote yourself in any way