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Jennifer Aniston: 'Untitled Elmore Leonard Project' Set!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Untitled Elmore Leonard Project' Set!

Jennifer Aniston chats with the crew on the set of her new film, the Untitled Elmore Leonard Project, on Tuesday (February 5) in Greenwich, Conn.

The 43-year-old actress will be celebrating her birthday next week on February 11. Happy early birthday, Jen!

The new flick is a prequel to the classic film Jackie Brown and follows two criminals (Mos Def and Will Forte) who hit it off while both are in prison for grand theft auto. When they get out, they join forces to kidnap a jilted housewife (Aniston), whose husband doesn’t want her back and won’t pay the ransom.

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# 1
Beautiful @ 02/05/2013 at 4:39 pm

Wow fresh photos!
Great look!

# 2

A prequel? Is that really as good as it gets for her?

# 3

This women is pathetic.

# 4

As usual, playing the girlfriend or the housewife, no surprise here. Good actress my ass. She could at least do something useful with all that money she has and try and help some unfortunate people. Or,at least,pay for some serious acting coach. Yeah, indeed, quite pathetic…

# 5

Hi granny Jen !!!

# 6

Wasn´t she at home waiting for the birth of her twins ?????


# 7

She will never ever be as good as Bette Midler in Ruthless People. Damn, she sure has the most unfortunate face. Tiny lips and eyes. Big nose. Long chin. The joker smile.

# 8

The hair/wig is badddddddddddddddd! She should never go that blonde.

Her nose looks even fatter that usual if possible.

# 9

A boring looking woman

VERIFIED FANISTON @ 02/05/2013 at 4:58 pm


Jackie Brown was based on Leonard’s Rum Punch.

She looks like Miss Piggy!

Does Justin not come on location with her? He’d rather be in NYC hoping to run into beautiful Heidi.

He has not worked for 2 years now! Spending all Jen’s cash on his skinny jeans and ink hair dye.

still getting hired even tho all her movies flop, why??
I don’t understand hollywood’s appeal with her.

I love the hair, too bad it’s probly a wig.

Filming another movie, no one will see.

Ssshhii_baby @ 02/05/2013 at 5:26 pm

bwaahaha…life imitating art!!! nobody wants get boring ass! in order fire them to make it believable she has to play a boring old Haag that her husband wouldn’t pay for random..maybe this is the role that will win her an Oscar!! it’s better than Shakespeare! ain’t that right, Just Loser!!! bwahaha


Like your life is so much better. You’re some loser trying to bash a multimillionaire celebrity who is just doing her job. Is that as good as it get for you?


What husband? We all know that Theroux just enjoys his time sucking her dry off money and yearns for Heidi, the only case in wich he maried her, it would be to to take half her money after he divorces and then runs back to the beautiful, classy, proud, anti-Aniston, Heidi Bivens;).

You losers are laughable. Dang, why so jealous and hateful? She’s only a millionaire celebrity just doing her job and all the trolls are out on their free version of AOL to ‘bash’ her. Geez, how pathetic are you losers. Whatever you think of her she her own life and is apparently happy with it. Cant say the same for you morons. Guess all the soap operas are off and you have nothing better to do. Hey, take a walk around the trailer park and enjoy the pig fight that is to take place at dusk. Wow..losers!

The only loser here is you, defending her. Her being a “milionaire” doesn’t make her less pathetic, doesn’t make most of her movies less bad and bombs, and it certainly doesn’t buy her dignity. Sorry, just the truth, loonifer.


This woman has a life, a very fortunate one. You are the one that’s pathetic. Your jealousy is smelly. Kinda sad to be so hateful against someone that has done absolutely nothing to you and is just doing her job. Really is a pathetic attitude and life for you to have. You know, there’s an app for that. Then again, I imagine you cant really afford a smart phone with that whopping mortgage on your 2 bedroom trailer in lot D. ROFLMAO..

@Jesus…: I’m sorry, I can’t take you seriously until you learn how to spell correctly.

Ssshhii_baby @ 02/05/2013 at 5:42 pm

@Jesus…: that’s the problem with these retardistons. they think having money is everything! sorry money can’t buy her class..or else she wouldnt stoop to the level of paying for a gigolo and paying for her own gaudy ring! people with class are not bff with white trash, drugged up boozing racist pig like HOndler!

WhiteSwan @ 02/05/2013 at 5:47 pm

How is the therapy going for you?????

@verified faniston


Ssshhii_baby @ 02/05/2013 at 5:53 pm

@Skye: oh you fancy now that one of your johns got you a smartphone! you must be in line of work like your idols character in we’re the, is that the pole dancer expert or prostitute…cuz you know, there’s a huge difference!

Ssshhhhi_baby @ 02/05/2013 at 5:59 pm

I sound so stupid here
because I have my Pro.zac without limits.
Don’t take me seriously people!

@Skye: I don’t really hate her. The botox and bad choice in movies has pushed me towards the indifferent mark on the scale.

All_the_banch @ 02/05/2013 at 6:07 pm

All the gang of stalkers is here!
(Or their nicks)
I must tell you :
having money is having freedom.
Freedom from morons around you.
Jennifer acts in the new movie.
But your song is old and boring.

2_bedroom_trailer @ 02/05/2013 at 6:13 pm

This is your MOTHERLAND.
Enjoy it!
Money are nothing – right? :)

millions of men love this “maly” face, take that haters!

Brad Pitt @ 02/05/2013 at 6:17 pm

I am in my french casa,smoking and wondering are we still on a break?

Brad_Sh11t @ 02/05/2013 at 6:22 pm

I’m in the cloud of my usual artichoke **** with Chanel
I feel good because this weed is good.

My girl is back! enjoy loon, vomit all his hatred and envy, as it en Jen has a wonderful life with her man she loves, family and friends work!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY GIRL ALWAYS BE VERY HAPPY!!!!!! ALL FANS WE LOVE YOU AND WE HAVE VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!

Brad_Sh1tt @ 02/05/2013 at 6:26 pm

sorry: artichoke f.a.r.t. with Chanel.
Love it.
Sushihooshie is stupid.
WhiteSwan sounds like WhitePig.
Jesus sounds like AGA.
So what?
Jolie is a trash anyway.


African Girl @ 02/05/2013 at 6:35 pm

A husband who doesn’t want her back?
Hmmm…..too easy!!

naturegirl @ 02/05/2013 at 6:36 pm

Mmmmmmmm i wonder if Aveno can help the puffer fish looking face

Heidi makes a nose job.
She wants to look like a Hollywood Actress.
For the next 14 years.


Bomb away Aniston @ 02/05/2013 at 6:56 pm

Another bomb, no thanks Aniston.

Jolie's_shame @ 02/05/2013 at 6:57 pm

Are you talking about Jolie’s fishy lips?
No Aveeno can change Jolie.

Aniston_shame @ 02/05/2013 at 7:05 pm

Pining for a man who dumped her going on nine years ago almost 9 years and she is going to therapy i wonder what set the old gal off this time could it be the tabloid gossip that Angie is pregnant with #7 or that Brad & Angie are going to get married in May

Marlie_was_a_BOMB @ 02/05/2013 at 7:08 pm

“Marlie And Me” success was like a Bomb.
It’s time to repeat this explosion.

naturegirl @ 02/05/2013 at 7:09 pm

FIshy lips i see sexy lips i have never seen Jolie look bad, she cant… old woman jen will do anything to hold on to her youth the youth that have fled years and years ago with her cinnamon face and leather skin botox scream mask look she is going to need a lot more than Aveno because all the cover up cant hide OLD

It’s OK Jen carry on with making movies…I love your movies and watch them all despite what everyone else says! Haters will hate, no matter what you do!

Really # 43? In what way do you see Jen pining over Brad and why would anyone want him if you could have a good looking guy like Theroux? Have you looked at a picture of Brad lately? Get real!

Love The Shoes @ 02/05/2013 at 7:17 pm

She really looks a lot like her friend Christine Applegate.

She does resemble Applegate here, but that is not a bad thing.

Her face does look fuller doesn’t it, the puffy look almost obscure her long manly chin

nature_BEAUTY @ 02/05/2013 at 7:20 pm

Jennifer has a great natural beauty.
Time can do NOTHING with it.
She was beautiful at 20, at 30 and at 40.
And will be beautiful at 50, at 60, at 70 and 80.
Nobody care about Helen Mirren’s age -
she looks good and everybody is happy.
Jennifer does yoga, she doesn’t smoke –
so she will look wonderful forever.

what Ray implied I am impressed that some people able to earn $9727 in one month on the internet. did you read this page, Run70.ℂOℳ


That is how I feel about her, indifferent and unwilling to pay 1 penny to see a film of hers.

Goldie Locks needs her curls back, LOL.

dumb looney tunes on JJ clicking at Jen’s page and comment don’t you even know they re making her popular I swear you loons live for Jen’s news she was number 4 last year only one behind skeleton Jolie.Looking great Jen


LOL!! #4 what? #4 most popular C-movie sidekick? #4 most reduced salary star in Hollywood? #4 most dumped actress?


Theres our beautiful Jennifer…missed our girl..I love all of Jens movies…

dumb_looneys @ 02/05/2013 at 8:45 pm

They say they love Angelina
but they are here on the Aniston thread.
Pervert feelings of poor people…

Booooo!!!! @ 02/05/2013 at 8:47 pm

Another Aniston dud soon to be released at a Wal-Mart near you!

What a waste filming time and money.

Can someone please tell me what happend to JL? Did she finally get some help or just went crazy.

Haters are insane in this thread. Ha, Ha……………..
I love beautiful Jen all the way.


Well said.


That’s you.


Your name should be Brangelina_Shame. You are mean, nasty and ugly as your idols. You do not deserve using sweet Jen’s name.

ChelSHIIT HOndler @ 02/05/2013 at 9:41 pm

Money can’t buy talent …Money can’t buy Beauty…
This thin chicken lips ChinNoseChinHO will FOREVER Knitting her EYEBROW.. over… and over… and over… and over… and over AGAIN… and AGAIN… just as she does in EVERYTHING she’s ever been in….
and calls it ACTING!!!!!!!!!!!

Your are wrong @ 02/05/2013 at 9:47 pm


Jen’s fans will love to see her movies. I always watch this beautiful and very nice actress.

sigh, not another one @ 02/05/2013 at 10:17 pm

Bette Midler was superb in this role in Ruthless People. That film is a gem with an excellent cast that is so funny each time it is watched.

This copycat film is just so redundant. At age 44 minus 6 days RGreen and her oh too familiar mannerisms is back. You would think that a person who has had an acting coach on set with her full time for over 20 years would have learned to submerge some of her tv characters quirks and take on a different personna. But no this never ever happens.

Oh snap, that would require someone with acting skills wouldn’t it? Which this mediocre performer sadly lacks as evidenced by her many same ole same old film roles……

Btw CCox is going to appear on Matthew’s new tv show.

missingJL? @ 02/05/2013 at 10:25 pm

are you missing me?
I don’t need any help.
I’m here:
##:1,27,29,30,33,35,39,42,44,51,57 written by JL.
Lots of my comments disappear every day
so I must change the nicks and E-mails.
But NOT the sense.

her ego is too big for being such a loser. she has no beauty or brains. all the money she got is from brad and angelina. she has to be a coversation if it related to brad and angelina. this will movie suck and her career is over pretty soon. she can sell all the
aveeno in the world but nobody wants to look a old roasted pig.

callingJL? @ 02/05/2013 at 11:22 pm

how can she have her millions without talent and beauty?
Money can’t buy brain :)

lol@ her husband doesn’t want her back and won’t pay the ransom. I thought Jen gave up playing these true to life characters.
callingJL? @ 02/05/2013 at 11:22 pm

Her handlers have the brains, she just barks like a dog does when prompted. They’re racking their brains and calling in any and all favors just to keep her working in these stupid films, which no other actress worth her salt wants. Hey, at least she’s working. She can’t stand alone, she’s always needed actors who are more popular ( at the box office). Those guys who manages her career works hard for the money.

wantingJL? @ 02/05/2013 at 11:33 pm

what about the 10 seasons in the Friends –
the best show ever for that time?
Do you think she worked for free?
How about $ 1 Million per one episode?
Just try to get what you said:
“…all the money she got is from brad and angelina.”
You are extremely stupid.
The most stupid hater ever.

OMGEEEEE!!!! She is the most irritating stupeed person anyone want to see in a movie. C’mon fire this beatch already!

Poor_Jessie @ 02/05/2013 at 11:48 pm

Look avove:
she is in the new project.
So why studios choice is Jennifer Aniston –
not someone else?

It's Simy Alanes @ 02/06/2013 at 12:12 am

@missingJL?: She’s a congenital loser in awe of Aniston. Before, she was a fanatical “admirer” of Katie Holmes, posting literally hundreds of comments per threads, trying to “save” Katie’s “popularity”…
Jared knows her, that’s why he keeps banning her & deleting her comments. Can you believe that filipino woman is 37 yo?! She’s an jobless immigrant (in Arleta CA), a spinster living in her parents basement. A lifelong loser.

@Rach: No, it is based on “The Switch”. “Rum Punch” was the original title of “Jackie Brown”

Simy Alanes' sexual inadequacy @ 02/06/2013 at 12:36 am

Simy Alanes is a congenital loser in awe of Aniston. Before, she was a fanatical “admirer” of Katie Holmes, posting literally hundreds of comments per threads, trying to “save” Katie’s “popularity”…
Jared knows her, that’s why he keeps banning her & deleting her comments. Simy is a 37yo filipino woman, jobless immigrant (in Arleta CA), a spinster living in her parents basement. A lifelong loser.
She hates on Brangelina, Obama. She’s a very envious woman. She has nothing going on for her and her whole life is posting 24/7 on
Tragic. No Love for Simy. No Grace for Simy.

Sushi_is_Alanis @ 02/06/2013 at 2:09 am

Our Sushi loves Katie and hates on Obama.
A parents basement!
It’s better than parents trailer.
No love for Sushi-baby!

“whose husband doesn’t want her back ” Lol, too easy!

I think this a good sophisticated look for her. She reminds me of Ginger Rogers here when she was older.

She has done nothing to warrant the hate towards her. It is disgusting and petty. She might be bland but what has she ever done to harm anyone? So what if she isn’t some missionary that helps poor kids? How many of you idiots give away a chuck of your income? Not very many. No one is obligated to do anything. Just because her ex was a philandering cheat like Eddie Cibrian it doesn’t mean you blame the victim.

Chelsea Handler is looking rougher than ever…oh my bad! I cant tell them apart anymore they both look like patheic drunk losers

Too easy!

She looks preggo

Wow, aging sux. Even celebrities age at a different pace…..And she was so sexy and cool once (in most of Friends’ seasons)

Aranka Paul @ 02/06/2013 at 8:43 am

While everyone is so hateful of Jennifer Aniston, I can’t recall any movie with Angelina Jolie worth seeing,. What, she received an Oscar for a supporting role (big deal) and her movies are not exactly on the “Citizen Kane” scale. Angelina Jolie is way overrated as an acctress but her humanitarian efforts are noticeable. Jennifer Aniston is doing nothing more or less than everybody in Hollywood is not doing. She is trying to make as much money as she can so she can retire in style. Why should she be hated for that. I don’t see Jolie Pits living in poverty either – God, they have a castle in the South of France, huge house in LA and probably apartments and houses in other spots in the world (house in New Orleans). Jennifer Aniston has proved that she can be a good acctress (in “Good Girl”), but if you are waiting for the right “role” in Hollywood, you might wait for eternity. She is grabing all these mundane roles because that is all what is offered to her. Why should she say no and not make money while she can. Brad Pitt’s roles are not all of Oscar caliber.

ChelSHIIT HOndler @ 02/06/2013 at 8:56 am

She looks like Naomi Watt mother …
She’s ugly and she know it… She’s been trying to measure up to the Sensual sultry beautiful stunning Angelina Jolie since BP dump her sorry A$$. Unfortunately All that Fake hyped up publicity .. makeup Artist.. Personal trainers.. Designer cloths.. Fat wallet .. She couldn’t catch up with AJ… Take a look at Jen face… One doesn’t need to pass 4th grade to see why.

@str ice:

I don’t either. I guess some people go see her movies, but it’s probably the same 10 that still watch Friends reruns.


I doubt very much if it’s anything to do with Angie or Brad, that’s old history. I think it has to do with the relationship with her mother. She’s got bit time issues with her mother.

@Aranka Paul:

I am not a fan of Aniston, but what you say is very true. I remember Sean Connery saying that he took on alot of movies that were crap because he needed the money. There will come a time when Aniston will not be offered any movies and she’s doing everything she can to get the money into the bank, but remember, she makes nice money off Friend’s rerun, so she’s not hurting. So, although I don’t like Aniston, I do agree with you on that point.

Angelina is a much, much better actress and will take on roles Aniston would never be pegged for, because she’s been put into the ‘Meg Ryan’ hole. Meg was put into the ‘sweet’ hole and could never get out. She did make that one movie with Andy Garcia where she played a drunk, but none of her fans wanted her in those types of roles. When was the last time we saw Meg Ryan on screen. The same will happen with Aniston.

why do you people always have to compare jen to angie – its such old news they’ve both moved on – let it go people!

Ssshhii_baby @ 02/06/2013 at 10:32 am

@Sushi_is_Alanis: hi Just Loser!!! awe how cute!! even when I’m not here you lame bissh still miss me and try to be me..this just proves you retardiston are welfare collector.. are a bunch of lazy ass can’t form your own thoughts ..can’t say i blame you since your old hag is boring. how can anyone be inspired by her except to be a bitter hater! can only bite off other peoples style..dare i say, your ass is OWNED!!! bawahaha

Aging is NOTHING.
Beauty is ALL!

Elina is right
aging is nothing.
Beauty is ALL.

Partners Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur say, “We have an absolute dream cast for this dream comedy concept. It brings to mind films like Being John Malkovich, and Eternal Sunshine, and in Justin Reardon we have a wildly talented and totally visionary director

Ssshhiii_baby @ 02/06/2013 at 10:51 am

Relax kid
I just told the biggest crap we can find on JJ
is your.
This is a compliment.
Take and you will get it.

Ssshhii_baby @ 02/06/2013 at 10:52 am

@Rocky: the huge difference is that her fans claim she pick these films by choice.”she is the most popular” the must wanted A+ lister, every big name director wants to put the tv hactress in their movies…she is doing these films becuz this is where she shines! she so cute and funny and never ages..the world lives her and she will win an Oscar! her acting will go down in history becuz it’s better than Shakespeare!!! she doesn’t want to be in 20 mil. films..she is all about the quality of the film..a true artist! only in their delusional mind in lala loonifer land…like Just Loser would always say, “don’t laugh me”…bwahahaha

I read your \wisdom\ and all I can say is
your native BWAHAHAHAHA! :)

THANK YOU JJ~ I am so glad to see more news about Jen’s growing success..She is in such high demand in the industry.. The plot sounds like it will be a good movie..She really is a great actress & everyone wants her to star in their movies..
Now the best part of this is watching rottensushihoochie’s head blow right off her overweight body..She has such envy for Jen she can’t function on a daily bases..Changing names every other post is so transparent..I laugh so hard at her & JL going back & forth..I know the J/P’s are out of the news & she has to spew her hate somewhere…She is all over this thread & will be until she gets hit by that car & becomes even more mentally challenged than she already is (karma)..Poor rotten sushi…It will be ok sweetie..Just take your meds & a few breaths & then try to post without looking like the complete fool we all know you are…Jen owns you sweetie, & you let her…

@ChelSHIIT HOndler:
Poor ShiitHO
how UGLY must you be
to say Jennifer Aniston is not beautiful?
Her father is Hollywod actor and a very handsome man
even now despite the age.
Her mother was a model and an actress
and no problems with her appearance too.
Why must their child be “ugly” as you love to say?
Just because thus is your only pleasure in the life? :)

Ssshhii_baby @ 02/06/2013 at 11:10 am

@_JL_: just loser time to put down the crack pipe!! I’m tired of the lame excuse that your mommy dropped you on your head too many times therefore, can’t think for yourself..look my lil retardiston I’m very flattered you want to be me..but you’re too lame and boring! could never pull it off..just like the TV hactress idol of yours..her AveeNO face needs to call it a day and go back TV land where she belongs..only place where retardiston can afford to see her movies..on lifetime channel..see her box office numbers if you don’t believe me…bwahaha

Anytime Welcome BB! :)
This place is an Aniston haters center :)
This place must be transformed a little.
It’s a complete entertainment.
So nice to know –
it’s not just for me :).

how is your bucket of Pro.zac pills?
Is the bucket empty on 50%?
Slow down kid.
This is an only source of your “bwahahaha-wisdom’”….

No prob JL…I think you missed it last week when I said you know “ME”…I have always enjoyed watching you mess with rottensushihoochie’s head..You really get under her thinskin…She is a nasty piece of work isn’t she…She feeds off Jen’s success…If that is the case she must be 300 lbs by now & growing..Keep up the good work..Jen will…:)

Ssshhii_baby @ 02/06/2013 at 11:37 am

@BB: (,BB)buttaface, you just proved my point again! bawshaha…awe I’m sorry my Lil short yellow bus rider…your mommy still locked you down in the basement? it’s only for your own good..she don’t want you pyschotic ass out terrorizing the world..i mean look at you!!! sorry to busy you’re bubble wishing a complete stranger to get hit by a bus is not how karma works my lil r.e.ta.rded one!!! i told you! you shouldn’t let a complete strange get so deep under your skin that it made completely lose your mind, and embarrass yourself to the whole cyber world…keep that cray under control honey bunny!! or else, the people your mommy warned you about will come take you away in white stray jacket! back to the Loonybin you go!!! bwahaha

I will be laughing my ass off when this mobie bombs too. The only chance for it to do any good at the box-office is the acting of the other actors because we all know Aniston doesn’t have a single successful movie where she was the star, there were always male co-stars who outshined her and IMDb so proves it:).
By the way, heard this good one on a Aniston hate site:
- Do you know when Aniston will finally become a mother?
-When one of her dogs give birth.
Lol. Looool

Another bomb in the making.
She must have financed her own movies!

And you just proved my point rottensushihoochie…It only took you 5 minutes to reply to the post name rottensushihoochie…Do you even realize just how stupid you are??? Jen is really getting under your skin huh??? You hate the fact that she is still in high demand for movies & your fav Ho is sitting in another country hiding her head in shame without any movie offers at all…Not to mention her boyfriend still won’t marry her..Awwww…Too bad…

@Rocky: Here is a news flash for you, Friends residuals were over last year, so hence the aveeno and fry hair products Ads.
Her price for movies drop from five million to less than a million, she only get offer roles in low budget movies now, (5- 15) million.
Why you think her wig look so ratty, no money in the budget for her personal hairdresser.
Plus she is supporting her gigolo, who has to resorting to performing break dancing, and dancing with the stars won’t even invite him on their show.

dogs_level @ 02/06/2013 at 2:58 pm

Sushi proved
he/she/it has a big problems
with accepting of normal peoples life.
Looks like his mommy decided
his place must be out of house.
Not even in the basement.
In the dogs cage.
So Sushi can’t see someones success.
When he looks at Jennifer he feels he is NOBODY.

Thanks to bb that ssshiii-baby ran off since being called out on stalking posters. I was getting tired of her making fun of people with mental disabilities. It was mean an I wanted no part of it. Now we can talk about how great Jen is. I love her hair. I think it is a wig too, but she always looks great! If she is starring in this movie, it will be sure to entertain.

@A Fan:
If the movie will be any great, it is going to be due to the other REAL actors cast, just look at who’s starring. Aniston has, as usual, a small, insignificant part.

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The only buzz she can pull is gossip sites like this and trolling every talk show that will have her. So yeah we will be bombarded with these crap onsite shots and her fans will oooh & awww. Yet when it come time to pony up to see the crap, they don’t spend their money unless there is a big name attached which she has not had in a while. So, this will most lkkely bomb like her other dud that’s been shelved. Studios are coming around to know that Aniston gossip buzz doesn’t equate to ticket sales.

Is Jennifer Pregnant yet? SHE needs more passion in the bedroom and should buy Romantic Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

Ssshhii_baby @ 02/07/2013 at 9:42 am

@BB: and you proved more then once how psychotic you are EVIL ELLIE!!! oopsie! you go by ButtaFace B.itch! bwahahhaha…my post was to Just LOSER as usual you stick your BIG BUTT into the yeah, who respond to who first? lol…its cute that i have my very own retardiston stalkers! bwahhaha every time i b*tchslap your ass you coming begging for more!!

@ A FAKE FAN#116…real fans goes see her movies…bwahhahaa..sorry to burst your bubble my simpleton.. (BB) buttaface bi.tch DID NOT chase me off anything! i know you bissh cant sleep…stay up 24/7 making up names trying to fight off the MEANIES JP FANS…bwahhahha….unlike you bissh being on this site24/7 defending your talentless headless beauty PR. Queen against all posters…i know you guys love when the JP FANS bi.tch slap your ass but sorry honey… i have a real life i enjoy! cant be here playing w/ you retardistons…maybe if you step off away from the computer take a shower once in awhile…maybe you can have a real life too! you don’t want to end up like your idol…having to pay for a druggie womanizing gigolo, and buying your own gaudy ring…at least she is a rich! i don’t think your welfare check will cut it! and remember to hold hands with BUTTAFACE B.itch when you get off the short yellow bus together! bwahhahhaha

You live in fantasies dear.
You have no one stalker.
Too mush honor for piece of work like you.
I tried to send 20-30 comments yesterday
from my home computer.
But JJ is a very specisl site…
There many computers in the world.
Do you it’s an ‘entertainment’ for you
to read you are a pitiful psycho?
Go enjoy it little mo.ron :)

sushi_little_psycho @ 02/07/2013 at 11:17 am

Hey ‘LOL’
who tjld you she has 5 millions per movie?
Your cat?
Is he a Producer? :)

$ 8-10 Millions @ 02/07/2013 at 11:22 am

That are the money she has.
Do you think producers are stupid?
Financial plan is first in every case.

First read than think -
it’s my rule sometimes. :)
But I see it’s OK.
Thanks! :)

Ssushiii_baby @ 02/07/2013 at 11:42 am

Why am I so pitiful person?
Nobody loves me…
Nobody wants to talk me…
I come on this thread more and more –

@Elina: Guess what Elina, you,re going age too. Faster the more you drink smoke and screw.

Epic Failure @ 02/07/2013 at 10:11 pm

Here comes another failed project JA funded. Spending her own money so she could be in movies. What happened to her Gorie Girls? Yea, figures that one failed even before the making. Courtney lead a more interesting life and I would watch but not JA, she too ugly and not an intellect.

epicjealousy @ 02/08/2013 at 4:27 am

Who is Courtney out of Friends?
She is just a JA’s BFF for all the world.

Jeeeeez you people are so ugly and mean – let’s hope your children arnt bullied like your bullyish comments.


My thoughts exactly!
Maybe they should reclassify this film as a documentary.
Too funny!

Not the best actress, not funny, and all her movies are boring. Maybe that is why Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer . Jennifer you are boring. You have the same look in your eyes that britney spears has (Medicated). matter of fact Jennifer you seem medicated in your movies.
Do not, I repeat do not wait to long your going on fifthy. Marry that out of work actor (who cheated on his girlfriend with you) and have your babies.Oh wow you did an Angelina Jolie on his ex, LOL. I do not think you really want children although they are good to claim on your taxes.
Do what all the others do at your age use a surrogate and. Now make sure the doctors make a set of designer twins for you .

You must be a brilliant business women. I. read that you are really rich. Good for you.!! Thank God you do make movies consistently (although they are not that good) and you are paid very well to be able to make such good investments. I am very impressed.

Live your life. I liked you in Friends but your movies really suck. Do something different.

Sorry those new pictures are the night of the living dead..she looks horrible..

I was an extra in this movie with her! she was great during the filming, only one day was she a b**** the wedding jitters that never happened. yes the movie is similar to the Bet Midler movie Ruthless People but it is not the same it is based on the book “Switch”. and yes she is wearing a blonde wig. and the comical parts she does is perfect!

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