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Jennifer Aniston: 'Untitled Elmore Leonard Project' Set!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Untitled Elmore Leonard Project' Set!

Jennifer Aniston chats with the crew on the set of her new film, the Untitled Elmore Leonard Project, on Tuesday (February 5) in Greenwich, Conn.

The 43-year-old actress will be celebrating her birthday next week on February 11. Happy early birthday, Jen!

The new flick is a prequel to the classic film Jackie Brown and follows two criminals (Mos Def and Will Forte) who hit it off while both are in prison for grand theft auto. When they get out, they join forces to kidnap a jilted housewife (Aniston), whose husband doesn’t want her back and won’t pay the ransom.

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  • nature_BEAUTY

    Jennifer has a great natural beauty.
    Time can do NOTHING with it.
    She was beautiful at 20, at 30 and at 40.
    And will be beautiful at 50, at 60, at 70 and 80.
    Nobody care about Helen Mirren’s age -
    she looks good and everybody is happy.
    Jennifer does yoga, she doesn’t smoke –
    so she will look wonderful forever.

  • Viktor

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  • me too


    That is how I feel about her, indifferent and unwilling to pay 1 penny to see a film of hers.

    Goldie Locks needs her curls back, LOL.

  • macy

    dumb looney tunes on JJ clicking at Jen’s page and comment don’t you even know they re making her popular I swear you loons live for Jen’s news she was number 4 last year only one behind skeleton Jolie.Looking great Jen

  • Maura


    LOL!! #4 what? #4 most popular C-movie sidekick? #4 most reduced salary star in Hollywood? #4 most dumped actress?


  • ellie’

    Theres our beautiful Jennifer…missed our girl..I love all of Jens movies…

  • dumb_looneys

    They say they love Angelina
    but they are here on the Aniston thread.
    Pervert feelings of poor people…

  • Booooo!!!!

    Another Aniston dud soon to be released at a Wal-Mart near you!

    What a waste filming time and money.

  • anch

    Can someone please tell me what happend to JL? Did she finally get some help or just went crazy.

  • Allen

    Haters are insane in this thread. Ha, Ha……………..
    I love beautiful Jen all the way.

  • Jener


    Well said.

  • JJ


    That’s you.

  • LoveJen


    Your name should be Brangelina_Shame. You are mean, nasty and ugly as your idols. You do not deserve using sweet Jen’s name.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    Money can’t buy talent …Money can’t buy Beauty…
    This thin chicken lips ChinNoseChinHO will FOREVER Knitting her EYEBROW.. over… and over… and over… and over… and over AGAIN… and AGAIN… just as she does in EVERYTHING she’s ever been in….
    and calls it ACTING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your are wrong


    Jen’s fans will love to see her movies. I always watch this beautiful and very nice actress.

  • sigh, not another one

    Bette Midler was superb in this role in Ruthless People. That film is a gem with an excellent cast that is so funny each time it is watched.

    This copycat film is just so redundant. At age 44 minus 6 days RGreen and her oh too familiar mannerisms is back. You would think that a person who has had an acting coach on set with her full time for over 20 years would have learned to submerge some of her tv characters quirks and take on a different personna. But no this never ever happens.

    Oh snap, that would require someone with acting skills wouldn’t it? Which this mediocre performer sadly lacks as evidenced by her many same ole same old film roles……

    Btw CCox is going to appear on Matthew’s new tv show.

  • missingJL?

    are you missing me?
    I don’t need any help.
    I’m here:
    ##:1,27,29,30,33,35,39,42,44,51,57 written by JL.
    Lots of my comments disappear every day
    so I must change the nicks and E-mails.
    But NOT the sense.

  • rachel

    her ego is too big for being such a loser. she has no beauty or brains. all the money she got is from brad and angelina. she has to be a coversation if it related to brad and angelina. this will movie suck and her career is over pretty soon. she can sell all the
    aveeno in the world but nobody wants to look a old roasted pig.

  • callingJL?

    how can she have her millions without talent and beauty?
    Money can’t buy brain :)

  • Jessie

    lol@ her husband doesn’t want her back and won’t pay the ransom. I thought Jen gave up playing these true to life characters.
    callingJL? @ 02/05/2013 at 11:22 pm

    Her handlers have the brains, she just barks like a dog does when prompted. They’re racking their brains and calling in any and all favors just to keep her working in these stupid films, which no other actress worth her salt wants. Hey, at least she’s working. She can’t stand alone, she’s always needed actors who are more popular ( at the box office). Those guys who manages her career works hard for the money.

  • wantingJL?

    what about the 10 seasons in the Friends –
    the best show ever for that time?
    Do you think she worked for free?
    How about $ 1 Million per one episode?
    Just try to get what you said:
    “…all the money she got is from brad and angelina.”
    You are extremely stupid.
    The most stupid hater ever.

  • Na!

    OMGEEEEE!!!! She is the most irritating stupeed person anyone want to see in a movie. C’mon fire this beatch already!

  • Poor_Jessie

    Look avove:
    she is in the new project.
    So why studios choice is Jennifer Aniston –
    not someone else?

  • It’s Simy Alanes

    @missingJL?: She’s a congenital loser in awe of Aniston. Before, she was a fanatical “admirer” of Katie Holmes, posting literally hundreds of comments per threads, trying to “save” Katie’s “popularity”…
    Jared knows her, that’s why he keeps banning her & deleting her comments. Can you believe that filipino woman is 37 yo?! She’s an jobless immigrant (in Arleta CA), a spinster living in her parents basement. A lifelong loser.

  • Mojo

    @Rach: No, it is based on “The Switch”. “Rum Punch” was the original title of “Jackie Brown”

  • Simy Alanes’ sexual inadequacy

    Simy Alanes is a congenital loser in awe of Aniston. Before, she was a fanatical “admirer” of Katie Holmes, posting literally hundreds of comments per threads, trying to “save” Katie’s “popularity”…
    Jared knows her, that’s why he keeps banning her & deleting her comments. Simy is a 37yo filipino woman, jobless immigrant (in Arleta CA), a spinster living in her parents basement. A lifelong loser.
    She hates on Brangelina, Obama. She’s a very envious woman. She has nothing going on for her and her whole life is posting 24/7 on
    Tragic. No Love for Simy. No Grace for Simy.

  • Sushi_is_Alanis

    Our Sushi loves Katie and hates on Obama.
    A parents basement!
    It’s better than parents trailer.
    No love for Sushi-baby!

  • Truth

    “whose husband doesn’t want her back ” Lol, too easy!

  • Xanadu

    I think this a good sophisticated look for her. She reminds me of Ginger Rogers here when she was older.

    She has done nothing to warrant the hate towards her. It is disgusting and petty. She might be bland but what has she ever done to harm anyone? So what if she isn’t some missionary that helps poor kids? How many of you idiots give away a chuck of your income? Not very many. No one is obligated to do anything. Just because her ex was a philandering cheat like Eddie Cibrian it doesn’t mean you blame the victim.

  • Truth

    Chelsea Handler is looking rougher than ever…oh my bad! I cant tell them apart anymore they both look like patheic drunk losers

  • Truth.

    Too easy!

  • Dd

    She looks preggo

  • http://Justjarde Hello

    Love her

  • http://Justjarde Hello

    Great news

  • http://Justjarde Hello

    Super fan of her

  • http://Justjarde Hello

    Jealous loons !!!

  • Elina

    Wow, aging sux. Even celebrities age at a different pace…..And she was so sexy and cool once (in most of Friends’ seasons)

  • Aranka Paul

    While everyone is so hateful of Jennifer Aniston, I can’t recall any movie with Angelina Jolie worth seeing,. What, she received an Oscar for a supporting role (big deal) and her movies are not exactly on the “Citizen Kane” scale. Angelina Jolie is way overrated as an acctress but her humanitarian efforts are noticeable. Jennifer Aniston is doing nothing more or less than everybody in Hollywood is not doing. She is trying to make as much money as she can so she can retire in style. Why should she be hated for that. I don’t see Jolie Pits living in poverty either – God, they have a castle in the South of France, huge house in LA and probably apartments and houses in other spots in the world (house in New Orleans). Jennifer Aniston has proved that she can be a good acctress (in “Good Girl”), but if you are waiting for the right “role” in Hollywood, you might wait for eternity. She is grabing all these mundane roles because that is all what is offered to her. Why should she say no and not make money while she can. Brad Pitt’s roles are not all of Oscar caliber.

  • ChelSHIIT HOndler

    She looks like Naomi Watt mother …
    She’s ugly and she know it… She’s been trying to measure up to the Sensual sultry beautiful stunning Angelina Jolie since BP dump her sorry A$$. Unfortunately All that Fake hyped up publicity .. makeup Artist.. Personal trainers.. Designer cloths.. Fat wallet .. She couldn’t catch up with AJ… Take a look at Jen face… One doesn’t need to pass 4th grade to see why.

  • Rocky

    @str ice:

    I don’t either. I guess some people go see her movies, but it’s probably the same 10 that still watch Friends reruns.

  • Rocky


    I doubt very much if it’s anything to do with Angie or Brad, that’s old history. I think it has to do with the relationship with her mother. She’s got bit time issues with her mother.

  • Rocky

    @Aranka Paul:

    I am not a fan of Aniston, but what you say is very true. I remember Sean Connery saying that he took on alot of movies that were crap because he needed the money. There will come a time when Aniston will not be offered any movies and she’s doing everything she can to get the money into the bank, but remember, she makes nice money off Friend’s rerun, so she’s not hurting. So, although I don’t like Aniston, I do agree with you on that point.

    Angelina is a much, much better actress and will take on roles Aniston would never be pegged for, because she’s been put into the ‘Meg Ryan’ hole. Meg was put into the ‘sweet’ hole and could never get out. She did make that one movie with Andy Garcia where she played a drunk, but none of her fans wanted her in those types of roles. When was the last time we saw Meg Ryan on screen. The same will happen with Aniston.

  • Charlie

    why do you people always have to compare jen to angie – its such old news they’ve both moved on – let it go people!

  • Ssshhii_baby

    @Sushi_is_Alanis: hi Just Loser!!! awe how cute!! even when I’m not here you lame bissh still miss me and try to be me..this just proves you retardiston are welfare collector.. are a bunch of lazy ass can’t form your own thoughts ..can’t say i blame you since your old hag is boring. how can anyone be inspired by her except to be a bitter hater! can only bite off other peoples style..dare i say, your ass is OWNED!!! bawahaha

  • _JL_

    Aging is NOTHING.
    Beauty is ALL!

  • thisisJL

    Elina is right
    aging is nothing.
    Beauty is ALL.

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Partners Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur say, “We have an absolute dream cast for this dream comedy concept. It brings to mind films like Being John Malkovich, and Eternal Sunshine, and in Justin Reardon we have a wildly talented and totally visionary director

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    I love herrrr

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Get out loons

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Jen rocks